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Episode 73 | How this UK CEO Is bringing the Ugly Truth to The States, with Ugly Drinks CEO Hugh Thomas

By November 5th, 2018

Episode 73 | How this UK CEO Is bringing the Ugly Truth to The States

with Ugly Drinks CEO Hugh Thomas

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This episode is all about Ugly Drinks, the UK’s first flavored sparkling water brand with no sugar, no sweetener and no calories. They’ve become a smash hit across the pond – today you can find them in 5000 UK stores – and this year they’ve been breaking into the States in a big way.

Ugly is a bit of an “anti-brand.” But that’s not to say it’s a “brand-less” product – not in the least. When everyone else is going for a minimalist approach, Ugly has chosen a bold aesthetic.

Ugly CEO and co-founder Hugh Thomas on the show this week joins us to talk about the origin story of the brand, plus their strategy for bringing the Ugly truth to the U.S.


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