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⭐ 7 Traits of Successful Female Leaders that Empower Women to Excel

By December 27, 2023 February 23rd, 2024 No Comments

Who runs the world?

Leading ladies with a recipe for success run this world.

This guide offers 7 traits of successful female leaders including confidence, ambition, and vision that allow women leaders to shatter glass ceilings.

The Assist

Studies consistently show that companies with a mix of effective leaders at the top — including strong female voices — tend to outshine the competition. A 2023 Forbes article said a mouthful in just the title – “New Research: Women More Effective Than Men In All Leadership Measures.”

So, it’s not just about raising bars and breaking glass ceilings. We’re talking about unleashing the full gamut of talent that women bring to the table.

But hey, it’s not all serious business. Embrace the learning curve with a grin because let’s face it — whether you’re an entrepreneur starting a small business, you’re launching a Fortune 500, or you’re working for a corporate global giant, the workplace is a bit like a rollercoaster. From staying tech-savvy to perfecting the art of personal development, it’s about consistently adding leadership skills to your arsenal and exhibiting the 7 traits of successful female leaders.

So, whether you’re negotiating a deal or cracking a joke at the water cooler, remember, it’s your time to shine. By championing equality, supporting each other, and constantly growing, you’re not just climbing the career ladder, you’re turning it into a staircase for successful women leaders to follow.

Strap on your best hikers and let’s start this climb!

7 Traits of Successful Female Leaders

7 traits of successful female leaders

Women are increasingly taking the business lead, bringing with them a distinctive set of qualities like emotional intelligence and adaptability that redefine success.

Now, this is not at all a man-bashing conversation! There are certainly plenty of effective male leaders out there as well. We’re simply highlighting the 7 distinctive traits identified in successful female leaders that not only shape their professional journeys but also inspire a paradigm shift in the way we perceive and cultivate leadership potential in the modern world.

1. Confidence 💁‍♀️

Confidence is an invaluable attribute but it’s also the secret sauce in the search for leadership potential, and successful female leaders have it in spades. Picture this: a leader who struts into a room, not with arrogance, but with a self-aware and contagious vibe that says, “I got this, and so do we.” She’s not bulletproof – she’s wearing resilience like a superhero cape and encouraging the whole team to join the adventure.

On the ride of leadership, confidence is the seatbelt that keeps everyone secure. It’s not a solo act but a group dance, where a leader’s belief in herself becomes the rhythm that gets the whole team moving to the beat of innovation. When the going gets tough, and challenges start throwing punches, a confident female leader doesn’t back down. She rallies the troops and turns the obstacle course into a playground.

And here’s the magic – confidence isn’t stingy! It’s not a limited resource but instead, an overflowing cup that she invites everyone to drink from. This creates a workplace where everyone feels like they’re wearing their own invisible superhero cape, ready to conquer the business world together.

🔥 Pro-Tip from The Assist: Embrace the Unconventional Path. Success doesn’t always follow a linear trajectory. Being open to taking unconventional routes in your career and not fearing the detours often leads to new opportunities and unique perspectives that set you apart as a leader.


2. Vision 👀

Imagine a successful female leader as the captain of a ship, navigating uncharted waters with a bold and vivid vision as her North Star. Vision isn’t only being able to see the path ahead, it’s painting a graphic masterpiece of what could be. A visionary leader is like an artist armed with a brush, daring to create a future that exceeds the present. They don’t have a crystal ball but they do have the audacity to imagine, innovate, and inspire.

This visionary prowess is like having a personal GPS. Destination… success. A successful female leader with a clear vision doesn’t just wander — she charts a course that others willingly follow. It’s like a magnetic pull toward a brighter, bolder tomorrow. She’s not just focused on hitting quarterly targets — she’s building a legacy. A visionary leader isn’t afraid to dream big, and in doing so, she invites her team to dream right alongside her. It’s a dynamic, ever-evolving adventure where detours become discoveries and the destination is always worth the journey.

In a world where change is the only constant, a leader’s vision isn’t a fixed snapshot but a moving picture. It’s the ability to adapt, pivot, and recalibrate when necessary, all while keeping the ultimate goal in sharp focus. A successful female leader’s vision isn’t confined to boardroom strategies. It’s a narrative that breathes life into the workplace, making each team member an essential character in the epic tale of achievement and growth. So, here’s to the women leaders who don’t just see the future; they create it — one visionary brushstroke at a time.


3. Courage 💪

The Assist

Courage isn’t an immunity to fear — it’s dancing with it. Giving it a nod and striding confidently into the unknown. Courageous leaders — the true daredevils of the corporate arena — don’t just play it safe. They embrace the exhilarating uncertainty of uncharted territories.

Think of courage as a secret weapon that turns challenges into conquests. A successful female leader armed with courage doesn’t tiptoe around obstacles — she faces them head-on, armed with resilience and determination. Sure, she’s making some tough decisions but it’s more about making the right decisions, even when the ground is shaking beneath her. Courage is a superpower that turns adversity into opportunity.

And let’s not discount the ripple effect of courage. It’s like a contagious spark that ignites the entire team. A leader’s bravery becomes the rallying cry that transforms a group of individuals into a formidable force. It’s infectious, creating a workplace culture where taking calculated risks isn’t just encouraged, it’s celebrated.

Successful female leaders not only break glass ceilings but also shatter the barriers of doubt and fear. Their courage isn’t just a personality trait — it’s a lighthouse guiding others to sail boldly into unknown realms of success.

🔥 Pro-Tip from The Assist: Embrace the Power of “No”. In the world of female leadership, recognizing that “no” is a complete sentence and a perfectly acceptable answer can be transformative. Learn to prioritize your commitments and strategically say “no” to carve out space for what aligns with your goals and values.


4. Resilience 😅

The ultimate Comeback Queens, wearing resilience as a badge of honor. Resilient female leaders are the rockstars of the professional arena, and their secret weapon is an unwavering spirit. When faced with setbacks, a good leader doesn’t crumble. She adjusts her crown and rises up stronger and wiser. She doesn’t avoid the storms — she’s simply learning to dance in the rain. Resilience is the backbone of their journey, turning each stumble into a lesson and transforming every failure into a stepping stone toward success.

Resilience isn’t a solitary action but a collective attitude that echoes throughout the team. A leader’s resilience becomes the anthem that inspires others to face challenges head-on. It creates a workplace atmosphere where setbacks are not roadblocks, but growth opportunities. These successful female leaders not only weather storms but also turn them into legacies of strength.


5. Collaborative 🗣️

Successful female leaders are the ultimate team players, crafting a success story through the art of collaboration. Being collaborative isn’t just a checkbox on their leadership list — it’s a dynamic approach that transforms the working environment into lively communities where ideas flow like conversation and victories are shared like a feast. Great female leaders aren’t just great team builders, they foster a collaborative mindset that turns coworkers into allies.

Thought leaders are the conductors of a symphony, orchestrating a beautiful blend of diverse talents. A successful female leader with a collaborative mindset doesn’t keep ideas to herself. Instead, she fans a creative spark that inspires the entire room. They’re not solo performers but creators of a collective chorus where every voice is not only heard but also valued. For them, collaboration isn’t just a strategy, it’s the magical ingredient that transforms a group of unique individuals into a high-performing team with fantastic retention, with each member playing an indispensable role in the shared success.

Collaboration is so much more than meeting deadlines. A leader’s collaborative spirit becomes the driving force for a workplace where creativity flourishes, and problem-solving becomes a collective journey.

🔥 Pro-Tip from The Assist: Elevate Your Voice. Don’t shy away from amplifying your ideas. Speak up, confidently share your insights, and contribute to discussions. Your unique perspective is a valuable asset and by voicing it, you not only enrich the conversation but also inspire others to do the same.


6. Authenticity ⭐

Championing authenticity means navigating the professional landscape with a genuine spirit that’s as refreshing as Georgia lemonade in August. Authenticity isn’t just a face they put on, it’s the only way they know how to operate. Picture a leader who doesn’t wear a mask but embraces her true self (flaws and all), creating an atmosphere where everyone can be comfortable themselves.

Authenticity is the simple act of being true to oneself and embracing self-confidence. By creating a culture where authenticity is the currency of effective communication, a leader’s genuine spirit becomes the catalyst for an environment where honesty is valued, creativity thrives, hard work is praised, and collaboration flourishes. These are the successful female leaders who don’t just lead, they shine.

Role models are the rebels of conformity, rewriting the rules with a pen of sincerity. A successful female leader with an authentic approach doesn’t play a role. She stars in her own narrative, unapologetically. Instead of fitting into a mold, they’re breaking it and encouraging others to do the same. Authenticity is the magnetic force that builds trust, grows communication skills, and fosters genuine connections in the workplace.


7. Influencer 🤝

Successful female leaders orchestrate change by embodying the key traits of being influential in the workplace. They’re innovators in a world of “average” and they don’t follow the latest trends — they create them

Being an influencer in a leadership role isn’t the same as collecting LinkedIn followers like accolades. Their influence isn’t a one-hit wonder but an ongoing platinum record that cultivates a culture of motivation, initiative, innovation, and collaborative success. Like seasoned performers, these femme fatales understand that true influence isn’t about being in the spotlight — it’s about using their influence to illuminate the talents and potential of every team member.

In the realm of leadership positions, being an influencer is about creating a ripple effect that transcends the individual and ultimately impacts the entire organization. Successful female leaders don’t just talk about success, they embody it — becoming living examples of what can be achieved through dedication, vision, and a pinch of charisma. They are the storytellers of triumphs, using their influence to turn every project into a captivating narrative of collective achievement. Like a well-written song, their influence lingers, inspiring others to pursue success in their own unique ways.

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People Also Ask These Questions About 7 Traits of Successful Female Leaders

Q: Are any of these 7 leadership traits particularly challenging for women based on innate tendencies or social conditioning? How can they be developed?

  • A: To be realistic, any or ALL of these 7 leadership traits can be challenging, baseseveraler of facts. The truth is, women face issues like unrealistic societal expectations, gender bias, limited mentorship offerings, and pay inequality every single day in business. Any of those challenges could derail a successful female leader and slow down the progress of her climb. To develop these 7 traits of successful female leaders, women are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and take chances. Chances like:
    • Applying for a role even if they don’t meet 100% of the requirements.
    • Letting go of engrained beliefs like women don’t belong in certain industries and need to play it safe in their career moves.
    • You are seeking out mentors who can clear the smoke and help you dodge some of the potholes.

Q: Historically, certain sectors like tech and finance lack female leadership. Which 1-2 traits are most critical for rising through the ranks in male-dominated industries?

  • A: While having all 7 traits operating at optimum capacity is the ideal scenario, maintaining courage and confidence rank only slightly above the others. With the challenges women face on their professional career journeys, they must have the confidence to know they belong in the rooms and spaces they’re stepping into, and the courage to embrace any setbacks to find another path forward.

Q: Is there an optimal balance in demonstrating these varying traits or times when showcasing certain ones becomes counterproductive?

  • A: Balancing these 7 traits is like a well-trained dance team. With most dance groups, there’s a lead and then the backups, but the lead isn’t typically in the front of the group for the entire performance. They keep the team in line but will step back to allow others to shine when their moment comes. Adversely, a leader who leans heavily on one of these traits consistently more than the others can throw off the balance of the entire squad. Self-confidence alone won’t win the competition (nor will courage, resilience, vision, etc.). But by understanding your leadership style, assessing your team, prioritizing the goals, and making space for self-care, great leaders can emerge stronger than ever with a balanced leadership approach already in place.

Q: For seasoned female leaders who already exhibit many of these traits, which ones should be focused on refining or strengthening at more senior levels?

  • A: Even seasoned female leaders can’t afford to slack on any one of these traits. Progressing in the corporate world means remaining diligent with education and training, which includes more than learning the latest software program. Corporate relations and employee management are also huge components of your success as a female leader so in essence, women should seek out ways to consistently improve their overall leadership approach. At the same time, female leaders typically excel in soft skills, so leveraging these sub-talents can often give them an advantage in the main 7.

Q: How can female leaders thoughtfully sponsor promising women coming up behind them?

  • A: This is priceless, carnal knowledge that you do not want to let slip out the door after a retirement party. Establishing a mentorship program is a great way to expose your emerging female leaders to the seasoned and sincere knowledge of those already walking the walk. Allow the pros to pass on their wisdom so the new generations can learn from the best while putting their own modern spin on the process.

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