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46 Grumpy Cat Approved Work Anniversary Memes, Quotes, & GIFs To Send To Your Coworker

By March 11, 2021 November 17th, 2023

Work Anniversary Memes, Quotes, & GIFs

Hello there!

Looking for something fun to send to a coworker or an employee to celebrate their work anniversary?

“41% of companies that use peer-to-peer recognition have seen positive increases in customer satisfaction.” — Globoforce

Maybe you’d like to add some positivity and humor to the office? Or just show some love and appreciation? We’ve got you covered.

This HR pro-approved list of memes, quotes, and GIFs is perfect for topping off a fun work celebration.

So let’s get this party started!

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Happy Work Anniversary Memes & Images

1. Call In Oprah

This playful work anniversary meme celebrates another year around the sun. In classic Oprah fashion, she yells out prizes for attendees of her show — except the gift is knowing the team needs the recipient and loves them enough to keep them around!

oprah work anniversary

Pro-Tip: Oprah would also approve of sending your employee a personalized work ecard.

2. Slightly – Condescending Wonka

This Willy Wonka meme celebrates the moment when an employee is officially a veteran at the company! With two full years under their belt, they might be ready to take over the factory like the Golden Ticket Giveaway!

Willy Wonka Work Anniversary Meme

3. Unleash The Animal

Do you like punny jokes? That’s egg-celent because this funny anniversary meme turtally rocks! This is the perfect meme for anyone who likes silly jokes and has no pretensions of trying to keep it cooler than a polar bear’s toenails. Plus, the baby turtle is adorable with its itsy bitsy fins up in celebration!

turtally rock meme

4. Puppy Love 

Is there any occasion that isn’t immediately ten times better with cute, fluffy puppies added to the mix? Definitely not! That’s the idea behind this masterpiece of a work anniversary meme. It’s a sweet way to recognize an employee or a coworker for their hard work, or for being who they are.

work anniversary

5. World’s Best Boss

This Michael Scott meme will be appreciated by The Office enthusiasts. With so many hilarious moments in the beloved sitcom that many of us grew up on, your coworker or employee is likely to laugh at the sight of Michael’s face. The work anniversary meme is even better because of his penchant for social faux pas like the time he ordered an ice cream cake for Meredith, which she was allergic to — and it was for her birthday.

michael scott

6. Happy 1 Year! 

For a super simple, cute, and fully animated virtual work card, this Despicable Me style meme is a great way to celebrate a first year at work. The Minions took the world by storm just like this super employee took work by storm their rookie year!


7. How Now Brown Cow

This work anniversary meme takes the expression holy cow to its most literal extent. Of course, there’s nothing better than a cow dressed in a nun’s robe wishing you a happy anniversary, is there? Moo-ve on over and make room for the holy cow meme high up on your anniversary meme list.

holy cow

8. The Professional

If you’ve watched Parks and Recreation then you’re familiar with the ever-stoic, but arguably funniest character on the show Ron Swanson. Deep, deep down beneath his prickly exterior Ron is an absolute teddy bear.

work anniversary

9. A Happy Anniversary From Your Favorite News Anchor

Next up is your other favorite Ron. As another way of saying you think your coworker or employee is “kind of a big deal,” send them this Anchorman meme. With a twist on the famous Ron Burgundy line “Keep it classy, San Diego,” you can wish them a super happy work anniversary.

work anniversary

10. ‘This Is The Way’ To Another Great Year

Affectionately known as baby Yoda, Grogu captured the hearts of Star Wars fans and his cuteness added millions to the fandom. Now Grogu is here to capture the heart of your employee or coworker with a pun from the other green native of Dagobah. Grogu is there to let your coworker know they are the best in the punniest way possible.


11. Another Wild Year 

Work has its highs and lows, but in the end, there’s only winning and learning. Along the way, there are also some unpredictable things that happen and even more amazing memories. That’s the idea behind this work anniversary meme. It celebrates all the weird, whacky, and the wonderful things that come with work!


12. Happy Cake Day

This adorable yet slightly sad-looking cat has major Grumpy Cat meme vibes, which makes it all the more hilarious. In spite of the happy occasion, the fuzzy kitty-kat appears to be on the verge of tears. The sad cat meme is probably best-served for the emotional one in the office.

grumpy cat

13. Make Them Smile

Puppies are the ultimate cheat code when it comes to work anniversary memes. This particular meme is guaranteed to bring a smile as big as the doggo’s onto your coworker’s or employee’s face.

work anniversary

14. Ecard Right To The Feels

The work anniversary ecard teases about the monotony of work. The animated figure in this meme is ready for the 9-to-5! Plus, all of these memes are printable.

work anniversary

15. Paint With Bob

Bob Ross, the wholesome king, is here to say Happy Anniversary. Perhaps the most inoffensive meme in all of history, the Mr. Rodgers of the art world will bring your coworker or employee back to simpler times with this happy anniversary card.

bob ross

16. Not Sure If – It’s Their Work Anniversary

This work anniversary meme is perfect for employees or coworkers who you already have a great relationship with. It’s also important to know that they love their current job, so they don’t feel caught with one foot out the door — or pushed out of the door.

work anniversary meme

17. Keep On Goin’

The Energizer Bunny is famous for its endless energy. This corporate meme is perfect for employees who have been loyally devoted to the company for nearly a decade. The Energizer Bunny meme is the ultimate compliment for long-time pros thanking them for years of togetherness.

energizer bunny

Pro-Tip: You can find a wide variety of work anniversary GIFs in an employee recognition and reward platform like Nectar, which allows the entire team to wish them a happy anniversary. Plus, the team can give social recognition and other rewards!


Happy & Funny Work Anniversary Quotes

You can include any of these quotes to pair with a work anniversary box from Caroo

18. Congrats on surviving another year at your job. Lesser mortals would have gone insane by now.

19. I think everyone would say that you are a gift to this company. Your dedication and contributions would be hard to replace. Please don’t regift yourself somewhere else.

20. Happy anniversary from someone you’re probably shocked knew it was your work anniversary.

Happy anniversary from someone you’re probably shocked knew it was your work anniversary. Click To Tweet

21. Of all the words in the English language, I can’t find one that really expresses how grateful I am to have you as a part of my team of employees. Unfortunately, it’s the only language that I know, so I have to settle for “thanks”. Happy Work Anniversary!

22. I was going to suggest a party but I guess you’re too busy working! Happy work anniversary!

23. Happy anniversary to an employee who has made invaluable contributions to this company. Now get back to work!

Happy anniversary to an employee who has made invaluable contributions to this company. Now get back to work! Click To Tweet

24. Happy work anniversary! We would absolutely hang out with you even if we weren’t compensated.

25. Today we honor a great man, a person of integrity who has made countless contributions to this organization. A true genius! But, enough about me, let’s talk about you and your work anniversary.

Pro-Tip: Sharing a work anniversary quote on your company’s employee recognition platform via public feed is a great way to show appreciation! You can give a shoutout to an employee or a coworker with a free demo from Bonusly, which makes team recognition easy breezy.

26. We are proud to have you with our organization, and we wouldn’t wish you on anyone else. Seriously, we are pleased to have you on our team. Happy Work Anniversary.

27. Don’t let this whole Work Anniversary thing go to your head, we all had to start somewhere. Just wait until you’ve been here as long as I have.

28. I bet you’d hope we’d forget, or at the very least that you’d forget how long you’ve been here. Nope, happy anniversary.

I bet you’d hope we’d forget, or at the very least that you’d forget how long you’ve been here. Nope, happy anniversary. Click To Tweet

29. You didn’t think we’d forget, did you? Well, actually we did, the computer reminded us it was your work anniversary.

30. Thank you for your positive attitude and hard work. Happy work anniversary!

31. Congratulations on surviving another year in this chaotic jungle! Like a person stranded on a remote island but managing to thrive, you bring innovation and brilliance into the workplace – but without wearing a loincloth and making friends with a volleyball. Here’s to many years to come!

32. Many years ago, you joined our team as a motivated, young professional. You’re still that same person to those of us that work with you. Except for the young part. Happy Work Anniversary and may your accomplishments continue until retirement!

33. I’d like to take a moment outside of our work schedule to wish you a Happy Work Anniversary, and many more to come. I’d like you to think of me as your friend, as well as your boss. As your friend, I should tell you to get back to work before the boss sees us.

I’d like to take a moment outside of our work schedule to wish you a Happy Work Anniversary, and many more to come. I’d like you to think of me as your friend, as well as your boss. As your friend, I should tell you to get back to work… Click To Tweet

34. On your work anniversary, I have to commend you for having a personal dedication to getting the job done right. After all, you wouldn’t have made it to an anniversary if you didn’t! Best wishes, from all the people that enjoy seeing you both at work and outside.

Pro-Tip: On top of sending an employee a funny work anniversary meme, sending an employee care package from Caroo to their home or to the office is an amazing way to say ‘thank you’ for going above and beyond.


Happy & Fun Work Anniversary Gifs

35. We all know the age-old tradition of blowing out candles for birthdays and special days. Well, for a work birthday, imagine blowing them out with a fire extinguisher. Talk about a life hack!

36. There’s something about seeing people living out the saying “age is just a number” that makes us happy. For all the reasons Betty White is so beloved, this gif for employees will at least get a smile, a laugh, and will help the good times keep rolling. This gif could also be used for a wedding anniversary, happy birthday wish, and any ongoing event.

37. This work appropriate gif features a man talking about keeping it professional as he closes the beauty mirror of the car in a comically smooth fashion.

38. The Wolf of Wall Street is easily one of the most entertaining corporate movies of all time. Now you can send your employee a work anniversary gif of Jordan Belfort clapping for them. Of course, showing appreciation helps with employee retention, so they will be echoing the Wolf’s words as they shout, “I’m not leaving!”

39. Office Space is a cult classic. This is the best if-you-know-you-know gif for movie lovers. Plus, this work anniversary gif has a fair bit of nostalgia going for it by referencing the simpler times of the 90s. The indifferent protagonist of the story Peter is a sliver of all of us every now and then.

40. The beautiful thing about this meme — besides Rihanna — is that music lyrics make us sing them in our head. Your employee gets a song and a gif rolled into one. It also happens that about 90% of the lyrics to the song consist of “work, work, work” on repeat.

41. Speaking of 90s nostalgia, the giddy girls of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. are here to celebrate work anniversaries by jumping up and down and cheering with joy. Who wouldn’t feel special after being sent this work appropriate gif?

42. This Parks and Recreation employee appreciation gif features Ben a.k.a. the mastermind behind Ice Town and Leslie Knope, the comically ambitious protagonist of the show. What heightens the humor of this gif is the excitement on Ben’s face (likely from being given something related to his love of all things nerdy).

43. This work-themed gif is perfect for commuters, who are familiar with the agony of the drivers of Bikini Bottom. After all, the best way to deal with pain is humor, right?

44. Thanos snapped half the universe out of existence in the Avengers movies, so this playful gif teases that the employee will disintegrate upon hitting another year for the books. Obviously that’s absurd — or is it?

45. This adorable work gif features a wet, fluffy, cuddly-looking otter clapping. Even if there was no otter choice, this gif would work for almost any occasion.

46. The Look At You Go gif reads out loud like a proud parent praising their kid. This gif is best for someone you know well and will understand the good nature behind it.

Pro-Tip: Sharing a work anniversary quote on your company’s employee recognition platform via public feed is a great way to show appreciation! You can give a shoutout to an employee or a coworker with a free demo from Bonusly, which makes team recognition easy breezy.


People Also Ask These Questions About Work Anniversaries

Q: What makes a fun work anniversary quote?

  • A: A fun work anniversary quote is anything that lightens up the mood. It helps if there are any good-natured inside jokes between the office.

Q: How can I wish someone a happy work anniversary with a meme?

  • A: You can wish someone a happy anniversary with a meme that ties into the special occasion. You might also want to pair the meme with another gift like a snack box from a gifting company like Caroo or you could pair it with custom swag from or SwagUp.

Q: Are there funny gifs for work anniversaries?

  • A: Yes, there are lots of funny gifs for work anniversaries. Some common humorous gifs feature relatable pop culture references, personalized topics, funny pictures, and trending current events.

Q: What’s the best work anniversary meme?

  • A: Michael Scott is always ripe for a party. Whether it’s an Office reference or Parks & Rec, it’s always good to use something your employees are familiar with to celebrate their work anniversary.

Q: Where can I find funny work anniversary images?

  • A: Nectar, Bonusly and other employee recognition platforms make it easy to find funny work anniversary images.

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