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10 Fun Earth Day Ideas For Work That Employees Will Love In 2023

By April 20, 2023 December 6th, 2023 No Comments

On April 22nd, Earth Day will arrive!

We’re only a few earthly rotations away from this holiday, but we just can’t wait to celebrate. If you’re looking for Earth Day ideas for work that’ll get the whole team going green, we’ve got you covered.

Fun Earth Day Ideas For Work

Before we hop into all the fun games, activities, and ideas for Earth Day, let’s work through some of the basics…

What Is Earth Day?

The first official Earth Day was held in 1970, and the meaning behind it has remained unchanged. The holiday is meant to give support and raise awareness for environmental protection initiatives from around the world. And we’ve made sure that the virtual Earth Day celebration ideas below align exactly with that mission!

When is Earth Day in 2023?

Earth Day 2023 begins on April 22nd. This year, it falls on a Friday, making it perfect for fun Earth Day activities at work.

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10 Best Earth Day Celebration Ideas For Adults

1. Plan an Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

This is one of those Earth Day activities that you and your coworkers can plan for any part of the day. You can even start off a meeting with this fun game that is easy, quick, and celebrates our wonderful planet before getting down to business.

Simply download the one-page PDF, distribute it to your team, and let them go on a scavenger hunt on the Friday before Earth Day. Plus, you can finish off with a fun cocktail party or happy hour meet up to celebrate this holiday with your team!

Try out a theme with this online event: Work outside! Put on some sunscreen, lace up your tennis shoes, it is time to work outside. If possible, work from your backyard, patio, balcony, or anywhere you might live that lets you enjoy some fresh air for Earth Day at work.

Where to get started: Download the PDF on Etsy to get started!

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2. Send a Sustainable Gift

Caroo Gifts

To celebrate Earth Day at work, a team gift might be just the ticket! The gifting experts at Caroo have curated a catalog of sustainable and eco-friendly products that can be enjoyed by everyone on your team. They will even ship the items directly to your employees’ doorsteps to you can celebrate Earth Day remotely.

Try out a theme with this online event: Wear green! Celebrate Earth Day by wearing green to work. If you are lucky enough to own an Earth Day shirt, that would work too!

Where to get started: Explore sustainable gifts to send to your team.


3. Earth Day Trivia Event


Compete in a thrilling, fast-paced trivia game to show off your teams’ environmental knowledge.

Bring your coworkers all the excitement of your local bar trivia — with an eco-friendly twist — in an Earth Day trivia night. A quiz whiz host will take your coworkers through several exciting rounds of environmental and Earth Day trivia. This classic virtual team building experience is a fantastic way for your team to engage in a little friendly competition and learn more about the environment.

We always adore experiences that can mix camaraderie, competition, and the perfect theme.

Try out a theme with this online event: Wanna add a little wackiness to the evening? Make it a Captain Planet costume night. Nothing better than coworkers dressing up as the Planeteers.

Where to get started: See how down-to-earth your brain is


Live like Captain Planet in 2023!


4. Learn About Waste-Free Living

Learn about leading a sustainable lifestyle in a waste-free workshop meant to empower your team’s eco-goals.

Are you looking for a hands-on approach to your virtual Earth Day activities? Learn small, but impactful techniques for a waste-free lifestyle that your coworkers can implement at work and at home. It’s an excellent opportunity for your team to learn new skills together while learning ways to help the environment.

We picked this employee engagement idea because teams can have a great time while learning a skill that can positively impact the environment long-term!

Try out a theme with this online event: ABC fashion show, anyone? Convert objects around the home into a funky, fashionable (or not-so-fashionable) outfit.

Where to get started: Start living waste-free today


5. Get Active With Earth Day Activities

Celebrate Earth Day this year with games and activities!

Instead of passively enjoying this eco-loving holiday, you can get involved in the spirit of the day with Earth Day Trivia, Earth Day Pictionary, and an Earth Day Scavenger Hunt. These days emojis seem to be everywhere, so we’re all familiar with them. However, can you figure out what the emojis really mean in this Earth Day inspired pictionary game? What about, how much do you really know about Earth Day? And lastly, can you find this Earth Day item!

Try out a theme with this online event: Sherlock Holmes. You know my methods, Mr. Watson. Have everyone dawn their best detective attire and solve these fun Earth Day games together!

Where to get started: Get your fun Earth Day printable playable bundle today!


6. Plant A Tree Charity Game

Plant A Tree For Earth Day

Play a series of short trivia-esque games and fight deforestation — all at the same time.

One of the best Earth Day activities for employees combines fun and charity! Earn points in a series of fun, fast mini-games. The more you earn, the more trees you plant to combat deforestation for chimpanzees.

We love this Earth Day activity because it gives your employees a goal to work toward while they play. Teams know they want to score as high as possible to plant as many trees as possible. Talk about a team building activity that makes an impact!

Try out a theme with this online event: Monkey-around by having your teams make their names after famous monkeys from around the world, like King Kong or Harambe.

Where to get started: Start savings those chimps ASAP


7. Cooking Class After Work


Learn a delicious new recipe and explore the concept of veganism from a professional chef!

Are you looking for a healthy and sustainable recipe to add to your weekly repertoire? Now you and your colleagues can learn a delicious vegan recipe from a professional chef. You’ll also learn a few tips about veganism and how it helps the environment. Sounds delicious!

It’s especially cool to learn about alternative cooking styles in a friendly, accessible way. Bonus points for being able to eat your meal right away, too.

Try out a theme with this online event: Really go green — have the team dress in all green for your fun team activity.

Where to get started: Dish out for Earth Day now


8. Become A Composter


See what all the waste-free lifestyle fuss is about when you learn easy composting techniques in a sustainability class.

Give your leftovers to the Earth! A composting expert will teach you how to make your own at-home composting bin. Discover different ways to compost, what you can compost, and why this small action benefits the Earth. Some of the best Earth Day celebration ideas are about learning new skills that can help the environment long-term.

We’re big fans of the way this experience can help the world long after the class ends. Also, love that it means no more guilt when we forget our leftovers in the fridge. Yay for being eco-friendly!

Try out a theme with this online event: Start the night off by having everyone cook their favorite meal. But remember — don’t waste a thing! Your whole crew will be mastering composting shortly.

Where to get started: Become the champion of sustainability today


9. Earth Day Art Project


Your team members can design an air-plant terrarium — no plant experience required!

Crafty experiences make for great Earth Day activities for adults. Green crafty experiences make for even better ones! Create your own mini-environment to bring all the good vibes into your home or office. And don’t worry if your thumb is less-than-green — a botanical expert will provide you with all the plant-care info you need. All you have to do is pick up your dedicated team building kit from your doorstep and log on!

We love how this experience taps into the more creative spirit of the Earth. Plus, did you know having plants around can improve the air quality and a persons’ mood?

Try out a theme with this online event: Have your team switch their backgrounds to their favorite scenery from around the world. The greener, the better!

Where to get started: Turn your thumbs green today


10. Virtual Game Show (Earth Day Edition)


Flip the trivia format on its head with this environmental Jeopardy-style game. Perfect for tapping into your team’s competitive edge!

Always wanted the Jeopardy experience, but didn’t know where to start? Play an Earth Day Jeopardy-style virtual game show with your fellow coworkers. Be kept on your toes by an eccentric host and learn a few Earthly facts along the way. Watch the fun grow before your very eyes. We especially love how this online trivia game is so interactive — your team will feel like they’re on a game show.

Try out a theme with this online event: Take it back to the very first Earth Day by having a 70s theme. Bring all the funk and fun of eco-friendly folks from five decades ago!

Where to get started: Let’s have a geo-party



So, are you ready to get down-to-earth?

Whether you play a thrilling competitive game or take a hands-on workshop, these Earth Day event ideas are sure to be a hit among your coworkers looking to have some fun at work this April.

And the best part is you can take the celebration far beyond Earth Day!

It’s never too late for some good sustainable team building efforts.

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