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9 Best Career Newsletters: Your Ultimate Guide to Staying Ahead in 2023

By May 30, 2023 September 13th, 2023 No Comments

Career Newsletter

If you’re like most professionals, you want to stay ahead of the career game and be ready for any opportunity that comes your way.

But with so many resources out there, it can be hard to know which ones are truly worth your time.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best career newsletters – so you don’t have to waste valuable energy searching through endless options!

From job search tips and career development advice to salary negotiation strategies and future of work insights, these newsletters offer a wealth of information tailored specifically for ambitious professionals looking to advance their careers and obtain their dream job.

In a hurry? Here are our top free email newsletter picks:

The Assist 💼 Become a better professional in under 5 minutes Subscribe Here
Human Crapital 🤭 Helping you avoid embarrassing, uncomfortable, and common HR mistakes Subscribe Here
The Daily Upside 💸 The newsletter that helps you rethink your financial news diet each morning Subscribe Here
Patent Drop 💻 Gain insight into how tech companies big and small are shaping the future Subscribe Here
The Newsette 💌 News you need to know and stuff you’ll become obsessed with by inspiring women Subscribe Here

Want to become a better professional in just 5 minutes?


9 Outstanding Career Newsletters

1. The Assist

The Assist is a free weekly email newsletter that makes becoming a better professional actually enjoyable. Think of us as that one go-to friend — the one you always text for career advice about work and your well-being.

The Assist

Why we love this email newsletter for career advice: Whether you work in Human Resources or the Marketing department, you’ll find actionable takeaways from each send. By keeping up with The Assist, you’re likely to find your next team-building activity and fave productivity tools, beneficial social media posts and welcoming new employees guide, and positive affirmations to boost your mental health.

When to expect it: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday weekly newsletter.

Where to subscribe: Click here to sign up.


2. Career Sherpa

Get ready to level up your career game with Career Sherpa’s weekly dose of modern job-hunting trends.

career sherpa

Why we love this email newsletter for career advice: Whether you’re a fresh-faced newbie or a seasoned pro itching to level up, this newsletter is your secret weapon for success.

When to expect it: Weekly newsletter.

Where to subscribe: Click here to sign up.



Are you looking for remote job opportunities and a dose of insightful content? If you are a job seeker, look no further than the newsletter.

Why we love this email newsletter for career advice: Expect to receive a valuable roundup of remote job listings tailored to your area, along with a collection of captivating blog articles covering the realms of job hunting, remote work, and the latest news.

When to expect it: Free weekly newsletter.

Where to subscribe: Click here to sign up.


4.  The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder newsletter is a financial oasis where you can quench your thirst for money-saving tips and smart financial strategies.


Why we love this email newsletter for career advice: With each issue, you’ll dive into a wealth of knowledge, uncovering creative ways to stretch your dollars, earn extra income, and make the most of your hard-earned cash. From budgeting hacks to expert advice on side hustles and investment opportunities, The Penny Hoarder newsletter is your trusted companion on the path to financial success.

When to expect it: Free daily newsletter.

Where to subscribe: Click here to sign up.


5. Mind Tools

Unlock your full potential and sharpen your professional toolkit with the Mind Tools newsletter. This power-packed newsletter is your gateway to a world of personal wellness, career skills, and professional development.

mind tools

Why we love this email newsletter for career advice: Each edition is a carefully crafted blend of skillful articles, practical tips, and strategies to enhance your work-life balance, boost your career, and unleash your full potential.

When to expect it: Free weekly newsletter.

Where to subscribe: Click here to sign up.


6. The Forbes Careers

Gear up for career fulfillment with The Forbes Career newsletter, arriving in your inbox like a midweek career boost.

Why we love this email newsletter for career advice: Get expert career advice and job search strategies and leadership knowledge, Forbes Career newsletter equips you with the tools to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of work. Additionally, think about exploring the unique podcast options that Forbes offers to upgrade your work commute.

When to expect it: Free weekly newsletter; every Wednesday.

Where to subscribe: Click here to sign up.


7. LinkedIn Career Newsletter

Unlock the secrets to a successful career in digital marketing with the LinkedIn Career newsletter.

LinkedIn Career Newsletter

Why we love this email newsletter for career advice: Whether you’re looking to refine your digital marketing skills, explore new opportunities, or advance your career, the LinkedIn Career newsletter provides the guidance you need to thrive in the dynamic world of digital marketing. Also, get great tips on how to make a cover letter and snag resume templates that stand out to recruiters.

When to expect it: Free weekly newsletter with a LinkedIn profile.

Where to subscribe: Click here to sign up.


8. ZipRecruiter

Elevate your job search game with the ZipRecruiter newsletter, your trusted career coach on the journey to a successful career change.

ziprecruiter logo

Why we love this email newsletter for career tips: Packed with job search tips, career services, and job interview prep, this newsletter empowers job seekers and professionals alike. Stay ahead of the competition, discover the latest trends, and uncover valuable resources to accelerate your career journey.

When to expect it: Free daily newsletter (can customize when you receive emails).

Where to subscribe: Click here to sign up.


9. Harvard Business Review Newsletters

Dive into a world of cutting-edge insights, thought-provoking articles, and groundbreaking latest news, all curated to fuel your professional growth and leadership development with the Harvard Business Review newsletters.

HBR newsletters

Why we love this email newsletter for career advice: From leadership and innovation to management and entrepreneurship, the Harvard Business Review newsletters provide a treasure trove of knowledge to inspire and guide professionals seeking to make an impact in the business world.

When to expect it: $10 monthly for daily, weekly, and monthly newsletters.

Where to subscribe: Click here to sign up.


People Also Ask These Questions About Career Newsletters

Q: What are career newsletters and why are they essential for professional development?

  • A: Career email newsletters are digital publications that provide valuable insights, advice, and resources to individuals seeking professional growth. They play a vital role in professional development by keeping executives updated on industry trends, offering expert guidance, and providing practical tips to navigate various career-related challenges. These newsletters are trusted companions, empowering individuals to enhance their skills, expand their knowledge, and make informed decisions to advance their careers.

Q: Are career newsletters relevant for individuals at all stages of their careers?

  • A: Absolutely! Career newsletters are relevant for individuals at all stages of their careers as they provide a wealth of information and resources tailored to different professional milestones. Whether you’re just starting out, seeking a career change, or aiming for continuous growth within your current job, these newsletters are a must-subscribe.

Q: How do I choose the right career newsletters that align with my industry and interests?

  • A: To find career newsletters that align with your field and passions, consider exploring options recommended by professionals in your area of expertise, browsing through newsletter directories (like this one!), and reading sample issues to gauge their content relevance. Additionally, please take into account the newsletter’s content, the qualification of the authors, relevance to your field, and whether it resonates with your professional goals, ensuring a perfect alignment between your ambitions and the newsletter’s focus.

Q: Can career newsletters provide me with networking and mentorship opportunities?

  • A: Indeed, career newsletters can be a gateway to networking and mentorship opportunities, as they often feature articles, interviews, and resources that connect professionals within the industry. By engaging with the content, participating in discussions, and reaching out to authors or contributors, you can establish valuable connections, seek mentorship, and expand your professional network through the social media community fostered by career newsletters.

Q: What are some best practices for effectively utilizing and maximizing the benefits of career newsletters?

  • A: To make the most of career newsletters, it’s crucial to prioritize quality over quantity by selecting a few highly relevant ones. Regularly engage with the content, actively participate in discussions or forums, and consider applying the insights gained to your professional life.

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