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36 Best Birthday Gift Ideas For An Extra Special Celebration In 2024

By March 1, 2024 July 10th, 2024

Birthdays are known as THE special day, which means they come with pretty high expectations.

A birthday gift is supposed to feel just as special as this once-per-year, just-for-them day — and the gift should also feel equally just for them. So how do you give something that stands out and lets them know you had them specifically in mind as you purchased it?

“The Ancient Greeks were the first to add candles to cakes, and the Ancient Romans were the first to celebrate the birthdays of common men and women.” — Serenata Flowers

You came for answers and we’ve got them in this carefully curated list of the 36 best birthday gift ideas for an extra special birthday. Whether you’re looking for personalized birthday gift ideas, affordable birthday gift ideas, gifts for bosses, or gifts for friends, you’ll find a solution in this list. 

So without further ado, let’s get to gifting!

Personalized Birthday Gifts

1. Birthday Box

“Another trip around the sun”


The Birthday Box is a thoughtful gift for that special birthday person celebrating their day. This curated gift box is all about caring for their mind, body, and spirit. The recipient of the birthday gift will feel recognized and valued.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: This care package is loaded with high quality treats, snacks, and party favors that will make the recipient feel special on their big day or any other day!

Price: Starting at $22

Where to find it: Birthday Box

Pro-tip: Don’t get caught in the trap of having to purchase one-off gifts for each employee’s birthday. Set up an employee birthday program through Bonusly, where you can automate your milestone workflow so you’re always on top of dates that hold special meaning for your employees.


2. Personalized Yoga Mat

“For your favorite Yogi”

The Personalized Yoga Mat is the perfect birthday present for any Yoga lover. This one-of-a-kind slip-resistant yoga mat has incredible grip atop a breathable, durable surface that is ideal for all types of exercises and techniques.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: The embroidered details add just enough flair to make this birthday gift anything but boring – especially if you’re looking at giving the recipient something that reflects their mindset and lifestyle.

Price: $19.80+

Where to find it: Personalized Yoga Mat


3. Personalized Leather Cord Roll

“Keep these cords under control”

The Personalized Leather Cord Roll is a roll-up plug & cable organizer that will help the recipient keep their cords and cables tidy! This useful plug & cable organizer may be rolled up to fit in any nook or carried with them on travels. This product is made from genuine leather and offers high quality without sacrificing durability.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: You may customize the birthday person’s by adding an engraved tag made out gold-plated metal and even add onto its nameplates for personalized flair.

Price: $14.99+

Where to find it: Personalized Leather Cord Roll


4. Succulent Letter DIY Kit

“For adding a unique touch to their home decor”

With its individual touch, this lovely Succulent Letter DIY Kit will bring any recipient’s yard or garden to life. This environmentally-friendly planter is ideal for any outdoor area and provide just the right combination of freshness and diversity.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: Succulents make the ideal addition to any space in a home. This gift recipient will be able to arrange these charming succulents in a custom planter that is unique to them! This kit includes 14 distinct types of succulents to suit every personality or frame of mind.

Price: $97

Where to find it: Succulent Letter DIY Kit


Birthday Gifts Under $20

5. Monthly Book Club

“For the ultimate bookworm”

The Monthly Book Club is the ideal birthday present for book lovers. Each month, the Book Club will send the recipient a hardback/paperback book. In addition, the member will be able to participate in discussions with others who also receive the same book as part of their membership!

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: Aside from the opportunity to discuss the most recent book with others who are also reading it, they’ll be able to talk about the book in real-time with people all around the world thanks to monthly virtual meetings and discussion topics created for each session.

Price: $18.99/month

Where to find it: Monthly Book Club


6. Computer Cleaning Kit

“For a spick & span laptop”

The Computer Cleaning Kit is an essential tool to keep electronics clean and a great gift for the birthday boy or girl who likes to keep electronic devices spotless and well-maintained. The natural ingredients in the kit will not damage any of the surfaces, making this product safe even if it’s used on camera sensors.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: The environmentally friendly kit can hold everything in one place – plus it’s small enough and does not take up much space. A perfectly practical birthday present!

Price: $13.99

Where to find it: Computer Cleaning Kit


7. Birthday Cupcake Toppers

“A fun gift for a birthday party”

Make a photo cupcake topper as a birthday present for your coworkers or colleagues using this easy one-step cake decorating technique. This unique gift and creative cake decoration will elicit laughs or giggles at the birthday party.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: You can choose the birthday person’s funniest picture or a photo that they love. You can print out as many copies as you like and distribute them at the party or use them for decoration to add more personality to the event.

Price: $6.60+

Where to find it: Birthday Cupcake Toppers


8. Simplicity Teas

“Fancy a cup of tea?”


Simplicity Teas

The birthday boy or girl will never run out of tea again with Simplicity Teas. Every month, the recipient will be matched with delicious flavors and savor the taste and aroma of the brews.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: The flavorful tea packs sent to the birthday boy or girl are chosen based on their specific tastes. They also have the option of choosing between caffeinated or caffeine-free brews, as well as loose leaf or bags for sipping and enjoying the delicious tea.

Price: $16/box

Where to find it: Simplicity Teas

Birthday Gifts Under $50

9. One Night Getaway

“The much-needed escape”

Forget gift cards! The One Night Getaway gift card is the perfect last-minute gift for the birthday person who needs a break from their normal life. Whether it be one night away on business or simply as an escape with friends, colleagues or coworkers, this gift card allows the recipient to choose where they want to go and what type of accommodations they need.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: The One Night Getaway gift card has everything the birthday person needs for a memorable one-night stay getaway. With an array of options to choose from including international travel or visiting loved ones near their home town, this birthday gift will be a hit.

Price: Contact Tinggly for pricing details

Where to find it: One Night Getaway


10. Charging Station for Multiple Devices

“Useful and affordable” 

This sleek charging station is a one place solution for multiple devices and makes it a perfect gifts for any tidy birthday person who hates clutter. No need to worry about cables all over the place, as it comes with six short USB or micro-USB ports that are compatible with any smartphone or device.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: The Charging Station for Multiple Devices is ideal for organizing and charging several gadgets without bunching them up on top of each other or having their cords tangled anywhere else around the house or office.

Price: $33.99

Where to find it: Charging Station for Multiple Devices


11. Read & Relax

“To unwind and recharge”

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice bath? If the birthday person appreciates candles and books, or perhaps even some wine on a quiet night, the Read & Relax subscription box will be their new best friend.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: From handcrafted soap, bath bombs to books and scented candles that will fill their house with aroma, this gift set will help them calm down after a long day at work.

Price: $32/month

Where to find it: Read & Relax


12. Finders Seekers Mystery Game

“For the thrill lover”

The Finders Seekers Mystery Game will take your friend’s birthday party to the next level. The birthday person and the invitees will be able explore a new city while solving puzzles, and codebreaking with a thrilling escape room challenge.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: This corporate gift under $50 is a creative and entertaining way to celebrate any birthday in style – this is one experience not soon to be forgotten by the star of the day as well as the birthday guests.

Price: $30/box per month

Where to find it: Finders Seekers Mystery Game


Birthday Gifts Under $100

13. Mini 9 Polaroid Instant Camera

“Say Cheeeese!”

The Mini 9 Polaroid Instant Camera includes everything the recipient needs to capture gorgeous pictures of their friends and family with flair. Also, the integrated target spot on the included Fujinon 60mm f/12 lens makes it simple to see what shot will develop when shooting in low light or nighttime.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: This gadget has a tiny mirror on the front that helps the user to perfectly frame their shot. This is great gift for the individual who like taking photographs.

Price: $85.59

Where to find it: Mini 9 Polaroid Instant Camera


14. Moment – Leather Watch Pack

“Timeless Gift”

Moment is a unique, yet practical birthday gift idea that will be always treasured. This well-designed watch has a minimalistic design as well as rich leather band that is guaranteed to stand the test fo time.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: In addition to that, this thoughtful gift also comes with a handy organizer which will help the recipient stay on top of his to-do list and efficiently complete his tasks.

Price: $70

Where to find it: Moment – Leather Watch Pack


15. Home Office Collection

“A gift that gives back”

The Home Office Collection is one of the best gift ideas that helps stepping up the recipient’s work game. It features a sleek black tumbler which keeps their coffee hot while they work, a notebook that is made from recycled vinyl records, a delicious box of chocolate cookies to help them power through those long days and more.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: In addition, this thoughtful gift will make the birthday person feel like the most eco-friendly person in town! By purchasing this gift box, you’ll help alleviate food scarcity, support environmentally responsible farming methods, and decrease single-use plastics.

Price: $70

Where to find it: Home Office Collection


16. Passport Collection Wine Box

“For a taste of the world”

The Passport Collection Wine Box is perfect for anyone looking for a medium-priced birthday gift that feels like a world class luxury.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: The Passport Collection Wine Bar features the best wines the Golden State has to offer, as well as wines from France and Italy. While this wine gift box idea could feel like a full honeymoon experience, it’s even sweeter for a birthday gift when you’re looking to exceed expectations.

Price: $65

Where to find it: Passport Collection Wine Box


Unique Birthday Gifts

17. Office Theme Comfy Throw Blanket

“Bears. Beats. Battlestar Galactica.”

The Office Theme Comfy Throw Blanket is an eye-catching, humorous homage to everyone’s favorite workplace-themed sitcom. Whether Dwight’s their guy, Michael, Jim, or Robert California, this blanket will tickle their fancy.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: In addition to the humor, the Office Blanket offers comfort with soft silk touch fabric and plenty of coverage.

Price: $39.95

Where to find it: Office Theme Comfy Throw Blanket


18. Haus Deluxe Cocktail Kit

“For an extra joyous birthday”

The Haus Deluxe Cocktail Kit is a cocktail book with more than 20 delicious, expert-crafted recipes that have been raved about by everyone from the New York Times and Bon Appetit to GQ.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: Featuring 6 aperitif flavors made from real ingredients, the birthday person will have the chance to experience citrus flower, new fashioned, grapefruit jalapeno, rose rose, lemon lavender, and pomegranate rosemary.

Price: $100

Where to find it: Haus Deluxe Cocktail Kit


19. Bamboo Cheese Board & Knife Set

“For entertainers and hostesses with the mostest”

The Bamboo Cheese Board & Knife Set is the perfect birthday gift for natural-born entertainers and hosts to delight at their next party. This luxe gift comes with a serving board, 4 cheese knives, serving utensils, 3 slate labels, 2 white wet markers, a wine opener, and a carrying bag for storage.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: With a luxurious tray, bamboo construction, and superior quality, this gift set qualifies as an equally great eco-friendly gift for the eco-conscious birthday person!

Price: $39.99

Where to find it: Bamboo Cheese Board & Knife Set


20. Chinese Zodiac Zen Garden Sculptures

“For a peaceful birthday and home”

This 12-set of stone figurines represents the zodiac cycle’s 12 animals along with their traits.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: The Chinese Zodiac Zen Garden Sculptures are ideal birthday gifts for astrology lovers and enthusiasts. Each sculpture is handcrafted from durable sealed cement.

Price: $42

Where to find it: Chinese Zodiac Zen Garden Sculptures


Best Birthday Gifts for Boss

21. Pixel Computer Glasses Ventus Style Tortoise Color

“For looking like an absolute boss”

The Pixel Computer Glasses are designed to reduce eye strain, headaches, and dry eyes from long amounts of time spent staring at screens. As a CEO, COO, or other high level executive can attest, the upper echelons of the corporate world are full of meetings and other situations that require them to be focused and plugged in.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: These glasses are a perfect birthday gift for bosses because they keep them looking stylish for their meetings and every situation they’ll find themselves in.

Price: $75

Where to find it: Pixel Computer Glasses Ventus Style Tortoise Color


22. Majohn A1 Matte Black Fountain Pen

“For executive signatures”

The Majohn A1 Matte Black Fountain Pen is the type of high-quality pen a boss signs documents with. With an iridium extra fine nib and bold ink, this executive level pen is ready for action.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: The Majohn is a brass retractable pen with an empty cartridge for ink. Not only does it work as a birthday gift for bosses, but the quality also makes it worthy of an anniversary, Father’s Day, or Christmas.

Price: $37.18+

Where to find it: Majohn A1 Matte Black Fountain Pen


23. Golfer’s Care Package

“For mastering the ultimate executive’s game”

The Golfer’s Care Package is a thoughtfully curated collection of gifts designed to help your boss’ golf game improve. To get them into the swing of it, the Golfer’s Care Package allows them to focus on their mastery of the green instead of wasting time shopping.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: The Golfer’s Care Package features the latest golf trends and styles, accessories, top golf brands at huge discounts, and the assurance that everything is hand-curated and picked. This is a great corporate gift idea.

Price: $49.99/per box

Where to find it: Golfer’s Care Package


24. Arm Protecting Garden Gloves

“For when the boss needs to get their hands dirty”

The Arm Protecting Garden Gloves are designed with mid-forearm extending cuffs and cinch with bungee cords so your garden loving boss can get their hands as dirty as needed without getting cut by thorns. 

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: Faux leather gives your boss a handle on things just as they have a handle on their business!

Price: $34

Where to find it: Arm Protecting Garden Gloves


Best Birthday Gifts for Her

25. Tower of Sweet

“For a whole stack of sweetness”

Tower of Sweet is a way into her heart by satisfying her sweet tooth. Each snack box comes with gourmet treats and ingredients, including an assortment of chocolates, cookies and popcorn, cinnamon yogurt pretzels, and much more!

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: Every box of sweets is assembled with care, perfected for any occasion (especially birthdays), and is ready to be gifted.

Price: $34.75

Where to find it: Tower of Sweet


26. Cozy Up Gift Box

“Because she deserves to be cozy”

The Cozy Up Gift Box conveys that her comfort is paramount. Everything in a Peace Organics packages everything into a neat care box just for her.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: This care package for her includes a box of matches, a soy candle with her choice of scent, a packet of hot cocoa, a pair of cozy socks, and a gift message printed on a card! This is a perfect birthday gift idea which could also be a great Mother’s Day gift or a gift for working moms.

Price: $35.08

Where to find it: Cozy Up Gift Box


27. Bucket List Experience

“Because memories are the best type of gift”

The Bucket List Experience is a menu of more than 900 experiences spread throughout more than 100 countries. Tinggly curates the best experiences from around the world — and the best part is, the recipient chooses the experience they desire most.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: The Bucket List Experience is delivered straight to their email or in an exquisite box in less than a week. All they have to do is select the date, the experience, and await confirmation.

Price: $239

Where to find it: Bucket List Experience


28. Raw Birthstone Studs

“For birth month energy year round”

The Raw Birthstone Studs are sterling silver earrings with a birthday special twist! Options include aquamarine, ruby, amethyst, moonstone, peridot, citrine, red garnet, sapphire, emerald, turquoise, sapphire, and Herkimer diamonds.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: These handmade earrings offer an elegance and grace that makes them look and feel unique. Each earring is in fact unique.

Price: $48

Where to find it: Raw Birthstone Studs


Best Birthday Gifts for Him

29. Cozy & Calm

“If you could pack a hug in a box”

Cozy & Calm is the perfect care package for him or anyone you know who deserves to feel appreciated or really needs to feel a bit of warmth and comfort.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: A slow-tide fleece blanket, hot chocolate canister, a bamboo soy candle, a double wall ceramic mug, and a custom mailer box.

Price: $128.01

Where to find it: Cozy & Calm


30. Roll – Top Scout Backpack

“The backpack to last many birthdays”

The Roll-Top Scout Backpack is a 15 oz canvas, metal, and leather backpack that’s as durable as it is stylish.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: With flexible cotton straps, 17 liter capacity max, and riveted leather reinforcements, this backpack boasts as fine of craftsmanship as any.

Price: $175

Where to find it: Roll-Top Scout Backpack


31. Baseball Map Glasses

“The perfect birthday gift for baseball fans”

These custom whiskey glasses feature a map of a legendary Major League Baseball stadium in the chosen team’s two primary colors.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: Baseball fans revere their favorite teams stadium. Each one has a historical legacy, so the Baseball Map Glasses are a way of immortalizing their passion for their team.

Price: $35

Where to find it: Baseball Map Glasses


32. Beer Chilling Coasters

“For keeping it chill”

The Beer Chilling Coasters are stone and cork coasters specially made to keep beer or soda cold simply by placing them in the fridge. These chill-able coasters are also rock-solid — literally — and anti-tip so they won’t have to worry about spilling drinks!

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: Because of the New Hampshire granite material, these coasters will stay in place and keep drinks upright. Plus, foam-clad will prevent table scratches!

Price: $35+

Where to find it: Beer Chilling Coasters


Best Birthday Gifts for Friends

33. Personalized Album Cover Music Keychain

“For your rockstar friends”

Add a photo of your choosing on this night light with a custom song code plague. Scanning the code plays an enchanting song — also of your choosing, so if you know your bff’s favorite song, you’re ready to rock and roll!

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: Unique optical and visual effects, along with customization, make this the perfect birthday gift for music lovers and your musician friends.

Price: $10.17

Where to find it: Personalized Album Cover Music Keychain


34. Deluxe Spa Day

“For total R&R”

Friends take care of friends, and the best of friends encourage each other to take the time for self-care. The Deluxe Spa Day is the ultimate self-care package for at-home rest and relaxation.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: Deluxe Spa Day includes lavender bath salts, a soy candle, moisturizing all-natural lavender hand lotion, an eco-friendly mulberry silk eye mask, and the feel-good emotions that come with supporting causes like women survivors of trafficking and addiction.

Price: $110

Where to find it: Deluxe Spa Day


35. New York Times Birthday Book

“Because some friends are newsworthy”

The New York Times Birthday Book is a collection of the New York Times front pages from each year since the recipient’s birth year. It’s also personalized with their name and birth date.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: The New York Times Custom Birthday Book has a 20 page minimum, so as long as your friend is older than Gen Z, this gift will be perfect for them.

Price: $99.95

Where to find it: New York Times Birthday Book


36. Fitness Dice

“For staying in peak condition”

Fitness Dice is a set of seven wooden cubes that serve as your very own in-home personal trainer by taking the “work” out of workouts and replacing it with fun! Instead of using props and cumbersome equipment, Fitness Dice determine what areas you target and give you 45,000 possible routines for all experience levels.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: Friends often have to work out on-the-go, which is why Fitness Dice are perfect considering the exercises are completely bodyweight-focused. On top of that, it comes with an instruction booklet, so even beginners can get the hang of it.

Price: $19

Where to find it: Fitness Dice


People Also Ask These Questions About Birthday Gift Ideas

Q: What is a good birthday gift idea for colleagues?

  • A: A good birthday gift for colleagues can be something that is useful, unique, entertaining, sentimental, personalized, customizable, or ties back into your company values. 

Q: What is a creative birthday gift idea?

  • A: A Creative birthday gift idea is usually something that feels personal, links back to an inside joke, or has a custom touch. Another idea is to give experiential gifts instead of physical products. 

Q: How much should I pay for a birthday gift?

  • A: While a birthday gift doesn’t have a perfect price point, the key is getting someone a gift that means something to them. Look into customized or personalized gifts as a way of making it feel a little more uniquely them. 

Q: How do I keep birthday gift ideas for work professional?

  • A: Keeping birthday gift ideas for work professional isn’t too difficult. The best way to do it is just to think about your work environment and to make sure that the gift doesn’t feel invasive.  

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