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Episode 94 | How The Wine RayZyn Company Turned Tragedy into Triumph

By March 18th, 2019

Episode 94 | How The Wine RayZyn Company Turned Tragedy into Triumph,

with Wine RayZyn founder Andrew Cates

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Resilience is something that every entrepreneur needs – and that this week’s guest has in spades.
We’re talking to Andrew Cates, the co-founder of the Wine RayZyn Co. Andrew takes superfood wine grapes, dries them, and covers them in dark chocolate – to make Cabernazyn, Merlayzyn, and Chardonayzyn Wine RayZyns. The result is a healthy yet indulgent snack loaded with antioxidants.
We ran through a ton of topics with Andrew, including his founding story and the on-the-ground way he stays close his customers. But perhaps the biggest lesson was on the topic of resilience.
As you’ll hear Andrew, faced catastrophic loss after the devastating Napa fires of 2017, and it was his resilient spirit that enabled him not just to persevere, but to emerge triumphant. How he rose from the ashes is enough to inspire anyone.


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