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76 Best Promotional Item, Product, & Gift Ideas For Any Business [Hand-Selected]

By February 19, 2024 May 22nd, 2024 2 Comments

Best Promotional Item, Product, & Gift Ideas

Increasing organic reach is getting harder every other week. As social media and other platforms tighten up their algorithms to try to get businesses to pay for visibility, companies have to become even more creative with their advertising spend.

However, finding creative marketing solutions doesn’t necessarily mean throwing wads of money at a problem. The best advertising snowballs; one impression turns into a conversation and your brand awareness spreads from there. Fortunately, nothing starts a conversation quite like promo products and company swag.

Of course, it can seem like a daunting task trying to evaluate what the most effective items for promotion will be. That’s why our team curated a list of the best promotional item, product, and gift ideas for any business!

“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.” — Bill Bernbach

5 Tips For Deciding The Best Promotional Item For You:

  • Quality — Is it made of durable, top-notch material?
  • Usefulness — Is it practical?
  • Uniqueness — Does it show thoughtfulness?
  • Swagger — Does it look good and feel good?
  • Affordability — Is it a good value?
“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.” Click To Tweet

To see the items that best fit this criteria, check out this list and build your brand!

Best Promotional Products Companies

76. stands out as a premier company for high-quality, customizable promotional items designed to elevate your brand’s visibility and engagement.

Offering a wide range of products from apparel to tech gadgets, all customizable with your logo or message, makes it easy to create memorable and impactful promotional materials.

Their user-friendly platform and commitment to quality ensure your brand stands out in the crowd.

Best for: Companies looking to make a strong impression with premium promotional items that reflect their brand’s quality and values. is especially suited for businesses seeking a streamlined, hassle-free ordering process.

Notable Features

  • Customization: offers advanced customization options, allowing you to tailor each product to your brand’s unique specifications and aesthetic.
  • Wide Product Selection: From eco-friendly options to the latest tech gadgets, boasts an extensive product range to cater to all promotional needs.
  • Easy Ordering Process: Their platform provides a seamless, intuitive ordering experience, simplifying the customization and purchase of promotional items.

Notable companies that use this promotional item vendor:

  • Google
  • Pinterest
  • Addicting Games

Where to get started:

“We love especially because they only offer swag people will actually want to keep. We use swag to promote our games and educational math products.” — Bill Karamouzis, Addicting Games


75. Stadium

Stadium is a cutting-edge promotional item vendor that specializes in providing a wide array of high-quality, customizable products designed to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

With an emphasis on innovation and client satisfaction, Stadium offers a platform for businesses to find and personalize promotional items that perfectly align with their brand identity and marketing goals.

You can choose from custom-branded templates for products, send points, and give employees the chance to redeem recognition for rewards. Stadium boasts gift cards, snacks, swag, experiences, and more!

Best for: Companies seeking a modern and efficient solution for their promotional needs, aiming to stand out with unique, customized items that truly represent their brand. Stadium is particularly suited for businesses focused on sustainability and tech-forward promotional products, offering a vast selection to meet diverse marketing strategies.

Notable Features

  • Real-Time Order Tracking: Stadium offers real-time tracking for orders, providing businesses with up-to-date information on the production and delivery status of their promotional items, ensuring transparency and peace of mind throughout the process.
  • Advanced Customization: The platform offers advanced customization options, enabling businesses to precisely tailor their chosen items to reflect their brand’s aesthetics and values.
  • Streamlined Ordering Process: Stadium’s user-friendly website and dedicated customer service team ensure a smooth, hassle-free ordering and customization process from start to finish.

Notable companies that use this promotional item vendor

  • Agoda
  • Harvard University
  • Salesforce

Where to get started: Stadium

“It’s so easy, you don’t get charged until the recipient redeems, and everyone has absolutely loved it! It’s enjoyable and great way for us to engage with our customers and help do something fun for their families!” — Christina, Salesforce


74. Goody

Goody offers a unique and innovative approach to promotional items, focusing on curated, high-quality goods that promise to make your brand unforgettable.

With an emphasis on sustainability and creativity, this all-in-one business gifting platform helps companies select thoughtful and impactful products that resonate with their target audience.

Their dedication to exceptional customer service and an eco-friendly ethos sets them apart in the promotional items industry.

Best for: Businesses aiming to differentiate themselves through environmentally responsible and creatively curated promotional products. Goody is ideal for brands that value sustainability and want their promotional efforts to reflect a commitment to environmental stewardship. On top of all of that, you can easily automate employee gifting to make sure you miss celebrating a moment, from onboarding to work anniversaries.

Notable Features

  • Eco-Friendly Options: Goody specializes in sustainable promotional items, offering a wide selection of products made from recycled materials and designed for minimal environmental impact. You can also support BIPOC, LGBTQ+, female founded, and social-impact-driven companies through Goody.
  • Curated Selections: They provide expertly curated product selections, ensuring that each promotional item is perfectly aligned with your brand’s image and campaign goals.
  • Personalized Branding Consultation: Goody offers personalized branding consultations to create custom promotional strategies that effectively communicate your brand’s message.

Notable companies that use this promotional item vendor:

  • Compass
  • Stripe
  • Rothy’s

Where to get started: Goody

“Our team has loved the option to swap the gift for anything they want. This is such a helpful feature when ordering for several team members. The process to redeem gifts is super easy.” — Shaumiya Suehiro-Woell, People Operations at Rothy’s


Promotional Item Idea: Tote Bags

73. Daily Grind Tote

“For when you need a big bag“

Daily Grind Tote

The Daily Grind Tote does it all! It is an easily wipeable, heavy-duty bag that will make your giftee stand out in a crowd. This daily tote is not only a workhorse, but can come in a two-tone option with two canvas colors to truly make a statement.

Minimum Quantity: 25

Price: $11.14 – 21.15

Where to get it: Daily Grind Tote


72. Dual Compartment Tote Cooler

“Cool food and drinks for longer”


This Dual Compartment Tote Cooler is the ultimate carryall cooler. It has 25% more foam to keep your food and drinks cooler for longer, with a storage capacity of up to 20 cans. Your clients will not stop raving about it!

Minimum Quantity: 25

Price: $74.18 to $93.61

Where to get it: Dual Compartment Tote Cooler


71. Timbuk2 Scholar Tote

“For scholars”

Timbuk2 Spire 2.0

The Timbuk2 Scholar Tote is fit for academics and adventurers alike. If Indiana Jones was a real person living in the digital age, he would undoubtedly be rocking this custom tote bag. One of the niftiest features is that recipients of this promo gift can simply untuck the hidden straps and wear it as a backpack. This professional gift idea is large enough to fit a 13-inch MacBook Pro and has ample pockets for accessories, an umbrella, and other items.

Minimum Quantity: 50

Price: $62.08 to $71.56

Where to get it: Timbuk2 Scholar Tote


70. Recycled Cotton Tote

“For the eco-friendly“

Recycled Cotton Tote

The Recycled Cotton Tote is made of 100% recycled cotton gathered from garment cutting waste blended with recycled polyester. Of course, as you might have guessed, the end result is also recyclable. Plus, your logo can be heat transferred onto this perfect swag bag!

Minimum Quantity: 288

Price: $2.83 to $10.24

Where to get it: Recycled Cotton Tote


69. Jal Computer Tote

“For techies“

Jal Computer Tote

The Jal Computer Tote features a 15-inch laptop sleeve and pockets for accessories, gadgets, and electronics. But what we like the most about this poly canvas tote bag is how well it manages to blend fashion and function. In other words, it looks so freaking cool!

Minimum Quantity: 24

Price: $31.91 to $95.80

Where to get it: Jal Computer Tote


Promotional Item Idea: Sunglasses

68. High Gloss Sunglasses

“For playing it cool”


The High Gloss Sunglasses provide total UVA and UBA protection to keep employees and clients eyes protection — a gesture that shows you care. One of our favorite things about this simple, but stylish employee appreciation gift is how affordable it is.

Minimum Quantity: 200

Price: $2.95 to $9.18

Where to get it: High Gloss Sunglasses


67. Islander Sunglasses

“For working vacations”

Islander SunglassesIf you want your employees or coworkers to be well-equipped for their working vacation, get them the Islander Sunglasses. This branded eyewear comes with UV 400 protective lenses, metal trim, adjustable nose pads, and a microfiber pouch to keep them squeaky clean. The bonus with this employee recognition gift is that they look downright awesome!

Minimum Quantity: 200

Price: $4.88 to $6.28

Where to get it: Islander Sunglasses


66. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

“For screen users”


If you spend a lot of time on digital screens, you might want to consider the Blue Light Blocking Glasses. These glasses block out blue light and help reduce headaches and fatigue. They are also made of recycled material.

Minimum Quantity: 100

Price: $7.01

Where to get it: Blue Light Blocking Glasses


65. Ray-ban Wayfarer Classic

“For looking bougie”

Rayban-Wayfarer-ClassicThe Ray-ban Wayfarer Classic will have your team looking like absolute closers. It’s even rumored that these iconic glasses give the wearer Jordan Belfort-esque powers of persuasion. That’s the rumor at least. What we do know is that your employees will feel valued and your company will look elite when they rock the Wayfarer. The lens is made of crystal glass and your logo can be digitally imprinted on the pouch and the cleaning cloth to create a marketing tool that your clients will not stop wearing.

Minimum Quantity: 100

Price: $154.61 to $161.50

Where to get it: Ray-ban Wayfarer Classic


Promotional Item Idea: Pens

64. Pilot G2

“For smooth writing”


Pilot G2 features a contoured rubber grip, retractable point, and refillable ink. It ensures smooth, smear-free writing. You can find it in a variety of vibrant colors, which makes it a simple gift idea for planners who enjoy color-coding!

Minimum Quantity: 100

Price: $4.39

Where to get it: Pilot G2


63. LAMY Xevo Ballpoint

“For pen afficianados”

Lamy - Xevo

This pen is going to be a lot nice in quality than the standard promotional pen that you can throw out without any care. However, if you are really looking to make an impact with a potential client or customer, this ballpoint pen is a tool that has the opportunity to be their daily pen. That is what we call value!

Minimum Quantity: 25

Price: $12.69 to $14.90

Where to get it: LAMY Xevo Ballpoint


62. Ombre Pen

“For artists”


Made from recycled plastic, this soft touch pen comes in vibrant neon brights to catch everyone’s attention.. This branded pen has a colorful trim and is refillable. Your logo can be printed on the barrel.

Minimum Quantity: 250

Price: $0.80 to $1.13

Where to get it: Ombre Pen


61. Beeston Pen

“For a vintage vibe”

Beeston-PenThis Moleskine Classic Click Pen is designed to write, draw, and scribble on moleskine notebooks and even to clip on the side of a hardcover book! This custom pen has a retractable point and draws in black ink only.

Minimum Quantity: 350

Price: $1.07 to $1.41

Where to get it: Beeston Pen


Promotional Item Idea: Hats

60. Watch Hat

“Comfortable and functional”


This Watch Hat is made from 100% acrylic, stretchable, knit fabric. It’s soft to the touch but will stay put when stretched out. It’s available in a range of different colors, and you can choose to place the imprint at a location of your choice – back, front, or side. It’s a great winter gift that’s both comfortable and functional too!

Minimum Quantity: 25

Price: $26.92 to $36.50

Where to get it: Acrylic Watch Hat


59. Nike Cotton Twill Hat

“For athletes”

Nike Dri-FIT Swoosh

The Nike Cotton Hat is perfect for athletes and anyone who leads an active lifestyle! The cotton-based design helps with moisture management and maximum breathability. The underbill also reduces sun glare.

Minimum Quantity: 24

Price: $26.93 to $33.55

Where to get it: Nike Cotton Twill Hat


58. Bucket Hat

“For the trendy professional”

Bucket Hat

This stylish bucket hat is destined to become their new favorite accessory. With its connection to streetwear, this hat is anything but boring or outdated. In addition to its vintage look, this hat is available in multiple colors so that you can kick off your promotional event with some “cool.”

Minimum Quantity: 24

Price: $11.48 to $19.93

Where to get it: Bucket Hat


57. Port Authority Flexfit Cap

“For all sizes”

port authority flexfit capLarge head? Small head? Average? No worries! The Port Authority Flexfit  Cap will literally have your employees covered. This headwear is structured with a mid-profile and a hard buckram backed front panel. Plus, it has a sweatband that helps it keep its shape. To make sure your company is remembered as you recognize your employees, your logo can be embroidered on this custom branded hat.

Minimum Quantity: 12

Price: $15.49 to $27.18

Where to get it: Port Authority Flexfit Cap


56. Swag Cap

“For a simple but cool look”

Cotton Twill HatThe Low-Profile Swag Cap looks like something Huckleberry Finn would wear if he lived in the modern era and worked at a tech startup. This 100% garment-washed cotton hat has an unstructured design, a low profile, and a tuck-away leather back strap with an antiqued brass buckle and grommet. This branded hat will keep employees as cool as they’ll look.

Minimum Quantity: 24

Price: $10.52 to $17.74

Where to get it: Swag Cap


Promotional Item Idea: Happy Hour & Barware 

55. Vacuum Insulated Wine Tumbler

“Keeps hot stuff hot, and cold stuff cold”


This Vacuum Insulated Wine Tumbler has a smooth, glossy finish, a press-on lid to prevent splashes, and does not sweat. Most importantly, its double-coated insulation keeps hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold!

Minimum Quantity: 25

Price: $27.48 to $33.95

Where to get it: Vacuum Insulated Wine Tumbler


54. 16oz Govino Wine Glass

“Designed with pleasure & sophistication in mind”

Just the sight of the elegant shape and clarity of this wine glass is enough to make anyone excited about their next drink. The unique shape helps trap all the delicious aroma in and magnify it – giving recipients an interesting new way to enjoy their favorite drink.

Minimum Quantity: 150

Price: $4.14 to $5.53

Where to get it: 16oz Govino Wine Glass


53. Candy Cocktail Garnishes

“Cheers to the perfect present!”


This one-of-a-kind three-compartment gift box is designed to bring out the mixologist in everyone, with tasty twists and turns that are sure to dazzle any palate. Inside you’ll find sweet sugar-coated lemon slices, rich chocolate Martini olives, and more.

Minimum Quantity: 20

Price: $39.50 to $47.69

Where to get it: Candy Cocktail Garnishes


52. Cocktail Box Co. Gin & Tonic

“Shake, pour & enjoy!”

Recipients will be able to enjoy all the flavors of this upscale cocktail – any day, any time – right in the comfort of their own home. It’s got all the charm of their favorite Gin & Tonic recipe while still being convenient enough to whip up in minutes.

It also features high-quality ingredients like lavender and orange bitters, various tonic syrup packs, and a bottle of freshly squeezed lime juice that bring zest to every sip. Plus, it comes with a unique bartender’s spoon and muddler, 3 colorful cocktail picks, and a hand-knit napkin.

Minimum Quantity: 25

Price: $21.85 to $29.00

Where to get it: Cocktail Box Co. Gin & Tonic


Promotional Item Idea: Umbrellas

51. 48-inch Reverse Open Umbrella

“For practicality”

This umbrella has an innovative folding design, which opens and closes inside-out, allowing surfaces to stay dry. This particular umbrella can also stand on its own as it dries out.

Minimum Quantity: 36

Price: $31.61 to $42.03

Where to get it: 48-inch Reverse Open Umbrella


50. 62-inch Golf Umbrella

“For golfers”

62'' Golf Umbrella

The 62-inch Golf Umbrella allows employees to enjoy the day whether it’s raining or the sun is shining. But if it happens to be raining, you can be sure that others will see your brand’s logo on the large canopy. This custom umbrella includes a shoulder strap and is made of lightning resistant fiberglass.

Minimum Quantity: 36

Price: $31.61 to $51.81

Where to get it: 62” Golf Umbrella


49. 42-inch Totes Auto Umbrella

“For pattern lovers”

The 42-inch Totes Umbrella has a manual opening, a three-section folding metal shaft, and a polyester canopy with a matching color handle. Your logo can be screenprinted onto the canopy and you can choose from six different colors for giveaways and trade shows.

Minimum Quantity: 48

Price: $22.97 to $43.71

Where to get it: 42-inch Totes Umbrella


Promotional Item Idea: Apparel

48. Next Level Unisex Crew

“For everyone!”

Next Level Unisex Crew

The Next Level Unisex Sueded Crew is made from a microbrushing process that creates an ultra-soft, plush, and luxurious feeling on the skin. Furthermore, the colors are as soft as the fabric and range from snow heather red to snow heather green. Additionally, the fabric is pre-shrunk so your employees or conference attendees won’t ever have to worry about shrinkage with this business promotional giveaway.

Minimum Quantity: 24

Price: $8.58 to $31.54

Where to get it: Next Level Unisex Crew


47. Ogio Men’s Quarter Zip

“For a casual but cool look”

Ogio Men's Quarter Zip

The Ogio Men’s Quarter Zip is layerable, stretchy, and warm on top of being dri-fit, making it perfect and stylish for all weather conditions. The reflective material also means employees and coworkers can wear it on a nightly jog or a bike ride and stay safe as well!

Minimum Quantity: 24

Price: $54.43 to $59.24

Where to get it: Ogio Men’s Quarter Zip


46. Alternative Sport Sweatshirt

“For boss ladies”

For a sporty, early fall fashion, check out the Alternative Sport Sweatshirt. This stylish off-the-shoulder branded sweatshirt is a contemporary fit for ladies with low-impact yarn that’s been dyed and can be fabric-washed. Your logo can be screenprinted or embroidered making this a great gift for coworkers.

Minimum Quantity: 24

Price: $36.10 to $69.10

Where to get it: Alternative Sport Sweatshirt


Promotional Item Idea: Backpacks

45. Thule Blyn Backpack

“For the uber savvy”

Thule Blyn BackpackThe Thule Blyn Backpack is one of our favorite promo gift items on this list. This durable custom branded backpack features a zippered main compartment, a laptop sleeve, and other pockets for easy access to accessories and power cords.

Minimum Quantity: 12

Price: $68.34 to $122.88

Where to get it: Thule Blyn Backpack


44. Bombus Drawstring

“For day-trippers”

Bombus DrawstringThe Bombus Drawstring features a protective flap with loop and hook closure, an earbud port, a media pocket, and wider deluxe webbing backpack straps. This branded drawstring back comes in black, navy blue, royal blue, and red.

Minimum Quantity: 100

Price: $4.79 to $12.40

Where to get it: Bombus Drawstring


43. The Mila Backpack

“For digital nomads”

Mila BackpackThe Mila Backpack offers up all the essentials, including a trendy rucksack, a zippered main compartment complete with a 15-inch laptop sleeve, a webbed front pocket, and padded shoulder straps. Super easy to embroider with your company logo, this will be the kind of backpack for work that will have professionals buzzing about.

Minimum Quantity: 24

Price: $19.63 to $30.49

Where to get it: The Mila Backpack


Promotional Item Idea: Speakers

42. Brick Bluetooth Speaker

“For cookouts”

Brick Bluetooth SpeakerThe Brick Bluetooth Speaker has incredible sound quality as if it was designed for the pool, house parties, or a hike. Oh, wait, it was! With a 33-foot range, 4 hours of continuous music on a single charge, and water-proofing, your clients, employees, or whoever you intend to gift this amazing speaker will be thrilled. It also comes with a carabiner clip.

Minimum Quantity: 12

Price: $32.64 to $126.47

Where to get it: Brick Bluetooth Speaker


41. Solar Waterproof Speaker

“For fun in the sun”

Solar Waterproof SpeakerThe Solar Waterproof Speaker is designed to give listeners nonstop fun by charging in the sun during that cookout or outdoor office party.

Minimum Quantity: 12

Price: $43.36 to $56.73

Where to get it: Solar Waterproof Speaker


40. Block Wireless Speaker

“For wanderlust”


The Block Wireless Speaker has a compact design which helps recipients of this incredible promo gift easily carry it anywhere with them. Imagine how grateful every character in those romance movies would have been if they’d had one of these instead of those big, heavy boomboxes! This wireless speaker has a 33-foot range and a built-in microphone with on-speaker controls.

Minimum Quantity: 1

Price: $80 to $111.67

Where to get it: Block Wireless Speaker


Promotional Item Idea: Mugs

39. Inola Mug

“For tea time”

Iselin Mug

The Inola Mug is a 12-ounce stoneware with a matte white exterior and a glossy inside. A cork base keeps this coffee mug from scarring and staining tables.

Minimum Quantity: 48

Price: $5.48 to $15.01

Where to get it: Inola Mug


38. Ember 10oz Mug

“For Goldilocks-like perfection”

Ember 10oz Mug

If you want a drink that’s never too hot and never too cold, the Ember 10-ounce mug is a good start. This smart mug allows people to set the exact temperature they want their drink to be. It is an excellent luxury corporate gift that promotes your brand and helps your clients and customers enjoy that perfect cup of joe.

Minimum Quantity: 25

Price: $165

Where to get it: Ember 10oz Mug


37. Yeti Rambler Tumbler

“For globetrotters”


This high-quality bottle is an ideal gift for employees who find themselves on the move. The Yeti Rambler Mug is double-walled and made of insulated stainless steel.

Minimum Quantity: 12

Price: 42.85 to $58.28

Where to get it: Yeti Rambler Tumbler


Promotional Item Idea: Water Bottles

36. Montego 21oz Sports Bottle

“For team players”

Montego 21oz Sports Bottle

The Montego 21oz Sports Bottle can be given out as conference swag or at fundraisers. Either way, there’s no denying just how slick this BPA-free branded tumbler is.

Minimum Quantity: 144

Price: $2.61 to $4.14

Where to get it: Montego 21oz Sports Bottle


35. Que Bottle

“For precision”

Que BottleThis collapsible branded water bottle has a patented spiral design that allows your employees or clients to shrink the bottle to half its size. The Que Bottle is dishwasher safe, BPA and plastic-free, leakproof, shock-proof, and lightweight.

Minimum Quantity: 48

Price: $19.18 to $30.14

Where to get it: Que Bottle


34. Asobu Alpine Flask

“For a hot day”

Asobu Alpine FlaskWith an easy grip handle and access spout for convenient sipping or pouring, employees won’t need to take the lid off of the Asobu Alpine Flask. This matte stainless steel custom branded bottle is copper-lined, 100% leak-proof and BPA-proof, and stays hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

Minimum Quantity: 48

Price: $19.50 to $29.69

Where to get it: Asobu Alpine Flask


Promotional Item Idea: Stickers

33. 2-inch Custom Vinyl Stickers

“For creativity points”

3-inch Custom Vinyl StickersAdd your logo and any custom design to the Custom Vinyl Stickers. They’re waterproof, high quality, and have a laminated glossy look that keeps these 2-inch artsy stickers fresh.

Minimum Quantity: 50

Price: $0.37 to $1.37

Where to get it: Custom Vinyl Stickers


32. 3-inch Custom Vinyl Stickers

“For decoration”

Vinyl-Stickers-3-InchesThe 3-inch Custom Vinyl Stickers offer all of the same advantages as the two inch stickers, but with a little extra room.

Minimum Quantity: 50

Price: $0.52 to $2.04

Where to get it: 3-inch Custom Vinyl Stickers


31. 4-inch Custom Vinyl Stickers

“For graphic designers”

Vinyl-Sticker-4-InchesWith two additional inches of space, the 4-inch Custom Vinyl Stickers are a fun and affordable way of giving back to your employees. Plus, if you add your company logo to this gift, chances are you’ll see them on at least a few laptops around the office.

Minimum Quantity: 50

Price: $0.75 to $2.27

Where to get it: 4-inch Custom Vinyl Stickers


Promotional Item Idea: Keychains

30. Bottle Opener Keychain

“For office parties”

Bottle Opener KeychainThis custom bottle opener is detailed, durable, and a fun way to leave a lasting impression on employees and clients.

Minimum Quantity: 100

Price: $2.60 to $5.11

Where to get it: Bottle Opener Keychain


29. Mint Tin Keychain

“For fresh breath”

Mint Tin Keychain

The tiny tin comes attached to this keychain, so your team members or employees can keep their breath as fresh as they’ll look wearing some of the other swag on this list.

Minimum Quantity: 150

Price: $1.79 to $2.88

Where to get it: Mint Tin Keychain


28. Reusable Metal Straw Set

“For ultra-convenience”


This Reusable Metal Straw Set is durable and packs into anything. Your logo can be added to its silicone case if you choose to bulk order this gift.

Minimum Quantity: 250

Price: $11.48 to $23.41

Where to get it: Reusable Straw Keychain


Promotional Item Idea: Notebooks

27. Bound JournalBook

“For sunshine in a book”

The Mini Moscow

The Mix Bound JournalBook is 192 ivory-lined pages of happiness. Your employees can fill it with dreams, notes and whatever they’d like as passersby will surely catch a glance of your logo on the bright cover.

Minimum Quantity: 25

Price: $7.98

Where to get it: Bound JournalBook


26. The Portfolio

“For elegance”
The WilmingtonWith the Vinyl Portfolio, style and elegance have never been more affordable. Your employees can jot down their thoughts, including their short and long-term goals on those ivory-lined pages.

Minimum Quantity: 18

Price: $22.21 to $81.61

Where to get it: The Portfolio


25. The Pocket Journal

“For two-in-one”

The Austin

The Austin solves that classic dilemma of being out and about without a pocket to put your phone in. Fortunately, this branded gift idea has a secure cell phone pocket on the front cover.

Minimum Quantity: 55

Price: $18.71 to $32.58

Where to get it: The Pocket Journal


Promotional Item Idea: Tech Accessories

24. Leather Popsocket

“For a drive”

Leather PopsocketThe Leather Popsocket turns the back of a phone into prime promo real estate. This accessory can be used on pretty much any phone, phone case, or tablet.

Minimum Quantity: 50

Price: $9.16 to $10.20

Where to get it: Leather Popsocket


23. Cable Quack

“For neat freaks”

Cable Quack

The Cable Quack keeps your employees organized and rocking your brand at the same time. The magnetic clip and base also return it to its proper position.

Minimum Quantity: 100

Price: $4.57 to $5.00

Where to get it: Cable Quack


22. WebCam Cover

“For computer wizards”

WebCam Cover

The WebCam Cover provides privacy protection for computers, laptops, monitors, smart televisions, and external webcams.

Minimum Quantity: 50

Price: $3.75 to $4.30

Where to get it: WebCam Cover


Promotional Item Idea: Eco-Friendly Products

21. Aviana Reusable Straw Set

“For saving the turtles”

Asobu Reusable StrawSay goodbye to plastic straws for good. The Aviana Reusable Straw helps your employees do their part of making the world a better, cleaner place. Plus, these stainless steel straws with bendable silicone sections give your brand a green angle and show you’re forward thinking.

Minimum Quantity: 100

Price: $8.93 to $20.45

Where to get it: Aviana Reusable Straw Set


20. Bamboo Lunch Box

“For earth lovers”

Bamboo-Lunch-BoxForget plastic utensils! With the Bamboo Lunch Box, employees will have a fork, spoon, knife, and a multiple food divider rolled into one, which just happens to be ideal for the breakroom at work or even lunch break at the home office.

Minimum Quantity: 100

Price: $17.97 to $30.64

Where to get it: Wheat Straw Utensil Set


19. Recycled Luggage Tag

“For eco-friendly travel”

Eco Luggage TagThis eco-friendly luggage tag is made of 100% recycled materials so your employees or clients can reduce their green footprint with this handy swag item!

Minimum Quantity: 100

Price: $4.87 to $8.88

Where to get it: Recycled Luggage Tag


Promotional Item Idea: Hand Sanitizer

18. Sanitizer Spray Pen

“For a Wild West showdown with germs”

Sanitizer Spray PenEven germs will be surprised when your employees whip out this pen. They’ll be thinking in their little germ brains, “Ah, that human is about to write”…then BAM! They’ve been sanitized!

Minimum Quantity: 250

Price: $1.17 to $1.51

Where to get it: Sanitizer Spray Pen


17. 2oz Hand Sanitizer

“For total sanitization”

2oz Hand SanitizerWith over 70% alcohol, this single ounce sanitizer eliminates the majority of pathogenic microorganisms including fungi, germs, cocci, viruses, and more.

Minimum Quantity: 200

Price: $5.42 to $6.60

Where to get it: 2oz Hand Sanitizer


16. 3.4oz Hand Sanitizer Spray

“For twice the hygiene”

Sanitizer Spray

The 3.4oz Hand Sanitizer spray is the perfect gift for your employees! This FDA-approved custom hygiene gift idea will help keep everyone a little safer around the office. After all, the best healthcare is preventative.

Minimum Quantity: 25

Price: $8.14

Where to get it: 3.4oz Hand Sanitizer Spray


Promotional Item Idea: Work-From-Home Products

15. Custom Mouse Pad

“For digital nomads”

Custom Mouse PadThis natural rubber mouse pad gives employees a smooth experience while using the computer from home or at work. The Custom Mouse Pad can have your logo on it in a 4-color printing process.

Minimum Quantity: 150

Price: $2.34 to $7.77

Where to get it: Custom Rubber Pad


14. Petite Bliss Plant

“For gardeners”

Petite Bliss PlantThe Petite Bliss Plant is a big dose of zen in a pot. This 4-inch Echeveria succulent comes wrapped in a cylinder gift box with a decorative ribbon so it’s ripe for any occasion worth celebrating.

Minimum Quantity: 13

Price: $34.37 to $78.92

Where to get it: Petite Bliss Plant


13. Foldable Keyboard

“For compactness”

Foldable Keyboard

The Foldable Keyboard pairs to all Bluetooth enabled tablets, smartphones, and computers. The compact design also means that this promo gift can conveniently fit in a carry-on bag.

Minimum Quantity: 25

Price: $41.96 to $70.31

Where to get it: Foldable Keyboard


Promotional Item Idea: Fitness Products

12. Resistance Band

“For breaking a sweat”

resistance band

This resistance band gives employees exactly what they need for that pre-work grind. It’s ideal for strength training!

Minimum Quantity: 100

Price: $5.11 to $6.77

Where to get it: Resistance Band


11. Theragun Mini

“For relaxation”

theragunTheragun Mini is a pocket-sized masseuse. This deep muscle treatment is incredibly portable and great for relieving the tension that naturally occurs from working hard.

Minimum Quantity: 25

Price: $240.51 to $318.67

Where to get it: Theragun Mini


10. Cooling Towel Carabiner

“For loosening up”

cooling towel carabiner

This cooling towel helps employees or clients chill out after an exhilarating workout or lounge by the pool. This super soft towel is quick-absorbing, quick-drying, and slightly cool to the touch.

Minimum Quantity: 80

Price: $5.27to $10.28

Where to get it: Cooling Towel Carabiner


Promotional Item Idea: Headphones

9. Bluetooth Earbuds

“For business calls”


The Brooks Bluetooth Earbuds are compatible with almost all phones and portable devices. These noise isolation earbuds will ensure that no outside noise will interfere with the sound quality and are perfect for active sports like jogging and weight lifting.

Minimum Quantity: 20

Price: $33.95 to $44.21

Where to get it: Bluetooth Earbuds


8. Mase Headphones

“For getting in the zone”

Hush HeadphonesThe Mase Headphones amplify music and other audio, while canceling out any ambient or otherwise unwanted noise from the outside world. Plus, these branded headphones have a fully adjustable strap to add a little extra comfort.

Minimum Quantity: 12

Price: $29.99 to $45.12

Where to get it: Mase Headphones


7. Bose Quiet Control

“For peace and quiet”


Bose Quiet Control utilizes cutting edge technology to put wearers in their own world. These noise cancelling headphones are perfect as virtual and in-person conference gifts.

Minimum Quantity: 50

Price: $390.01 to $401.43

Where to get it: Bose Quiet Control


Promotional Item Idea: Winter Products

6. Ascolour Women’s Hoodie

“For startup swag”

Feat L BlanketBlend Hoodie

If you want your employees or coworkers to look like they work at a tech startup, check out this super comfy and soft hoodie. With a swag like Zuck in the Social Network movie, your employees will also love the comfort of this cotton & branded sweatshirt.

Minimum Quantity: 24

Price: $40.28 to $69.75

Where to get it: Ascolour Women’s Hoodie


5. Sherpa Fleece Blanket

“For conquering Everest or the workday”

Sherpa Fleece BlanketThe Sherpa Fleece Blanket will have your employees ready to conquer Everest or the workday. This fleece blanket is great for staying warm on a chilly day. Remote workers will appreciate this branded gift because it’s sure to keep them cozy and snug as they work!

Minimum Quantity: 12

Price: $30.45 to $41.08

Where to get it: Sherpa Fleece Blanket


4. Beanie

“For extra sauce” Beanie

It’s no coincidence this beanie comes from the promotional product company— Our team agrees that on a swag scale of 1 to 10, it exceeds the highest rating. In other words, this beanie has “too much sauce” as they say. This custom beanie will have your employees looking cooler than a polar bear’s toenails.

Minimum Quantity: 250

Price: $11.32 to $15.95

Where to get it: Beanie


Promotional Item Idea: Portable Chargers

3. Custom Wireless Charger

“For a charge with no strings attached”

Custom Wireless Charger

The Custom Wireless Charger is compatible with mobile devices by simply setting phones on top. This Qi-enabled wireless charger can be customized in various sizes and shapes and imprinted with your logo to ensure you stay on your employees’ or customers’ minds.

Minimum Quantity: 100

Price: $13.36 to $30.34

Where to get it: Custom Wireless Charger


2. Pebble Portable Charger

“For road trips”

Pebble Portable Charger

This powerful portable charger is great for techies in the outdoors. The Pebble Portable Charger comes with a carabiner and a case. Plus, devices stay charged for hours and hours with the 5000 mAh power bank.

Minimum Quantity: 45

Price: $17.99 to $31.81

Where to get it: Pebble Portable Charger


1. Qi Power Bank

“For rapid charging”

Qi Power BankThis Qi Power Bank comes with indicator lights for battery levels and wireless charging. It has a large capacity of 10,000 mAh.

Minimum Quantity: 9

Price: $53.95 to $70.76

Where to get it: Qi Power Bank


People Also Ask These Questions About The Best Promotional Items

Q: What’s trending in promotional items?

  • A: Promotional items are fairly evergreen. What’s trendy now was trendy five years ago and will likely be what we see trending in another five years — namely, lanyards, stress balls, sticky notes, mouse pads, ball point pens, apparel, electronics, and drinkware.

Q: What is the most popular promotional item?

  • A: T-shirts, mugs, water bottles, and flash drives are some of the most commonly given out promo items. From a recipients’ perspective, the most popular would likely be tech and electronics.

Q: Are there unique promotional products?

  • A: Many of the items on this list are unique including collapsible water bottles, massage guns, and drinkware that allows you to choose the precise temperature of your beverage.

Q: Can you request a sample when looking for the best promotional products?

  • A: Yes, many of the swag and gifting services available in this list will send you a sample so that you can see what your finished product might look like. When setting up your order, speak to a representative and inquire about receiving a sample or test product before you confirm your final order. This will ensure that you receive a finished item that is exactly what you expect.


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