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We invite you to join the Brand Builder community as we bring you the people, stories, and lessons learned from the
most innovative natural food and beverage brands in the world.

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Our Mission

Meet your new strategic partner.

In a competitive landscape, an irresistible, authentic brand can be your secret weapon. But it’s so much easier said than done.

That’s why we’ve built a community of CPG brands, retailers, investors, and marketers dedicated to helping you create a brand that cuts through the noise and reaches your target audience.

Each week we bring you a conversation with a CPG veteran – someone who knows, because they’ve been there before. Then we take their story a pull out the best parts. We always provide the top three takeaways from every conversation – things that you can apply to your business today.

Brand Builder Is a Co-production Of SnackNation And Force Brands

SnackNation is the leading healthy snack delivery service that helps people become better versions of themselves by supporting increased health, productivity, and happiness, both in the workplace and at home. The company curates and delivers great tasting snacks to thousands of awesome offices – places like Microsoft, Open Table, LinkedIn, and The Huffington Post. SnackNation members receive unprecedented access to the best tasting snacks from the world’s foremost emerging natural food brands, and discover new snack favorites before any of their friends. SnackNation has donated more than two million meals to families in need through a partnership with Feeding America since launching in 2015.

ForceBrands builds the teams the build the CPG brands. From board of directors and advisors, C-suite and directors to junior and mid-level talent, ForceBrands is there for all of your hiring needs. ForceBrands is “people for a hire purpose.” They offer executive search services, board of director assembly and industry-specific job boards BevForce, FoodForce, and BeautyForce.  Whether you are working with their executive recruiters for board of director and senior level roles or connecting directly to junior to mid-level talent through their industry-specific job boards, ForceBrands strives to transform the way consumer product industry professionals identify employment opportunities and employers are connected to future leaders.

Brand Builder

Introducing Brand Builder

Brand Builder brings you the people, stories, and lessons learned from the most innovative brands in the world. In this introductory episode, co-hosts Jordan Cohen and Jeff Murphy break down…
Jeff Murphy
October 6, 2017