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35 Best Gifts For Professionals They Will Not Stop Using In 2024 🎁

By November 15, 2023 April 17th, 2024

Best Gifts For Professionals

Looking for a career-specific gift? Perhaps a promotion or retirement gift?

Maybe you’re trying to find the right gift for your boss?

Buying gifts for professionals requires capturing the essence of work-life balance in a single item. Most pros care deeply about their work and often find themselves thinking about their job even when they’re off the clock. That’s why giving them something that makes their day-to-day easier or more enjoyable is the key.

A great professional gift idea is designed to make work feel more like home or it can simply add little style and function to the home office. Either way, these types of gifts should fit the personality and the job title of the employee or coworker.

“Recognition is not a scarce resource. You can’t use it up and run out of it.” — Susan M. Heathfield

As you search for a great work gift, don’t worry too much about budgeting. After all, a company only goes as far as its employees or your coworkers, so it’s worth getting them something as invaluable as they are.

Get started right here with the best gifts for professionals that they will not stop using this year!


Best Gifts For Professionals

1. Branded Snack Box

“Tailored treats for every taste!”

What it is: This personalized gift box is packed with an exciting variety of snacks and beverages from unique brands. Whether you’re sending carefully picked assortments or selecting office trays, every delivery brings a diverse and unforgettable experience.

Why we love it: This gift’s adaptability allows it to cater to each person’s specific tastes and dietary needs, making it an inclusive and thoughtful option for big groups. It’s an outstanding way to lift spirits and a meaningful gesture to show gratitude for your team’s relentless commitment and effort.

Price: Starting at $25

Where to get it: Branded Snack Box


2. The Thank You Gift Box

“Unwind and Recharge”

What it is: The Thank You Gift Box is your ticket to peace and quiet after a long and rewarding day of work. Packed to the brim with healthy and delicious snack items, this gift box will help professionals nourish their body with quality ingredients. The pocket journal makes it easy to jot down the things that need to get down on paper because we know that busy professionals need to take time to decompress from the deadlines they face at work.

Why we love it: This gift for professionals will empower your colleagues to practice mindfulness and focus on the wellness activities and goals that they strive to achieve.

Price: $79.00

Where to get it: The Thank You Gift Box


3. Power Bank

“Easily compliments your nightstand, home office and more.”

What it is: Cordless charging is where it’s at! This handy device just sits on the desk, taking up very little space, waiting to power-up your employees so they can be amazing again today. And always with a full battery. 

Why we love it: It’s small, simple, sleek, and powerful. Perfect for making sure your employees stay ready.

Price: $35.83

Where to get it: Power Bank


4. Polaroid Go Everything Box Camera and Instant Film Bundle

“Portable, wearable, and take-anywhere-able”

What it is: It’s the perfect combination of new age fun and vintage nostalgia. The same instant gratification as the Polaroids of days gone by, but with some major modern-day upgrades.

Why we love it: It comes with literally everything needed to go out and make beautiful, instant memories. The camera itself is pocket-sized and comes with a wrist strap so it can easily go anywhere. Your employees definitely won’t be an Outkast when they “Shake it like a Polaroid Picture” and show how fun and easy it is to capture the moments that matter.

Price: $99.99

Where to get it: Polaroid Go Everything Box Camera and Instant Film Bundle


5. Power Travel Kit

“Three practical items working together for your devices.”

What it is: The Power Travel Kit is everything your employees need (and then some) for staying powered up while on the go. The charger cord works for USB and wall charging, so it’s great for at home, in the office, or on planes, trains, and automobiles.

Why we love it: We’re very pro-safety! Staying connected and hands-free lets your employees stay focused on what’s important. And bonus – it’s totally brandable! That’s right! Add your custom design to the front of the case and give your employees the gift of safety, power, and convenience in a pocket-sized, logoed, kit. 

Price: $31.78

Where to get it: Power Travel Kit


6. The Night Cap

“Because it’s five o’clock somewhere…”

What it is: The Night Cap is designed to allow them to concoct the ideal homemade drink, complemented by a mix of sweet and savory treats to conclude their day. It’s an excellent way to express congratulations, show gratitude, or extend warm wishes. This box features Pratt’s Old Fashioned Syrup, a gold-plated Jigger, high-quality salted Virginia Peanuts, and an elegant long Brass Cocktail Spoon, all beautifully packaged in a premium black paper box with a sleek black satin ribbon.

Why we love it: This gift box is an exceptional choice for professionals, combining luxury with practicality. It offers a touch of elegance to their home bar and provides a sophisticated way to relax after a busy day.

Price: $74

Where to get it: The Night Cap


7. Inspirational Impact

“For edible encouragement and inspiration”

Inspirational Impact

What it is: Inspirational Impact is a deluxe box of gourmet treats and other artisanal goodies. This mouthwatering business gift includes buttery rosemary sea salt shortbread, raw natural honey, dark chocolate quinoa bites, buttery lemon cookies, Belgian chocolate brownies, small batch handcrafted popcorn, perfectly roasted dark chocolate almonds, and dozens of other luxury edibles.

Why we love it: This gift package is an ideal gift for employees, clients, or coworkers. This curated box of pure deliciousness lets them know they are appreciated.

Disclaimer: The contents inside this subscription box are so delicious that the recipient may feel overwhelmed and elated.

Price: $140

Where to get it: Inspirational Impact


8. The Mental Wealth Box

“For caring about their all-around well-being”

The Mental Wealth Box

What it is: The Mental Wealth Box is about thriving — not just surviving. This carefully curated box of 4-6 products in each one gives practical activities and tools to help people find their way through their mental journey.

Why we love it: Anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental health challenges are difficult, too common, and not talked about enough. That’s why this health box is a welcomed aid. Each box comes with essential oils, journals, natural remedies, yoga techniques, meditation, educational books, and custom herbal tea blends to help with healing and personal growth.

Price: $44.95 (Anxiety and Depression Box)

Where to get it: The Mental Wealth Box


9. Incase ICON

“Customized for the consummate professional”

Incase ICON

What it is: Incase ICON is a custom branded backpack for super-employees and super people alike! It can fit a 16-inch laptop and it’s still comfortable so it’s great for business and adventure.

Why we love it: The main compartment leaves plenty of room for large items, documents, and accessories. Secondary compartments offer space for an iPad or other tech and most importantly, the Incase can be customized to add a little company pride to it.

Price: $191.63 to $210.37

Where to get it: Incase ICON


10. Backroads Tumbler

“For staying hydrated at work”

What it is: The Backroads Tumbler is a stainless steel, vacuum-insulated thermal tumbler with a push-on lid and powder coated finish!

Why we love it: Besides its cool look, this tumbler is absolutely perfect for the office or for working from home in pajamas.

Price: $15.30

Where to get it: Backroads Tumbler


11. Custom Swag Box

“For online events”


What it is: SwagUp’s Custom Swag Box offers an innovative and personalized gifting solution for professionals. This box is not just a collection of items; it’s a carefully curated experience tailored to the recipient’s preferences and professional needs. Each box can be customized with a selection of high-quality, branded merchandise that resonates with the professional ethos and style of the recipient.

Why we love it: From sleek tech accessories and stylish apparel to practical office essentials and unique keepsakes, SwagUp provides a range of options to create a memorable and valuable gift.

Price: Contact for pricing details

Where to get it: Custom Swag Box


Gifts For Professional Women

12. Deluxe Charcuterie Board

“For dinner parties and fun nights at home”

Deluxe Charcuterie Board

What it is: The Deluxe Charcuterie Board is the ideal gift for the life of the party. Your favorite hostess with the mostest will love these artisanal delights.

Why we love it: This eco-friendly, recyclable box features hand-cured salami, savory dips, caramelized onions, cookies, sweets, caramels, and other treats on a USA-made maple wood serving board with teak oil finish. Whether your employee or coworker chooses to throw a house party, a holiday celebration, or an office party, they’ll be well-equipped!

Price: $250

Where to get it: Deluxe Charcuterie Board


13. 3BirdsSoap Box

“For tactile joy”

3BirdsSoap Box

What it is: BirdSoap is created one small batch at a time by a chef artisan in New York using natural, seasonal ingredients, scents, and vibrant colors!

Why we love it: Some months are raspberry and lavender, other months are honey-themed. That’s the beauty of the box! The incredible women on your team will receive 2 handmade soaps and 2 other samples every month, which support causes like a women’s collective in Africa and animal rescue.

Price: $19.83 per month

Where to get it: 3BirdsSoap Box


14. 1934 COSMO

“For zesty fun”1934 Cosmo

What it is: The 1934 COSMO is happiness in a cup or perhaps one of the branded water bottles we have suggested before! The BTL SVC Cosmo is made with premium quality vodka, custom house-made raspberry gomme with fresh lime juice, and orange zest to top of this 1934 Cosmopolitan recipe.

Why we love it: The COSMO is a way of celebrating like Prohibition just ended! From the delicious flavors to the dapper feeling your teammate will get sipping on it, what’s not to love about the Cosmo?

Price: $40 for 375ml

Where to get it: 1934 COSMO


15. Floret Yoga Mat

“For the office yogi”


What it is: The Floret Yoga Mat is an eco-friendly yoga mat to zen out and work on balance.

Why we love it: The beautiful floral design adds style and a touch of nature, which reinforces the environment for peace and relaxation.

Price: $21.49

Where to get it: Floret Yoga Mat


16. Custom Clipboard

“For Type A doers”

Custom Clipboard

What it is: The Custom Clipboard is a quality faux leather clipboard that can be purchased in multiple styles and inscribed with a personalized message or logo.

Why we love it: This clipboard looks and feels like genuine leather, is water resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Additionally, you can pick out a color and choose an engraving and the placement of the custom fonts to give the perfect gift for a business woman.

Price: $30.95

Where to get it: Custom Clipboard


Gifts For Professional Men

17. Cocoon Buena Vista Backpack

“For remote workers”

Cocoon Buena Vista Backpack

What it is: The Cocoon Buena Vista Backpack is the super sleek and slim nylon backpack to fit all of your employees’ carrying needs.

Why we love it: With padded shoulder straps, room for a 16-inch laptop, a padded back panel, a water-resistant exterior, and an area for custom logos, the Buena Vista Backpack hits all the marks for adventures, work, and everything in between.

Price: $69.59 to $92.67

Where to get it: Cocoon Buena Vista Backpack


18. Wooden Rocker Board

“For action sports loving pros”

Wooden Rocker Board

What it is: Is your coworker a surfer or a skateboarder? Well, even if they just like physical fitness and want to improve their balance, the Wooden Rocker Board helps them work on their stability.

Why we love it: This travel-friendly, compact balance board is a perfect addition to a home gym or even to be used as a balance trainer during business hours instead of a standing desk!

Price: $29.99

Where to get it: Wooden Rocker Board


19. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

“For extra kick”

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

What it is: The Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit is the DIY solution to adding a little extra kick and a whole lot of flavor to life. This professional gift raises the heat on nachos, pizza, chili, and anything your employee or coworker can cook up.

Why we love it: The DIY Hot Sauce Kit offers piquant sauces via ancho, cayenne, curry, and chili spice packs. The recipient simply follows the instructions, mixes the spices with the peppers, garlic, and vinegars that are included in this box and boom — their handcrafted condiment is good to go!

Price: $40

Where to get it: Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit


20. Fitbit Inspire HR Tracker

“For encouragement every step of the way”

Fitbit Inspire HR Tracker

What it is: The Fitbit Inspire HR tracks heart rate and fitness to help its wearer build healthy habits.

Why we love it: Not only does the Fitbit improve the health of your team, but it can also be used for group activities and competitions!

Price: $159.94 to $171.60

Where to get it: Fitbit Inspire HR Tracker


21. Personalized Whiskey Barrel

“For hardy professionals”

Personalized Whiskey Barrel

What it is: The Personalized Whiskey Barrel is a miniature oak barrel which ages spirits to perfect form and flavor. The recipient of this appreciation gift is essentially getting the perks of the distillery in one compact package ready-made for home.

Why we love it: This home distillery can be inscribed with the “name” of the distillery (whatever best fits the employee or team member), the date established, and the city and state. Plus, the smaller size of the barrel speeds up the aging process!

Price: $85 to $200

Where to get it: Personalized Whiskey Barrel


Gifts For Young Professionals

22. Colored Canvas Drawstring

“For sporty types”

Colored Canvas Drawstring

What it is: The Colored Canvas Drawstring is a waterproof, stylish item for that employee that loves to keep things moving!

Why we love it: This drawstring bag is an excellent pick for an employee recognition idea and it comes in virtually any color you can imagine. You can also etch your company logo onto the bag as a potential swag bag or marketing gift for clients.

Price: $9.56 to $18.90

Where to get it: Colored Canvas Drawstring


23. Above and Beyond

“To go the extra mile”

Above and Beyond

What it is: Above and Beyond is the all-in-one gift box overflowing with artisan-made treats. This signature box includes gourmet cookies, artisanal coffee and tea, small-batch jam, granola, rich caramels, organic crackers, and much more.

Why we love it: In addition to the tastiness of this recognition gift, it also supports clean water initiatives, women’s empowerment, training for those with barriers to employment, and more.

Price: $188

Where to get it: Above and Beyond


24. Plume and Petal

“For refreshment”

Plume and Petal

What it is: Plume and Petal is the ultimate refreshment cocktail. This low alcohol option will give the enjoyment of cucumber flavors without the hangover.

Why we love it: This gift for professionals comes with a 750ml bottle, 4 cans of cucumber seltzer water, and an instructional menu to teach how to mix this incredible cocktail.

Price: $41.70

Where to get it: Plume and Petal


25. Merkaela

“For all-natural health and wellness”


What it is: Merkaela is a chemical-free, natural gift package of wellness goodies, supplies, and other amazing products.

Why we love it: Each season, Merkaela is carefully curated to include the best products, music, and content, including handcrafted soaps, body butter, bath salts, loose leaf tea, scrubs, affirmations, meditation materials, and more!

Price: $16

Where to get it: Merkaela


26. City Brew Tours Beer Club

“For beer lovers”

Brews Less Traveled web image

What it is: The City Brew Tours Beer Club is a beer box subscription that delivers new boxes of craft beer sourced from breweries in a new beer city each month.

Why we love it: No other beer club delivers beers from around the country as much as this one does. No matter where your gift recipient lives, they’re guaranteed to get a beer they’ve never had before from cool brewers all around the U.S.

Price: $69.99 per month and up

Where to get it: City Brew Tours Beer Club


Thank You Gifts For Professionals

27. Ki Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

“For mind body rejuvenation”


What it is: The Ki Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set is an acupuncture treatment kit without the needles! In fact, it gets even better: this mat is covered in linen so users will be just as ready for a nap as they are for treatment.

Why we love it: The mat and pillow set has nearly 8,000 acupressure points for recovery and rejuvenation.

Price: $59.99

Where to get it: Ki Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set


28. Matador

“For a taste of Mexico”


What it is: The Matador is composed of three main ingredients from indigenous Mexico. Homemade pineapple gomme, fresh lime juice, and premium blanco tequila give this margarita-style drink the ability to transport those lucky enough to enjoy it straight to paradise.

Why we love it: This sweet variation of the margarita is an excellent pre-made cocktail for professionals to enjoy during a nice happy hour at home. The pineapple notes will remind them of the tropical destination that may be the setting of their next vacation.

Price: $40 for 375ml

Where to get it: Matador


29. Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy

“For healing, good vibes, and happiness”

Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy

What it is: Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy is a package of 25 essential oils in convenient portable sticks.

Why we love it: The balms are blended with moringa and shea butters for a long-lasting fragrance. Aromatherapy has been around since ancient times, but as more and more research comes out, its effects are just now becoming known!

Price: $33

Where to get it: Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy


30. Xtreme Power Resistance Bands Set

“To feel their best”

Xtreme Power Resistance Bands Set

What it is: The Xtreme Power Resistance Bands Set is perhaps the best equipment someone needs to have an intense full-body workout.

Why we love it: This high-quality latex rubber resistance band set is easy-to-use, portable, and convenient with 3 bands offering various levels of resistance. In fact, your coworker or employee can exercise with anywhere from 20 to 50 pounds of resistance.

Price: $25.99

Where to get it: Xtreme Power Resistance Bands Set


31. Eco-Friendly Essentials

“For do-gooders”

Eco-Friendly Essentials

What it is: Eco-Friendly Essentials are the perfect gift for environmentally conscious coworkers.

Why we love it: This package comes with a BPA-free, bamboo-wrapped water bottle with removable infuser, a bamboo cutlery set, mint thyme lip balm, and a delicious and nourishing banana fruit + seed bar.

Price: $65

Where to get it: Eco-Friendly Essentials


Gifts For Administrative Professionals Day

32. Tea Maker To Go

“For peace in a bottle”

Tea Maker To GoWhat it is: The Tea Maker To Go gives tea lovers the chance to enjoy loose leaf tea on-the-go. The lid of this infuser has a strainer compartment and offers continuous infusion by dropping them directly in the mug, alternatively.

Why we love it: Double-walled stainless steel insulation ensures the bottles’ contents will remain hot or cold for roughly six hours.

Price: $35

Where to get it: Tea Maker To Go


33. Scorpion

“For a vacation in a bottle”


What it is: The Scorpion Cocktail, the most well-known tiki cocktail mixes moonshine and other fresh ingredients.

Why we love it: With white rum, brandy, almond, orange flower, fresh pineapple, lemon and orange juice, and house-made tropical gomme making an exotic cocktail has never been so easy. Plus, planning a happy hour with the office is a great Administrative Professionals Day idea to get the team together to celebrate an important player for your organization.

Price: $40 for 375ml

Where to get it: Scorpion


34. Compartés Gourmet Chocolate Fruit Treasures

“To satisfy a sweet tooth”

What it is: The Compartés Gourmet Chocolate Fruit Treasures box stands out as an exquisite and visually stunning gift of chocolate-covered fruits. This elegantly designed, limited-edition box overflows with a selection of fruits freshly picked from California orchards and dipped in luxurious chocolate. Featuring a striking and sumptuous assortment of California’s finest fruits like dates, apricots, peaches, pears, and pineapples, all hand-dipped in premium chocolate, this box is a testament to taste and elegance.

Why we love it: This gift box is not only a feast for the eyes but also a delightful journey of flavors, blending the best of California’s produce with the richness of fine chocolate. It’s an impressive and sophisticated choice, perfect for showing thoughtfulness and a flair for quality.

Price: $64

Where to get it: Compartés Gourmet Chocolate Fruit Treasures


35. The Silk Road Online Puzzle Mystery Game

“A favorite for brainiacs and mystery lovers”

The Silk Road Online Puzzle Mystery Game   

What it is: The Silk Road Online Puzzle Mystery Game is an online puzzle mystery game that lets users search for clues, unravel riddles, and solve puzzles in order to complete a mission!

Why we love it: Starting from the immersive, scene-setting video that launches the mission until the end, this mystery game is filled with evidence and adventures all the way through. More specifically, the user tracks a fugitive named Hahn across the world and tries to piece together a trail of artifacts left behind by the criminal. This cat and mouse game is sure to keep employees or coworkers captivated and enthralled!

Price: $10 or buy all three unlocked games for $26

Where to get it: The Silk Road Online Puzzle Mystery Game


People Also Ask These Questions About Gifts For Professionals

Q: What is a good professional gift to show your appreciation?

  • A: A good professional gift to show appreciation is thoughtful, practical, and something that adds value to the life of your coworker or employee. Oftentimes, employers give succulents, chargers, coffee mugs, keychains, gift cards, tote bags, or gift boxes.

Q: How much should I spend on a gift for a professional?

  • A: There isn’t exactly a set amount for how much you should spend on a gift for professionals. The key is that the gift shows you care and that it’s relevant to the recipient’s interests and day-to-day tasks.

Q:  Are there any unique gifts for young professionals?

  • A: Yes, for example, instead of purchasing a basic water bottle, consider getting a water bottle that plays music or measures the temperature of its contents. Essentially, take the basic idea for a gift a step further.

Q: Where can I find a gift for an administrative professional?

  • A: Packed with a Purpose, Amazon, Etsy, ProSourceFit, and are great sources for administrative professional gifts. There are loads of excellent sites for professional gifts, but for surefire quality and personalized gift ideas, these are a few of the best.

Q: When should I send a professional gift?

  • A: You always want to be sure to order and ship a professional gift far in advance of the event it’s intended for. Most sites take weeks to package and ship an item, especially if you are ordering in bulk.

Q: What are this year’s best gifts for young professionals?

  • A: This year’s best gifts for young professionals are focused on blending style with functionality. High-quality tech gadgets like noise-canceling headphones or the latest smartwatches are at the top of the list, offering both practicality and a touch of tech-savvy sophistication. Subscriptions to career development courses or platforms like LinkedIn Learning cater to their aspirations for growth and learning. For those embracing remote or hybrid work, ergonomic office accessories or stylish desk organizers make for thoughtful gifts. Additionally, personalized items such as monogrammed notebooks or custom coffee mugs add a personal touch, making them feel valued and recognized in their professional journey.

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