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🔑 Unlocking Entrepreneur Wellness: Vital Resources and VC Allies for Success

By December 15, 2023 March 20th, 2024

Managing stress and maintaining entrepreneur wellness is an inevitable part of entrepreneurship.

As such, many resources have become available by former entrepreneurs who founded entrepreneurship wellness programs based on improving individual founder health.


In this article, we’ll explore the growing field of entrepreneur wellness: what it is, why it matters, and most importantly, who is providing it. You’ll discover these providers offer communities, social media accounts, tools, funding, and partnerships as benefits to entrepreneurs’ well-being.

Learn how each wellness company can provide the level of support you need so you can continue with renewed resilience as you make your vision a reality.

What is Entrepreneur Wellness?

Entrepreneur WellnessEntrepreneur wellness is a form of self-care that focuses on the unique mental, emotional, and physical health practices that counteract the stresses of building a business.

Wellness practices can be anything as diverse as eating healthy food, taking a wellness workshop, positive affirmations, working with a nutritionist or health coach, taking a yoga class, and participating in peer communities of fellow entrepreneurs. Additionally, team wellness challenges that implement these benefits can be done within your team.

⭐ Pro-Tip from FounderIV: Start a consistent morning routine that prioritizes self-care like meditation, exercise, or journaling before diving into work – this sets a positive tone for the day.


Why Entrepreneur Wellness is Important

Taking a business idea and becoming a successful business owner is like running a gauntlet. It is as rewarding as it is bold, and this state causes stress unique to entrepreneurs. So, wellness entrepreneurs who have run the gauntlet know the importance of enacting wellness tips for the workplace.

Wellness initiatives play a critical role in mitigating the stresses placed on entrepreneurs’ shoulders every day that may wreak havoc and potentially lead to burnout. The bottom line is that entrepreneurs have to show up every day and put their mind and body into the work and that stress is rewarding. According to a study from the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly half of all entrepreneurs, 49%, struggle with mental health issues compared with 32% of the general population. Mental health is a crucial factor in entrepreneur decision-making that leads to success, and there are actions one can take to stay healthy.


7 Resources for Founder Wellness 

Today’s entrepreneurs have access to more wellness resources than ever before to help them thrive, thanks to those who have come before them. Successful entrepreneurs have developed newsletters, educational materials, and training programs specially designed to equip the next generation of business leaders to optimize their health, productivity, and personal growth as they build their ventures. These are for individuals, although corporate wellness companies also provide benefits on a larger scale.

1. FounderIV Newsletter

FounderIV covers the three most important areas of a founder’s life, all in one email, every single week: Founder performance, Founder freedom, and Founder wealth, quick to read and with actionable tips.


👉 Subscribe to FounderIV

Why this is a good resource for entrepreneur wellness: As founders & investors for the past two decades, this is the one newsletter we would read if we could only read one. A great mix of business, health & financial tips that provide a holistic guide to the stressful journey of being an entrepreneur.

🤷 This might not be right for you if: You only want to receive business tips and aren’t very interested in tips, stories & studies aimed to help you feel & perform better.

Subscribe for free here!


2. Econa 

A global center of mental health support among founder communities that excels as a digital place for entrepreneur mental wellness, Econa offers an educational mental health newsletter, workshops, peer support groups, and information sessions.

Econa👉 Check out Econa

Why this is a good resource for entrepreneur wellness: Easily accessible digital programs on various topics, including emotional intelligence and resilience workshops, highlight some actionable practices many founders have reached out to.

🤷 This might not be right for you if: The digital seminars and workshops that leave you with actionable tips and advice are not immersive enough and you need a more personalized approach.

Check it out here!


3. Founders First

This digital transformation spans ten hours, offering a self-paced learning experience that optimizes health and performance in ninety days.

Founder First👉 Check out Founders First

Why this is a good resource for entrepreneur wellness: A program that acts like a health side hustle, that can be picked up around your schedule fits around busy schedules.

🤷 This might not be right for you if: Diving into self-paced learning, building new routines, and engaging in weekly check-ins with a peer group might be overwhelming.

Check it out here!


4. Founder Mental Wealth

Empowering founders of underserved communities by achieving intentional thoughts and experiences, with the ultimate goal of creating generational wealth.

Founder Mental Wealth👉 Check out Founder Mental Wealth

Why this is a good resource for entrepreneur wellness: Those working in underserved communities and professional spheres seeking sustainability of wealth.

🤷 This might not be right for you if: You’re the kind who prefers a more conventional, one-size-fits-all wellness program without the specifics geared toward momentum and longevity.

Check it out here!

🚀 Pro-Tip from FounderIV: Commit to unplugging one full day per week to decompress and recharge – disconnecting from work allows you to regain perspective and boost creativity.

5. Pilea

Pilea, an integrative wellness business coaching company, has a mission to help startup founders build within existing ecosystems, without burnout.

Pilea👉 Check out Pilea

Why this is a good resource for entrepreneur wellness: The human-centric integrative coaching of leaders emphasizes that business growth is part of a holistic journey.

🤷 This might not be right for you if: You don’t want a program that will stay with you, and instead want a quick tip to resolve something local and specific.

Check it out here!


6. Founders Taboo

Founders Taboo is dedicated to increasing awareness, access, and affordability of support for start-up founders’ mental health and wellbeing, by giving community, business podcasts, and a marketplace to connect with professionals.

Founders Taboo👉 Check out Founders Taboo

Why this is a good resource for entrepreneur wellness: If you enjoy learning from podcasts and worksheets, about resilience, stress, nutrition, team dynamics, and other practical techniques.

🤷 This might not be right for you if: You aren’t looking for a self-service mental health set of resources that also encourages you to reach out to vetted entrepreneurs on the platform.

Check it out here!


7. Zen Founder Podcast

The ZenFounder podcast, praised by Forbes as one of the best for entrepreneurs, combines success stories, expert insights, and honest reflections on the challenges of entrepreneur life and mental well-being.

Zen Founder Podcast👉 Listen to Zen Founder

Why this is a good resource for entrepreneur wellness: It tackles hard-hitting topics like holiday grief, staying focused, and navigating world crises (like natural disasters), it also offers consulting services to aid which areas of your life hit hard against your entrepreneurial pursuits.

🤷 This might not be right for you if: The podcast’s style, emphasizing human experiences alongside business insights, might not align if you are seeking a strictly pragmatic, business-only approach.

Check it out here!


Venture Capital Companies That Care About Entrepreneur Wellness 

Sure, you can find a venture capital firm that values your business, but do they value health as a contributing factor to success? These VCs have a mission to bring wellness practices to you as part of their investment offering.

1. The Family Fund 

The Family Fund operates as a co-investment venture capital firm, specializing in Series A investments ranging from $1-2M. Their mission extends beyond financial commitment to mentoring and fostering communities for emerging, high-growth consumer brands and tech companies.

The Family Fund⭐ Explore The Family Fund

👍 How The Family Fund supports entrepreneur wellness: They prioritize curated experiences, and mentorships within a community of active CEOs and founders, that build communities that help each other.

➡️ Learn more here!


2. Seven Seven Six 

Recognizing that the impacts of life extend into founders’ work, Seven Seven Six offers a Growth and Caregiving Program Package, as part of their investment, that funds the well-being of your personal life.

Seven Seven Six⭐ Explore Seven Seven Six

👍 How Seven Seven Six supports entrepreneur wellness: They provide work-life balance whether through fitness, therapy, coaching, or personal pursuits, from childcare to yoga teachers to visiting an ill loved one.

➡️ Learn more here!


3. Uncork Capital

They commit their involvement in the intense early years of a startup, offering support beyond just funding, providing a custom plan for each founder, emphasizing conviction in their vision, and leveraging a network for strategic growth.

Uncork Capital ⭐ Explore Uncork Capital

👍 How Uncork Capital supports entrepreneur wellness: They will support you through the trials, because they understand that every new company has its own hurdles to overcome on the path to success.

➡️ Learn more here!


4. Tusk Venture Partners

Tusk Venture Partners, based in New York City, specializes in investing in early-stage technology companies navigating highly regulated markets.

Tusk Venture Partners⭐ Explore Tusk

👍 How Tusk supports entrepreneur wellness: Bradley Tusk, founder and president, offers his wealth of experience in business, politics, and philanthropy to individuals seeking specialized support in regulated industries.

➡️ Learn more here!

🚀 Pro-Tip from FounderIV: Schedule regular lunch meetings with mentors or supportive friends to enrich relationships beyond daily business – meaningful connections provide perspective.

5. Founder Collective

A seed-stage venture capital firm that distinguishes itself by providing aligned and personalized support to founders from idea to IPO.

Founder Collective ⭐ Explore Founder Collective

👍 How Founder Collective supports entrepreneur wellness: Their focus on efficient entrepreneurship, an anti-thematic approach, and individualized solutions, is conducive to learning and mutual support among founders.

➡️ Learn more here!


6. Define Ventures

Define Ventures focuses on investing in early-stage digital health companies that will redefine healthcare.

Define Ventures⭐ Explore Define Ventures

👍 How Define Ventures supports entrepreneur wellness: They give entrepreneurs focus, expertise, and networks to succeed in their vision of defining healthcare.

➡️ Learn more here!


People Also Ask These Questions About Entrepreneur Wellness 

Q: How do I balance work and personal life as an entrepreneur?

  • A: Balance work with personal life while you create a new business by working hard on entrepreneurship while maintaining the good aspects of personal life, including community, mental health, and physical health.

Q: What are effective stress management strategies for entrepreneurs?

  • A: Some effective stress management strategies that entrepreneurs can use to work effectively are daily breaks, meditation, yoga classes, physical exercise, maintaining a hobby, and participating as part of a community.

Q: What are effective ways to handle burnout as an entrepreneur?

  • A: Some effective ways to handle burnout as an entrepreneur are to keep a daily journal of stressors, to share your struggle with a mentor or community, and to set boundaries over excessive work commitments.

Q: How can I prioritize self-care without compromising business success?

  • A: Prioritizing self-care without compromising business success is the balance entrepreneurs seek, and it is possible. You can take workshops and classes created by fellow entrepreneurs tailored for this balancing act.

Q: How can I build a supportive network as an entrepreneur?

  • A: Supportive networks currently exist on entrepreneur wellness platforms. If you want to build your own, reach out to fellow entrepreneurs from either your field or other fields of business.

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