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Episode 108 | How to Unlock Your Full Leadership Potential, with Bestselling Author Ryan Holiday

By June 24th, 2019

Episode 108 | How to Unlock Your Full Leadership Potential,

with Bestselling Author Ryan Holiday

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Building a brand isn’t just about the tactical and strategic. It’s also about the abstract and the esoteric. Things like leadership, culture, personal development, even psychology – they all play a part, and they can all be difference-makers.

That’s why we’re bringing you this live conversation with Ryan Holiday, a bestselling author, media strategist, and the former marketing director of American Apparel.

Ryan has been in the trenches for years, building brands to unbelievable heights, and today he is one of the most highly regarded marketing minds of his generation.

His work has been translated into over 30 languages and his books include Trust Me, I’m Lying, Conspiracy, The Obstacle Is the Way, and Ego Is the Enemy.

In this interview, Ryan focuses on the lessons from the latter, laying out a framework for how Ego can undermine our goals and intentions, and providing strategies for overcoming it.

(Note: this interview was conducted live at SnackNation HQ right around the time Ego is the Enemy came out in the summer of 2016.)


  • The difference between Confidence (a good thing) and Ego (a potentially harmful thing). Ryan explains how Ego can sabotage our goals, and gives us strategies to overcome it.
  • Life as a continuous training. This simple mindset shift can help you become both happier, more productive, and a better leader.
  • Focus on the work. Ryan breaks down why you must separate the work you do from the external validation (easier said than done). 


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