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10 Delicious Snack Boxes For Corporate Events In 2024

By October 11, 2022 February 21st, 2024 No Comments

Whether it’s team-building, a big meeting, a corporate retreat, or something as simple as a virtual happy hour, your company will host plenty of corporate events in its lifespan.

One smart, easy way to elevate these corporate events is by providing snack boxes for everyone to enjoy! Whether they provide much-needed energy or are just something tasty to spread joy, you’ll be glad you added snack boxes to your corporate event planning list.

Read on to learn about 10 delicious snack boxes for corporate events in 2024!

Why order snack boxes for your next corporate event?

Here’s why you should consider ordering snack boxes for your next corporate event…

1) Having snacks at a corporate event will help keep everyone’s energy up, so everyone can stay attentive and engaged throughout the day.

2) Delicious snacks will help elevate people’s moods, turning your corporate event into a happier, more positive occasion.

3) Providing snacks shows how much you value your corporate event’s attendees, which leads to a sense of trust between your company and those at your corporate event.


What types of snacks are included in corporate event snack boxes?

Here are some of the snacks you can expect to find in a corporate event snack box. While every snack box will be different, you expect a good mix of healthy snacks to energize your recipients and get them ready for an unforgettable workplace experience.

➤ Cookies

Thinsters-Cookies-Chocolate-ChipWhether they’re chocolate chip, macadamia, raisin, or Snickerdoodle, cookies are a sweet treat to turn around anyone’s mood. Snack boxes come with single servings or cookie packs, although how many you end up eating is up to you.


➤ Crackers & Chips

A salty treat that’s perfect for mid-meeting munching, crackers and chips are great for sustained meeting snacking. Plus, with individually packaged snacks, you don’t have to worry about portion control (or the office double-dippers!)


➤ Snack Bars

If you need a quick pick-me-up with great flavor or a between meals holdover, corporate snack boxes come packed with energy-boosting snack bars. These bars will give you a boost and a treat all in one tiny package.


➤ Meats and Jerky

For a more substantial snack, many corporate event snack boxes come stocked with meats and jerky. Take a bite of jerky to experience fantastic flavor and some much-needed protein. No cooking is required!


➤ Nuts & Seeds

With nuts and seeds, you’ll have an easy-to-eat, high-protein snack that won’t kill you in the calorie department. Nuts and seeds are a great treat if you want something to munch on but don’t want to dip into the candies or chips.


➤ Chocolate + Candy

When you’re looking for flavor and a lot of it, you should reach for the chocolate and candy. Sweet, sour, or savory, these sweet treats are the perfect jolt of flavor and joy to get you through any workday challenges.


➤ Dried Fruits

Looking for a fruity treat without worrying about encroaching expiration dates? Dried fruits pack in all the flavors of fruit but are built to be easily stored, preserved, and snacked on! Dried fruit is a nutritional, tasty choice for any corporate event.


List of Snack Boxes for Corporate Events

Here are great snack boxes for you to consider choosing for your next corporate event.

1. 12 Snacks + Coffee

Snacks + Coffee Box

This snack box is a wonderful choice for smaller or medium-sized corporate events. With 12 better-for-you snacks (which included chips, jerky, something for the sugar tooth, and more) along with a ready-to-brew bag of Palindrome coffee beans. Everyone at the corporate event can grab a personal bag of snacks and sip on a cup of coffee to keep them happy and attentive no matter the meeting or presentation.

This snack box is perfect for: Conferences

Snack Highlight: While the better-for-you snacks can’t be beaten, the package of Palindrome coffee beans combines the caffeine people crave with a taste that can’t be beaten.

Where to find: 12 Snacks + Coffee


2. Holiday Snack Box

Step up your holiday office party, or just add the holiday spirit to your December daily meetings with the Holiday Snack Box. The Holiday Snack Box comes strapped with 15 holiday-inspired snacks to get your team in the holiday mood while giving them something delicious to munch on. Whether they’re sitting next to the punch bowl during the office party or in the break room throughout December, there won’t be a single Grinch when it comes to the Holiday Snack Box.

This snack box is perfect for: Holiday parties

Snack Highlight: Rip Van Wafels are a delicious treat that’ll remind you of a special family breakfast one holiday morning.

Where to find: Holiday Snack Box


3. Mindful + Calm Box


Take a deeeeeep breath. In. Out. In. Out. You should be feeling nothing but zen, especially if you’re upgrading your corporate event with the Mindful + Calm Box. This corporate gift box is inner peace in a single, mailable package. Along with four better-for-you snacks, the Mindful + Calm box contains a journal, a reusable water bottle, and a stress ball to keep anyone centered and mentally balanced.

This snack box is perfect for: Virtual events 

Snack Highlight: The better-for-you snacks provide the perfect meeting of delicious flavor and guilt-free enjoyment—sounds like a win for your team’s mental health!

Where to find: Mindful + Calm Box


4. 30 Snack Box


If you need a whole heap of delicious snacks, you’ve come to the right place. No matter the corporate event, the 30 Snack Box will give everyone some healthy office snacks to enjoy. With snacks for any flavor profile, your team can enjoy something salty, something savory, or something sweet. Just drop this box on the conference table during the next allhands, or send a box to each remote employee to give them something to enjoy for the whole month.

This snack box is perfect for: Company allhands

Snack Highlight: Who could possibly pick just one favorite snack in the 30 Snack Box?

Where to find: 30 Snack Box


5. Sips + Snacks


To really boost your virtual happy hour, you can’t go wrong with the Sips + Snacks box. With tasty treats and a bottle of wine, the Sips + Snacks box will get everyone ready for a relaxing drink and a little bonding time with the team. Plus, with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, everyone can benefit from the Sips + Snacks box ending up at their door.

This snack box is perfect for: Virtual happy hour

Snack Highlight: With either a bottle of red wine or Töst non-alcoholic wine, the Sips half of the equation is a true game-changer.

Where to find: Sips + Snacks


6. 8 Snack Box

Whether you’re hosting a virtual team building or an in-person event, the 8 Snack Box should be on your corporate event planning checklist. Eight snacks can please a single employee, or be just enough for everyone to have a nibble during a team meeting. Either way, you’ll have a platter of better-for-you snacks for all your snacking needs.

This snack box is perfect for: Team meeting

Snack Highlight: While every snack in the box is delicious, the Partake cookie is hard to pass up.

Where to find: 8 Snack Box


7. Hot Cocoa Bundle

Combat winter weather and chilly nights with this excellent snack box for corporate events or retreats—the Hot Cocoa Bundle! This piping hot gift comes with a three-pack of mini-flavored cocoa mixes plus a large tin of classic cocoa. Give everyone a little cozy heat, no matter the corporate event, with the hot cocoa bundle.

This snack box is perfect for: Corporate retreats

Snack Highlight: As if there was any doubt: the highlight here is the hot cocoa!

Where to find: Hot Cocoa Bundle


8. Popcorn Snacktime Gift

Here’s a virtual event idea: classic movie night! And what better way to get everyone on your team in the mood for the cinema than with the Popcorn Snacktime Gift! Don’t limit this present to movie nights, however: any activity or celebration at work will pop off with this salty, buttery delight. This gift box comes with 12 pop cups in four different flavors, along with a ready popcorn popping bowl. Just toss it in the microwave and get ready for a wonderful popcorn snack.

This snack box is perfect for: Virtual events

Snack Highlight: We don’t want to be too controversial here, but we’re going to have to go with the popcorn.

Where to find: Popcorn Snacktime Gift


9. Wooden Crate Nut Gift

A classy choice for a celebration at work or team building activity, the Wooden Crate Nut Gift is a great snack in a unique, memorable package. That’s right, this is a collection of gourmet nuts in a fashionable wooden crate! Everyone on your team can enjoy a protein-packed treat and walk away with a reusable box!

This snack box is perfect for: Team building events

Snack Highlight: This package includes cashews, pistachios, almonds, pecans, and more. If we had to pick a highlight, we’d say the glazed pecans.

Where to find: Wooden Crate Nut Gift


10. Holiday Treats Tin

There’s no holiday gift quite like a collection of delicious snacks. A beautiful package containing beautiful, tasty food, the Holiday Treats Tin will benefit any holiday party, whether it’s taken over the break room or is a hosted virtual event taking place entirely over Zoom. With classic holiday treats like white chocolate-covered pretzels, peanut brittle, and chocolate candy cane cups, you’ll be spreading holiday cheer one tin at a time!

This snack box is perfect for: Holiday parties

Snack Highlight: While everything in the Holiday Treats Tin is wonderful, the caramel balls are a truly decadent snack.

Where to find: Holiday Treats Tin


People Also Ask These Questions About Snack Boxes For Corporate Events

Q: What are snack boxes for corporate events?

  • A: Snack boxes for corporate events are a way to add a little tasty excitement to your retreats, meetings, and virtual events. Containing many mixtures of good treats and hearty bites, snack boxes will upgrade your corporate event.

Q: What are the benefits of ordering snack boxes for your event guests?

  • A: The benefits of ordering snack boxes for your corporate event guests include engendering a sense of appreciation and putting everyone in a positive mood.

Q: What are some types of corporate event snack boxes for conferences?

  • A: There are many types of corporate event boxes for conferences, including boxes with an assortment of snacks, boxes with snacks and wine, and boxes with specific treats like popcorn or hot cocoa.

Q: How do I choose the right snack box for my virtual event?

  • A: You can choose the right snack box for your virtual event by considering your budget and the tone you want to set for the event. A popcorn treat sends a very different message than a bottle of wine!

Q: How much do event snack boxes normally cost?

  • A: There’s a wide range of prices for how much event snack boxes normally cost. Expect one box to cost between $30 and $115, however.

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