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51 Best Client & Customer Appreciation Gifts To Build Authentic Connections That Show You Care In 2024

By September 5, 2023 June 17th, 2024 One Comment

Client & Customer Appreciation Gifts

Customers and clients make the business world go round.

Whether you’re part of a small business or a large corporation, every customer interaction is critically important.

In fact, 73% of companies with better than average customer experience outperform their competitors financially.

The goal is to always leave your customers with warm feelings towards your company. Businesses spend billions of dollars on customer satisfaction for good reason.

“There is only one boss — the customer. And they can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down simply by spending their money somewhere else.” — Sam Walton

By putting in the extra effort, your company will strengthen client and customer relationships, which will boost referral rates and retention.

There are several ways to express care and gratitude. For instance, a handwritten note is still effective even in the digital era, but a client appreciation gift is the ultimate way to say “thanks for trusting us with your business.”

So check out our list of the 51 best customer and client appreciation gifts for 2024!

“Thank You” Gifts For Clients & Customers

1) Self Heating Mug

“For perfectly warm — or cold drinks”  


The Self Heating Mug is the smart mug that allows your clients and customers to choose the exact drinking temperature they want, so coffee and other beverages are always Goldilocks Good — never too hot, never too cold; just right.

This client appreciation gift even indicates when the desired temperature is reached and it keeps it hot or chilled for an hour and a half!

Best for: Clients

Price: $161.41 to $166.25

Where to find it: Self Heating Mug


51) Custom Swag Box

“To surprise clients with a creative gift”

Build a custom gift box tailored to your company or customer event! The team will include a mix of fun keepsakes (like branded champagne flutes!) and tasty treats (we’re talking tons of chocolate, cookies, and candy), so these gifts leave a lasting impression.

Best for: Clients

Price: Starting at $50 — Contact to get a custom quote

Where to find it: Custom Gift Box


3) Take a Break

“Getting off on the right foot”  

Take A Break

This customer appreciation idea is perfect for giving your clients and customers the energy they need to crush their day! This customer appreciation care package features goodies designed to encourage and inspire.

Best for: Customers

Price: $78

Where to get it: Take a Break


4) Snack Box

“A satisfied stomach helps make a satisfied customer”  

The Snack Box comes with 15 nutritious, energizing, and perfectly delicious snacks from top health food brands. This corporate food gift is a great snack box for showing customer appreciation.

Best for: Customers

Price: Starting at $25 + Free Shipping

Where to get it fromSnack Box


“Welcome” Gifts For New Customers & Clients

5) Welcome Gift Box

“A kickoff that you won’t soon forget”

Welcome your new client in style with an expertly curated gift box that sends them the right message from the get-go. A nice blend of items to use at work and at home, the welcome box says all you need to say. Tip: You can customize the products to include your or your client’s company logo for a bit of a personal touch.

Best for: Clients

Price: Contact to get personalized results

Where to find it: Welcome Gift Box


6) Peace + Pampering

“For untethered enjoyment”  


Similar to a spa-at-home experience, this care package allows clients to enjoy cozy moments of serenity and comfort. Start with the super-soft and fluffy throw blanket, which is sure to keep them warm on chilly nights. The fluffy socks complete the cozy look and will have them stepping both comfortably and confidently throughout the day.

Keep their skin nourished with hand cream and lip balm, specially formulated to provide a hydrating boost while calming their senses with its fresh scent. And when it’s time to truly unwind, have them brew up one of the two select teas, light the lavender-eucalyptus scented candle with included matches, and take out their calming coloring book along with the pencils.

Best for: Clients

Price: $142

Where to find it: Peace + Pampering


7) Lavender Bath + Body

“The ultimate expression of gratitude”   

This thank you gift for clients is the perfect self care gift box! It includes a lavender soap bar, clay facial mask, lavender shower steamer, organic coconut beeswax lip balm, cotton eye mask, and a greeting card. Every item in this thank you gift is preservative-free, GMO-free, all-natural, and completely hand-crafted.

Best for: Clients

Price: $50

Where to find it: Lavender Bath + Body


8) 32 GB Apple iPad in Gold

“For super luxe”   

Apple iPad in Gold

The 32 GB Apple iPad in Gold is the super slick laptop for digital nomads, savvy entrepreneurs, and super employees. However, clients are also sure to love the near 11-inch display, the Apple Pencil and smart keyboard, stereo speakers, and 10+ hours of battery life.

Best for: Clients

Price: $379

Where to find it: 32 GB Apple iPad in Gold


9) Whiskey Cocktail Kit

“A drink for your best customers”   

Treat your customers and clients to their very own whiskey tasting. For true whiskey aficionados, this gift is part experience part cocktail kit. Tasting sessions last about 90 minutes with each participant receiving a tasting kit in the mail composed of five 1 oz. sample bottles.

Best for: Customers

Price: About $125 per kit

Where to find it: Whiskey Cocktail Kit


Christmas Gifts For Customers & Clients

10) Wine Tumbler Glass

“For the high life”  

Wine Tumbler Glass

The Wine Tumbler Glass is an especially good client appreciation gift idea for lawyers, real estate agents, and other snazzy pros that tend to like the high life! The vacuum-sealed, double-walled thermal insulation means their wine will stay cool for hours. Additionally, they can add a quote to be etched onto this custom branded company swag.

Best for: Customers

Price: $24.95

Where to get it from: Wine Tumbler Glass


11) The Holiday Rush Pack

“For a holiday in a box”   

Holiday-Rush-PackThe Holiday Rush Pack is a good holiday gift idea for clients. With a milk bottle, a Roots73 Shelty Toque, a 4-in-1 power bank, a mailer box, and insert cards, your clients are sure to think fondly of you and your company.

Best for: Clients

Price: $63.90

Where to get it from: The Holiday Rush Pack


12) Moleskine Hard Cover

“For writing down the things worth remembering”

The Moleskine Hard Cover is a perfect travel companion or it can be used as a gratitude journal. It’s a great customer appreciation idea for the very reason that everyone needs a journal and it just so happens that this particular one is beautiful! Plus, the ability to order large numbers of these journals means that it can be part of a bulk Christmas gift order for your employees, clients, and customers to receive this holiday season.

Best for: Customers

Price: $25.76 to $73.53

Where to get it: Moleskine Hard Cover


13) Coffee Subscription Box

“Being a customer has its perks”

Coffee Subscription Box

The appreciated gift that keeps on giving with monthly drops of freshly roasted coffee shipped directly to your door. You can keep clients caffeinated with a coffee gift box or a monthly subscription of coffee samplers. Each box is shipped within two business days of each order so they don’t have to worry about anything besides brewing up a strong cup of joe!

Best for: Clients and prospects

Price: $17.99

Where to get it: Coffee Subscription Box


14) The Modern Minimalist

“Minimalism for maximizing zen and productivity”   

Modern-MinimalistThe Modern Minimalist is the perfect custom branded swag pack for clients. This custom client appreciation gift basket comes with a low maintenance air plant, a reliable pen for writing, a charging cable to stay plugged in, and a custom mailer box.

Best for: Clients

Price: $75.20

Where to get it: The Modern Minimalist


15) Holiday Spirit In A Box

“Tis the season”

Give your customers something to unwrap this winter with a curated gift box chock full of holiday spirit. The gifts and festive snacks tucked away in this gift box are meant for cozy relaxation, warming up, and enjoying that time of the year the right way. Includes a unique gradient puzzle, JBL wireless speaker, a warm hoodie, silly patterned socks, and (if you are feeling a bit wild) a nice bottle of red.

Best for: Clients

Price: Contact to get personalized results

Where to get it: Holiday Spirit In A Box


Affordable Gifts Under $25 For Customers & Clients

16) Cookie Comfort Box

“12 gourmet cookies from Granny Bella’s Bake Shop”  


Your client will love the sweet goodness packed inside this cookie gift box. Take your tastebuds on a joyride with these delightful chocolate and snickerdoodle cookies.

Best for: Clients

Price: $25

Where to get it: Cookie Comfort Box


17) Magnetic Notebook

“For changing things up”   

Magnetic Notebook

This customer appreciation idea allows your customers to rearrange and reorganize their notes by disconnecting and reconnecting the pages of this hardbound magnetic notebook. Another great part about this notebook is that it offers the best of digital and physical notes — namely, it’s order can be edited like digitized notes, yet it’s unhackable!

Best for: Customers

Price: $12 to $40.5

Where to find it: Magnetic Notebook


18) Holiday Cheer Box

“…And a happy New Year!”


Celebrate the holidays by sending some appreciation via the Holiday Cheer Box — a seasonal curation of winter-themed items that capture that cheer-filled wonder of the end of the year and the beginning of a brand new one.

Whether your clients and customers are opening any of the indulgent snacks, holiday candle, campfire mug, or the specialty coffee from BLK & Bold — they’ll love that feeling of sharing a little bit of holiday cheer with others.

Best for: Clients

Price: Contact to get personalized results

Where to get it: Holiday Cheer Box


19) Julep Cocktail Recipe Book

“For cocktails in the comfort of home”  


The Julep Cocktail Recipe Book teaches clients and customers how to make a Southern-style icy, sweet Mint Julep. This cool recipe book gift idea for homemade cocktail lovers is filled with 224 pages of tasty, refreshing alcoholic goodness.

Best for: Customers

Price: $25

Where to find it: Julep Cocktail Recipe Book


20) Petite & Perfect

“For a super sweet thank you”   

Petite & Perfect

Petite & Perfect is a delicious assortment of snacks and delectable treats. This mix of goodies comes with a 2-pack of triple chocolate brownies, buttery lemon cookies, and a gourmet caramel milk chocolate bar among other desserts.

Best for: Customers

Price: $25

Where to find it: Petite & Perfect


21) Single Cup Club

“A small batch of coffee for a large batch of joy” 

Single Cup Club

Every month, your customers or clients will receive hand-picked cups of artisan coffee. This customer appreciation gift idea features a variety of dark, medium, and light flavored roasts with 3 blends each month and a detailed description of the coffee for the curious.

Best for: Customers

Price: $9.07 / mo

Where to find it: Single Cup Club


Bonus: Joy Gift Box

“For totally spoiling them”  

Joya Gift Box

The Joy Gift Box is the good-for-the-body, better-for-the-soul corporate gift box for clients, customers, and even coworkers! This self care package features a handmade bar infused with lavender, eucalyptus, and other essential oils; body oil infused with apricot, coconut, almond, and rosemary extract; a soy wax candle; lip balm with cocoa seed butter, shea butter, and aloe leaf juice; and a matchbox to get the self-care day or night started.

Best for: Clients

Price: $29.70

Where to find it: Joy Gift Box

Pro-tip: Wish your clients a happy birthday!

Client & Customer Gifts 

22) Growing Gourmet

“For plant lovers”

There’s nothing quite like the taste of fresh herbs, and with this kit, your customers can grow their own year-round. With just a little bit of water and sunlight, they’ll have delicious, fresh herbs to add to all their favorite dishes.

Best for: Customers

Price: See pricing for more information

Where to get it: Growing Gourmet


23) Tech Lovers Box

“Tomorrow’s tech…today”

This appreciation gift box equips your client with a number of premium gadgets and accessories for reaching tech utopia. They’ll love the functionality of the Courant portable charger, the privacy awarded from the Nanoblock webcam cover, and the crisp audio from the BAMKO wireless headphones.

Best for: Clients

Price: Contact to get personalized results

Where to get it: Tech Lovers Box


24) Stay Focused Box

“For sowing seeds of peace and joy”   


Stay Focused Box

Stay Focused Box is a monthly women-empowerment subscription package for customers and clients. Every box contains up to 8 curated items, including stress relief and sensory tools, personal development books, journals, self-care items, healthy snacks, and more.

Best for: Women Customers

Price: $59.47

Where to get it: Stay Focused Box

Pro-tip: Host a customer appreciation week (choosing the anniversary of the brand’s launch or store opening — and organize various events and give away promotional items.


Gifts In Bulk For Customers & Clients

25) Bubba Chug

“For a clean drink on the move”  

Contigo Chug 

The Bubba Chug is a vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle to keep your clients and customers hydrated in the office or on-the-go. This double-walled BPA-free custom branded water bottle is a great way to give your customers something of value that also happens to advertise your brand.

Best for: Customers

Price: $33.18 to $61.76

Where to get it: Bubba Chug


26) Mindfulness Box

“For balance”   

The Mindfulness Box is the lifestyle customer gift box for helping them reach their goals and relax when the time is right as well. This wellness gift box includes an eco-friendly karst stone pocket journal, a stress ball, a team mindfulness activity, a gel pen, a tumbler, and lots of healthy yet delicious snacks.

Best for: Customers

Price: Contact for pricing details

Where to get it: Mindfulness Box

Pro-tip: Organize retreats for your best customers (outdoor or indoor) to help strengthen relationships.


Gifts For VIP Customers & Clients

27) VIP Treatment Box

“For first class clients”  


The VIP Treatment is meant to send a message. You mean business and you want to share some good will with your clients and customers by sending a premium gift box of luxury items. Choose from a collection of high quality items to curate the ultimate VIP experience. These items include: temperature-controlled Ember Mug, Raaka chocolate, Courant portable charger, a weekender duffle, wireless speaker, and a collection of other lux items we can’t fit in one sentence.

Best for: Clients

Price: Contact to get personalized results

Where to get it: VIP Treatment Box


28) Virtual Cocktail Class

“For homemade cocktails”   

A virtual cocktail-making class is an easy way for employees and clients to get together to bond and enjoy a nice drink in the comfort of their homes! Attendees will learn some tips and tricks for making a delicious cocktail while mixing, shaking, and muddling their way to the perfect drink.

Best for: Clients

Price: Talk to Confetti to get custom pricing

Where to get it: Virtual Cocktail Class


29) JBL Wireless Headset

“For marching to their own beat”  

Bose Wireless Headset

The JBL Wireless Headset is a set of noise cancelling headphones and voice control access to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. These wireless headphones are the perfect gift for calls, music, and listening to podcasts. In fact, your clients can enjoy up to 20 hours of listening per charge and an extra two and a half hours for every 15 minutes of charging.

Best for: Clients

Price: $394.87 to $402.00

Where to get it: JBL Wireless Headset


30) Remy Martin Cognac Kit

“Spirits to uplift the spirit”  

Remy Martin Cognac Kit

The Remy Martin Cognac Kit is a collection of three potential mixes to delight coworkers, clients, or customers. Straight from the vineyards of Cognac to your client’s doorstep, this feel-good concoction is sure to satisfy. You can choose either the 8 or the 16-cocktail package in Cider Punch, Blackberry 75, or Champs-Elysees flavors.

Best for: Clients

Price: $47.92 to $100.86

Where to get it: Remy Martin Cognac Kit


31) Elevated Evening at Home

“For a night of jazz and candles”   

Elevated Evening at Home

The Elevated Evening at Home is perfect for an evening at home with everything clients and customers need to reset and have a soothing experience. This client recognition care package comes with a small teak spreader, an all-natural soy candle from a repurposed wine bottle, tantalizing artichoke and caper bread dip, a maple wood serving board, and French-style olive biscuits from small-batch makers.

Best for: Clients

Price: $100

Where to get it: Elevated Evening at Home

Pro-tip: Provide free upgrades such as offering the pro version for someone who bought the premium version for free (best for loyal or VIP clients). You can also get more ideas in our High End & Luxury Corporate Gifts For VIPs.


Gifts For Repeat, Loyal Customers & Clients

32) The Movie Night Box

“Lights, cameras…client satisfaction”   


Perfect for movie lovers, the Movie Night Box comes with a morning side mug, a bamboo soy candle, an Ischia Turkish towel, a district V.I.T. fleece jogger, and a W&P Peak popcorn popper. This entertainment gift box is also great for sharing with family or enjoying a date night.

Best for: Clients

Price: $105.24

Where to get it: The Movie Night Box


33) Tea Runners

“For peace in a cup”


Tea Runners

The Tea Runners is ideal for serious tea lovers. The soothing beverage box offers up the best of loose-leaf, all-natural teas. Every month, 4 selected loose-leaf teas are delivered right your customer’s door.

Best for: Customers

Price: $26.00/mo

Where to get it: Tea Runners


34) Assorted Specialty Teas Box

“For sipping and chilling”    

Assorted Specialty Teas Box

The Assorted Specialty Tea Box features a range of 48 tea bags, including Earl Grey, English breakfast, decaffeinated breakfast, lemon & orange, green tea with jasmine, organic chamomile, organic peppermint, and pure assam.

Best for: Clients

Price: $11.49

Where to get it: Assorted Specialty Teas Box


35) The Good Life Gourmet

“For la dolce vita”   

The Good Life Gourmet

The Good Life Gourmet is an assortment of savory snacks and gourmet treats that coworkers and clients are sure to love! This corporate client gift box features lightly salted cashews, garlic and herb crackers, hand-cooked peanuts, Swiss cheese, garden vegetable cheese, jalapeno jack cheese, Wisconsin cheddar cheese, “La Dolce Vita” gourmet snack mix, green olive and pimento cheese dip, camembert cheese spread, pepper cheese spread, spicy beef summer sausage, and other delicious meats and cheeses.

Best for: Clients

Price: $58

Where to get it: The Good Life Gourmet


36) Eco-Friendly Organic Candles

“For fresh rain and other natural fragrances”

Eco-Friendly Organic Candles

The Eco-Friendly Organic Candles are pollutant-free and meant to cleanse the air, while giving the sensation of a rainstorm — or at least, the incredible smell of petrichor — the scent of the earth after a storm. Clients and customers are sure to enjoy fragrances like orange and sriracha, brown sugar and fig, lemongrass and grapefruit, pineapple sage, coffee and sandalwood, and honeysuckle and jasmine.

Best for: Customers

Price: $29

Where to get it: Eco-Friendly Organic Candles

Pro-tip: Show new products to your most loyal customers first and give them exclusive access to new products.


Virtual Gifts For Customers & Clients

37) Wine Tasting

“For wining and dining”   

Sip Grapefully is the wine subscription to give your clients a little bubbly and a whole lot of joy!

Best for: Clients

Price: Plan your event to get custom pricing

Where to get it: Wine Tasting


38) Clue Murder Mystery

“For deep thinkers”


Clue Murder Mystery is a team building activity where people can join up to solve mysteries using case files, clues, and logic.

Best for: Customers

Price: $7 to $195 per person (depending on package)

Where to get it: Clue Murder Mystery


39) Escape Room

“For twists and turns”


The Escape Room is a live camera challenge in which a host provides instructions, jokes, and clues to guide participants through the virtual escape room.

Best for: Clients

Price: Talk to The Escape Game to get custom pricing

Where to get it: Escape Room


40) Colombian Coffee & Chocolate Virtual Tasting Kit

“For home-brewed goodness”  

Colombian Coffee & Chocolate Virtual Tasting Kit

This at-home coffee tasting gives your clients and customers the things they need to enjoy home-brewed coffee with a box of premium sweets to pair it with.

Best for: Customers

Price: Talk to Priority Experiences to get custom pricing

Where to get it: Colombian Coffee & Chocolate Virtual Tasting Kit

Pro-tip: Introduce a customer loyalty program to engage with your customers year round!


Unique & Creative Client & Customer Appreciation Gifts

41) Concrete Valet Tray

“For chic neatness”

Concrete Valet Tray

The Concrete Valet Tray keeps your customers’ and clients’ belongings organized with four embossed compartments, smartly designated for keys, phones, wallets, and change.

Best for: Customers

Price: $40

Where to get it: Concrete Valet Tray


42) Personalized Gift

“Ballpoint pens for on-point customers”   

Personalized Gift

The Personalized Gift is the ballpoint pen set for valued customers. Each twisting solid brass pen has a heavy-weight to balance it, an ergonomic grip, and a free custom engraving on the cap.

Best for: Customers

Price: $31.90

Where to get it: Personalized Gift


43) DIY Ice Cream Kit

“DIY flavors with a shareable twist”  


The Do-It-Yourself Ice Cream Kit features 1 ice cream scoop, 4 red cups, 4 spoons, crushed graham crackers, chocolate sprinkles, and rainbow sprinkles, making it perfect for solo or family enjoyment.

Best for: Customers

Price: $12.63 to $16.86

Where to get it from: DIY Ice Cream Kit


44) Grill Masters Club

“For pit bosses”   

Grill MastersThe Grill Masters Club is a monthly subscription box for wannabe or well-trained BBQ pitmasters! Every month, the soon-to-be grill master will receive spices, rubs, grilling accessories, wood chips, and much, much more for smoking, grilling, and barbequing. Plus, they’ll get a new recipe to try to with each box.

Best for: Clients

Price: $24.99 / mo

Where to get it from: Grill Masters Club

Pro-tip: Offer personalization options on your products.


Customer Appreciation Day Gifts For Customers & Clients

45) Happy Hour Swag Pack

“Cheers for the good times”   

The Happy Hour Swag Pack is the specially curated gift box designed to make your clients and customers days much, much happier by giving them great snacks a cocktail kit, and a mug!

Best for: Customers

Price: Contact for pricing details

Where to get it: Happy Hour Swag Pack


46) Chai Tea Kit

“For ancient flavor with a modern twist”   

Chai Tea Kit

The Chai Tea Kit features star anise, cloves, cardamom, earl grey tea, ceylon pekoe tea, ceylon cinnamon, and black peppercorns. Every kit comes with a dozen pots of tea.

Best for: Customers

Price: $35

Where to get it: Chai Tea Kit


47) The Care Package

“For custom care”  


The Care Package provides clients with everything they need to know they’re respected, cared about, and appreciated. It comes with a women’s triblend tee, an ischia Turkish towel, a thermal copper tumbler, a hot chocolate pouch, Probar Bolt Organic Energy Chews, and a custom mailer box.

Best for: Clients

Price: $81.80

Where to get it: The Care Package


48) Raraw Botanicals

“Soothing self care”  

Raraw Botanicals

Raraw Botanicals is the nature-inspired gift box that spoils clients with peppermint tea, lip balm, mint tea, peppermint plant-based soap, an aloe and cactus flower soy candle, a white tea eucalyptus soy candle, and a personalized note. Raraw Botanicals is perfect for a customer giveaway care package!

Best for: Customers

Price: $40.50

Where to get it: Raraw Botanicals

Pro-tip: Offer employee gift cards for coworkers who might be hard to buy for.


49) Luxe Gift Set

“To dazzle those hard-to-impress VIPs”  


Following a sleek black-and-white color scheme, this gift oozes with class. This swanky business gift features high-quality products like a black linen notebook, gourmet coffee, and wireless charger. This gift can be ordered in bulk and customized with your company logo, branded card inserts, and more.

Best for: Clients

Price: Contact to get a custom quote

Where to find it: Luxe Gift Set


50) Customers’ Choice

“To guarantee they’ll love their gift”  


At Teak & Twine, get your own gifting portal with a selection of gifts customized for your brand. Customers select their favorite option, enter their address, and voila! Your clients get exactly what they want and you don’t have to find all those addresses — it’s a win-win!

Best for: Clients

Price: Contact to get a personalized quote

Where to find it: Customers’ Choice


51) Winter Celebration

“For a cozy night in”

This token of appreciation gift includes a scented candle, socks, mug, chocolate and more, all of which are sure to help your clients relax and feel cared about. Not only is this set a great way to show your clients how much you appreciate them, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to promote your business. By giving your clients a gift that they can use and enjoy, you’ll surely put a smile on their faces.

Best for: Clients

Price: Contact Caroo for pricing details

Where to get it: Winter Celebration

Pro-tip: Reward customers when they mention your business online or refer family members or friends by giving them free gifts, samples, or a gift card.


Bonus: Personalized Compact Swivel Cheese Board

“Charcuterie-style fun”  

Personalized Compact Swivel Cheese Board

The Personalized Compact Swivel Cheese Board is a triangular-shaped cheese and appetizer board. Complete with stainless steel knives and a cheese fork, this tiered wheel transforms to become the highlight of your client’s kitchen.

Best for: Clients

Price: $79

Where to get it from: Personalized Compact Swivel Cheese Board

Pro-tip: Be flexible with your return policy.


Bonus: Gift Of Gratitude Care Package

“A token of my appreciation…with chocolate”

A care package for when you want to express your gratitude to a particularly excellent customer or client — the “Gift of Gratitude” says thanks while showering them with a number of items they’ll be aching to open up and try. From the premium, hand-crafted chocolates, to the Kast Stone notebook — this gift box screams luxury. Don’t forget to check out the “pour over” coffee pack from Copper Cow — they’ll seriously love it.

Best for: Customers

Price: Contact to get personalized results

Where to find it: Gift Of Gratitude Care Package


Bonus: The Fellowship Pack

“For turning clients into friends”   

The Fellowhip Pack

The custom branded swag pack is perfect for hustlers and creatives! The Fellowship Pack comes with a high-quality travel tumbler, a merino wool beanie for staying warm and cozy on-the-go or in the home office, light-blocking computer glasses, a Rocketbook Everlast Executive for saving paper and saving ideas digitally, and a custom mailer box!

Best for: Clients

Price: $92.05

Where to find it: The Fellowship Pack


What Are The Benefits of Client & Customer Appreciation Gifts?

There are several benefits to sending a customer or a client an appreciation gift. Some of these benefits will be noticed immediately, while others may be over the long term. A well-suited appreciation gift can have an immediate impact on a customer or client when they first open it by showing that you value their business and the future you look forward to having with them.

The right gift, whether used one time or for many years, will continue to pay dividends for your company by strengthening your connection to your client and building up a positive working relationship that recognizes the hard work that both sides put in.

When taking into consideration what type of appreciation gift to send them, it is important to recognize the different aspects of this process. Ask yourself if this gift is hitting on some or all of the topics below:

  • Memorable — people forget events, but they never forget how you make them feel and appreciation gifts are sure to leave a positive feeling.
  • Unique — it’s important that the gifts are unique, so they aren’t redundant.
  • Useful — your clients and customers will love these gifts even more if they make their daily lives better.
  • Quality — the higher quality gifts are more durable and show greater appreciation.
  • Fun — ideally, client appreciation gifts are fun and useful, but sometimes the fun gifts are the hands-down, absolute best when it comes to leaving a smile on your customers’ and clients’ faces.

People Also Ask These Questions About Client & Customer Appreciation Gifts

Q: How do you make customers & clients feel appreciated in 2024?

  • A: Customers and clients will feel appreciated when you take time or actively gesture to them that they are appreciated. One of the best ways to do this is by giving them a client appreciation gift to stand out from the competition.

Q: What makes a good customer & client appreciation gift?

  • A: A good customer and client appreciation gift is gifting anything that makes your clients feel appreciated and expresses gratitude for doing business with you.

Q: How much should I pay for a client appreciation gift?

  • A: Ideally, whatever you spend on a customer appreciation gift comes back around in the form of more business. However, doing a nice thing for a nice thing’s sake is never bad. Generally, if the client or customer is a high-value client, you should be willing to pay more for their gift. Think of it as an investment that will pay dividends in the mid to long-term future.

Q: How do I send bulk customer appreciation gifts?

  • A: There are many ways to send bulk customer and client appreciation gifts, however, choosing a corporate gifting company that specializes in sending gifts in bulk is normally your best bet. They can give you competitive pricing while handling the logistics of your bulk gift order.

Q: Can I put logos on client and customer appreciation gifts?

  • A: Yes, you can put logos on client and customer appreciation gifts by using a corporate gift company, which focuses on custom branded corporate gifts.

Q: Can I send curated gift boxes for customers & clients?

  • A: Yes, you can send curated gift boxes for customers and clients. Many companies even enable you to pick out items individually in whatever combination you would like. Then, they handle all the packaging and logistics. You can explore some of these resources in our article dedicated to client & customer appreciation gifts.

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