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5 Best Executive Assistant Recruitment Agencies and EA Search Firms To Use In 2024

By March 20, 2024 March 27th, 2024

If you are looking for a competent, hardworking, and skilled executive assistant, the days of posting in the Yellow Pages are long over.

Working with an executive assistant recruitment agency to outsource this position can match your executive with the right EA quickly, efficiently, and at a lower monthly cost than a traditional hiring process.

Best Executive Assistant Recruitment Agencies

You could scour the internet searching endlessly for the perfect person for this new job but honestly, outsourcing this search could save you a lot of time and hassle. There are online job searches, LinkedIn posts, and staffing services scattered from New York to Los Angeles. Thousands of general recruiting firms offer their professional services. It can be just a smidge overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are executive assistant recruitment agencies and EA search firms here to save you from the internet rabbit hole you were about to Google yourself head-first into.

We’ve highlighted the best executive assistant recruitment agencies and EA search firms to help you get started on this journey. Once you identify what kind of support you need from an executive assistant, find the perfect solution by checking out what these companies have to offer you and your organization.

Begin by taking a tour of our EA decision tree to determine the best fit for your executive’s needs.

Executive Assistant Recruitment & Outsourcing (Decision Tree)


So you want to hire an executive assistant.

Well, there will be a few questions you’ll want to answer to set yourself up with the right EA recruitment agency for your needs.

Let’s take a look at these pre-qualification questions to select the correct option.

1) How much do you want to spend?

When budgeting for hiring an executive assistant agency, you’ll need to balance cost, value, and the support you’ll receive via the agency.

Depending on the type of EA agency you work with, your monthly spend will vary. On average, budgeting around $1,000 – $4,000 per month will account for the training, expenses, and salary of your outsourced EA.

This figure can be higher based on the type of assistant you hire, the agency you choose to work with, the location of your EA, and other factors. It’s essential to consider additional costs such as benefits, taxes, and any required training or equipment for effective performance and which aspects your agency covers.

2) What type of Executive Assistant do you want to hire?

Your choice of executive assistant should align with your specific needs and working style.

Executive assistants vary from traditional roles, handling administrative tasks like scheduling and correspondence, to more strategic roles involving project management, event planning, and participation in high-level decision-making processes.

Consider if you require expertise in logistics and organization or a broader skill set covering financial management, strategic planning, or industry-specific knowledge.

Also, decide if you prefer an assistant for a physical office or if a virtual executive assistant could offer greater flexibility and potentially reduce costs. Your decision should reflect your work nature, personal communication preferences, task management, and business strategic goals.

➤ Fractional EA

    • A fractional executive assistant (EA) offers flexible, top-notch executive support. Small businesses, startups, or individuals needing high-level assistance often leverage fractional EAs to avoid immediately committing to a full-time hire. From managing schedules to strategic planning, fractional EAs deliver tailored services, benefiting you from experienced support without the full-time commitment.

➤ Full-time EA

    • Need dedicated support for your executive team? A full-time executive assistant is your go-to. Providing comprehensive assistance, from calendar management to strategic initiatives, these EAs ensure smooth operations. While it requires a greater investment, steady support for your executives is invaluable.

3) Where do you want your EA to be based?

➞ United States

Hiring a U.S.-based remote EA provides the advantage of having support in the same or a similar time zone.

For example, hiring executive assistants using a U.S.-based company can allow managers to access research and reporting, inbox and schedule management, travel booking and expense reporting, project coordination, social media assistance, and light bookkeeping.

These remote EAs are often well-versed in the cultural and business nuances of the U.S. market, making them skilled at handling tasks and interactions that require a deep understanding of local practices. This option suits executives who prefer remote assistance but need high availability and cultural alignment.

➞ Philippines / Asia


Choosing a remote EA from the Philippines or elsewhere in Asia can offer a cost-effective solution.

These EA staffing agencies provide skilled professionals at a lower cost due to economic disparities between regions and they have already pre-screened the best EAs out of more than 30,000 options every month.

Asia-based EAs are recognized for their strong English skills, adaptability, and dedication, making them valuable assets for businesses seeking to enhance administrative support.

Leveraging the time zone difference ensures tasks are completed outside U.S. business hours, enhancing productivity around the clock.

➞ Latin America


Choosing a remote EA from Latin America or a nearshore location provides a good balance between cost efficiency and time zone compatibility.

Companies like Viva specialize in linking businesses with highly qualified EAs in closer time zones, making collaboration and communication more straightforward.

This option is especially attractive for executives seeking bilingual support or aiming to bridge the gap between North and South American markets. On top of that, these staffing firms handle costly and time-intensive aspects of hiring including recruitment, onboarding, and payment.

➞ Onsite


Having an EA work directly with you in the office offers the highest level of personal interaction and immediate availability.

Onsite EAs excel at adapting to changes, managing in-person tasks, and ensuring seamless day-to-day operations. This setup suits executives who value face-to-face communication and need their assistant present for meetings, events, and other onsite responsibilities.

While it may incur higher costs due to office space and overheads, the benefits of dedicated, in-person support can be invaluable for specific business needs.

After confirming the level of support you require and evaluating these initial questions based on Budget, Type, & Location, it might be easier to answer the following actions:

1) I want an agency to handle payroll & admin.

This route is our top choice. We highly recommend teaming up with a flat-rate agency that oversees all aspects of hiring an executive assistant.

These agencies provide a comprehensive service for a monthly fee, usually starting around $2,000 per month (approximately $500 per week), linking you with a skilled executive assistant aligned with your specific needs.

The primary advantage of this choice is that the agency manages all HR responsibilities, such as payroll, taxes, and administrative duties.

This setup liberates time and resources for executives, making it easier to concentrate on core responsibilities while enjoying professional executive support. Opting for a flat-rate agency is the simplest solution, ideal for those valuing efficiency, quality, and the reduction of administrative burdens.

2) I want to onboard my EA directly and hire them onto my payroll.

Look at an EA headhunter agency that will pair you up with an EA to hire directly.

Executive assistant headhunter agencies specialize in connecting top-tier executive assistants with employers aiming to hire and seamlessly integrate these professionals into their workforce. This tailored approach ensures the executive assistant meets the skill prerequisites and resonates with the company’s ethos and mission.

Directly onboarding an EA enables employers to foster a stronger, more cohesive relationship with their assistant, establishing a robust foundation for enduring collaboration and prosperity.

3) I want to hire an EA on a part-time basis.

For those keen on exploring executive support without the commitment of a full-time role, considering a fractional EA through an agency offers a viable option.

Fractional EAs provide services on a part-time basis, offering flexibility for businesses or executives who may not require a full-time assistant or cannot justify the expense.

While this choice may seem less conventional compared to agencies like Shepard, which match you with a dedicated EA for $1,000 to $2,000 per month, opting for a fractional EA is suitable for those looking to ease into executive assistance. It allows executives to assess their support needs and can be particularly attractive for smaller operations, startups, or individuals on a tighter budget.

Choosing a fractional EA provides professional assistance while keeping costs manageable, although a full solution is recommended for comprehensive support.


5 Best Executive Assistant Recruitment Agencies & EA Search Firms

  1   PriorityVA

When growing your business, it’s important to have support that operates in a full-spectrum mindset. Even if you’re not sure what you need, you can bet that they do. PriorityVA evaluates all aspects of your EA needs and then utilizes the tools in their toolbox to ensure those needs aren’t just met, but far exceeded.

What makes PriorityVA a great recruitment agency for executive assistants?

  • Not only will they find the best EA to fit the needs of your organization, but they also offer you guidance and direction to ensure you’re getting the most productivity from your new executive assistant.

Best for: Smaller organizations looking to grow with solid, affordable support.

Some words of encouragement for PriorityVA’s stellar efforts:

“I have no idea how Trivinia’s Priority VA team did it – all I did was answer a quick questionnaire – but they matched me with my perfect VA, and my investment has already seen 100% return in the most critical of all assets: MY TIME!”

Learn more: PriorityVA


  2   Pocketbook Agency

They focus on the concept that recruiting is more than just putting an available applicant in an open position. There’s chemistry and dynamics that go far beyond a resumé and simple supply and demand. For these reasons, their approach is centered around career matchmaking to ensure the best fit on both sides, the first time.

What makes Pocketbook Agency a great recruitment agency for executive assistants?

  • PBA isn’t just recruiting, they’re cultivating relationships for long-term, successful careers.

Best for: Businesses of any size seeking long-term relationships with their employees.

Why Pocketbook Agency loves what they do:

“I have had two very successful positions working for CEO/COO’s at top tier, innovative entertainment companies. Due to my positive experience with PBA, I have continued to recommended many of my friends also perusing a career in music and entertainment, so that they too can find the perfect career fit.”

Learn more: Pocketbook Agency


  3   33vincent

Whether you need a little help or a lot, 33vincent’s extensive vetting process allows them to confidently place the right executive assistant to meet your business needs. They’re devoted to attracting highly-skilled, talented, and reliable personnel to take the load off your shoulders. From systems and software management to communication maintenance and full operations support, their dedication to their craft is unmatched.

What makes 33vincent a great recruitment agency for executive assistants?

  • A long-term commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is the foundation of their business model. 33vincent takes an admirably strong stance against systemic racism throughout all aspects of the company and the community.

Best for: Companies of any size. They service start-ups, boutique companies, and large corporations across the United States.

One of 33vincent’s customers shared:

“Our 33Vincent EA and the entire 33Vincent community are truly service-oriented and consistently not just deliver for our organization, but they go above and beyond!”

Learn more: 33vincent


  4   Maven Recruiting Group

Maven isn’t just capable of adding the best executive assistant to your team. They actually start grooming candidates long before your needs arise. With outreach programs, community events, and a library of tools and resources, they help prepare job seekers, refugees, and first-generation college students for the real working world.

What makes Maven Recruiting Group a great recruitment agency for executive assistants?

  • Their expectations of themselves will always be higher than yours. They promote candid honesty, equality, and performance – both for their candidates and the companies they partner with.

Best for: Tech start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.

Just a few words of praise on Maven Recruiting Group’s services:

“Maven really lightened my load by only presenting me with great candidates so that I didn’t have to slog through tons of resumes myself. They also did an amazing job telling each candidate’s story – that really helped me to differentiate them and prioritize what was truly most important to the role.”

Learn more: Maven Recruiting Group


  5   Steele Recruiting

Their recruitment process is part passive, part technical, and part behavioral. They view their candidates and their clients as complete entities. Because they serve industries anywhere from construction and manufacturing to celebrities and wealth management services, personalized placement is the key to their 99% retention rate. And did we mention it’s female-owned?

What makes Steele Recruiting a great recruitment agency for executive assistants?

  • Over two decades of proven success and guaranteed placement services make this agency stand out. They combine your Executive’s needs and the career goals of their candidates to confidently catalyze integral, long-term partnerships.

Best for: All levels of management, whether in small businesses, nonprofits, or large corporations, from coast to coast.

Here’s what one of Steele Recruiting’s customers has to say about them:

“I believe the Executive Assistant role is one of the most difficult positions to successfully fill, and Diane was an invaluable partner in this endeavor for our firm. She helped us find a superb Executive Assistant who is a phenomenal fit for our organization.”

Learn more: Steele Recruiting



EA recruitment agencies find the best executive assistants and place them in positions with companies in need of their skills. Their hiring process is very detailed. All aspects are considered from years of experience to whether they’re available to work full-time or part-time. They get to know their EA candidates to understand their strengths and ensure placement in the best environment.

EA Recruitment

Likewise, these agencies have a vested interest in understanding exactly what you need as the hiring company.

What are the expectations of the role? Will the EA be reporting to the Chief of Staff or the Office Manager? What’s the company culture like? Will they be supporting one person or a team? The more they know, the better they can confidently prepare and place the best executive assistant in your organization.

People Also Ask These Questions About Executive Assistant Recruitment Agencies

Q: What is an Executive Assistant Recruitment Agency?

➣ 1. to ensure the client (aka the hiring company) is pleased with the EA they’ve placed and are getting the support they need.

➣ 2. to confidently place their top talent candidates in positions to help advance their careers and have successful futures.

Q: What Does An Executive Assistant Search Firm Help With?

  • A: Consider them the heat-seeking missiles of the recruiting world. EA search firms go “out there” searching for high-quality, reliable executive assistants to fill existing positions or to keep on their roster of skilled candidates. They’ll monitor relevant EA employment sites and databases, check reputable referrals, and use a multitude of other resources to find the missing piece to your organizational puzzle.

Q: Why Is It Important To Use An Executive Assistant Placement Agency?

  • A: EA placement agencies are laser-focused on the placement part. These companies dig deep to identify the most talented and supportive EA candidates for their clients’ needs. Likewise, they’re invested in understanding the requirements of the roles they’re tasked with filling and the culture of the organizations they’re servicing. At the end of the day, their goal is to make sure ALL parties are successful.

Q: How do I find a good executive assistant?

  • A: You can find a good executive assistant by contacting a respectable recruitment agency, such as those listed above.

Q: What does an executive assistant add to a company?

  • A: An executive assistant adds knowledge and support in many areas to a company, allowing your executives to focus on their more important tasks.

Q: What are some interview questions for executive assistants?

  • A: Some interview questions for executive assistants are:
    • Describe a time you had to deal with a demanding or insensitive manager.
    • Are you able to support this position virtually if necessary?
    • Describe your time-management process and how you handle multitasking daily?

Q: How do I choose a recruiter for executive assistants?

  • A: You should choose a recruiter for executive assistants based on the level of support you anticipate needing and the recruiter who best serves companies of similar size and structure.

Q: How much does it cost to use an EA recruitment agency?

  • A: The cost of EA recruiting agencies varies based on several factors such as the packages they may offer, the percentage they collect for each placement, and whether there are permanent hiring fees associated.

Q: Am I able to use an executive assistant temp agency?

  • A: You can use an executive assistant temp agency however, there’s the possibility that they don’t dig as deeply into your needs and the qualifications of their candidates as an actual EA recruiting agency does.

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