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31 Best Snack Gift Boxes & Baskets for Any Occasion In 2021

By January 4, 2021 August 30th, 2021 No Comments

Best-Snack-Gift-Boxes-And-BasketsSnack boxes and gift baskets deliver experiences.

When you give a foodie a gourmet gift basket, you’re really giving them an unforgettable flavor sensation and taking them on a journey of taste bud discovery. When you give loved ones subscription boxes of snacks that support their healthy lifestyle, you’re really empowering them to enjoy the journey toward their goals.

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That’s why boxes and baskets make great gifts: because they accomplish what single items can’t.

Take, for example, the experience of Caroo CEO, Sean Kelly, who explains the importance of engaging with your employees in 2021:

“Work is far less office-centric, and consists of an ever-changing mix of virtual and in-person collaboration. This makes employee connection both more important and harder to achieve. Caroo was designed to fill this gap, and ensure work-from-anywhere employees feel inspired, cared for, and appreciated.”

Browse the selections below to find a snack basket or box that delivers the kind of experience you’re proud to give.

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Best Snack Gift Boxes

1) 15-Snack Box

A box bursting with a variety of fan-favorite healthy snacks.

Why you’ll love it: This box allows you to create a mini feast of wholesome snacks that will uplift your body and spirit. Plus, with so many snacks in one box, this gift can last for days and days.

Best for: That person who’s always asking where all the snacks are. (Even though they’re totally the one who ate them all!)

Price: $26.95+

Where to get it: 15-Snack Box


2) Canadian Snacks Box

Canadian Snacks : Food BoxThe perfect gift for homesick Canadians or really all snackers who want to try something a little bit different, this box comes packed with delicacies such as maple cookies, white cheddar macaroni and cheese, and ketchup-loaded potato chips.

Why you’ll love it: It infuses any snacking game with plenty of deliciousness and a few surprises you can’t find on the shelves of American grocery stores.

Best for: The gourmand who never wants to eat the same snack twice.

Price: $24.42+

Where to get it: Canadian Snacks Box


3) Sips + Snacks Box

Sips-Snacks-BoxA premium box filled with healthy packaged snacks and a few sumptuous sips to wash them all down with. It delivers a full bistro experience in a convenient box.

Why you’ll love it: This box was inspired by the delectable charcuterie platters we know and love. It delivers all the delight of those unforgettable tasting experiences straight to your recipients’ front door.

Best for: Wine connoisseurs.

Price: $51.95+

Where to get it: Sips + Snacks Box


4) A Sweet Thanks, Deluxe

A bounteous corporate gift box filled to the brim with sweet treats, including chocolate covered pretzel twists, dark chocolate and pecan toffee, and rosemary shortbread cookies.

Why you’ll love it: This box is all about variety. It delivers treats that are sweet without being too sweet and that also incorporate interesting flavors, such as rosemary and sea salt, into the snacking experience.

Best for: Anyone with a discerning sweet tooth.

Price: $80.00

Where to get it: A Sweet Thanks, Deluxe


5) Naked Snacks Box

Naked SnacksA box filled with wholesome snacks, such as dried fruit, that highlight nature’s best flavors and require no embellishments.

Why you’ll love it: It gives you exactly what you need to enjoy the treat of a good snack while keeping your health goals top of mind and intact. These snacks will invigorate you instead of weighing you down.

Best for: Health nuts, including anyone who thinks fresh fruit is the absolute perfect snack.

Price: $24.95+

Where to get it: Naked Snacks Box


6) Fit Snack Box

Fit SnackA box of snacks designed to help, and not hinder, progress on your fitness journey. (How many other snacks can boast that?)

Why you’ll love it: This better-for-you snack assortment includes new and old favorites for anyone on a fitness plan or special diet like keto or low-carb.

Best for: That person who loves experimenting with all the latest dieting and fitness trends.

Price: $27.90+

Where to get it: Fit Snack Box


7) Snack + Coffee Box

snacks_coffeeDelectable coffee and invigorating snacks that deliver a double-dose of energy and inspiration. It provides a perfect morning or afternoon pick-me-up.

Why you’ll love it: This mix of nourishment and energy is perfect as an everyday treat and even works as a care package to get anyone past a little slump.

Best for: People who seem to live at the neighborhood coffee shop

Price: $26.95+

Where to get it: Snack + Coffee Box


8) Beer Tasting Bites Box

Beer-Tasting-BitesA box full of small-batch savory snacks that taste amazing with your favorite beer but also stand alone for anytime snacking.

Why you’ll love it: The crunch of thick-cut potato chips, the tang of artisan mustard, and the cheddary goodness of popcorn…all these flavor and texture sensations infuse plenty of interest and comfort into any beer tasting ritual.

Best for: The craft beer aficionado.

Price: $34.00

Where to get it: Beer Tasting Bites Box


9) Earth Friendly Goods Box

Earth Friendly GoodsA box of eco-friendly and delectable treats like vanilla-and-citrus scented black tea and chocolate chip and cranberry cookies made from whole grains.

Why you’ll love it: It’s everything you need to relax with some treats while also feeling decidedly zen about your environmental impact.

Best for: The eco-conscious snackers and shoppers in your life.

Price: $70.00

Where to get it: Earth Friendly Goods Box


10) HealthyMe Living

HealthyMe Living Snack BoxA pack of goodies that were hand-selected by a Certified Holistic Health Coach.

Why you’ll love it: It will open your mind to new possibilities in snacking. Maybe you always considered snacking a weakness in your healthy lifestyle plans. Well, all the treats in this box prove you can balance your health and fitness with your favorite snacks.

Best for: The person who always has a new lifestyle or fitness goal.

Price: $26.99+

Where to get it: HealthyMe Living


11) Energizing Delights

Local honey, rooibos tea, and robust quinoa bites are just a few of the treats you’ll find inside this treasure chest of invigorating snacks and beverages.

Why you’ll love it: It provides the energizing kick of a cup of coffee while introducing recipients to snacks they’re going to want to keep stocked on their shelves forever after.

Best for: The person whose favorite accessory is a mug of coffee or tea.

Price: $82.00

Where to get it: Energizing Delights


12) The Great British Teabreak Box

The Great British Teabreak BoxIf you’ve never gotten into the age-old British tradition of tea time, then this box will get you into it and also make you a true believer.

Why you’ll love it: Tea time is about more than just drinking tea. It’s about taking a few minutes of refreshing “me time” in the middle of a busy morning. You’ll love discovering how this simple practice makes your mornings way more enjoyable.

Best for: The person who’s always trying to get lunch way too early.

Price: $29.33+

Where to get it: The Great British Teabreak Box


13) Vegancuts Monthly Snack Box

Vegancuts Monthly Snack BoxA box of the month club featuring adventurous and delicious plant-based snacks to delight any palate.

Why you’ll love it: You’ll love discovering delectable snacks that also follow the rules of your vegan diet. Each healthy food gift box will introduce you to new go-tos you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Best for: The dedicated vegan or animal-rights activist in your life

Price: $23.95+

Where to get it: Vegancuts Monthly Snack Box


14) Gluten Free Box

Gluten-Free Healthy TreatsThe ultimate assortment of gluten free snacks, such as organic salted olive oil plantain chips, granola bars with wild blueberries and pistachios, and fruit strips made from passion fruit.

Why you’ll love it: Following a gluten free diet doesn’t mean you have to live a life of deprivation. This box will show you just how many delicious snacks you can eat while maintaining a gluten-less lifestyle.

Best for: Anyone who frequently laments how everything has gluten.

Price: $54.00

Where to get it: Gluten Free Box


15) MexiCrate

MexiCrateMexican treats that provide authentic flavor and require no travel.

Why you’ll love it: You’ll love experiencing the flavors of another culture without leaving your living room. (You’ll also be delighted to access treats you’ve never seen available in any of your local grocery stores.)

Best for: The world traveler.

Price: $6.31+

Where to get it: MexiCrate


16) Bokksu

BokksuA vacation to Japan, brought to you by authentic gourmet snacks that are delicious and transporting.

Why you’ll love it: Exciting new flavor profiles and combinations will open your eyes to new possibilities, new flavor sensations, and new treats you’ll want to have on a regular basis. (This box might even inspire you to go ahead and book that trip to Japan you’ve been dreaming of for years.)

Best for: The frequent traveler.

Price: $36.99+

Where to get it: Bokksu

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Best Snack Gift Baskets

17) Grand Gourmet Gift Basket

Grand-Gourmet-Gift-BasketA deluxe gift set packed with enough goodies to make absolutely anyone’s snacking dreams come true. There’s something here for sweet, savory, and picky snackers.

Why you’ll love it: Cocoa-dusted truffles, gourmet olives, and naan crisps are just a few of the delicious reasons you and anyone else will love this ultimate food gift.

Best for: The gourmet chef.

Price: $53.95

Where to get it: Grand Gourmet Gift Basket


18) Buffalo Bills Jerky Sampler

Buffalo-Bills-Jerky-SamplerA meaty collection of delectable jerkies. Enjoy thick country-cut beef that has been hickory-smoked, kissed with maple pepper, and infused with other unforgettable flavor sensations.

Why you’ll love it: This gift basket is actually a practical cooler. So even after you’ve tasted each tender piece of jerky, you can still get plenty of use out of this gift basket.

Best for: Enthusiastic carnivores.

Price: $59.99

Where to get it: Buffalo Bills Jerky Sampler


19) “The Office” Snack Basket

The-Office-Gift-Snack-BoxA selection of snacks and goodies inspired by everyone’s favorite office TV show.

Why you’ll love it: You’ll feel like a real Dunder Mifflin employee. You can even pretend you’re talking to your favorite characters.

Best for: The Michael Scott or Dwight Shrute in your life

Price: $40.00+

Where to get it: “The Office” Snack Basket


20) New York “Food Tour in a Box”

Food-Tour-BoxAll the treats you need to take a delicious “tour” of Saratoga Springs, New York. This assortment includes delectable local honey, spices, and peanut butter and crackers—all which perfectly capture local flavor.

Why you’ll love it: Flavorful items take you on a mini break when you feel like you just have to get away but you don’t actually have the time or resources to take off for a weekend getaway.

Best for: Interstate travelers

Price: $70.00

Where to get it: New York “Food Tour in a Box”


21) Chocolate Covered Pretzel Basket

Holiday-Pretzel-Gift-BasketA basket that pays homage to everyone’s noble sweet-and-salty favorite, the chocolate covered pretzel.

Why you’ll love it: It features every kind of chocolate covered pretzel you ever wanted to sample. (Plus, a few other chocolate covered items that will also delight you.)

Best for: The person who can’t get enough of that sweet-and-salty flavor.

Price: $37.00

Where to get it: Chocolate Covered Pretzel Basket


22) Just Add Ice Cream Christmas Snack Basket

Ice-Cream-Gift-BasketThe perfect Christmas gift for the ice cream fanatic in your life, this basket includes cones, sprinkles, and tons of toppings to turn every day into an ice cream party to remember.

Why you’ll love it: It reminds you to treat every occasion for eating ice cream like the spectacular party it should be.

Best for: Anyone who believes in the “ice cream for dinner” diet.

Price: $33.00

Where to get it: Just Add Ice Cream Christmas Snack Basket


23) Movie Day Gift Basket

Movie-Night-Gift-BasketAll the snacks you need to recreate a cinematic movie-viewing experience at home or in the office.

Why you’ll love it: Enjoy all your favorite movie-theater concessions without the long lines or the high price tags.

Best for: Your favorite hungry cinephile.

Price: $35.00+

Where to get it: Movie Day Gift Basket


24) Gift Basket Village A Taste Of Italy

A Taste of Italy Gift BasketAll the greatest hits from an Italian grandmother’s kitchen, packaged for sharing and gifting.

Why you’ll love it: You’ll love savoring the authentic Italian ingredients and then using the gift basket, which is really a durable colander, to make inspired dishes night after night.

Best for: The pasta fanatic.

Price: $60.00+

Where to get it: Gift Basket Village A Taste Of Italy


25) Korean Snack Gift Basket

SeoulboxA box of flavorful Korean snacks you’ll love as much as you love K-pop.

Why you’ll love it: It features flavors that will immerse you in Korean culture, even if you’ve never traveled there yourself.

Best for: The global snack explorer.

Price: $63.20

Where to get it: Korean Snack Gift Basket


26) Beehive Cheese Gift Basket

Beehive-Cheese-Gift-BasketThis collection of artfully created cheeses delivers a flavor experience you would never expect to be so delicious. Try cheese that has been cold-smoked with walnut shells or hand-rubbed with espresso and lavender.

Why you’ll love it: This basket proves that even the most adamant cheese lovers can still learn something new about their favorite snack. These cheeses have bold personalities and subtle depths you won’t find at your neighborhood grocer.

Best for: The cheddar cheese guru.

Price: $44.99

Where to get it: Beehive Cheese Gift Basket


27) Gift Basket For Men

Mens-Gift-BoxBourbon butter cake and beer cheese pretzels give any man (or really any bourbon lover) the perfect time-out treat to savor.

Why you’ll love it: This box features classic snacks infused with adult flavors of bourbon and beer. Who wouldn’t love trying their favorite snacks with a flavorful twist?

Best for: Your favorite bourbon lover.

Price: $63.50

Where to get it: Gift Basket For Men


28) Dried Fruit Basket

Fruit-Gift-BasketLuscious dried fruit arranged like glistening gems for a gorgeously unforgettable basket presentation.

Why you’ll love it: The beautiful basket doubles as a statement fruit bowl you can use to display fruity treasures long after you’ve enjoyed the contents of this gift.

Best for: The fruit fanatic.

Price: $42.99

Where to get it: Dried Fruit Basket


29) Spicy Snack Basket

Spicy-Snack-BasketA care package of the best of the best spicy, sour, and sweet snacks available.

Why you’ll love it: Big flavors are satisfying flavors, and this box delivers a concentrated punch of the boldest flavor sensations out there. Get your fix of steamy spice and then suck on something sour. There’s nothing bland about this box.

Best for: Anyone who believes snacks should be bold.

Price: $22.00

Where to get it: Spicy Snack Basket


30) Hot Sauce Gift Basket

Hot-Sauce-Gift-BasketThe best gift for that person you know who puts hot sauce on everything and anything, no questions asked.

Why you’ll love it: This box features both beloved and brand new Tabasco themed treats. Sample the Tabasco chocolate bar you never knew existed and whip up your favorite salami and spicy mayo sandwich.

Best for: Anyone with hot sauce coursing through their veins

Price: $44.99+

Where to get it: Hot Sauce Gift Basket


31) Champagne Toast Gift Basket


For when you have an occasion that needs a perfect toast to celebrate.

Why you’ll love it: Champagne and mimosa cocktail mixers make any event a toast-worthy occasion.

Best for: The person who loves to celebrate with some bubbly.

Price: $54.99

Where to get it: Champagne Toast Gift Basket

People Also Ask These Questions About Snack Gift Boxes & Baskets

Q: What kinds of snacks go into a gift basket?

  • A: All kinds of snacks can go into a gift basket or box. When planning your assortment, first select a focusing theme and then select a variety of snacks that fit into that theme. This will ensure even a large quantity of snacks feels like part of one cohesive gift.

Q: When should I send a snack box as a gift?

  • A: Send a snack gift box on special occasions you want to celebrate and also during life events or struggles when you want to offer support.

Q: Can I order a custom snack box gift?

  • A: You can order a custom snack box gift packed with selections catered around your specifications. Check out this list of snack gift box ideas to find vendors who can handle custom requests.

Q: What are the best snack box gifts for delivery?

  • A: The best snack gift boxes for delivery include Cratejoy’s Mexicrate, Caroo’s Sips + Snacks box, and Packed with Purpose’s Energizing Delights box. Check out this list of ideas to find even more gift boxes that are ready to ship.

Q: Are there healthy snack gift baskets?

  • A: Yes, there are plenty of healthy snack gift baskets and boxes. For example, Cratejoy offers a box filled with vegan goodies and Packed with Purpose offers a box packed with eco-friendly and better-for-you snacks.

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