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Episode 128 | Rebel With a Cause: How This Social Entrepreneur Beat the Odds & Built a $50M Brand, w/ Saffron Road CEO Adnan Durrani

By November 11, 2019 February 21st, 2020

Episode 128 | Rebel With a Cause: How This Social Entrepreneur Beat the Odds & Built a $50M Brand

with Saffron Road CEO Adnan Durrani

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When Saffron Road founder Adnan Durrani first started talking to investors about things like social entrepreneurship and multiple bottom lines, they looked at him “as if [he] had nine heads.”

But thirty years ago, Adnan saw the emerging Millennial consumer as the future of CPG, even if the wider business community wasn’t ready for a brand proposition that placed health, sustainability, and animal welfare at the forefront.

Today, Adnan’s big bet on Millennial values has paid off, and he sits at the helm of a $50 million brand: Saffron Road.

Saffron Road specialize in halal foods, and make world-cuisine inspired frozen meals, simmer sauces, and snack foods that are a hit with Millennial consumers.

Saffron Road was also at the center of a minor controversy that landed Adnan on CNN. Rather than panic, Adnan took a potential PR crisis and turned it into a win – while also strengthening the relationship with their most important partner.


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