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30 Best Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts For Healthy & Sustainable Gifting In 2024 (Reduce Your Carbon Footprint)

By November 15, 2023 January 26th, 2024 One Comment

What if gifting didn’t have to be wasteful?

It turns out, it doesn’t.

A large part of why waste exists is that items simply go unused and end up tossed in the trash. The other half of it has more to do with how the gift was created.

Were its materials sourced locally? Are they renewable?

Eco Friendly Gifts

Nobody wants to see the planet polluted, but people also like receiving gifts as a gesture of appreciation. The more gifts we give, chances are there is more waste on its way. According to Earth911,

“Approximately 4.6 million pounds of wrapping paper is produced in the U.S. each year. About 2.3 million pounds ends its life in landfills.”

So how do you give presents and keep the environment clean at the same time? It comes down to the types of products you choose to give.

For your environmental-friendly corporate gifting checklist it’s always good to ask if the item is:

  • Low-impact
  • Sustainably-sourced and produced
  • Reusable
  • Biodegradable
  • High quality

When purchasing for a friend, an acquaintance, a coworker, or someone else, being eco-friendly matters. However, the benefits of eco-friendly gifts are multiplied when companies make sustainable gifting a priority.

According to a study by IBM and the National Retail Federation, roughly 70% of U.S. and Canadian consumers think it’s important that a brand is sustainable or eco-friendly.

To help your brand win clients, customers, and advocates, we’ve compiled a list of nature-approved eco-friendly corporate gifts for healthy and sustainable gifting in 2024.

Let’s get right into world-saving business and begin browsing this gift guide!

Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts For The Office

1. Laundry Essentials Pack

“Buy once, refill forever”


Why this gift is good for the environment: Blueland creates zero-waste cleaning tablets that can make your home a little cleaner without contributing to a landfill. This laundry kit features plastic-free laundry detergent tablets, stain removing powder, and three wool dryer balls to reduce wrinkles, status, and dry time.

Price: $51

Find it here: Laundry Essentials Pack


2. Healthy Snack Box

“For a tasting experience”


Why this gift is good for the environment: This gift box is a gourmet assortment of delicious and healthy snacks. This selection offers a larger assortment that’s perfect for sharing with friends and colleagues. From chips to bars, jerky to sweets – finding something you love will be easy with 30 Snacks.

Price: $50

Find it here: Healthy Snack Box


3. Tea + Cookies

“For those cold nights spent inside”

Why this gift is good for the environment: With six delicious chocolate chip cookies, three select teas, and a raw honey jar and dipper, this thoughtful gift box will leave recipients feeling energized and motivated. Plus, you can be sure that your kind gesture is eco-friendly with its reusable packaging. This gift is also perfect for anyone who loves to relax and enjoy a cozy night in!

Price: $43

Find it here: Tea + Cookies


4. Eco-Swag Pack

“Sustainable is attainable”

Eco Pack

Why this gift is good for the environment: This sustainable corporate gift is designed to create a gifting process that values sustainable gifting by working directly with brands that utilize recycled materials, contribute to environmental charities, and create high-quality products that will last and take much longer to replace.

Price: $191.07

Find it here: Eco-Swag Pack


5. Diaspora Coffee Bundle

“For amplifying the good”

Why this gift is good for the environment: The Diaspora Coffee Bundle is a specially curated coffee gift that supports the environment and black-founded brands all at once. This bundle includes three different types of ground coffee that will make for a delightful coffee break and also provide a great opportunity for conversation and cultural exploration.

Price: $36

Find it here: Diaspora Coffee Bundle


6. Eco Journal

“Write down any and everything”


Why this gift is good for the environment: The Eco Journal is sourced straight from nature. From the coated linen cover to the 192 ivory-lined pages, this eco-friendly journal will give your coworkers, employees, or clients plenty of room to write down their thoughts.

Price: $36.35

Find it here: Eco Journal


7. Succulent Gift

“For plant lovers”

Why this gift is good for the environment: The Succulent Gift is the perfect gift for nature lovers. Whether your coworker or employee decides to place these indoor plants in their home office or in their kitchen, their lungs will enjoy cleaner air and their eyes will delight in the added greenery. Each succulent in this eco-friendly subscription box can be placed in different parts around the house or the apartment.

Price: $45

Find it here: Succulent Gift


8. Eco Snack n’ Go Pack


Why this gift is good for the environment: This swag kit packages a Known Supply cotton tote bag, pocket notebook, and sustainable snacks all wrapped up in a 100% compostable mailer. Perfect to kick off the summer with an employee gift that they will love!

Price: $36.59

Find it here: Eco Snack n’ Go Pack


Unique Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts

9. Organic Hemp Yoga Mat

“For eco-loving yogis”

Organic Hemp Yoga Mats

Why this gift is good for the environment: The Organic Hemp Yoga Mat is made entirely of natural materials such as fine hemp cotton, natural wool, and pure raw wild hemp. This eco-friendly yoga mat is perfect for practicing poses or even just resting on. Additionally, it’s good to know that no chemicals, bleaches, or dyes are used to make this hemp yoga mat. Every fiber is hand-harvested, washed in ash water, hand-spun, stitched, and weaved.

Price: $39+

Find it here: Organic Hemp Yoga Mat


10. Reusable & Portable Eco-Friendly Grill

“Work from anywhere, grill from anywhere”

Why this gift is good for the environment: The Reusable & Portable Eco-Friendly Grill is the tailgate, day trip, and camping-worthy grill. For alfresco dining, this 10-pound eco-friendly coworker gift just needs to be fired up. But what exactly makes this portable grill eco-friendly? The answer is the plant-based charcoal pads, a bamboo spatula, and a bamboo cutting board!

Price: $20+

Find it here: Reusable & Portable Eco-Friendly Grill


11. Tasting Glass Set

“Going beyond aesthetics”

Why this gift is good for the environment: Double-walled and specially designed with an air-insulated space between their two layers, this set of glasses will keep your drink at the same temperature from the first sip to the last sip. These glasses are both stylish and practical and will be appreciated by recipients.

Price: $54

Find it here: Tasting Glass Set


12. Unisex Dodgeball Pants

“Cooler than the polar ice caps”

Why this gift is good for the environment: The Unisex Dodgeball Pants are made from proprietary eco fleece with a ribbed waistband and ribbed cuffs. Additionally, these unisex sweatpants can be custom branded with your screen printed company logo.

Price: $39.24 to $67.39

Find it here: Unisex Dodgeball Pants


13. Sustainable Yoga Mat Storage

“To declutter”

Sustainable Yoga Mat Storage

Why this gift is good for the environment: The Sustainable Yoga Mat Storage is the perfect storage solution for the yoga lovers in the company. The best way to stay zen to keep things clean and organized, so this sustainable corporate gift idea actually boosts zen in multiple ways.

Price: $29+

Find it here: Sustainable Yoga Mat Storage


Healthy Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts

14. Thank You Kit

“Happiness in a kit”

Why this gift is good for the environment:  The Thank You Kit provides everything needed for a warm and satisfying meal; perfect for any office lunchroom or kitchenette. This packaged gift will make recipients feel cared about, and they’ll also appreciate its commitment to health and sustainability.

Price: $120

Find it here: Thank You Kit


15. Fruit Infuser Bottle

“For sweetness sake”

Fruit Infuser Bottle

Why this gift is good for the environment: The Fruit Infuser Bottle is a reusable glass water bottle for divine flavor infusion. Simply add fruits and herbs and let the diffuser do the rest!

Price: $14.71+

Find it here: Fruit Infuser Bottle


16. Peace + Pampering

“For earth lovers”


Why this gift is good for the environment: This delightful care package has been designed to help you and your colleagues relax and unwind. Featuring a range of soothing and mindful products, it’s the perfect way to to zen-out into a world of calm

Price: $142

Find it here: Peace + Pampering


Affordable Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts Under $50

17. Bamboo Straw iPhone Case Cover

“Mixing nature with tech”

Bamboo Straw iPhone Case Cover

Why this gift is good for the environment: The Bamboo Straw iPhone Case Cover is a compostable phone case! For every sale, 5-10% of proceeds are donated to the Ocean Cleanup Foundation and the recipient also gets a free seed packet to grow flowers for the butterflies and the bees. As for the case itself, the Bamboo Straw iPhone Case Cover is made from biodegradable bamboo straw.

Price: $15.81

Find it here: Bamboo Straw iPhone Case Cover


18. Bohemian Backpack

“For life on the road”

Bohemian Hippie Backpack

Why this gift is good for the environment: The Bohemian Backpack is hand-made entirely from recycled jute rice bags in the heart of the Himalayas. Each bag is different with variations in color and all of them are highly adjustable.

Price: $34.98

Find it here: Bohemian Backpack


19. Essentials Crate

“For mastering the essentials”

Essentials Crate

Why this gift is good for the environment: The Essentials Crate is the premier monthly subscription box for personal needs and home comforts. Each box is sustainably sourced and made with a conscious effort to leave the earth — and the home — better than they were before. Every eco-friendly product is crafted with plant-based, non-toxic ingredients by artisans and small businesses. On top of that, the packaging is always plastic-free, biodegradable, and recyclable to minimize the ecological footprint.

Price: $39/month

Find it here: Essentials Crate


20. Essential Tea Bundle

“For tea lovers”

Why this gift is good for the environment: This ethically sourced collection of loose leaf teas are selected for their quality and low impact on the environment. Essential Tea Bundle features unique tea blends — all of which comes in eco-friendly packaging with biodegradable tea filters.

Price: $35

Find it here: Essential Tea Bundle


21. Vietnamese Coconut Bowls

“Nature’s bowls”

Vietnamese Coconut Bowls

Why this great gift is amazing for the environment: Vietnamese Coconut Bowls are crafted with love and care from real coconuts by Vietnamese artisans and the disadvantaged. Because the bowls are made from nature, each one has a unique shape, markings, and its own beautiful imperfections and supports fair trade. They also come with coconut spoons to enjoy smoothie bowls, salads, soups, poke, and whatever else your coworkers, friends, or clients might want to eat.

Price: +19.99+

Find it here: Vietnamese Coconut Bowls


Promotional Eco-friendly Corporate Gifts

22. WFA Swag Kit

“The hybrid workplace gift box”


Why this gift is good for the environment: The WFA Swag Kit is the ultimate swag pack for distributed teams and remote employees. Working from home is here to stay as part of the new hybrid workplace. So equip your employees or coworkers with the eco-friendly care package they need to thrive wherever they’re at. The WFA Swag Kit includes custom knit socks, a bamboo fiber lunch box, a recycled cotton blend crewneck, an Italian calfskin journal, and a custom mailer box.

Price: $92.99

Find it here: WFA Swag Kit


23. Custom Branded Swag Box

Custom Branded Swag Box

Why this gift is good for the environment: SwagUp’s software makes it possible to order the right amount for your team so you don’t have to worry about cluttering up your swag closet with unnecessary items. Plus, this branded swag box can be filled with all sorts of sustainable items from brands that strive to create a more environmentally-friendly industry.

Price: $79

Find it here: Custom Branded Swag Box


24. Asobu Juice Drink Box

“For employees and coworkers with kids”

Asobu Juice Drink Box

Why this gift is good for the environment: The Asobu Juice Drink Box is a BPA-free, eco-friendly beverage container for kids — but adults are free to use it too, of course. This reusable juice box comes with silicone straws and is dishwasher safe. Plus, whoever you give it to will be encouraged to ditch plastic bottles.

Price: $11.59+

Find it here: Asobu Juice Drink Box


25. Good Times

“For making any day better”

Good Times

Why this gift is good for the environment: Good Times is the perfect pack for earth-loving digital nomads. This fun care package idea includes a waterproof cooler backpack, a sports cap, a water bottle, a carry-on cocktail kit, and a mini-phone stand.

Price: $146.54

Find it here: Good Times


26. Earth-Friendly Appreciation

“For a friendlier, happier Earth”

Earth-Friendly Appreciation

Why this gift is good for the environment: Earth-Friendly Appreciation is an environmentally-friendly corporate gift box to treat a job well done. Not only is this eco-minded care package good for the earth, but it’s also great for the spirit. Part of the proceeds goes towards animal welfare and nature conservation. The gift box includes a terracotta grow kit of champagne poppy flowers along with goat milk caramels in a variety of mouthwatering flavors (chai, maple, cocoa latte, vanilla).

Price: $40

Find it here: Earth-Friendly Appreciation


Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts for Christmas

27. Build a Box

“For total customization”

Why this gift is good for the environment: This all-in-one swag solution allows you to create a custom branded gift box for employees, clients, coworkers, or customers. Place an order and let Swag do the rest!

Price: Depends on the items in the box

Find it here: Build a Box


28. The Modern Minimalist

“For minimal environmental impact”

The Modern Minimalist

Why this gift is good for the environment: The Modern Minimalist is a good-for-the-world swag pack. It comes with a notebook, a pen, a charging cable, and an air plant to clean up the air around the house.

Price: $76.24

Find it here: The Modern Minimalist


29. Sustainability On-The-Go

“For healthy and sustainable gifting”

Sustainability On-The-Go

Why this gift is good for the environment: Sustainability On-The-Go is an eco-friendly gift box for distributed teams. This nature-friendly gift features a set of bamboo utensils in a recycled plastic pouch, a reusable silicone straw and travel case, and a 12-ounce stainless steel bamboo-wrapped water bottle with a removable diffuser to ditch single-use plastic.

Price: $62

Find it here: Sustainability On-The-Go


30. Ponto

“Love the planet you walk on.”


Why this gift is good for the environment: Ponto is a footwear brand built for a sustainable lifestyle. Made from recycled leather, plant-based foam, and other recycled components, this show is perfect for work and for walking around town.

Price: $129.00

Find it here: Ponto

People Also Ask These Questions About Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts

Q: What are the benefits of giving and receiving eco-friendly gifts?

Eco-friendly gifts have a number of short-term and long-term benefits.

The benefits of eco-friendly gifts include:

  • Lower costs — By using an eco-friendly gift, you have less reason to purchase the same items over and over since they are designed to last longer.
  • Healthier living — Often times products made sustainably are also designed to give back to their communities while supporting a holistic, healthy lifestyle.
  • Recycled — Some of the best eco-friendly gifts are made from recycled materials or can be recycled.
  • Cost-effective — Eco-friendly gift ideas are generally more cost-effective due to their higher quality and increased durability.

Q: What makes a gift eco-friendly?

  • The main thing that makes a gift eco-friendly is that it’s sustainably sourced and produced. Being biodegradable for composting, among other factors is a big bonus.

Q: How do you know if a gift is sustainably sourced?

  • One of the ways to tell if a gift is sustainably sourced is to really consider whether or not the materials used to make it are renewable. The supplier should also have information regarding how they source their materials and what kinds of businesses they work with.

Q: Can I personalize eco-friendly gifts?

  • Many companies make personalizing eco-friendly gifts rather easy. It depends on the company or vendor you are working with so make sure they are able to handle the kind of personalization you are asking for. If you are buying eco friendly gifts in bulk, it is often recommended to ask for a sample to make sure that you are happy with the finished product.

Q: How much should eco-friendly gifts cost?

  • An eco-friendly gift could range anywhere from $25 to a few hundred dollars. It is a myth that items that support a healthy earth have to be more expensive. It should be about whether you like the product and the person you are gifting to will enjoy it as well.

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