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Episode 9 | How a Tragic Event Inspired This Mother-Daughter Duo to Build a Thriving Family Business, with Skinny Dipped Co-Founders Val and Breezy Griffith

By November 27, 2017 December 13th, 2017 No Comments

Episode 9 | How a Tragic Event Inspired This Mother-Daughter Duo to Build a Thriving Family Business

with Skinny Dipped Co-Founders Val and Breezy Griffith

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Food, family, and love.

For the folks at Skinny Dipped, these three things are hard to separate.

For one thing, it’s because co-founders Val and Breezy Griffith are family – mother and daughter to be exact.

Another reason – this epic food brand was launched as a way to bring the Griffith family closer together after they experienced an intense personal tragedy.

The Seattle based company make irresistible dark chocolate covered almonds that are both healthy and indulgent. Their products contain way less sugar, more fiber and protein than traditional chocolate covered nuts – plus no artificial ingredients or GMOs. And while Val (the mom) thought maybe they’d sell these almonds at a few farmer’s markets, CEO Breezy (the daughter) had much bigger ambitions.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Time doesn’t heal all wounds – ACTION does. Big challenges are inevitable as you build your brand – and they won’t solve themselves. Don’t sit and ponder, attack your problems and find a way forward.
  • Products are discovered, but brands are built. Val and Breezy describe an “instinctive” recognition of a great product offering. On the flipside, they remind us that brand building is a thoughtful, deliberate exercise.
  • Don’t run from difficult conversations, embrace them. Even if you aren’t in business with your mom (or daughter), running a business can tax even the best relationships. Don’t run away from difficult conversations – have them now or they’ll cause much bigger problems down the road.

Jump to

  • How a personal tragedy inspired Val and Breezy to launch their company. 5:29
  • The challenges of working together while being mother and daugter. 10:10
  • Breezy describes a potentially fatal challenge that almost sunk the business – and how they overcame it. 15:11
  • The duo on the Skinny Dipped brand overhaul. 18:50


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