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27 High-Quality Home Office Gifts To Upgrade Their Work Station In 2024

By March 26, 2021 March 20th, 2024 2 Comments

Home Office Gifts

Working from home is one of the most comfortable on-the-job experiences anybody could ask for. The best part about working from home is that even if you aren’t the CEO, you can still be the boss of your own space and your own schedule — to an extent.

However, working from home also comes with its challenges like time management, when and how to separate business and pleasure, knowing when to relax, and what to prioritize.

To help your remote employees or telecommuting coworkers feel and perform their best, we’ve curated a list of the best home office gifts.

Check it out and see which gift ideas stand out to you!

Home Office Gifts For Professionals

1) Happy Hour

“For mixing business with pleasure”


Why we love it: Happy Hour is a fun home office gift to liven up the work day or celebrate its end. This curated gift box for remote employees and virtual commuters comes with a party horn, a W&P cocktail kit, a 12-ounce wine tumbler, nutritious snacks, a personalized greeting card, and a team building activity. In addition to being a great home office gift, Happy Hour is also a perfect gift for retirement parties and work anniversaries.

Price: $59.95

Where to find it: Happy Hour


2) The Tech Pack

“For techies”

Tech Pack

Why we love it: The Tech Pack is best for tech-savvy virtual commuters. This corporate gift box includes greeting cards, a charging cable, a custom mailer box, a rubberized power bank, a bluetooth tracker, and PowerBuds.

Price: $88.36

Where to find it: The Tech Pack


3) All-in-One Organization Vault

“A-Grade organization for Type A personalities”

All in One Organization Vault

Why we love it: The All-in-One Organization Vault is the storage solution every home office desperately needs. Boasting a minimalist design, this employee or coworker gift offers file folders, drawers, cubbies, and a space for accessories and gadgets.

Price: $50.00

Where to find it: All-in-One Organization Vault


Home Office Gifts To Promote Wellness & Morale

4) Jewel Garden

“Outdoor freshness for indoor offices”

Swag Jewel Garden

Why we love it: The Jewel Garden is a planter gift box to add life to the workspace. This fresh succulent garden comes in a beautiful container with a plastic dropper and instructions.

Price: $49.08

Where to find it: Jewel Garden


5) Unplugged Box

“For digital nomads”

The Unplugged Box

Why we love it: The Unplugged Box is the perfect box for digital nomads and employees that can turn anywhere into their home office. Whether they’re munching away in a hotel room as they work on their laptops or they’re typing away in their homes, employees are sure to enjoy the coffee & cedarwood candle, the gradient puzzle, the enamel mug, the rejuvenation activity, a deck of playing cards, and nutritious snacks featured in the Unplugged Box.

Price: $53.95

Where to find it: Unplugged Box


6) Mandala Mat

“For home workouts”

Mandala Yoga Mat

Why we love it: The Mandala Mat is an eco-friendly, non-toxic mat for added comfort during challenging home workouts. The non-slip surface ensures that your employee or coworker won’t end up crashing through the living room table. Plus, the Mandala Mat features a beautiful mandala design and it’s incredibly easy to travel with.

Price: $21.49

Where to find it: Mandala Mat


Home Office Gifts To Boost Productivity

7) Ergonomic Mouse Pad

“For compounding comfort”

Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Why we love it: Countless hours spent on the same task can create chronic injuries. Conversely, the little comforts add up as well. The Ergonomic Mouse Pad is a non-slip mousepad with a super smooth surface and wrist support. Additionally, this home office gift is made from high quality leather, so it lasts as long and looks great in the process.

Price: $25.19

Where to find it: Ergonomic Mouse Pad


8) The Fellowship Pack

“For bringing distributed employees together”

Swagup The Fellowship Pack

Why we love it: The Fellowship Pack is the custom swag pack for home office hustlers and creatives. Equipped with blue light blocking glasses to keep their eyes fresh, the rocketbook everlast executive for their note taking needs, and the fellow carter everywhere mug for staying hydrated, the Fellowship Pack will have remote employees and coworkers ready to face any challenge.

Price: $92.05

Where to find it: The Fellowship Pack


9) Desk Organizer

“For keeping the organization organized”

Desktop Organizer

Why we love it: The Desk Organizer features a 5-compartment wooden caddy, a pen holder, and has a rustic finish to add style to any home office. This desktop gift is perfect for letting your employees or coworkers know you believe in them.

Price: $16.99

Where to find it: Desk Organizer


Unique Home Office Gifts

10) Junk Journaler’s Delight Box

“For memory keeping”

Junk Journalers Delight Box

Why we love it: The Junk Journaler’s Delight Box is a great gift for anyone who enjoys collecting memories and keeping track of the good times. Each month the recipient will receive a creative care package of letters, photos, stamps, postcards, maps, recipes, buttons, advertisements, rick rack, ribbons, lace, and more to style and embellish journals and scrapbooks.

Price: $32.30

Where to find it: Junk Journaler’s Delight Box


11) Floralink Wall Planter

“For vertical gardening”

Floralink Wall PlanterWhy we love it: The Floralink Wall Planter is a set of three planters to help jumpstart that home office vertical garden. The best part about these planters is how easy they are to mount.

Price: $20.00

Where to find it: Floralink Wall Planter


12) Nomodo Trio

“For pleasant drinking”

Nomodo Trio

Why we love it: The Nomodo Trio is the fast-charging thermos for keeping beverages as hot or as cold as the recipient of this corporate gift would like.

Price: $75.06

Where to find it: Nomodo Trio


Fun Home Office Gifts

13) 1000 Piece Puzzle

“For problem solvers”

Swag 1000 Piece Puzzle

Why we love it: The 1,000 Piece Puzzle is a fun solo or family activity for your remote employees to enjoy when they’re off the clock or in between checking emails! As the name suggests, this puzzling gift comes with 1,000 pieces to stretch out the problem-solving fun.

Price: $23.53 to $53.30

Where to find it: 1000 Piece Puzzle


14) Desktop Skee Ball

“Part home office, part arcade”

Desktop Skeeball

Why we love it: Desktop Skee Ball turns the home office into an arcade when work is over. The classic skee ball from childhood arcade games can be played right on the desk and it’s way cooler than putting some boring paperweight on your papers anyways!

Price: $35.00

Where to find it: Desktop Skee Ball


15) Aurora Borealis Sand Art

“For vibrant decoration”

Aurora Borealis Sand Art

Why we love it: The Aurora Borealis Sand Art is multi-colored sand and water art sealed in a chic wooden frame. The midnight sky and northern lights ensure that this beautiful work of art looks magnificent as the glass is rotated to shift the clouds and swirl the patterns. Turn the handmade image once a month for a different perspective!

Price: $125.00

Where to find it: Aurora Borealis Sand Art


Home Office Gifts For Him

16) Wooden Gift Charger

“For an energy boost”

Wooden-Charging-StationWhy we love it: The Wooden Gift Charger is perfect for keeping decentralized teams charged up! Made from solid wood, this minimalist charging station can be customized with unique fonts, your choice of red oak or walnut, and engraved logos and text. The Wooden Gift Charger is also compatible with nearly any iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch, and other Apple products.

Price: $89.00

Where to find it: Wooden Gift Charger


17) Carrara Desktop Set

“To keep it classy”

Carrera Desktop Set

Why we love it: The Carrara Desktop Set is a marbleized set for giving the home office a swanky look and keeping everything in order at the same time. It includes a stapler, stapler refills, a note pad, and a pen cup.

Price: $12.47 to $19.04

Where to find it: Carrara Desktop Set


18) The Sample Pack

“For a little of this and a little of that”

Swagup The Sample Pack

Why we love it: The Sample Pack is the preset pack that comes with a tri-blend unisex tee, sock club custom knit socks, a soft touch pen, insert cards, die cut stickers, a bi-band journal, and an H2Go Silo to keep globally distributed workers hydrated wherever they are.

Price: $75.79

Where to find it: The Sample Pack


Home Office Gifts For Her

19) Women Empowerment Essentials

“For boss babes”

Womens Empowerment Essentials

Why we love it: Women Empowerment Essentials is the eco-friendly gift for distributed teams who could use some soothing self care. This home office  care package comes with a handcrafted white tea soy candle, lavender lip balm, and an eco-friendly leather zipper pull cotton canvas pouch with charcoal.

Price: $45

Where to find it: Women Empowerment Essentials


20) Mindfulness Box

“For mental health and wellness”

Mindfulness Box

Why we love it: The Mindfulness Box is the perfectly pleasurable mix of nutritious snacks and productivity tools to help employees and coworkers conquer the day! This business care package includes a gel pen, stress ball, team mindfulness activity, a pocket journal, a tumbler, and delicious snacks from the best health food brands out there.

Price: $53.95

Where to find it: Mindfulness Box


21) Custom Mousepad

“For smooth tracking”

Custom Mousepad

Why we love it: The Custom Mousepad is a handcrafted mousepad to make work a little easier and add a touch of extra attractiveness to the home office.

Price: $16

Where to find it: Custom Mousepad


Inexpensive Home Office Gifts

22) Great Leaders Boxed Calendar

“For the up-and-comers”

Great Leaders Boxed Calendar

Why we love it: The Great Leaders Boxed Calendar features daily inspiration from historical figures and great individuals like Booker T. Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Golda Meir. The calendar’s pages are also easy, tear-off pages.

Price: $11.05

Where to find it: Great Leaders Boxed Calendar


23) The Inky Box

“For infusing business with art”

The Inky Box

Why we love it: The Inky Box boasts calligraphy tools, greeting cards, art supplies, and practice sheets to get those lettering skills on point!

Price: $12.17 / mo

Where to find it: The Inky Box


24)  Work From Home Sampler

“For spoiling taste buds”

Work From Home Sampler

Why we love it: The Work From Home Sampler is the perfect employee food care package. With crunchy bit size double chocolate chip cookies, an all-natural granola bar, a decadent Belgian chocolate brownie, thick cut sea salt and vinegar organic potato chips, and protein-packed cinnamon graham cracker bites, employees will relish this tantalizing gift box.

Price: $25

Where to find it: Work From Home Sampler


Personalized Home Office Gifts

25) Personalized Wood Letter Lamp

“For adding a glow to home offices”

Personalized Wood Letter Lamp

Why we love it: The Personalized Wood Letter Lamp is an eye-catching home office desk lamp with LED lights, quality wood, and a built-in way for the recipient to customize their memories.

Price: $26.95

Where to find it: Personalized Wood Letter Lamp


26) Personalized Rock Slate Photo

“For a picture perfect slate”

Personalized Rock Slate Photo

Why we love it: The Personalized Rock Slate Photo uses advanced HD UV printing technology to digitally print cherished images directly onto the slate. Even as employees work from home, it’s important for them to remember what they’re working so hard for. That’s why keeping a prized family photo nearby is always a good thing.

Price: $17.10

Where to find it: Personalized Rock Slate Photo


27) Personalized Map Clock

“For clocking in and out”

Why we love it: If you happen to know your employees’ favorite place in the world or where they are from, you can customize the Personalized Map Clock with up to nine square miles of their chosen locale. As for the timepiece itself, this elegant clock is made of high quality marble!

Price: $75.00

Where to find it: Personalized Map Clock


People Also Ask These Questions About Home Office Gifts

Q: What do you get someone who works from home?

  • A: The best gifts to give someone who works from home are anything that will help them achieve work life balance — or perhaps something they’ll find downright entertaining. A home office gift could include sticky notes, water bottles, wall art, essential oil diffusers, coffee mugs, an office chair, or a standing desk, among other things.

Q: What are some useful home office gifts?

  • A: Some useful home office gifts are items that help with organization, productivity, and fostering creativity. Alternatively, home office gifts could be just as valuable by adding beauty and enhancing decor.

Q: Where do I buy home office gifts?

Q: How do I deliver home office gifts to multiple addresses?

  • A: Many gifting sites make multi-address gift delivery fairly simple. The key to delivering home office gifts to multiple addresses is making sure the site you’re ordering from can fulfill these types of orders.

Q: How can I personalize home office gifts?

  • A: Certain companies sell personalized products. Etsy and Amazon both offer personalized products, while and SwagUp both allow you to add logos and other customizations to any goods you buy from them.

Q: How much should I pay for a home office gift?

  • A: The cost of a home office gift can range quite a bit, however, the appropriate amount to spend largely depends on who it’s for. Generally, you could spend anywhere between $25 to $100 and get them something very high quality.

Q: What is a good home office gift?

  • A: A good home office gift often helps employees and coworkers feel less isolated. For instance, team building activities, and virtual escape zoom rooms would be an excellent gift to bring people together and combat feelings of loneliness.


  • Since working at home requires to be working with a computer, I have has some wiring issues. I just don’t know how to fix or set up my home office without clutter.

  • Noah says:

    Hey there. I like your suggestions of home office gift, especially ‘Personalized Home Office Gifts”, it give a personal touch to someone. I love it, and I will definitely give this someone in my office. Thanks for sharing.

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