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Episode 109 | How to Leverage PR Like a Boss and Not Waste Money, with Sabina Gault (Konnect Agency)

By July 1st, 2019

Episode 109 | How to Leverage PR Like a Boss and Not Waste Money,

with Sabina Gault (Konnect Agency)

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This week on Brand Builder, how to leverage PR like a boss, without wasting money.

Some brands are a little wary of PR. They’re afraid of throwing their money away on something they don’t quite understand. They might have even felt burned in the past by an agency who over-promised and under-delivered. 

Why does this happen? Because the media landscape moves so quickly. The PR tactics you used 18 or even 12 months ago just aren’t as effective today. Each year you have throw out your playbook and start fresh. 

This week’s guest is Sabina Gault, the CEO of Konnect Agency. She’s here to tell you how to design campaigns that succeed in today’s media landscape, and how to continually evolve your approach, so that you can make PR work for you without wasting time and money.

Konnect is a consumer public relations firm based in LA, New York, Austin, and Denver that just celebrated their 10 year anniversary. They are change agents for food & beverage, franchise, lifestyle and family brands, reaching Millennials, entrepreneurs, health-minded consumers and moms. Clients include some big names, like KRAVE, Lenny & Larry’s, 4505, Kodiak Cakes, Lyft, TEDxLA, Skyzone, and more.


  • PR in our fractured media age. Things are just different now – one splashy campaign used to move the needle. Now, you need a multi-channel approach. 
  • Effective storytelling – and how to connect types of stories you tell with the business outcomes you want.


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