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👩🏽‍💼 11 Women Empowerment Groups You Should Join in 2024

By January 22nd, 2024

As the new year kicks off, many of us are thinking about our 2024 professional and personal goals. If one of those goals includes leveling up your career path and breaking down gender barriers, women empowerment groups will help you do just that.

The Assist

Women face many obstacles throughout their careers and personal lives, including gender bias and gender inequality. Women empowerment groups help combat those obstacles while providing the support and tools needed for women to succeed and reach their full potential. 

“Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” – G.D. Anderson Share on X

Women empowerment groups recognize the innate power that exists in every woman. They aim to help women own that power, use their voices, and support one another along that journey. Interested in learning more about women empowerment groups, what they do, and how you can get involved? Keep reading to discover that and much more!


What is a Women Empowerment Group? 

Women Empowerment Groups

Women empowerment groups are organizations or communities, both in-person and online, dedicated to creating a safe space for women to grow, succeed, and support one another. Most groups have a specific area of focus or mission related to their efforts. For example, women empowerment groups are dedicated to education and training, professional development, connecting women in particular business sectors like tech, humanitarian efforts, and much more. At their core, all of these groups share the same ultimate goal: empowering women to reach their full potential while taking a stand against gender biases and inequality.

Depending on the group, their members can participate in various offerings and activities. For example, there are groups dedicated to creating female leaders where members can improve leadership skills and get tips for women in leadership. There are groups dedicated to career networking, mentoring, and training in which members are paired with mentors and have access to training workshops relevant to their field of interest. Many women’s empowerment groups also offer in-person or virtual events and webinars to foster a culture of connection and learning.


How to Get Involved in a Women Empowerment Group 

There are many ways to get involved in a women empowerment group. You can join a group as a member if their goals align with yours. If you’re not quite ready to commit to a group but love what it stands for, you can show your support by donating your time or money. Many groups also offer monthly or weekly newsletters that you can subscribe to learn more.

The Assist

With most groups, you can join as a member or volunteer to lead a community pod. There are also opportunities to become a sponsor, mentor, or corporate partner. Some women empowerment groups offer corporate training and resources to help tackle important topics such as gender equality and gender biases. Whether you’re an individual or leader of a corporation, there are many ways to get involved with awesome women empowerment groups.


11 Best Women Empowerment Groups 

Now that we have a solid baseline for women empowerment groups and how you can get involved, let’s shift gears and learn a bit more about our favorite groups. We’ve scoured the internet and compiled a helpful list of 11 women empowerment groups that will undoubtedly provide the tools and motivation you need to kickstart the new year!

1. The Assist 

The Assist is one of the best email newsletters for women because it empowers their subscribers to become their best professional selves. Who says becoming a better professional can’t be fun? With four weekly newsletters delivered directly to your email inbox, The Assist provides relevant and actionable professional development content, including organizational tips and tricks, business templates, and job postings.

The Assist

🩷 Why we love this women empowerment group: Many of The Assist’s newsletters begin with an inspiring affirmation or funny quote. For women looking to boost their self-confidence at work, positive affirmations are a great tool to do just that.

👍 This group would be great for you if: You’re an administrative assistant, office manager, or anyone whose role involves keeping the metaphorical train on the tracks, The Assist would be a great fit for you. They share many resources on various topics, including tips for women in leadership, time management, and work-life balance.

❌ This might not be the best fit if: You’re not a huge fan of the newsletter format and know you won’t take the time to read it (even though you should!).

⭐ How you can get involved: Getting involved is super easy! Check out the Assist site and enter your email address to subscribe instantly.

➡️ Check out The Assist here.


2. Lean In 

Lean In’s main mission is to help women achieve their ambitions while simultaneously working to create a more equal workplace environment. From research to support groups to company training, Lean In offers many amazing resources for women looking to navigate biases, grow their careers and skills as entrepreneurs, and help carve a path for the next generation of strong women leaders.

Lean in

🩷 Why we love this women empowerment group: We love that Lean In offers DEI company programs, including employee training courses geared towards fighting biases, increasing advocacy, and fostering inclusion in the workplace. We also love that Lean In Girls offers a unique leadership program created to encourage and empower young girls with the self-esteem needed to become future leaders.

👍 This group would be great for you if: This group would be great for you if you’re looking for support or career advice for women from women. Lean In’s Circles brings women together through peer mentorship, education, and training. It is also a great place to turn if you’re looking to combat imposter syndrome at work by bolstering your confidence and well-being. Circles provide women with resources and strategies they can utilize to combat bias, make positive changes, and grow their careers, with the peer support needed to do so.

❌ This might not be the best fit if: Lean In might not be the best fit if you’re a company that already has a well-oiled DEI employee training program.

⭐ How you can get involved: You’d like to get involved, check out their website, sign up for their newsletter, check out some available resources, and follow their social media for even more information!

➡️ Check out Lean In here.


3. Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is an awesome women empowerment group on a mission to close the gender gap in the technology and computer science fields. Through their efforts to support the next generation of female engineers, Girls Who Code is pacing to close the gender gap for new entry-level tech jobs by 2030.

girls who code

🩷 Why we love this women empowerment group: We love that Girls Who Code offers a variety of opportunities for girls and non-binary individuals to stretch their technical muscles, including clubs for 3-5th and 6th-12th graders, summer programs for high school students, and college and career programs!

👍 This group would be great for you if: You’re beginning your computer science journey and looking for support and resources to help guide you.

❌ This might not be the best fit if: You’re not in the tech industry, but you can still find ways to support the group.

⭐ How you can get involved: You can get involved by donating, becoming a corporate partner, starting a club, and signing up for email updates. There’s also an upcoming Girls Who Code Hiring Summit on January 26th!

➡️ Check out Girls Who Code here.


4. Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

WISE is a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) non-profit organization that supports girls and women of color interested in STEM careers to explore and nurture that interest. From third grade through high school and college and into their careers, WISE offers a variety of resources to support girls and women throughout their academic and professional journeys.


🩷 Why we love this women empowerment group: WISE offers an expansive and free e-learning service that provides girls and women of color access to learning materials and tutoring opportunities throughout the US. We also love their mentoring platform, in which mentees are paired with mentors based on their backgrounds and interests.

👍 This group would be great for you if: This group would be great for you if you’re looking to learn more about STEM career opportunities. Or, if you’re already working in a STEM career, consider becoming a mentee or tutoring.

❌ This might not be the best fit if: WISE may not be the best fit if you aren’t currently in or interested in a STEM role.

⭐ How you can get involved: You can get involved by donating to support WISE, or if you’re looking to get more hands-on, sign up to be a mentor!

➡️ Check out Women in Science & Engineering here.


5. HeForShe

HeForShe is a women’s empowerment group that invites men and people of all genders to become advocates for women and help bring our world closer to gender equality. With over 2 million activists in their community, HeForShe works with individuals, students, and corporations to build awareness and provide resources to aid efforts to combat inequality.

He For She

🩷 Why we love this women empowerment group: We love HeForShe’s global Champions initiative. HeForShe Champions are a unique and impactful group of leaders across multiple sectors dedicated to making tangible change through proven Solutions. This alliance includes government champions, corporate champions, and non-profit champions.

👍 This group would be great for you if: This group would be great for you if you’re looking to either become an advocate for gender equality or know someone who wants to be an ally. Many resources are available for individuals and corporations, including gender equality research and guides.

❌ This might not be the best fit if: This might not be the best fit for women looking for one-on-one mentoring opportunities.

⭐ How you can get involved: Subscribe to HeForShe’s monthly newsletter, join or create a local event, or donate to their efforts.

➡️ Check out HeForShe here.

the assist become a better professional


6. Women for Women

For the past 30 years, Women for Women has worked closely with women impacted by war or political strife to provide them with the essential skills and resources to improve their quality of life. With a presence in 17 countries across the globe, Women for Women is an international movement empowering women and their families through education, support, and vital resources– proudly giving a voice back to those who have been stripped of it.

Women for Women

🩷 Why we love this women empowerment group: We love that this women empowerment group is making real change across the world through their Stronger Women, Stronger Nations Program. Through this program, women explore key topics such as saving, women’s health education, business, and vocational skills, all while receiving the vital support they need through monthly stipends, health services, and networking.

👍 This group would be great for you if: Women for Women would be a great fit if you want to get involved with a global movement supporting women impacted by political strife.

❌ This might not be the best fit if: You are more focused on local community empowerment efforts.

⭐ How you can get involved: There are many awesome ways to get involved with Women for Women. You can make a monetary donation or consider donating your time by volunteering or attending an event. You can also purchase items from their online shop which includes hand-crafted creations by women in their Rwanda program.

➡️ Check out Women for Women here.


7. Global Fund for Women

The Global Fund for Women is a feminist philanthropy funding group focused on providing women’s rights organizations with the funds needed to make real and long-lasting changes in women’s equality. With only 1.9% of charitable donations flowing into organizations dedicated to girls and women, the Global Fund for Women aims to boost that percentage by providing financial grants to these organizations in a movement-led approach, allowing the organizations themselves to allocate their funds towards efforts that will have the most impact.

Global Fund for Women

🩷 Why we love this women empowerment group: We love that this women empowerment program is placing funding into the very capable hands of those on the frontlines of the gender equity battle. The Global Fund for Women has provided over 13,000 grants totaling about $224 million across 179 countries. How amazing is that?

👍 This group would be great for you if: This group would be a great fit for you if you’d like to contribute to gender justice movements across the globe, including anti-gender-based violence in Israel & Palestine, abortion rights in East Africa, and adolescent girls’ rights.

❌ This might not be the best fit if: You’re already making a significant contribution towards a specific women’s equity organization.

⭐ How you can get involved: You can donate or subscribe to the Global Fund for Women’s newsletter.

➡️ Check out the Global Fund for Women here.


8. Tech Ladies

Tech Ladies is an ever-growing community of women in tech across multiple tech sectors such as engineering, marketing, design, and more. They offer a robust support system for their 120,000+ members, including peer support, professional development, learning opportunities, and job opportunities.

Tech Ladies

🩷 Why we love this women empowerment group: We love that this women empowerment group has a dual-fold point of connection. They connect their members with training and networking opportunities and companies with qualified tech candidates from their member pool.

👍 This group would be great for you if: Tech Ladies would be a great fit for you if you’re looking to get your foot in the tech sector, improve your skills, or find your next dream job in tech.

❌ This might not be the best fit if: You don’t work in the tech industry.

⭐ How you can get involved: Get involved by subscribing to Tech Ladies’ business newsletter or becoming either a free or pro member. Alternatively, if you’re currently at a tech company and looking to fill open roles, consider finding candidates via Tech Ladies.

➡️ Check out Tech Ladies here.



SHEROES is a women-only social network and community that provides women with a safe space to make friends, learn skills, network, and find resources & support. With over a million app downloads, SHEROES enables women to connect & empower one another in both their professional and personal lives.


🩷 Why we love this women empowerment group: We love the wide myriad of offerings that SHEROES provides. Their app includes upskilling programs, webinars, networking, and earning opportunities, and even online counseling—all while creating a strong community of powerful, supportive women.

👍 This group would be great for you if: This group would be an awesome fit if you’re looking to expand your social & professional network and make strides in your personal & professional development.

❌ This might not be the best fit if: You’re not looking for another social media network (although we think it’s worth a try 🙂).

⭐ How you can get involved: Download the SHEROES app today.

➡️ Check out SHEROES here.


10. Soroptimist International

Soroptimist International is a global volunteer organization centered around providing women and girls access to valuable education and training services needed to reach their goals. They believe that education is not only the key component to economic empowerment for women but also key to achieving gender equality. Founded in 1921, Soroptimist has a network of over 25,000 members and supporters working to help young girls and women reach their full potential.

Soroptimist International

🩷 Why we love this women empowerment group: It enables women to realize their dreams. Through their Live Your Dream Awards, they provide women, many of whom are survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, or trafficking, with the financial means to reach their education goals. Award recipients can use these funds to offset any cost associated with their educational pursuits, including tuition, books, and childcare.

👍 This group would be great for you if: Soroptimist is a great fit if you are struggling with your circumstances and need support in reaching your academic goals. Alternatively, if you’re looking to help those struggling, Soroptimist is a great group to explore.

❌ This might not be the best fit if: You are looking for career networking or professional development opportunities.

⭐ How you can get involved: Donate, join a volunteer club, or become a corporate sponsor.

➡️ Check out Soroptimist here.


11. Association for Women in Communications

The Association for Women in Communications (AWC) is an organization that aims to empower women with the support & tools needed to take their professional and personal growth to the next level. With over 1,100 members, AWC is a community of women professionals who want to strengthen their own learning and networking opportunities and empower and support women everywhere to do the same.

Association for Women in Communications

🩷 Why we love this women empowerment group: We love that AWC offers a variety of support and resource options to its members, including a career center, Know to Grow webinars, and both virtual and in-person events.

👍 This group would be great for you if: This group would be perfect for you if you’re looking to bolster your professional and personal lives. Consider exploring AWC’s Leadership Training Certification via the SilverBox Institute and the leadership books for women reading list.

❌ This might not be the best fit if: You’re not working in communications.

⭐ How you can get involved: Get involved by donating to the AWC Advancement Fund or consider becoming an AWC leader, partner, or sponsor.

➡️ Check out the Association for Women in Communications here.


Women Empowerment Reddit Community

So this happened the other night! Link in comments
byu/lookingforlexy inWomenEmpowerment

In addition to the 11 women empowerment groups we’ve listed, you can also check out the Women Empowerment Reddit community thread. With over 1,000 members, the page is a dedicated space for users to discuss the advancement of women’s empowerment. Discover your next podcast for women or browse articles about gender equity and breaking down biases and barriers.


People Also Ask These Questions About Women Empowerment Groups 

Q: How can joining a women empowerment group benefit my personal and professional growth?

  • A: Joining a women empowerment group can benefit your personal growth and professional development by providing you with the resources, tools, and support needed to make a real and long-lasting impact on your goals. These groups offer many resources, including training, education, and networking opportunities, to help take your professional and personal growth to the next level.

Q: What types of activities and events do women empowerment groups typically organize?

  • A: Women empowerment groups typically organize events and activities such as conferences for women (both virtual and in-person), networking events, learning webinars, and volunteer opportunities.

Q: Are women empowerment groups inclusive of diverse backgrounds and professions?

  • A: Yes, women empowerment groups include diverse backgrounds and professions. No matter your personal or professional background, there’s absolutely a women empowerment group that fits your unique needs.

Q: How can women find and join a local women empowerment group in their area?

  • A: Women can find and join a local women empowerment group in their area by exploring our list of 11 amazing groups and identifying chapters or events occurring in their community. You can also Google search local women empowerment volunteer opportunities near you.

Q: How do online women empowerment groups differ from in-person ones, and which is more suitable for me?

  • A: Online women empowerment groups differ from in-person ones in that most support efforts and resources are provided virtually. If you’re looking for a more hands-on opportunity where in-person connection is super important to you, then a virtual group may not be the best fit.

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