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15 Delicious Corporate Food Gifts To Order For Employees & Clients

By September 27, 2022 May 3rd, 2023 No Comments


Whether you’re trying to thank an individual coworker, a whole team, your most valued clients, or even a day-to-day customer, corporate food gifts are a fantastic way to show appreciation and give a valuable (and delicious) reward.

Luckily, ordering corporate food gifts is easier than ever: with online corporate gifting services, all you need to do is pick the right gift for your needs and everything else is done for you.

Don’t wait to treat your employees or customers—give them something to snack on now! Here are 15 delicious corporate food gifts to order for your employees and clients in 2023.

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15 Corporate Food Gift Ideas

1) Winter Celebration

Get the holiday season started on the right foot with the Winter Celebration food gift. This bulk Christmas (or another winter holiday) gift will get anyone in a celebratory mood with themed treats like ‘sweet snowballs,’ hot cocoa, and a winter wonderland chocolate bar. Plus… socks! Whether you’re stuffing their office stocking or sending it to their front door, anyone will appreciate the Winter Celebration gift.

Why we love this corporate food gift: This holiday gift contains tasty treats specifically centered around the holiday season, adding a little extra care and warmth to the cold winter months.

Best for: Employees

Price: $79

Where to find it: Winter Celebration


2) Mindful + Calm


Who knew mental wellness could be so tasty? The Mindful + Calm corporate gift box combines wellness products with a slew of healthy snacks. With a journal, a tumbler, a stress ball, and more, the Mindful + Calm is a customer appreciation gift that allows anyone to destress and center themselves. Plus, the delicious snacks will put anyone in a good mood!

Why we love this corporate food gift: Combining wellness gifts with yummy snacks in one gift box allows recipients to press reset while having a special treat.

Best for: Customers

Price: $69

Where to find it: Mindful + Calm


3) Treat Your (S)elf Box

You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf. But how about Elf in the Gift Box? With the Treat Your (S)elf Box, you can gift your coworkers a box that’ll get the holiday season started right. With a special Elf-themed chocolate bar, candy wreaths, a popcorn treat, a wireless charger, and a candle, there’s a little bit of everything to get your coworker ho-ho-hopping with joy.

Why we love this corporate food gift: With both holiday-themed treats and a few gifts that could sit under the tree, the Treat Your (S)elf is worthy of Santa’s workshop.

Best for: Coworkers

Price: Take this 60-second quiz to get personalized results

Where to find it: Treat Your (S)elf Box


4) Happy Hour Box

Give your employees an appreciation gift to enjoy after work hours (or at a team toast) with the Happy Hour Box. The Happy Hour Box is perfect when paired with an alcohol-themed gift, although the box can be enjoyed by drinkers and non-drinkers alike.

With a tumbler, a cocktail kit, a fun game, and a bevy of healthy packaged snacks, this box have everything you need for a high-spirited after-work cooldown.

Why we love this corporate food gift: This gift encourages your employees to take a breather, relax, and unwind after a day of hard work.

Best for: Employees

Price: $69

Where to find it: Happy Hour Box


5) 30-Pack Snack Box

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks—a whopping thirty of them to be exact! Keep your team member’s cabinets stocked for a month (or a week—we’re not judging) with this 30-pack snack box.

That’s one box, shipped right to your office or an employee’s door, filled with a unique mix of tasty, healthy snacks. Whether it’s a welcome gift for a new employee or a thank you for a job well done, this snack box will brighten any mood and get people munching, guilt-free!

Why we love this corporate food gift: There’s no need to reinvent the wheel—people love snacks and you just sent thirty of them.

Best for: Teams

Price: $59

Where to find it: 30-Pack Snack Box


6) Work Anniversary Gift


Whether it’s the end of their first or fifteenth year at your company, any employee will appreciate a Work Anniversary Gift. This thank you gift will enliven either an in-office party or your remote employee’s at-home celebration. With snacks, party favors, a personalized card, and a special drink, the Work Anniversary Gift will make this a milestone to remember.

Why we love this corporate food gift: By recognizing your employee with a thoughtful gift full of good snacks, you’ll show how much you appreciate the time they’ve given to the company.

Best for: Employees

Price: $55

Where to find it: Work Anniversary Gift


7) Flavored Popcorn Gift


Movie night or not, there’s no better snack than some flavored popcorn, which means there are few better snack gifts than the Flavored Popcorn box! This simple, delicious gift comes with one popcorn popper and four different flavors of Opopop popcorn.

Whether they’re enjoying the popcorn during their lunch break or after hours, this is a smart gift to butter up your favorite customers.

Why we love this corporate food gift: Simple, inexpensive, and delicious, the Flavored Popcorn Gift is a great gift.

Best for: Customers

Price: $35

Where to find it: Flavored Popcorn Gift


8) Tea + Cookies Gift

Tea and cookies are one of the best duos of all time, in the pantheon of pairings alongside peanut butter and jelly or bacon and eggs. Plus, tea and cookies can serve as a fantastic mental health break, with a calming cup of hot tea and a tasty treat being just what people need to recharge.

Whether you’re in HR or on the ad team, you can send your whole team this office gift so they can enjoy a tea time of their own. The gift comes with six chocolate chip cookies, three different teas and a jar of raw honey.

Why we love this corporate food gift: Your team will be raising their cups in thanks after receiving this thoughtful snack gift.

Best for: Teams

Price: $43

Where to find it: Tea + Cookies Gift


9) Caroo Birthday Gift


Whether you’re blowing out the candles in the break room or singing The Birthday Song over Zoom, you can make your coworkers’ birthdays extra special with the Caroo Birthday Gift. This incredible care package combines cookies, healthy meeting snacks, a birthday activity card, and party favors… including colorful birthday candles.

Help them munch and celebrate their way into another year of life with this delicious, sweet gift.

Why we love this corporate food gift: Whether they’re turning 22 or 55, this gift will improve their birthday and show that you’re invested in their life.

Best for: Coworkers

Price: $45

Where to find it: Caroo Birthday Gift


10) Deluxe Sips + Snacks


The Deluxe Sips + Snacks is an epic corporate gifting idea that will upgrade a post-project celebration or after-hours toasts—no alcohol required. The Deluxe Sips + Snacks box comes with an insulated wine tumbler, a foursome of top-notch snacks, and either two bottles of fantastic wine or two bottles of Töst non-alcoholic wine.

Whether they drink or not, this gift will have anyone raising a glass to you and your business.

Why we love this corporate food gift: A drink and snacks combination (and a deluxe one, at that) is a timeless gift for any occasion.

Best for: Clients

Price: $115 for the alcoholic version, $65 for the non-alcoholic version

Where to find it: Deluxe Sips + Snacks


11) Thank You Kit

Show your gratitude and give them something to be thankful for at the same time with the Thank You Kit. This extravagant gift will make anyone feel appreciated, whether they’re a valued customer, a crucial member of your team, or even the CEO! The Thank You Kit comes from Spoonful of Love, and comes with delicious soups, succulent dinner rolls, and cookies for dessert.

Why we love this corporate food gift: By packaging an entire delicious meal of gourmet food for them to enjoy, your thanks will be crystal clear.

Best for: Customers

Price: $115

Where to find it: Thank You Kit


12) The Holiday Party Pack

Don’t leave your holiday party up to chance—make sure it’s a surefire success for your entire team with The Holiday Party Pack. In-person or over Zoom, your end-of-year celebration will be enhanced by this awesome gift.

The Holiday Party Pack comes with a customizable long-sleeve and beanie, meaning you can give a gift featuring your company’s logo to spread holiday cheer AND your awesome branding. Everyone will also receive Craftmix cocktail mixers and Mango Sour Belts from Candy Club. Your holiday party will never be the same!

Why we love this corporate food gift: What could go wrong with a fully-stocked pack of Custom swag, good treats, and cocktail kits? Sounds like a happy holiday to us.

Best for: Teams

Price: $46.22

Where to find it: The Holiday Party Pack

13) The Total Care Package

Just like the name suggests, this thoughtful gift is the total package. Whether they need a pick-me-up or are under the weather, the Total Care Package is custom-built to get your coworkers happy and healthy once again. The Total Care Package comes with a delicious soup dinner (with dinner rolls and cookies), plus a blanket, a hot or cold compress, and even a little bell!

Why we love this corporate food gift: A helping hand when someone is down, The Total Care Package is the ultimate get-well kit.

Best for: Coworkers

Price: $195

Where to find it: The Total Care Package


14) Deluxe Caramel Gift Set

There’s tasty, and then there’s caramel tasty. Give them a long-lasting, truly delicious gift with the Deluxe Caramel Gift Set. This exclusive gift for businessmen and businesswomen will arrive at their homes to give them something gooey and delightful to munch on. This corporate food gift will make a big impact on whoever receives it… as long as they don’t have braces!

Why we love this corporate food gift: A classy treat that still feels indulgent, the Deluxe Caramel Gift Set will please any sweet tooth.

Best for: Clients

Price: $74

Where to find it: Deluxe Caramel Gift Set


15) Snacks + Coffee Set

Snacks + Coffee

Give the gift of an energizing boost with the Snacks + Coffee set. This gift set is the perfect way to welcome back a client or reward a hardworking team. With a set of twelve better-for-you snacks and a package of Palindrome coffee, this gift will get them munching and caffeinated to face any office challenge.

Why we love this corporate food gift: Snacks and coffee are  simple, practical, and tasty! The kind of food gift box that will be appreciated by almost anyone.

Best for: Clients

Price: $46

Where to find it: Snacks + Coffee Set

People Also Ask These Questions About Corporate Food Gifts

Q: What is a good corporate food gift?

  • There are plenty of good corporate food gifts to choose from, depending on your budget and the taste buds of who you’re buying the gift for. Some top corporate food gifts include the Deluxe Sips + Snacks Box, the Happy Hour Box, and the Tea + Cookies Gift.

Q: What are the benefits of sending corporate food gifts?

  • There are numerous benefits for sending corporate food gifts, including showing how much you appreciate your workers or clients, raising morale, and encouraging customers to use your company again.

Q: What should I include in a corporate food gift box?

  • A corporate food gift box should include tasty snacks, thematically-relevant gift items, and a thoughtful gift message. Thankfully, corporate gifting services can handle all this work for you.

Q: What types of snacks are good to send as corporate gifts?

  • There’s no such thing as a bad snack. However, some types of snacks that are good to send as corporate gifts include popcorn, caramel, healthy snacks, cookies, and wine (which counts as a snack).

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