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Top 10 Best Business Newsletters For Professional Development & Growth In 2021

By September 28, 2021 No Comments

Check your inbox. How many emails are spam or email marketing messages you don’t remember signing up for? Probably more than you’d like to admit. Now, imagine getting emails that are actually helpful, push you to grow, and keep you informed. The best business newsletters do just that by delivering business news, trends, and motivation directly to your inbox.

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. Click To Tweet

While email newsletter subscriptions weren’t exactly around during Ben’s lifetime, I’d like to think he’d be a huge fan of the platform. It’s easy to fall into a stagnant routine and run on auto-pilot mode through your work day. A good business newsletter should help you grow and make progress towards your professional and personal goals.

But with so many popular business newsletters out in the market today, how do you find the newsletters that work best for you and your professional interests? We did all the hard work for you and scoured the internet for the best business newsletters that are guaranteed to keep you informed, motivated, and successful. Bookmark our list of the top 10 best business newsletters you should be reading!

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1. The Assist

“Your Shortcut to Professional Success”

I’m going to be honest here… Some business newsletters can be a bit dry. If you’re looking for a business newsletter that actually makes professional growth fun, then the Assist is the newsletter for you. From tips on how to prioritize your well-being, to reducing stress at work, or even just a funny meme that can give you a much needed morale boost, the Assist has your back when it comes to business & professional tips.

Some of their latest issues included segments about the importance of taking time off, how to tackle your inbox like a pro, and tips on keeping employees engagement levels high. Whether you’re just starting your business career or you’re a veteran, the Assist delivers relevant and valuable insights directly to your inbox each week.

Why we love this business newsletter: While some issues may be geared a bit more towards Executive Assistants, this newsletter really does have something for every professional looking to continually learn and better themselves. We love that their newsletters contain super helpful tips that not only help your work life, but have positive effects on your personal life as well!

When to expect it? Weekly. Expect the Assist to bless your inbox every Tuesday AM.

Where to sign up: Click here to subscribe to the Assist!


2. Morning Brew

“Morning Brew: The Perfect Blend”

Get the perfect blend of news topics delivered daily to your inbox for free. Morning Brew provides a cohesive yet succinct newsletter that covers topics ranging from more traditional business categories like Finance and Tech News to the lighter side of news like Entertainment and Social Media Trends.

Morning Brew is a daily newsletter that keeps you in-the-know about all of the latest and trending news, both business & otherwise, in an informative yet witty manner.

Why we love this business newsletter: We’re big fans of staying informed and saving time. Morning Brew is one of the best morning newsletters because it does just that by delivering a roundup of the most up-to-date and relevant news directly to your inbox each morning.

When to expect it? As the name hints, each morning.

Where to sign up: Click here to subscribe.


3. The Daily Pitch

“Release your Inner Wolf of Wall Street”


The Daily Pitch is PitchBook’s newsletter offering powered by their data software platform focused on VC (Venture Capital), PE (Private Equity), and M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions). PitchBook is one of the leading sources for private capital market news, analysis, and trends.

With over 960,000 subscribers, this popular newsletter keeps you informed on the ever-evolving and quick-moving worlds of VC, PE, and M&A. Their newsletter includes Today’s Top Stories, Recommended Reads, and updates regarding VC/PE deals and Corporate M&As, making it a must-read for entrepreneurs.

Why we love this business newsletter: It can be extremely difficult to stay ahead of emerging trends and breaking news as it relates to the world of finance. The Daily Pitch compiles business news on not only the top players in the field, but promising startups or small businesses as well. In addition to their newsletter, they also have an online blog and a weekly podcast that dives even deeper into these topics and more!

When to expect it? Daily newsletter.

Where to sign up: Sign up here to subscribe.


4. Granted

“The Psychology Behind Work”


Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist at Wharton and New York Times bestselling author, offers a unique business newsletter that provides monthly insights on the psychology behind motivation in the workplace and how to find meaning in both your work life and personal life. With over 100,000 subscribers, Granted tackles relatable business/work topics such as the importance of rest and how to reason with the unreasonable.

In his most recent issue, he shares footage of his recent TedTalk where he provides guidance on how to stop languishing and start rediscovering your flow, which at this point in the pandemic, many of us are struggling to do. If you’re more of an auditory learner, check out Adam Grant’s extremely popular podcast called WorkLife where he dives even deeper into these hot topics.

Why we love this business newsletter: This newsletter reads less like a traditional business newsletter and more like exchanging emails with your super intelligent, yet super down to earth friend. We love that he’s not afraid to tackle the hard questions or discuss the more intangible aspects of what motivates us, both in business and in our personal lives. His newsletter encourages his readers to self reflect and push themselves to grow.

When to expect it? Monthly newsletter.

Where to sign up: Click here and enter your email address to subscribe.


5. Thrive Global Newsletter

“The Thrive Hive”

With over 182,000 subscribers, Arianna Huffington’s curated newsletter has quite the following and for good reason. Founder and CEO of the Huffington Post, as well as Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington shares her thoughts on the latest events, cultural & business topics each month with a focus on how we can collectively thrive. Her newsletter is filled with some great content marketing centered around inspirational advice on how to make the most of your work and personal life and truly thrive in both.

Her most recent issue highlighted the importance of fostering a culture where individuals can learn from their mistakes. This applies not only to work culture where employees need to feel comfortable learning from their mistakes, but also in everyday life where forgiveness and compassion can encourage people to grow from mistakes as well.

Why we love this business newsletter: We love reading Arianna Huffington’s opinions and advice on key business topics because her insights are spot on, relevant, and actionable. For example, her August issue centered round the importance of mental health and creating healthy habits and boundaries as it relates to technology. With so many professionals feeling the effects of burnout and screen fatigue, it’s more important than ever to highlight topics like this and Thrive’s newsletter is doing just that.

When to expect it? Monthly newsletter delivered at the top of each month.

Where to sign up: Click here to sign up for this monthly newsletter.


6. Elevate

“Elevate Yourself to Unlock Your Full Potential”

Robert Glazer, founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners, and bestselling author, shares weekly thoughts centered around work culture, leadership, entrepreneurship, and unlocking your highest potential. Each week, Glazer speaks to successful CEOs, authors, and leading voices in the business community about how they have found and sustained success. For example, in a recent #Elevate podcast, Glazer speaks with Alex Lieberman, founder & CEO of Morning Brew (Sound familiar?

This business newsletter is #2 on our list). They discuss how Alex made the decision to take a leap of faith and go all-in on Morning Brew and the importance of creating space for creativity in both our work and personal lives. Elevate is a great fit for small business owners or online business owners looking to reach their full potential.

Why we love this business newsletter: Each week you get the pleasure of hearing not only Robert Glazer’s thoughts on business and personal growth, but the stories & advice from top leaders and tastemakers in the industry. We also love that this newsletter is delivered in podcast format so you can listen on the go! If you’re looking for motivation to push yourself, tap into your inner entrepreneur and elevate your thinking, then definitely check this newsletter out.

When to expect it? Weekly newsletter.

Where to sign up: Head over to LinkedIn’s site to subscribe.


7. Friday Forward

“Jumpstart Your Friday”

Maybe you’re onboarding a remote employee and thinking of ways to welcome them to the team. Or maybe you’re in HR and looking for new tools or skills to sharpen your competencies. In addition to this weekly podcast, Elevate, Robert Glazer curates Friday Forward, a weekly newsletter where he shares his thoughts on professional development & leadership, including how to successfully lead a team and keep them (and you) engaged.

Friday Forward began as an internal memo that Glazer sent his Acceleration Partners each Friday morning with the hopes of keeping his employees motivated to reach for success in their personal and professional lives and reach their full potential. As interest grew beyond his employees, he decided to share his Friday motivational newsletter with the public.

Why we love this business newsletter: We love that this newsletter was created to motivate and inspire passion for leadership, growth, and self-reflection & improvement. Friday Forward has remained true to this format, providing their readers with thought-provoking newsletters packed with the best content. Some recent topics include how to successfully delegate (hint: google the 85% rule), how to distinguish important vs. urgent tasks, and the importance of having the freedom to fail.

When to expect it? Weekly newsletter delivered every, you guessed it…Friday.

Where to sign up: Join the over 200,000 subscribers by clicking here.


8. The Hustle

“🎵 Do the Hustle”

The Hustle’s mission is relatively straight-forward: Help their readers make smart business decisions, quickly. Every single day, we’re bombarded with news and information, making it difficult to sift through the noise and stay up to date on business news and trends.

The Hustle helps cut through that noise by being a hubspot for key business & finance updates that are delivered in a digestible newsletter format to over 1.5M readers each day. Their newsletter covers topics such as emerging tech, business trends & startups, and finance resources that help their readers stay informed and empowered.

Why we love this business newsletter: We love that the Hustle compiles business & finance news stories that are highly relevant for motivated entrepreneurs and casual readers alike. While most of their newsletter content is centered around business/finance news, they end every newsletter on a lighter note by sharing interesting or funny tidbits from Around the Web and a Meme of the Day.

When to expect it? Daily cadence.

Where to sign up: Hustle over to this site to subscribe!


9. Brain Food

“Hungry? Try some Brain Food”

Farnam Street’s Brain Food may just be the perfect office snack, even if that office also functions as your bedroom. Featured in Forbes, The New York Times, The Economist, and Wall Street Journal, Brain Food is an extremely popular newsletter for good reason. Brain food is the brainchild of Shane Parrish, a former intelligence officer.

In each issue, Parrish shares insights and ideas related to living your best life (at work and at home). Topics range from book recommendations to philosophical musings to thought-provoking quotes. Brain Food’s goal is to share with its readers essential ideas that others have successfully developed and deployed in their lives.

Why we love this business newsletter: We love that Brain Food strives to live up to its name. We’re all super busy individuals with a never-ending list of personal and professional opportunities. It can be easy to get lost in that list. Brain Food challenges its readers to take a step back and explore their curiosity and think critically about ‘why’ behind the everyday.

When to expect it? Every Sunday – pairs perfectly with a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Where to sign up: Click here for some Brain Food.


10. James Clear’s Weekly Newsletter

“See Things a Bit More Clear-ly”

We’re closing out our top ten list with my personal favorite, James Clear’s weekly 3-2-1 newsletter. Author of the NY Times bestseller, Atomic Habits, James Clear shares a few of his thoughts, quotes from others, and a question for his readers centered around a different topic each week.

With over 1 million subscribers, Clear’s newsletter aims to find great ideas that are actually usable and can be applied to make life better. Definitely lofty goals for a newsletter, but Clear does not disappoint. Recent newsletter topics include how to measure success, the importance of healthy mindsets, and how to focus on what matters.

Why we love this business newsletter: We love the format of Clear’s 3-2-1 newsletter: 3 short ideas from the author, 2 quotes from other sources, and 1 actionable idea or question for the readers to reflect on. It’s short and sweet, taking only a few minutes out of your day. Yet, the topics and content are quite powerful and likely to leave you pondering far beyond the time it takes to read.

When to expect it? Weekly newsletter published every Thursday.

Where to sign up: It’s easy as 3-2-1. Sign up here.


People Also Ask These Questions About Business Newsletters

Q: What makes a Business newsletter good?

  • A: A good business newsletter is concise, cohesive, and informative. Authenticity, reliability, and predictability also help to create an effective newsletter. The readers should feel like they can trust the newsletter & its’ sources. They also expect to receive the newsletter at a set frequency and delivered in a consistent format.

Q: What are the benefits of signing up for a Business newsletter?

  • A: There are 2 huge benefits of signing up for a business newsletter. 1. It saves you time: Rather than wasting time scouring the internet for the latest business news and trends, subscribe to key business letters who do that research for you. 2. It keeps you informed: Subscribing to good business newsletters will keep you up to date on the latest news so that you can continue your professional growth and make smarter business decisions.

Q: What kind of content goes into a Business newsletter?

  • A: Typical business newsletter content includes latest news, emerging business trends, finance news, advice, and interviews with industry leaders.

Q: What are the best newsletters for professionals?

  • A: Depending on your professional field and areas of interest, it’s important to find the newsletters that best fit your needs. Maybe you work in HR and need advice on HR outsourcing or the onboarding process. Or maybe you’re a team leader who needs guidance on how best to recognize and reward your employees. In these scenarios, you’d want to find the newsletter that covers topics such as HR news and team leadership.

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