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20+ Essential Executive Assistant Training Courses For 2024 (In-Person + Online)

By April 21, 2023 March 18th, 2024 One Comment


No two days in an executive assistant’s life look the same. What they do, and what they’re expected to learn how to do, might change as often as the temperature in your office building. Executive assistant training can prepare them for anything they may be asked to do, which is to say everything.

When talking with The Assist, a trusted resource among the executive assistant community, we learned that training remains top of mind for countless assistants because their profession requires a high level of adaptability.

Why is executive assistant (EA) training important in 2024?

Executive assistant training is important because the EA skills in highest demand shift constantly. The current year’s executive assistant courses help EAs round out their competencies with tips, tricks, and how-tos based on the latest industry research and best practices.

Plus, tons of people want to be executive assistants, making the job market competitive. (The executive assistant role comes along with many benefits, and it is, after all, the U.S. News & World Report’s #25 pick for “Best Business Jobs.”) Knowing everything (or at least a little bit of it) and also committing to constantly learning more will help both hopeful and current EAs get ahead and meet their loftiest goals.

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What are the benefits of executive assistant training?


The benefits of executive assistant training are…

✅ Demonstrable expertise, especially in the case of executive assistant certifications.

✅ Competitive edge. EAs who list training on their resume, talk about their professional development during interviews, and also humble brag during their annual reviews will stand out from the crowd.

✅ Pay increases, as they demonstrate again and again their capacity to translate new classroom skills into accomplishments and business value on the job.

✅ Confidence that comes with the acquisition of new knowledge and new abilities.

✅ Enhanced effectiveness and efficiency as opportunities to apply learned skills and know-how arise during their day-to-day EA responsibilities.

Training is an essential ingredient of any strategy to move up the totem pole, whether that means becoming a senior executive assistant, taking on more challenging assignments, or transitioning into another role. Explore the list of executive assistant training programs below to open doors to growth, learning, and goal-achieving nirvana.

Low Cost Or Free Executive Assistant Training & Learning Resources


Low-cost executive assistant training includes the efficient, cut-right-to-the-point programs that make up for what they lack in bells and whistles with plenty of skill-building.

Low-cost executive administrative assistant classes may be especially helpful for EAs exploring what skills they may want and need to develop before they commit to a long-term executive assistant diploma course or certification program.

Online Free Executive Assistant Training & Learning Resources

1) The Assist – The Best Free Newsletter Around for EAs

Gray TA Sub CTA

Training description: The Assist is a humorous weekly email newsletter that delivers tips, tricks, and advice assistants need to knock out more essential to-dos while also developing personally and professionally.

Each issue features carefully curated, to-the-point takeaways on technology solutions, empowerment resources, assistant strategies and so much more. Plus, with personal stories and insights sourced directly from a thriving EA community, the Assist also provides a thriving support network. Simply sign up for the newsletter at and then look forward to receiving issues every week.

Cost: Free

Approx time to complete: 10 – 15 minutes every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


2) Cabinet

Training description: Need a hotel recommendation or advice on how to negotiate a raise? Look no further. When the founders of Cabinet were Executive Assistants, they wished for a tool and a community to share ideas, get answers, and make their days more efficient. Unfortunately, nothing like that existed. So they built it.

Cost: Free (to join the community); $50/month for access to the tool.

Approx time to complete: Ongoing



Training description: is a resource packed site for any EA covering topics like communication, efficiency, leadership, professional development, skills, and technology. They are also the pioneers of the PACE program which assists in certifying individuals to gain professional credibility and confidence. With learning modules in interpersonal communications, task and project management, computer and internet technology, and management skills.

Cost: Free to varied pricing

Approx time to complete: 3 minutes to as long as you’d like!


4) Coursera – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization


Training description: This online executive assistant training course gives students an understanding of leadership frameworks and also delivers tools and strategies for effectively analyzing business situations. Executive assistants will learn how to strategically manage people and processes to maximize business value.

Good for those trying to improve their ability to manage individuals, teams, and processes.

Cost: Free (to read and use all the course content)

Approx time to complete: 8 months


5) Alison – Communication Skills – Perception and Non-Verbal Communication

Training description: Gaining knowledge in this area can enhance your perception of the world, enabling you to perceive sights and sounds in novel ways.

Through the study of facial expressions, fundamental principles of hearing, and exploration of nonverbal communication techniques such as spatial awareness and gestures, you can develop stronger communication skills and become a more proficient communicator.

Cost: Free

Approx time to complete: 1.5 – 3 hours


Bonus: LinkedIn Learning – Developing Resourcefulness

Training description: This training for executive assistants covers all the individual components that work together to create resourcefulness. Participants get an overview of how they can better assess the resources at their disposal and make strategic decisions.

Good for those trying to improve their ability to use what skills and EA tools they have on hand to the best advantage.

Cost: Free

Approx time to complete: > 1 hour


In-Person Free Executive Assistant Training

6) Office Heroes – Events

Training description: These events bring together experienced EAs, skilled administrative assistants, and other office professionals to exchange ideas, get inspiration, and maybe even help each other continue on the path toward their goals.

Good for those trying to improve their networking skills and also expand their professional network.

Location: 6 cities across the United States

Cost: Free

Approx time to complete: Varies

Bonus: Don’t have time to commit to robust training? Try brushing up on your skills and industry knowledge by exploring these executive assistant blogsbooks, and quick tips.

Paid Executive Assistant Training


Paid executive assistant training often goes into more depth on more specialized skills than its free counterparts. Designed with comprehensive and structured learning plans, paid training courses provide more than just an overview, often helping EAs gain mastery in specific areas such as project management, time management, and so much more.

Online Paid Executive Assistant Training

7) The Powerhouse Professional Assistant Online Training Course

Training description: This course outlines the business management and confidence-building skills you need to learn and practice to become a high-level assistant & strategic partner in managing today’s modern CEOs and entrepreneurial businesses. Whether you’re already working as an assistant and want to excel, or you’re entering the field with little/no business support experience, we’ll teach you what you need to succeed.

Good for those trying to sharpen their strategic partner abilities and perhaps manage their own business someday.

Cost: $299 full price ($25 off with code SNACK25)

Approx time to complete: 1-2 weeks


8) LinkedIn Learning – Decision-Making Strategies

Training description: This class dives deep into the art of decision-making. The instructor provides plenty of context on specific situations to explain proven strategies that will empower students to confidently make decisions ever after.

Good for those trying to improve their decision-making frameworks, and as a result, the outcomes of their decisions.

Cost: $34.99

Approx time to complete: 1-2 hours


9) Masterclass – Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategy and Leadership

Training description: This MasterClass features former Disney CEO Bob Iger, discussing his extraordinary personal experiences while making each lesson applicable to those of all career levels in all industries.

Good for those trying to enhance their overall leadership mindset.

Cost: $15 monthly subscription

Approx time to complete: 2-4 hours


In-Person Paid Executive Assistant Training

10) ASAP EA Ignite


Training description: Packed with a speaker lineup of experienced administrative masters, this conference helps EAs round up skills in anything and everything they need to know, including creating Excel project dashboards, managing calendars and schedules, and even understanding design thinking.

Good for those trying to improve their overall EA excellence by hearing about both new and time-tested strategies and techniques for getting work done.

Location: Austin, Texas

Cost: $2,175.00+

Approx time to complete: 3 days – April 23-25, 2024


11) American Management Association – Management Skills for Administrative Professionals

Training description: This course provides enlightening leadership training designed to show ambitious executive assistants how they might take command of their positions, manage changing duties, negotiate with confidence, and improve constantly and strategically.

Good for those trying to improve their overall managerial prowess as it applies to people, processes, projects, and anything else.

Location: 6 cities across the United States 

Cost: $1,795.00+

Approx time to complete: 3 days


12) UCSC Silicon Valley Extension – Administrative Professional Specialization

Training description: This specialization turns students into administrative triple threats with advanced skills in finance, communication, and business writing. It also touches on additional competencies, including public relations and human resources, to complement the foundation skills.

Good for those trying to improve their ability to provide exemplary administrative support. It’s also perfect for those following an administrative assistant career path who are looking to take the next step in their career or to achieve specific goals.

Location: Santa Clara, California

Cost: $3,000

Approx time to complete: 6 months


Comprehensive Executive Assistant Courses


A comprehensive executive assistant course is one that covers a vast constellation of skills essential to the executive assistant role in all its names and iterations. These courses are ideal for beginners — for those hoping to become executive assistants, those hoping to learn all the skills while also setting themselves up to nail the interview.

Online Comprehensive Executive Assistant Training

13) Event Trix Executive Assistant


Training description: This continuing education certified and ICOES (International Council for Online Educational Standards) accredited course helps students develop organization, multitasking, prioritization, and communication skills. Students also learn how to be adaptable in tricky situations and how to accomplish more by applying a direct leadership style.

Good for those trying to learn all the essential skills necessary to be the go-to problem-solver, decision-maker, and strategic consultant.

Cost: $99

Approx time to complete: 2+ days


14) University of Texas Arlington – Executive Administrative Assistant Certificate Program

Training description: The strengths targeted in this course — including hard computer skills, soft interpersonal skills, and organizational skills — will prepare anyone to launch, advance, or elevate their EA career. (They’ll even end with a certificate to prove it.)

Good for those trying to learn all the timeless essential skills they need to be effective office leaders.

Cost: $1,200+

Approx time to complete: 1-2 years


15) The University of Utah – Continuing Education – Executive Assistant Program

Training description: This program helps EAs develop their mastery of essential office technologies such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint while they also round out their foundational business skills.

Good for those trying to prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist Master certification.

Cost: $2,999

Approx time to complete: 4 months


In-Person Comprehensive Executive Assistant Training

16) Executive Secretary Live

Training description: These events are all about long-term vision. Attendees hear from hyper-successful administrative professionals, learning strategies they can use to future proof their skills for industry changes, and even start anticipating what’s coming up next.

Good for those trying to enhance their big-picture view of their career trajectory and vision.

Location: Several International locations

Cost: $ 1,089+

Approx time to complete: Varies by training course


17) ASAP – Executive Assistants’ Summit

Training description: This event is packed with inspirational speakers, in-depth workshops, and oodles of networking opportunities to help EAs make connections, get ideas, and improve their practice.

Good for those trying to enhance the support they offer CEOs, COOs, CIOs, and CFOs by deepening their technology, project management, and critical-thinking skills.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Cost: $1,595 +

Approx time to complete: 1 day


Executive Assistant Certification Training


An EA certification is a program of study or training regimen that usually culminates in a final examination. Those who meet the exam-score expectations will be awarded a professional certificate. Many certifications remain valid for a handful of years, requiring professionals to go through a recertification process.

Online Executive Assistant Certification Training

18) American Management Association – Partnering with Your Boss: Strategic Skills for Administrative Professionals

Training description: This EA and administrative assistant training bring participants closer to goals like developing partnerships, building trust, and even anticipating the boss’s needs.

American Management Association issues continuing education units (CEUs) for this course through its accreditation from the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

Good for those trying to improve their high-level people skills and become more persuasive, more influential, and more indispensable.

Cost: $1,605.00+

Approx time to complete: 2 days


19) The Chartered Institute for IT – Professional Certificate in Team Leadership

Training description: Perfect for those striving to achieve the next level in their career development, this certificate helps take the guesswork, charisma, and intuition out of the idea of leadership and ground this often abstract characteristic within evidence-based frameworks.

Good for those trying to improve their leadership skill sets by applying practical frameworks and techniques to their interactions.

Cost: About $485.30, for the examination only. (Prices of preparation courses vary per provider.)

Approx time to complete: 2 – 7 days


20) Language Testing International – Language Proficiency Certificate

Training description: This is a test to become certified proficient in your choice of over a hundred languages. It is not a program of study to learn the language. To become certified, simply select your language, your certification type, and schedule an in-person or remote exam.

Good for those trying to enhance their skills in international business, translation, and more.

Cost:  Contact for pricing.

Approx time to complete: Varies, depending on current proficiency in the chosen language.


In-Person Executive Assistant Certification Training

21) Project Management Institute – Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®

Training description: This certification backs up your claims that you’re a savvy project manager. You must have a few prerequisites to even take the exam: participating in 23 hours of project management education, such as the institute’s project management basics online course, and possessing a secondary degree, such as a high school diploma or associate’s degree.

Good for those trying to improve their chances of leading large projects and gaining team confidence.

Location: Exam proctor locations vary

Cost: $225.00+

Approx time to complete: 3 hours (exam time)


22) HR Certification Institute – Associate Professional in Human Resources

Training description: The institute says this certification is perfect for “non-HR managers who manage people,” which is basically EAs in a nutshell. The certification is designed to verify a professional’s knowledge in human resources operations, employee relations, recruitment, and more.

Good for those trying to gain a comprehensive understanding of HR from outside the HR office.

Location: Pearson VUE testing centers across the country

Cost: $400 (exam and application)

Approx time to complete: 2 hours and 15 minutes (exam time)


23) International Institute of Business Analysis – Entry Certificate in Business Analysis

Training description: This program covers both the training and certification. With just one program, you can pick up skills in business analysis and then test your way to a certification that provides crystal clear evidence of your skills. The business analysis certification covers the entire analysis cycle — analysis, monitoring, and planning.

Good for those trying to learn to make decisions and plans they can back up with data gleaned from self-analysis.

Location: Varies

Cost: $295+

Approx time to complete: 21 professional development hours and 1 hour (exam time)


People Also Ask These Questions About Executive Assistant Training

Q: What qualifications do you need to be an executive assistant?

  • A: Executive assistants need to have extensive qualifications in both hard and soft skills, including communication, technology, and leadership competencies. They can develop and maintain their qualifications through a comprehensive training regimen.

Q: What skills do you need to be a successful executive assistant?

  • A: You need a strong foundation of resourcefulness, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence to be an executive assistant. Beyond that, the specific knowledge and skills executive assistants need are constantly changing. Learn how training programs can keep current and hopeful EAs up to speed.

Q: Which courses should executive assistants take?

  • A: Executive assistants should take courses in skill areas for which they’ve observed a need or in which they want to develop in. A full list of courses that will benefit practically all executive assistants is available here.

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  • Thanks for sharing this list of essential executive assistant training programs! As a recent grad looking to break into the EA field, I find this incredibly useful. I’m particularly interested in the program offered by XYZ University, as their curriculum seems to cover all the key areas I’d need to know to succeed in this role. Definitely bookmarking this post for future reference!

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