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Episode 23 | How to Devise the Ultimate Expo West Game Plan

By March 5, 2018 No Comments

Episode 23 | How to Devise the Ultimate Expo West Game Plan

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The Super Bowl of Snacks. CPG Christmas. Whatever you call it, it’s one of the most anticipated trade shows of the year. This is where the big deals are made, where dreams become reality, where fortunes rise and fall.

And it’s only a few days away.

Yes, this week we’re going deep on The Natural Products Expo West (known by pretty much everyone as “Expo West”).

In this episode, we go over everything from how to tweak your elevator pitch, to how make yourself memorable, to the real value of the show.

We start with this question – today is Monday. Expo starts Thursday. What should brands be doing right now to make the most of their Expo experience?

Jump to

  • What brands should be doing right now to be preparing for Thursday’s Expo. 2:50
  • The primary value of a show like Expo West. 4:45
  • How to make the most of walking the floor at Expo (or any trade show). 6:00
  • How to tailor your elevator pitch. 9:40
  • A tactical tip to ensure a personal connection with the people you meet at the show. 14:05
  • How to be truly memorable at Expo. 19:40
  • The one word you must use when talking to new contacts. 23:11


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