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✅ 13 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Entrepreneurs in 2024

By December 21, 2023 No Comments

Ready to transform your X feed (formerly Twitter feed) into a hub of entrepreneurial wisdom?

We have carefully selected Twitter accounts to follow for entrepreneurs who want bits of knowledge and wisdom that entrepreneurs discover throughout their day, and often not mentioned in their other resources.


Hit that follow button and let the entrepreneurial wisdom flow into your timeline!

13 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Entrepreneurs

twitter accounts to follow for entrepreneursEvery successful entrepreneur on this list has something to share, and collectively they run businesses in many segments. Follow these accounts for takeaways about expanding business, making connections, becoming more informed, and leading a wonderful life.

1. Sean Kelly (TW: @seanpk)

He creates health and wellness services and products that have earned him a Forbes ranking as one of America’s top 30 leaders under 30. His Twitter feed states the health practices he comes across that are valuable to entrepreneurs, and it seems to be working for him. He runs a business email newsletter, FounderIV, and is co-founder of a wellness company named by INC as one of the nation’s best workplaces.

Sean Kelly❤️ Why we love this Twitter account for entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs looking to get into mental health and wellness services are at an advantage, as is anybody else who cares about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

✅ What type of content to expect: Wellness and longevity insights, relationship advice, sleep optimization, and other healthy bits of wisdom.

⭐ Follow here.


2. Matt Gray (TW: @matt_gray_)

He embodies entrepreneurship by operating on the line of what he knows and does not know in the field of scalable systems, and in the past 10 years has built 3 successful businesses with a community of 14 million. While continuously learning, he coaches entrepreneurs to build scalable systems that rely on marketing, sales, and community with tools like AI, finding education, and SaaS.

Matt Gray❤️ Why we love this Twitter account for entrepreneurs: It puts into focus some necessary aspects of business that every entrepreneur needs to know, including marketing and branding, community, and culture.

✅ What type of content to expect: One of the best Twitter accounts for great educational videos, digital marketing examples, and life advice.

⭐ Follow here.


3. Codie Sanchez (TW: @Codie_Sanchez)

Her eye-opening work in Latin America and along the border as a journalist opened her eyes to the power that finances can have to bring people out of ruin and despair, and it changed the trajectory of her career. Now, she runs one of the fastest-growing investment firms in Latin America that invests in small businesses. She has become an expert at raising money navigating difficult legal regulations and industry changes, and has gained a reputation as a gritty worker who brings wealth to uncovered markets.

Codie Sanchez❤️ Why we love this Twitter account for entrepreneurs: She provides a realistic reaction to the everyday struggles of being an entrepreneur, which is often humorous, motivational, and confidence-instilling.

✅ What type of content to expect: How successful entrepreneurs and influential women view finance, good work habits, and behind-the-scenes look at business transactions.

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4. Andrew Wilkinson (TW: @awilkinson)

Before he became a success story, HTML web page building was just a hobby among his friends, but one day at a cafe he saw others making websites and they told him how to make it a scalable business. That small venture became MetaLab, a globally recognized design studio that has partnered with Apple and Adobe. He has since become an angel investor and serial entrepreneur for several design companies that offer a range of products, yet always holds true to the core principle that people and community are the biggest contributors to success.

Andrew Wilkinson❤️ Why we love this Twitter account for entrepreneurs: It places the reason for success as being well-connected with others who share similar goals and then covers some goals that many entrepreneurs have.

✅ What type of content to expect: The savvy business moves that current entrepreneurs make, and different ways to value time and money.

⭐ Follow here.


5. Ben Thompson (TW: @benthompson)

His career has been to provide tech companies with strategy, developer relations, and marketing. He propelled his experience into a renowned entrepreneurial course about technology’s benefits and uses. As a way to provide knowledge about technology and tech companies, he runs a career newsletter to improve peoples careers through technology awareness.

Ben Thompson❤️ Why we love this Twitter account for entrepreneurs: The focus on bringing important world events into awareness is crucial for entrepreneurs to make wise decisions.

✅ What type of content to expect: Key political events, world events, and business events, as well as small decisions made by current entrepreneurs that have big effects.

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6. Nick Huber (TW: @sweatystartup)

He turned his first job as a furniture mover into a large warehouse real estate company after years of building, momentum, and diligence. His mission is to build a better entrepreneurship culture in America by bringing new entrepreneurs the awareness of the variety of markets available that are undersaturated, have low startup costs, and have favorable odds, just like he had at the moving company.

Nick Huber❤️ Why we love this Twitter account for entrepreneurs: It expresses that valuable business ideas are based on tried and true American blue-collar jobs, and not just on those novel ideas found on shark tank reality shows.

✅ What type of content to expect: The reality of entrepreneurship, pitched business ideas, and surprising business outcomes.

⭐ Follow here.

🔥 Pro-Tip from FounderIV: Strategically use hashtags, images, links, and concise but compelling captions to increase visibility and draw more eyes to your profile and content.


7. Sam Parr (TW: @thesamparr)

He has created and sold many companies, and some former employees went on to found media companies and business newsletters. Today, he runs a business news media company, The Hustle, and a top-ranking business podcast. He often starts a project without much background knowledge and learns and adapts along the way. A major factor to success, he learned early, is having a community that shares and receives advice, hardtoget information not found on Google, and plenty of support.

Sam Parr❤️ Why we love this Twitter account for entrepreneurs: It demystifies the multi-million-dollar business dream, by giving knowledge about the success of major corporations that show how in reality it is simpler and easier to run a business than it seems.

✅ What type of content to expect: Little facts about important, well-known people, that may surprise you. Predictions that make you think. Behind-the-scenes moves of major companies, and plenty of posts of his family and life.

⭐ Follow here.


8. Sophia Amoruso (TW: @sophiaamoruso)

Her experience scaling several businesses led her to write a best-selling book which Netflix later adapted into a series. She continues to write about side hustles and entrepreneurship as a blogger for a free email newsletter about all things professional development. She learned to be CEO as the company grew, and her advice to others seeking to launch a business is to first gain managerial knowledge from management newsletters, and also management experience at established companies. She hosts in-depth online courses and business classes that aid new CEOs in scaling businesses.

Sophia Amoruso❤️ Why we love this Twitter account for entrepreneurs: She often encourages entrepreneurs who face doubt, because she faces it often. As she works and travels, she shows how her entrepreneurial spirit is working.

✅ What type of content to expect: Positive affirmations, acknowledgments about progress, inspirational quotes, and bits of knowledge about entrepreneurship.

⭐ Follow here.


9. Gary Vaynerchuk (TW: @garyvee)

He changed his family’s small business wine shop into a multi-national distributor by recognizing the power of social media marketing. He became excellent at marketing and sales, and in 2011 opened his digital ad agency on the Fortune 500, which provides small business owners with a social media presence and strategy services. His energy is boundless, his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship is infectious, and rallies small business owners to believe in their products.

Gary Vaynerchuk❤️ Why we love this Twitter account for entrepreneurs: He tweets out praise for everyone who is trying to achieve their goals. He is full of gratitude for family and friends, and he reminds us how rich life can be.

✅ What type of content to expect: He shows how much contemplation and preparation he goes through about a subject before making a move. He also gives motivational messages to anyone starting up a business.

⭐ Follow here.



10. Guy Kawasaki (TW: @GuyKawasaki)

He is a man of many talents. Sales whiz, evangelist, angel investor. He has written fifteen academic books used in universities, and he gives over fifty keynote speeches each year to clients including Apple, Nike, Gartner, Audi, Google, and Microsoft. Through his career, he acquired skills in innovation, entrepreneurship, social media, business podcasts, and marketing. His latest podcast, called Remarkable People, shares his interviews that gain insight into the lives of remarkable people.

Guy Kawasaki❤️ Why we love this Twitter account for entrepreneurs: It shows how many incredible people are all around us and often not covered in the news, and how it is possible to take our own incredible goals and make them a reality because many others have done the same.

✅ What type of content to expect: Twitter followers will receive political news, ideas about learning, and how to have better relationships with others, and hacks to automate daily processes.

⭐ Follow here.


11. Hiten Shah (TW: @hnshah)

He has started 3 SaaS companies with both venture capital backing and with self raised funds, alongside friend and entrepreneur Neil Patel. He is interested in the variety of ways startups grow to their first 100k/mo and realizes that even though a variety of ways exist, many solutions already exist. Every challenge he has had in business has been solved before, and he learned to reach out to others who had the solution so he could overcome his hurtles quickly and correctly. Now, alongside running a business, he runs a financial newsletter called SaaS Weekly that shares information about SaaS business.

Hiten Shah❤️ Why we love this Twitter account for entrepreneurs: His focus is on giving startups insight into turning an idea into reality. He posts frequently almost solely on the subject of startup culture and the life of being a venture capitalist.

✅ What type of content to expect: Inspiration to overcome hurdles, Different ideas about how to make startups in today’s digital world, and tips for running a business.

⭐ Follow here.


12. Tim Ferriss (TW: @tferriss)

Five New York Times bestselling books about productivity, fitness, routines of billionaires, advice from the best in the world, and cooking show that he is an influencer of learning fast and efficiently towards great accomplishments. He is an investor in startups that have very low starting capital, and his Twitter account is rated by Mashable as one of the “5 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Entrepreneurs.”

Tim Ferriss❤️ Why we love this Twitter account for entrepreneurs: This best-selling author writes about productivity techniques that help every which way, that cut through to what is important.

✅ What type of content to expect: Goal setting, how to use certain tech and platforms, real-world expectations, and philosophical quotes about accomplishment.

⭐ Follow here.

🔥 Pro-Tip from FounderIV: Engage often with your target audience by regularly posting interesting, valuable content and interacting thoughtfully with followers to build relationships and credibility.


13. Richard Branson (TW: @richardbranson)

He started with a magazine publication that became a media empire. Since then, he has tried to find entrepreneurial ways to drive positive change in the world as a branch of Virgin called Virgin Unite, a non-profit foundation that unites people and entrepreneurial ideas to create opportunities for a better world.

Richard Branson❤️ Why we love this Twitter account for entrepreneurs: He posts wherever he happens to be in the world, giving entrepreneurs a glimpse of the connections others are making surrounding real meaningful events in their communities.

✅ What type of content to expect: He retweets about his work as a philanthropist, world conflict clashes, diplomatic meetings, as well as breathtaking sights from around the world.

⭐ Follow here.


People Also Ask These Questions About Twitter Accounts to Follow for Entrepreneurs

Q: Are there Twitter accounts focused on specific industries or niches?

  • A: Absolutely! Twitter is like a vast marketplace of ideas, and there’s a niche for practically everything. Social media masters guide brand building, while health and wellness owners offer a mindful perspective on entrepreneurship, marketing gurus unravel the secrets of successful marketing, and more.

Q: Which accounts provide a global perspective on entrepreneurship?

  • A: For a global perspective on entrepreneurship, several Twitter accounts serve as valuable sources of insights, trends, and advice from around the world. @LinkedInEditors, for example, is LinkedIn’s editorial team that curates content related to business and entrepreneurship from a global perspective, offering articles and insights from professionals worldwide.

Q: Which accounts provide practical tips and advice for startup founders?

  • A: If you’re a startup founder seeking practical tips and advice, Twitter is a goldmine. Entrepreneurs like James Altucher (@jaltucher), and Sam Altman (@sama), The president of Y Combinator, often provide practical advice for founders.

Q: Are there X accounts that focus on personal development for entrepreneurs?

  • A: Absolutely! If you’re an entrepreneur looking to level up in both business and life, there are X Twitter accounts that provide valuable insights on personal development, like Simon Sinek (@SimonSinek) and Tim Ferris (@tferriss).

Q: How often do these X accounts post updates?

  • A: These X accounts post updates regularly, and are run by active entrepreneurs on the platform. You can expect updates at least once a week, if not more frequently.

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