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Episode 113 | A Creative’s Guide to Building an Irresistible Brand Identity

By July 29, 2019 November 5th, 2021

Episode 113 | A Creative’s Guide to Building an Irresistible Brand Identity

with SnackNation Creative Director Eric Wilkinson

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How important is my logo? Should I hire a full time designer?  Do I need to rebrand? Can I rebrand? What’s a brand book anyway?

This week we learn the answer to all these questions and more from veteran Creative Director Eric Wilkinson, who teaches us the secrets of creating an irresistible brand identity.

Brand Checklist (make sure your brand does this if you want a brand that sells)

  • Design a scalable logo – your logo isn’t your brand, but it does need to do a job, and scalability is the most important factor. Design a logo that is legible at a variety of sizes, including on a mobile screen.
  • Invest in high quality lifestyle and product imagery – a picture tells a thousand words. Invest in imagery that tells the right story. It’s arguably the most important brand touchpoint.
  • Maintain a consistent voice across all channels – in our social media age, so much of your brand is communicated through copy. Nailing that voice is critical.
  • Create consistent URLs and social handles/tags – again, because social media is often the primary means of communicating your brand, avoid confusion with consistency across all platforms.
  • Develop your Brand Book – this exercise ensures internal alignment and brand consistency across all channels.
  • Hit the streets! Your brand can – and should – change with your customer. Get that feedback early and often


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