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20 Positive Feedback Examples For Work In 2021 [It Really Matters]

By December 29, 2020 August 19th, 2021 One Comment

20 Positive Feedback Examples For Work In 2021

“You do wonderful work.”

“You inspire me.”

“I admire your work ethic and your talent.”

Positive feedback makes you feel good, doesn’t it? And we don’t even know each other. When bosses give employees specific, meaningful feedback, the resulting impact can completely change someone’s attitude or even alter the course of their career.


Bonusly feedback example

Employee feedback, as simple as it is, has the power to unlock someone’s full potential. Using platforms like Bonusly can amplify your team members’ strengths and talents through positive reinforcement.

“Feedback is the bridge to effectively connect lesson-learned from the past to the future performance and potential,” Pearl Zhu writes in her book Quality Master: The World Class Insight About Quality.

Feedback is the bridge to effectively connect lesson-learned from the past to the future performance and potential Click To Tweet

Build a happy workplace with the examples of positive feedback we’ve included below. Steal them or use them as inspiration for feedback that empowers your employees to shine.  

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Clients & Customers Employees

1) Your employee learned a new skill

Learn a new skillWhy you should provide feedback for this: By providing positive feedback for the hard work that goes into learning a new skill, you’re reinforcing this ambition, you’re demonstrating that you notice and applaud this above-and-beyond behavior.

Feedback examples: 

  • “I saw that you learned how to use pivot tables for your Excel project and it really helped display the data. Even though that wasn’t in your job description, it shows that you are a great learner and hungry to do the best job possible.”
  • “I noticed last week that you restructured our shared Google Sheet with conditional formatting that made it easier for me to understand and read the data. I appreciate you taking the initiative to learn how to do that.”

How to bolster this feedback: Reinforce your feedback with a reward employees can experience or touch. This double-dose of reinforcement will inspire employees to repeat their efforts, creating a learning loop that benefits everyone.

Gift & experience ideas:

  • Culture Carton Gift Box
  • Caroo Unplugged Box
  • Course through Linkedin/Udemy
  • Buy lunch for the team
  • Give them a shoutout + points on your employee recognition software
  • Give them a shout out in front of the whole team over email

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2) Your employee reached a goal

Your employee reached a goalWhy you should provide feedback for this: Achieving a goal could be the most clear-cut reason to reward employees. Maybe you even collaborated with them to set the goal in question. A bit of effective feedback from you could be the finishing touch on your employee’s feelings of accomplishment and success.

Feedback examples: 

  • “I know this goal wasn’t easy. How you managed to set it and systematically work towards it until you achieved it truly speaks to your intelligence, tenacity, and perseverance. I’m lucky to have you on my team.”
  • “I’m so thrilled that you managed to secure ten new partners. This achievement surpassed my expectations, and it will make a significant impact on the kind of business we can do in the next quarter.”

How to bolster this feedback: Send them to an event or on a little vacation. This experience will create a strong memory they will always associate with their achievement.

Gift & experience ideas:


3) Your employee learned from a past mistake

Your employee learned from a past mistakeWhy you should provide feedback for this: Stoking employee motivation after a mistake may influence where they place their energy next. Maybe they received negative feedback or constructive criticism after their mistake; give them praise when they demonstrate they listened and applied lessons learned.

Feedback examples: 

  • “The way you gave that presentation today really shows me you listened to what I said about the snafu last month. I appreciate your mindful application of feedback.”
  • “I’m so impressed by your dedication to learning. I know it wasn’t easy when that technology solution you presented didn’t work out. I’m amazed that you managed to distill feedback from all those stakeholders and find a new, viable solution that everyone loves.”

How to bolster this feedback: Commemorate moving past a mistake with growth-themed gifts, such as plants, development boxes, or even training sessions or certificates.

Gift & experience ideas:


4) Your employee came to you for help

Why you should provide feedback for this: You want to make it clear that being brave enough to have an honest check in or to request help is positive behavior. You want to encourage that kind of honesty and trust.

Feedback examples: 

  • “I realize it wasn’t easy to admit you were running behind on this project, but I’m so glad you were honest. We can fix this together. If you had kept quiet and failed to meet our deadline, we might be in hot water with the big boss.”
  • “I admired how you admitted you lacked deep knowledge and experience in Python. Your honesty helped me help you succeed, and that’s what I always want to do.”

How to bolster this feedback: Give this brave employee gifts and tokens that remind them they can always count on support and camaraderie from you and their coworkers.

Gift & experience ideas:


5) Your employee solved a crisis/problem

Your employee solved a crisis/problemWhy you should provide feedback for this: Times of crisis and stress present prime opportunities for employee engagement. Take a breath to provide constructive feedback, and you’re ensuring you’ll have the support and problem-solving skills of this stand-out employee the next time an unplanned disaster strikes.

Feedback examples: 

  • “If you hadn’t found a new venue for our conference on such short notice, I think we would be in big trouble right now.”
  • “I know things are stressful right now, but thanks to you, I think everything’s going to slow down soon. When it does, I’m taking you out to happy hour to thank you for everything you’ve done to get us out of this situation.”

How to bolster this feedback: Give employees plenty of ways to relax and let their hair down after the stress of solving this crisis or problem.

Gift & experience ideas:


6) Your employee went above and beyond the call of duty

Your employee went above and beyond the call of dutyWhy you should provide feedback for this: Employees crave feedback on many occasions, especially when they’ve put in extra effort or feel they’ve done truly great work. They will remember these above-and-beyond moments. If they don’t receive the proper encouragement and recognition, they could lose their motivation to repeat their efforts.

Feedback examples: 

  • “Your work leading this project from start to finish is truly exemplary. In fact, I want to use it as a stand-out example during our new employee orientation.”
  • “I know you’ve put tons of extra hours into this project, and I think I would know even if I didn’t see you staying late. This is absolutely outstanding work.”

How to bolster this feedback: Employees who’ve just completed a sprint might need to take a breather to regroup and refocus on their goals. Give them gifts that encourage some fun and play after they’ve worked so hard.

Gift & experience ideas:


7) Your employee helped out a teammate

Your employee helped out a teammateWhy you should provide feedback for this: Don’t wait until the annual performance review to tell employees you appreciate how they put their teams first. Peer trust, support, and connection is the glue that holds your company together. Keep it strong.

Feedback examples: 

  • “I know that your coworker met that deadline because you helped her out. I’ll never say anything to her, but I want you to know that I see the value of the support you provided.”
  • “This project really benefited from your ideas. I’m so glad you decided to carve out the time to lend your expertise to this initiative.”

How to bolster this feedback: Reinforce the team bonds your employee forged through their help. Bolster this feedback with gifts they can use to share a toast or a treat with their coworkers.

Gift & experience ideas:


8) Your employee developed a new soft skill

Your employee developed a new soft skillWhy you should provide feedback for this: From communication skills to time management prowess, soft skills take time and effort to hone. Don’t let efforts in this area go unnoticed because they don’t come along with certificates or immediately applicable technological skills. Your employee recognition strategy should cover a wide range of competencies and contributions.

Feedback examples: 

  • “Your emails have gotten so much more clear recently. I know you’ve been working on that, and I see the fruits of your labors.”
  • “I’m so impressed by how gracefully you’ve been juggling so many things. I might ask you to teach a time management course to the rest of the company.”

How to bolster this feedback: Further encourage learning and development with gifts that help and inspire them to learn even more skills.

Gift & experience ideas:


9) Your employee attended a personal development or networking event

Your employee attended a personal development or networking eventWhy you should provide feedback for this: Efforts that don’t contribute directly to an employees’ performance could go unrecognized. The impact of attending workshops and networking events may not show up on the job until much later, but encouraging these efforts means you’ll have well-rounded employees who participate in both short- and long-term skill-building.

Feedback examples: 

  • “I’m proud that you put yourself out there and attended that networking event. I think the connections you made there will set us up for success when we attend that big conference in June.”
  • “I know it might be years before you apply the skills you learned in that workshop, but attending really shows your initiative and ambition.”

How to bolster this feedback: Give employees items like books, planners, and journals that celebrate their propensity for forward-thinking and self reflection.

Gift & experience ideas:


10) Your employee did something for their community

Why you should provide feedback for this: Feedback conversations don’t have to focus only on things that happen within the office. Even if you have no formal feedback mechanism for applauding extracurricular activity, casually acknowledging and celebrating your employees’ altruistic actions will encourage them to be a well-rounded employee and human.

Feedback examples: 

  • “I think it’s admirable that you spent your weekend doing highway cleanup. The world could use more people like you!”
  • “I heard that you serve on the board of a local nonprofit. I admire your dedication to the community, and I would love to work with you to organize a volunteer day for our team.”

How to bolster this feedback: Employees who give back deserve treats that give back to them, helping them regroup and recharge after putting in extra work to support others.

Gift & experience ideas:


11) Your employee is feeling burnt out

Your employee is feeling burnt outWhy you should provide feedback for this: Employee burnout requires support and understanding. Even if burnt-out employees have exhibited negative behaviors, such as tardiness or absenteeism, now is the time to remember all the good work they’ve done in the past and help them get back to a place where they can do that good work again.

Feedback examples:

  • “I know you’ve been feeling fatigued recently, but don’t think I’ve forgotten your past accomplishments. You just let me know if you want to take some extra time off.”
  • “Let me know if there’s anything you need from me.”

How to bolster this feedback: Give them gifts that allow them to take some time off or carve out some me-time while they’re at home.

Gift & experience ideas:


12) Your employee simplified a process

Your employee simplified a processWhy you should provide feedback for this: Process streamlining and simplification merits positive employee feedback. Whether an employee has identified efficiency in their new role or experienced an epiphany about an old and well-documented process, this spirit of constant improvement should be nurtured if you want to achieve optimal business operations.

Feedback examples:

  • “In five years, no one else has pointed out that steps 2 and 3 in our invoicing process are redundant. I’m so glad you pointed this out. It’s going to save us hours if not days.”
  • “By my best estimates, what you’ve done to streamline procurement could save us almost $100k annually. We can constantly improve because of people like you.”

How to bolster this feedback: Show appreciation for someone who has simplified a process by simplifying their lives. Offer them organizational tools, chore services, and other items that improve day-to-day life.

Gift & experience ideas:


13) Your employee demonstrated focus

Your employee demonstrated focusWhy you should provide feedback for this: An extra mile always takes extra effort, but sometimes it also requires super-human focus and perseverance. Of all your employees’ strengths, these qualities propel your success the most. Encourage these employees to stick with it, and they’ll stick around for you.

Feedback examples:

  • “You stuck with this project when so many others walked away. Your focus made all the difference. Thank you for being the only one of us who could see the forest through the trees.”
  • “For years, you’ve remained focused on the goal of launching this new product line. It’s now the most successful line in our portfolio, and I can honestly say, there’s no way it would exist without your dedication.”

How to bolster this feedback: Offer this person books and gifts that help them keep their focus and feed a positive feedback loop where they keep on impressing you and you keep on letting them know.

Gift & experience ideas:


14) Your employee has a great attendance record

Your employee has a great attendance recordWhy you should provide feedback for this: Providing feedback to the employees who are always there for you is always a good policy. Keep them showing up and being happy to do so by acknowledging that you see them and that you value their steadfast support.

Feedback examples:

  • “I believe I would be lost if you weren’t in the office, and I’m happy to say that I don’t even know if I’m right. Thank you for always being there.”
  • “Actions speak louder than words, and your constant enthusiastic presence breathes life into this organization every day.”

How to bolster this feedback: Get these star attendees accessories and items to spruce up their desks or workspaces since they are always there.

Gift & experience ideas:


15) Your employee responded well to a change

Why you should provide feedback for this: Provide employee feedback in a timely manner after a big shift or change to reinforce their sense of resilience and encourage them to serve as an example to other employees.

Feedback examples:

  • “Change is hard. You’ve handled this merger with calmness and clarity and it has had a significant impact on the morale of the rest of the team. I can’t thank you enough.”
  • “After our move, this office would have been in chaos if we didn’t have you guiding us through the transition.”

How to bolster this feedback: Get them a token that commemorates the change throughout which they showed leadership.

Gift & experience ideas:


16) They contributed or changed company culture

Why you should provide feedback for this: Good company culture doesn’t spring to being on its own. Your role model employees build it. Show them you know how much they do for your company culture with regular feedback.

Feedback examples:

  • “I’m not sure what this place would be like without you. Thank you for doing what you do every day to create a culture of support, innovation, and kindness.”
  • “We had a culture statement before you started working with us, but you are the one who truly brought it to life.”

How to bolster this feedback: Reward this culture champion with some just-for-fun or luxury items that make them as special as they make every one else feel.

Gift & experience ideas:


17) They proposed a brilliant idea

recognize all employee ideasWhy you should provide feedback for this: Individual ideas tend to be absorbed by the larger company. While there are solid benefits to cohesion, calling out someone’s unique individual contributions also comes along with benefits, namely encouraging that kind of innovation in the future.

Feedback examples:

  • “While your idea sparked an initiative that now involves the entire company, I want to acknowledge that your creativity planted the seed. Your idea started all of this!”
  • “I think many people got caught up during the brainstorm, but I wanted to take a step back and give you credit for providing that awesome, winning idea.”

How to bolster this feedback: Reward excellent ideas with items that encourage and celebrate thinking, reflection, and strategic planning.

Gift & experience ideas:


18) They embodied your values

Why you should provide feedback for this: Having people that embody and promote your core values is just as important to your success as having people who expertly execute tasks. Every once in a while, take a step back to acknowledge immeasurable contributions of the people who epitomize your values.

Feedback examples:

  • “Every time we’re in a board meeting and we talk about our core value of providing service-minded innovation, I think of you. I just thought you should know that.”
  • “What you did last week when you inspired everyone in the meeting to speak up absolutely embodied our value of listening to all voices and perspectives. Thank you for championing the concepts we hold dear.”

How to bolster this feedback: Give this value champion personalized items, especially items that actually come printed with value keywords, symbols, or quotes.

Gift & experience ideas:


19) They led a brand-new initiative

Brand InitiativeWhy you should provide feedback for this: Applaud acts and applications of leadership to build an organization that’s as strong as it can possibly be.

Feedback examples:

  • “You showed incredible leadership instincts in your work on that project. I would love to work with you to develop those skills. Amazing work.”
  • “You have all the qualities we look for in a leader. I hope you might consider taking them to the next level by leading our next big project in this area.”

How to bolster this feedback: Treat this employee to personalized items that will commemorate their career-changing display of leadership.

Gift & experience ideas:


20) They were praised by someone else

They were praised by someone elseWhy you should provide feedback for this: Amplify the benefits of every positive remark by making sure the recipient hears the good things people are saying. This is especially important when you know the employee will only hear the kind words if you serve as messenger.

Feedback examples:

  • “I wanted to tell you that one of our clients was just raving about the work you did to plan that perfect meeting. They were impressed and so am I. Keep up the good work.”
  • “Your office mate told me in the kitchen the other day that it’s a joy just to work next to you. Thank you for always being so positive. Your attitude really has an effect on people.”

How to bolster this feedback: Celebrate the employees who uplift others by getting them framed pictures and trinkets that surround them with the same kind of good feelings they cultivate through their words and actions.

Gift & experience ideas:


People Also Ask These Questions About Positive Feedback

Q: Why is positive feedback important in the workplace?

  • A: Positive feedback is important because it’s powerful. Just a few words of encouragement or affirmation can alter attitudes, amplify talents, and redirect careers.

Q: How does giving feedback improve the morale of my employees?

  • A: Giving feedback improves the morale of employees because it makes them feel recognized and valued. Giving positive feedback similar to these examples reminds employees that the hard work they do is for so much more than a paycheck.

Q: What are some examples of good positive feedback?

  • A: Some examples of positive feedback include saying this when an employee has reached a goal: I know this goal wasn’t easy. That you managed to set it and systematically work towards it until you achieved it truly speaks to your intelligence, tenacity, and perseverance. I’m lucky to have you on my team. Find even more examples here.

Q: When should I give positive feedback to an employee?

  • A: You should give positive feedback to employees when they reach a new goal, learn a new skill, streamline a process, or really do anything that makes you or others feel proud, impressed, or inspired.

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