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101 Powerful Positive Affirmations To Improve Your Work Life In 2024 ☀️

By August 25, 2023 January 18th, 2024

Best Positive Affirmations For Work

Can having a positive attitude really translate into happiness and success?

SnackNation thinks the answer to that question lies somewhere in the middle. You can’t just repeat positive statements and hope for the best. Instead, learn how to effectively use positive affirmations as a stepping tool to reach your goals.

The Assist

Positive self-affirmations can help you both in your work life and personal life and are a fantastic way to start your day, get through your day, or end your day. The American businessman, Henry Ford, is credited with the old adage,

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

Ford’s famous quote speaks to how important mindset is to either success or failure. Rather than focusing on the negative and everything that could go wrong, focus on the positive and everything that could and will go right. Tackling your work day with a positive attitude not only boosts your morale but can result in increased productivity at work and help you start your day with confidence and focus.

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Sounds great in theory, right? But what exactly are positive affirmations and how/why do they work? Keep reading to find our list of the 101 powerful positive affirmations for work in 2024.

What are Positive Affirmations?

I got this. 

I will make today a good day.

I am grateful for my health.

Even if you’re not an affirmation pro, chances are you’ve used a positive affirmation at some point in your work or personal life to keep yourself motivated.

Positive affirmations are encouraging statements or phrases that you repeat to yourself in an effort to combat negative thoughts or overcome challenging situations. They’re typically brief yet powerful phrases, either spoken aloud or written down, designed to evoke a positive attitude or mindset.

Similar to how exercise can help boost your physical health, the practice of daily positive affirmations can boost your overall mental health and well-being. Think of positive affirmations as a bootcamp for your mindset. With each affirmation, you put more distance between yourself and negative thoughts, allowing positivity to grow instead.

Positive Affirmations At Work


Why and How Do Positive Affirmations Work?

While some people may dismiss positive affirmations as merely wishful thinking or blind hope, the effect of positive self-affirmations actually has some science behind why and how they work.

Our brains have this wonderful trait called neuroplasticity. This term refers to our brain’s ability to rewire or restructure itself when it needs to adapt, meaning that our brains continue to develop and change throughout our lifetime. By thinking positive thoughts and using daily affirmations, you can alter how your brain works. The more you practice, the stronger the positive thought patterns in your brain become. Eventually, you can rewire your brain to automatically respond to challenging situations in a positive, rather than negative, manner.

In a 2016 study entitled Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to depict that affirmations actually activate the reward centers of the brain. They also found that future-focused affirmations resulted in stronger brain activity reactions than recalling past memories. So when working on your positive affirmation list, give yourself a leg up and use some future-state language to bolster your affirmation’s effectiveness.

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How Do You Effectively Use Positive Affirmations?

Now that you know a bit more about what positive affirmations are and why they work, let’s explore how to best use positive affirmations to your benefit. Below are some tangible tips you can utilize when beginning your journey practicing positive affirmations:

⭐️ Use either present tense or future tense language and avoid using negative words.

⭐️ Practice every day, even multiple times a day if needed. Carve out 5 minutes daily, whether at the beginning of your day, during your lunch break, or at the end of the day, to recite your positive affirmations.

⭐️ Be honest with yourself and keep it real. Don’t just recite stock affirmations that you don’t believe in. Find positive affirmations that resonate with your values and goals. Or try creating affirmations of your own that do.

⭐️ Be patient with yourself. Positive affirmations don’t work overnight. It may take some time to see any changes or results, so stick with your affirmation routine before throwing in the towel.

⭐️ Positive affirmations are not a cure-all. They can’t magically solve all your problems, but they can help you reframe your mindset.


How Can Positive Affirmations Help You At Work?

Positive affirmations can help reduce stress at work and help avoid employee burnout. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with our to-do list or frustrated when met with challenging work situations, but practicing positive affirmations will empower you to face these scenarios with confidence, positivity, and resilience.

Positive affirmations also help create a happier workplace that allows you to tap into your highest potential and boost your self-esteem.

If you’re a people-leader at your company, try encouraging your team to practice positive affirmations as well! Start by sharing your favorite motivational quote or providing positive feedback examples that your team can use in crafting their own affirmations. Getting the whole team excited about utilizing positive affirmations in their work life is a great way to keep your employees engaged and may even boost employee retention levels.


List of 101 Positive Affirmations For Work

Positive Affirmations To Start The Work Day

1) I am strong, smart, and capable. I am good enough and worthy.

2) Today I will strive to do my best.

3) Every day I am learning to become a better me. — The Assist

4) I am excited for the possibilities that today holds.

5) I am fulfilling my purpose in this world. — The Assist

6) I will be productive and wise with my time today so I can achieve my goals.

7) I will be present in every moment. — The Assist

8) Today is an opportunity to learn, grow, and to become a better version of myself.

9) Every day I am better than before. — The Assist

10) My work enhances my life, but does not define who I am.

11) I am focused and productive, making the most of each moment to achieve my goals.

12) I attract success by consistently putting in my best effort and embracing continuous improvement.


Positive Affirmations For Work Success

13) I am creating a work life that inspires and motivates me. — The Assist

14) I am talented, ambitious and making my dreams come true.

15) I have the power to create all the success and prosperity I desire. — The Assist

16) I am willing to put in the work needed to achieve my professional goals.

17) Today I will attract success, abundance and well-being. — The Assist

18) I am consistent in my work. Every day I deliver something of value.

19) I am the author of my own success story.

20) I can accomplish anything through hard work, dedication and focus.

21) Success begins with my mindset and I choose to remain positive.

22) My ability to conquer any challenge is limitless. My potential for success is infinite.

23) I approach challenges with a positive attitude, knowing that each obstacle is an opportunity in disguise.

24) My skills and abilities are constantly growing, allowing me to take on new tasks with confidence.

25) I am a valuable member of my team, contributing my unique strengths to our collective success.


Positive Affirmations To Help With Work Stress

The Assist

26) I can overcome any challenge that comes my way.

27) I use challenges to create new opportunities. — The Assist

28) I will focus on the things I can control and let go of what I can’t.

29) I am imperfect and that is OK. — The Assist

30) I am thankful I have a job and a career path I am passionate about.

31) I handle stressful situations with wisdom and clarity.

32) I exhale negative energy and inhale calmness.

33) Pressure situations bring out the best in me.

34) I have navigated more stressful situations than this and will navigate my way through this one as well.

35) I’m not feeling my best today and that is OK. The work will be there tomorrow and tomorrow is a new day.

36) I am in control of my time and priorities, effectively balancing my work and personal life.


Positive Affirmations To Help With Work Anxiety

37) I am worthy, no matter what I do or don’t accomplish today.

38) To be positive is to be productive.

39) I am letting go of my fears and anxiety.

40) I will not let failures stop me from my goals. — The Assist

41) I am adept at handling any situation and will not let this overwhelm me.

42) This too shall pass.

43) It is okay to make mistakes. Every misstep is a learning opportunity.

44) I choose to react positively to challenging situations.

45) I will move beyond my anxiety through patience and courage.

46) I will avoid negative self-talk and focus on self-care today.

47) My creativity flows effortlessly, enabling me to find innovative solutions to any problem.


Positive Affirmations To Help With Work Life Balance

48) Only good things will flow into my life today and I am claiming it. — The Assist

49) I am creating the life I want both personally and professionally.

50) Today and every day, I will make time to work towards career and personal success.

51) It’s okay to relax and reset after a long day. Rest is not a luxury, but a priority.

52) I am comfortable saying ‘no’ in order to prioritize myself and those most important to me.

53) I will keep my work at work.

54) I know that living a balanced life includes taking time to do nothing at all.

55) My job does not define my worth or who I am.

56) I take time throughout the day for breaks.

57) I make time for my family and friends because they are important to me and make me happy.


Positive Affirmations For Coworkers

58) I have a positive impact on people around me.

59) I respect myself, so others may respect me.

60) I am an inspiring mentor to those around me.

61) I am blessed to have a colleague like [fill in the blank]!

62) I sense love and support from my colleagues. — The Assist

63) My team is creative and inspires me to achieve success.

64) My colleagues and I work together to reach our goals.

65) I can achieve anything with the help of my team.

66) I am surrounded by smart, capable, and supportive individuals.

67) My coworkers bring out the best in me.

68) I radiate enthusiasm and positivity, inspiring those around me to do their best as well.


Positive Affirmations For Difficult Colleagues

69) I sense love and support from my colleagues. — The Assist

70) I treat everyone with respect, even when it’s challenging to do.

71) Even in negative situations, I am committed to finding the positive within it.

72) This person will not derail my day, my goals, or my attitude.

73) It is okay to set boundaries when dealing with difficult individuals.

74) I cannot control others’ actions. I can only control how I respond and will do so in a productive and respectful manner.

75) I will remain calm even when dealing with difficult people or situations.

76) I can interact with difficult colleagues without taking things personally and getting upset.

77) I will use this experience to deepen my understanding of others and improve my professional relationships.

78) I am comfortable speaking honestly and openly with my colleagues and they feel the same way towards me.


Positive Affirmations For A New Job


the assist become a better professional

79) I am open to opportunities. — The Assist

80) I embrace change seamlessly and rise to the new opportunity it presents.

81) I can do great things. — The Assist

82) I am ready for this next step in my career and excited to learn as much as possible.

83) I am confident to speak up and share my ideas and talent.

84) I will step out of my comfort zone and view every day as a learning opportunity.

85) I have unique gifts and talents that are a perfect match for my new job position.

86) This new job is a positive career alignment and aligns with my overall career goals.

87) Not all change is negative. This new role is a positive change that I am embracing wholeheartedly.

88) I am grateful for this new job, new experiences, and new colleagues. This is a fresh start and my time to shine.

89) I am deserving of recognition and advancement, and I confidently seize opportunities for growth.

90) I embrace this new opportunity with excitement and confidence, knowing that I have the skills and qualities to excel in my new role.


Positive Affirmations For A Job Interview

91) My energy will attract the right career opportunity for me.

92) I am a valuable asset to any company.

93) I have the skills needed to excel in this role and am their ideal candidate.

94) I give myself permission to go after what I want. — The Assist

95) I am calm, confident and will highlight my impressive qualifications during this interview.

96) I will answer questions thoughtfully and am excited to engage in a meaningful exchange about this role.

97) This interview is a great opportunity, but it is not the only opportunity I will ever have. No matter the outcome, I will find what is right for me.

98) I have a unique perspective and will eloquently communicate my ideas.

99) My past work experience has prepared me for this dream job and this moment.

100) I have confidence in my abilities and I believe in myself.

101) I am open to learning from every experience, turning setbacks into stepping stones for advancement.


People Also Ask These Questions About Positive Affirmations

Q: What can I say to coworkers to motivate them?

  • A: If you’re looking to motivate or reward your team, starting with positive feedback or affirmations is a great place to begin. Keep your coworkers motivated by recognizing their strengths, successes, and contributions.

Q: How long do positive affirmations take to work?

  • A: There’s no set timeline that works for everyone, but try sticking with reciting daily positive affirmations for a minimum of 30 days. Just like any habit or routine, it takes a while to make positive affirmations a habitual practice.

Q: What are positive things you can say to yourself when you are stressed?

  • A: Some positive things you can say to yourself when stressed include simple statements highlighting your strengths or acknowledging your effort. For example, “I am capable and can do this” or “I will work hard and do my best.” Also, try telling yourself to let go of what you can’t control and focus on what you can.

Q: How can I incorporate positive affirmations regularly with my team at work?

  • A:  Try incorporating positive affirmations into team meetings or 1:1 sessions. We tend to think of positive affirmations as a solo practice, but it also helps to hear positive feedback from colleagues or management to help employees feel recognized and appreciated.

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