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How We Surprised Valerie (SnackNation’s Executive Assistant) for Administrative Professionals Day

By April 23, 2018 January 11th, 2020 3 Comments

Cheers to you – the unsung heroes of the office who keep the office running smoothly, take on crazy duties like managing coworker emotions, and continue to do more with less.

You have an incredibly important job and are one of the few people who interacts with employees at every level and within every department virtually every day.

So to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day this year, we wanted to something fun…

Who Would You Like To Give Gifts To?

Clients & Customers Employees

How to enter SnackNation’s Administrative Professionals Giveaway:

You take care of everyone at your office. Now we want to take care of you!

Enter here to win our awesome Admin Professionals Day Giveaway ($1,182 value).

You can win an Echo Dot, Starbucks Gift Card, free snacks, and more.



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