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Episode 72 | How Brand Storytelling Can Change the World (Brand Builder X WORLDZ Mashup Episode)

By November 2nd, 2018

Episode 72 | How Brand Storytelling Can Change the World

The Brand Builder X WORLDZ Mashup Episode

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Brand Builder was the exclusive podcast on the floor at this year’s WORLDZ Summit – a global event that unites tomorrow’s leaders with CEOs, CMOs & cultural icons to create the world of tomorrow. And this…  is the Brand Builder WORLDZ Mashup episode.

WORLDZ is all about big ideas. They take the planet’s biggest problems, and explore how brands and brand storytelling can create a platform where people can solve them.

But as great as their programming is (and it is great), what so many people love about WORLDZ is the one-on-one interactions with other attendees. The caliber of attendee is very high at WORLDZ, and it’s those interpersonal connections that can spark new ideas, new ventures, and major change.

That’s what I had the pleasure to do – I was on the floor for two days straight… just talking to people. Learning their stories and asking them some big questions.

One of the things I was most interested in learning: Why is brand the right platform for tackling these problems? How do you approach it? Here’s what we found out.


WORLDZ Recap Video

Peter Rahal

Stan Graham

Dana Mangaliman

Jason Primrose

Ryan Williams

CJ Johnson

The Sleep Doctor, Michael Breus, PhD

Jordan ‘Jet’ Temkin

KIND Heaven

Summer Rona

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