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38 Best Curated Gift Boxes To Unbox Appreciation In 2024 + Bonus Top Gift Box Companies For Personalized Orders

By February 27, 2023 March 20th, 2024 4 Comments

36 Affordable Curated & Custom Gift Box Ideas That Will WOW In 2021

Finding affordable custom gift boxes that have a personal and professional touch can be incredibly challenging. At a certain point, keychains, gift cards, and other swag, while well-meaning, can get a bit old. After all, how many branded tote bags does one person need? The goal is to give them something they need, want, and can enjoy.

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The ideal custom gift box is unique and within your budget. Corporate gifting is all about finding an item or a package that speaks to your employee as an individual — something that recognizes their particular qualities and passions. The best curated gift box companies help you to streamline the personalization process and make it easier to send larger orders to multiple destinations.

Our Favorite Curated Gift Box Companies:


Best for: Gift boxes for employees

Caroo is the perfect solution for thoughtful corporate gifting. The team at Caroo has spent years sourcing and curating premium products to create beautiful custom gift boxes that will not only delight your recipients but also remind them that you appreciate their hard work!

For every custom gift box delivered, Caroo donates meals (over 17 million so far!) to families in need through their partnership with Feeding America.

Why we love this curated gift box company: This gifting service gives you the flexibility of sending bulk curated gift boxes to multiple addresses with ease. They also have a Recipient Choice feature that allows employees to choose the gifts that they want for a better gifting experience!

Companies that use Caroo

  • Google
  • Nike
  • Apple
  • Spotify
  • Hulu

Get started: Caroo



Best for: Branded gift boxes


SwagMagic’s mission is to make branded gift boxes easy, fun and simple. They believe in offering high-quality custom gift boxes that are delivered with convenience at a great price point!

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Why we love this curated gift box company: Perfect for sending pre-made gift boxes or custom gift boxes with your logo. Whatever you need to create can be done in their intuitive dashboard.

Companies that use SwagMagic

  • Pinterest
  • Spotify
  • AT&T
  • Merck
  • Amazon

Get started: SwagMagic

Curated Gift Boxes For Business

1. Take a Break

“Curated with care”

Take A Break

What it is: This curated gift box contains everything you need to hit pause and relax: a wireless charger for powering up devices, a fragrant tin candle to set the mood, a stylish notebook for planning out the day ahead, a stress ball for taking a break from work a, tumbler that keeps drinks hot/cold, and even a tea bag perfect for a peaceful moment.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Take a Break is designed with relaxation in mind and features treats that will create the perfect ambience and help recipients clear their minds.

Price: $78

Where to find it: Take a Break


2. Go-Getter Box

“For staying on top of things”

What it is: The Go-Getter Box is a trio of items designed to make work more fun and a whole lot better! Whether your coworker or employee is at the office or working from home, this collection will add excitement to the day.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The Go-Getter Box includes Rise & Grnd coffee, wireless Bluetooth headphones, a tumbler for keeping drinks as hot or cold as they’d like, a notebook for writing and journaling, and a portable wireless charger. Really, the Go-Getter Box gives employees everything they need to work at a cafe, at home, or on an airplane. All of these items can also be found in a pre-made gift box or included individually in a branded gift box!

Price: Explore the platform for more details

Where to find it: Go-Getter Box


3. Office Essentials

“For mindful living”


What it is: The Office Essentials is the thoughtful box for keeping employees excited, focused, and ready to master their tasks! As a virtual conference gift idea or as a spontaneous present, this package comes with healthy granola and cookies, coffee, a mug, a notebook, and a pen.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: A clear headspace leads to greater satisfaction, which in turn leads to better work and well-being. This custom gift box is exactly the boost your employees need for their mind!

Price: $155

Where to find it: Office Essentials


4. Holiday Party Pack

“For the festive season”


What it is: The Holiday Party Pack is the perfect way to spread some holiday cheer. This includes a comfy long sleeve tee, a beanie, single packet cocktail mixers and sour belts. Just the kinds of high-quality treats that are fun to enjoy during that special time of the year!

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The soft long-sleeve tee and beanie are perfect for cuddling up next to the fireplace while watching a holiday movie. Plus, recipients can mix up some festive cocktails with the single packet cocktail mixers to add some jolly fun to their gathering. And, who can resist sour belts as a snack? This swag pack is made for all of those cozy nights spent with family, friends and most importantly – making memories.

Price: $50

Where to find it: Holiday Party Pack


5. Work From Home Survival Pack

“For remote employees”

Work From Home Survival Pack

What it is: The Work From Home Survival Pack is the ultimate energy boosting, mood enhancing subscription box. Between snacks, caffeine, and plants, your employee will feel extra comfortable as they go about their work at home!

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This work-from-home pack includes Raaka Brooklyn Chocolate, pecan butter, matcha latte mix, a custom mailer, a crinkle cut fill, insert cards, and Haworthia Coarctata (an indoor plant).

Price: $68.70

Where to find it: Work From Home Survival Pack


Affordable Curated & Custom Gift Boxes

6. Cloth & Paper

“For planners”

What it is: This curated gift is an assortment of desk supplies ranging from planning materials and stationary to pens. Every product in this employee appreciation package is thoughtfully selected, exclusive, and luxurious.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Teammates and employees who love to stay organized or write notes, are going to enjoy Cloth & Paper because it helps them document everything in a fun and stylish fashion!

Price: $16.33 / mo

Where to find it: Cloth & Paper


7. Coffee Gift Box

“For coffee lovers”

Coffee Gift Box

What it is: This coffee gift box includes 7 different varieties of coffee bags!

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: From Guatemala, Africa, South America, Sumatra, and Mexico, your employee will taste a morning brew from every corner of the world.

Price: $33.99

Where to find it: Coffee Gift Box


Curated & Custom Gift Boxes With Logo

8. The Company Swag Box

“For extra swagger”

What it is: The Company Swag Box is a kit of custom branded gear and accessories that shows employee appreciation and gives your company free advertising at the same time!

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: You can choose from a selection of pre-curated gift boxes or create your own branded gift box with ease.

Price: Contact a specialist to receive a custom quote

Where to find it: The Company Swag Box


9. Classics Pack

“For the essentials”

What it is: This is the definitive swag pack is all about gifting things people will actually put to good use. Who needs more stuff they’re just going to throw away? The items in this curated gift box are worth holding onto.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The “swaggy” gift box features a custom-branded tee shirt, coffee mug, assorted apparel and die-cut stickers among other fun accessories!

Price: Pricing depends on size and scope of your classic pack

Where to find it: Classics Pack


10. The Tech Pack

“For staying savvy”

The Tech Pack

What it is: The Tech Pack is ideal for anyone looking to stay plugged in. This assortment of professional accessories includes a charging cable, rubberized power bank, Bluetooth tracker, power buds, and other branded gear.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The best part about this curated gift is that it’s not super high tech that only computer programmers will find useful — it’s the kind of equipment the everyday man can use!

Price: $85.09

Where to find it: The Tech Pack


Curated & Custom Gift Boxes For Her

11. Deluxe Spa Day

“To be pampered”

What it is: The Deluxe Spa Day is a spa in a box! If you know something who could use a little R&R, this self-care package is perfect for relaxing at home.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This custom gift box comes with a mulberry silk eye mask, a soy candle, fragrant lavender hand lotion, and lavender essential oil-infused bath salts — all of which goes to support women’s empowerment, employment, education, and more.

Price: Find custom pricing here

Where to find it: Deluxe Spa Day


12. Isle Box

“For hikers and nature lovers”

Isle Box

What it is: This monthly subscription box will have hikers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts ready to brave the wilderness.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Choose a monthly pass or a seasonal pass to make sure your employee gets top brand name outdoor gear for a fraction of the retail price!

Price: $106.25/quarter

Where to find it: Isle Box


13. Goddess Provisions

“For good vibes only”

Goddess Provisions

What it is: This employee appreciation gift is designed to bring out the inner goddess in your employee, client, or coworker. Each box provides an assortment of aromatherapy, crystals, superfoods, spiritual tools, and all-natural beauty products.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Goddess Provisions is 100% vegan and cruelty-free with 5 to 7 products in each box. In fact, the actual value of each box would normally be $80-100!

Price: $27.75 / mo

Where to find it: Goddess Provisions


Curated & Custom Gift Boxes For Him

14. Energizing Delights

“For a boost”

What it is: Energizing Delights is true to its name! Choose from: chai tea, French roast coffee, raw honey, strawberry jam, oat biscuits, sweet and savory treats, and an assortment of other goodies to brighten your employees’ day.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The perfect gift for coworkers, the Energizing Delights box is a great fit for any occasion and your colleagues will love that each purchase supports clean water and nutrition initiatives, and more.

Price: Find custom pricing here

Where to find it: Energizing Delights


15. City Brew Tours Beer Club

“Brews from across America”

Brews Less Traveled

What it is: Your coworker or employee will receive a box of hand-selected craft beers sourced from independent breweries around the U.S. Each box comes stuffed with 8 beers and includes a variety of beer styles, so it’s perfect for any palate.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: They get to explore craft beer scenes from across America! The experts at City Brew Tours go around the country and find the best beer from coast to coast to send to its beer club members, so they’ll be getting cans of beer they can’t find in their own backyard.

Price: $69.99 per month and up

Where to find it: City Brew Tours Beer Club


16. Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

“For Mad Men vibes”

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

What it is: The Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set includes custom engraved glasses that will make any whiskey aficionado happy to use.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This exquisitely designed personalized gift box comes with a square glass-topped liquor decanter and several glasses to make a party or a night-in with a loved one that much better!

Price: $31.45

Where to find it: Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set


Luxury Curated & Custom Gift Boxes

17. Tea + Cookies

“Delightful + luxurious”


What it is: This gift box idea is comprised of six delectable chocolate chip cookies, three premium teas and a jar of raw honey to provide the perfect sweet touch to complete this delightful experience.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This elegantly curated gift package makes for an outstanding joy-spreading surprise for any recipient and is every bit as delicious as it looks!

Price: $43

Where to find it: Tea + Cookies


18. BTL SVC Custom Box Set

“For divine drinks”

BTL SVC Custom Box Set 

What it is: The 6-Bottle Custom Box Set is the definition of a custom luxury gift box. In fact, this collection of premium house-made cocktails are crafted with the finest ingredients for divine flavor and enjoyment.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: From Manhattans and Old Fashioneds to Sidecars and Scorpions, the half dozen cocktail set provides a wide variety of expert concoctions to put the life in work-life balance.

Price: $110

Where to find it: BTL SVC Custom Box Set


19. The Elite Pack

“For cool, classy style”

The Elite Pack

What it is: Is your employee the best? Of course they are! That’s why the Elite Pack is just the thing for them. This simple, classy gift box is full of high end items and accessories that are matched only by the elevation of the recipient’s spirits.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The Elite Pack comes with a New Era french terry bomber jacket, a hardcover moleskine journal, a JBL Clip 3, and other amazing goodies.

Price: $179.01

Where to find it: The Elite Pack


Curated & Custom Gift Boxes With Alcohol

20. Happy Hour Box

“For turning happy hours into happy days”

What it is: The Happy Hour Box is designed to put a smile on your employee’s face by giving them some snacks and a nice buzz!

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This happy hour inspired gift delivers a mix of healthy, hardy, and downright delicious snacks including protein puffs, granola bars, dark chocolate, and cocktail kit.

Price: Contact a rep for more information

Where to find it: Happy Hour Box


21. Charcuterie Board Experience

“It’s a charc attack!”

Charcuterie Board virtual

What it is: A hands-on virtual event that teaches recipients how to design and build their own charcuterie board from scratch. Unboxed Experiences takes care of the logistics, so charcuterie boxes are delivered to your gift recipient’s home.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Each Charcuterie Board Experience kit is overflowing with charcuterie meats and gourmet cheeses which makes for the perfect customer gift idea or an equally excellent employee recognition gift. The event is led by a live host who teaches the ins-and-outs of charcuterie, so your recipient will walk away with new culinary knowledge. You can also add in a little “hoppy goodness” and make it part of  your next virtual beer tasting or happy hour event!

Price: $116

Where to find it: Charcuterie Board Experience


22. Patron Tequila Kit



What it is: This crystal clear handcrafted blue agave tequila with citrus and fruit is seductively drinkable. In fact, it’s so good that your employee might think they’re back on vacation every time they pour a little.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The best part about the Patron Tequila Kit is that you can choose one of 3 options, so if you know your employee’s taste you can customize the flavors for them! Between the Blackberry Margarita, the Cosmico, and Tommy’s Margarita, one of the recipes will hit the spot.

Price: $44.73 or $71.89 for 8 or 12 cocktails

Where to find it: Patron Tequila Kit


Curated & Custom Gift Boxes Under $50

23. Owl & Moon Apothecary Box

“For mystics”

What it is: Owl & Moon Apothecary Box allows whoever its gifted to to create their own magical vibe!

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Every apothecary box comes with hand-poured Reiki, charged wooden wick crystal adorned intention candle, hand-blended aromatherapy products, amethyst crystals, metaphysical spiritual gifts, and artisan soap.

Price: $34.95

Where to find it: Owl & Moon Apothecary Box


24. Naked Herbs Sample Set

“For those who love tea”

Naked Herbs Sample Set 

What it is: The Naked Herbs Sample Set is the perfect gift for employees who have a taste for the finer things in life. Each variety of tea ranges in effect from promoting sleep to boosting energy, but they are all exquisite.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: You can choose virtually any herbs you like for this personalization box. Each curated gift box comes with raspberry leaf, peppermint, star anise, mint, hibiscus flower, red clovers, lemon balm, lavender, and chamomile.

Price: $19.99

Where to find it: Naked Herbs Sample Set


25. Coffee Care Package

“For a fast start”


What it is: This caffeinated care package provides the boost your employees need to power through the work week or to rejuvenate at the end of it.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This curated snack box features gourmet coffee grounds, caramel vanilla sugar cubes, mouthwatering cinnamon coffee cake and an insulated tumbler.

Price: $95

Where to find it: Coffee Care Package


Curated & Custom Wedding Gift Boxes

26. Fire and Nice

“For cleansing the mind and body”

Fire and Nice

What it is: Fire and Nice is the artisanal collection your employee didn’t know they needed. Once they start using the self care products in this custom gift box, they’ll feel recharged and ready to run through walls!

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Each month, the recipient will get bath bombs, soaps, melts, candles, and other handcrafted items.

Price: $34.92 / mo

Where to find it: Fire and Nice


27. Wooden Engraved Memory Box

“For an antique look”

Wooden Engraved Memory Box

What it is: This customizable engraved rustic storage box can hold relics, keepsakes, jewelry, trinkets, and other treasures. It’s an excellent way to congratulate newlyweds and to say I’m thinking of you.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The Wooden Engraved Memory Box is adorned with natural knots, coloring, markings, minor cracks, and other characteristics that add to its antique, rustic aesthetic.

Price: $46.71

Where to find it: Wooden Engraved Memory Box


28. Pick & Mix With Flor De Cana 12 Year Old Rum

“For a splash of the Caribbean”

Pick & Mix With Flor De Cana 12 Year Old Rum

What it is: Flor de Cana 12 Year Old Mix is a multigenerational, dynastic rum, which was named the 2017 Best Rum Producer of the Year at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: You can pick out a Chai This, Mai Tai, or Bramblin’ Man depending on the taste of your employee, client, or coworker! To help mix things up, this alcoholic gift box includes a jigger for measuring cocktails, instructions, branded cups, and fresh ingredients.

Price: $61.97 to $76.54

Where to find it: Pick & Mix With Flor De Cana


Curated & Custom Birthday Gift Boxes

29. Gluten-Free Healthy Treats

“For the health-conscious”

Gluten-Free Healthy Treats

What it is: Gluten-Free Healthy Treats are a delicious assortment of salted olive oil plantain chips, all-natural passion fruit strips, energizing bars, organic dried mango, raspberry seed bars, pistachio granola bars, vegan trail mix, and other nutritious snacks!

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This healthy gift box supports fair trade, animal welfare, and other causes.

Price: $54

Where to find it: Gluten-Free Healthy Treats


30. 4-Bottle Custom Cocktail Box

“For the full bar”

4-Bottle Custom Cocktail Box

What it is: If you enjoy mixing and matching or you just happen to know your coworker likes a taste of everything, you can add any of BTL SVC’s incredible cocktails!

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The Matador, Sidecar, Scorpion, Spicy Maid, 1934 Cosmo, Ginger Buck, Negroni, Gin Martini — quite literally, take your pick! The great part about this custom curated alcoholic gift is that even if you’re not quite sure what they like to drink, you can cover all bases.

Price: $80

Where to find it: 4-Bottle Custom Cocktail Box


31. Escape Crate

“For those who love a serious challenge”

Escape Crate

What it is: Escape Crate delivers a new adventure each month that people can solve alone or with friends! Riddles and puzzles make sure that this interactive, unique gift box is good for dinner parties and family nights alike.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Ciphers, sleuthing tools, letters, puzzles, and much more will equip your client or employee to crack the clues wide open!

Price: $26.50 / mo

Where to find it: Escape Crate


Personalized Curated & Custom Gift Boxes

32. Good For You Goodies

“For delicious delicacies”

Good For You Goodies

What it is: Why not merge nutritiousness and deliciousness? The Good For You Goodies custom gift box offers up the best of the healthy snacks!

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This superfood assortment includes organic dried mango, all-natural nut mix, a raspberry seed bar, white Sonoran heritage grain crackers, farm fresh jam, dried apple and chocolate trail mix, kosher granola bars, seed-based energy bars, and more. A healthy food gift box that delivers on both taste and nutrition that you will not wait to open up and start snacking.

Price: $60

Where to find it: Good For You Goodies


33. The Cozy Pack

“For warm and snuggly feelings”

The Cozy Pack

What it is: The Cozy Pack is a lovely way to show your clients and coworkers how you feel about them.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This comfort pack includes custom branded knit socks, Raaka Brooklyn chocolate, a soy candle, and a wool blanket to keep them warm when they aren’t nestled up by a fire during winter.

Price: $46.75

Where to find it: The Cozy Pack


34. The Weekend Warrior Box

“For safe travels”


What it is: The Weekend Warrior Box is the perfect vacation gift with a custom face mask for safe travel, a Nike Dri-Fit cap for all weather, and Candy Cocktail Garnishes for fun!

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The Weekend Warrior is great for working vacations and total time off alike.

Price: $60.67 to $78.49

Where to find it: The Weekend Warrior Box


Curated & Custom Holiday Gift Boxes

35. Phivi Artisanal Desserts Box

“Supremely sweet”

Phivi Artisanal Desserts Box

What it is: The Phivi Artisanal Desserts Box is an assortment of 8 high quality, hand-baked delicacies. Each month, this themed box offers up macarons, cakes, cookies, cake pops, and more.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: With dessert pairings and holiday flavors, your employees and coworkers will love indulging in this freshly baked treats during the holiday season!

Price: $30.42 / mo

Where to find it: Phivi Artisanal Desserts Box


36. Custom Theme Gift Box

“A gift for any occasion!”


What it is: Custom gift boxes for movie nights, virtual events, team happy hours, and even Mardi Gras! Work with a dedicated gifting professional who will handle everything from start to finish like sourcing products, adding branding, and all shipping logistics. Teak & Twine works one-on-one with clients to curate gifts, so they’re perfect for the team looking for a truly unique theme.

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Each box is carefully curated to have a mix of fun keepsakes (like branded champagne flutes!) and tasty treats (we’re talking tons of chocolate, cookies, and candy), so these gifts leave a lasting impression.

Price: Starting at $50

Where to find it: Custom Theme Gift Box


37. CraveBox Care Package

“For cravings, of course”

What it is: The CraveBox Care Package contains 45 salty, sweet, savory, and healthy snacks!

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This fun package includes chips, candy, bars, cookies, and anything you can imagine to satisfy midnight cravings.

Price: $25.45

Where to find it: CraveBox Care Package


38. Japanese Holiday At Home Box

“For the cultured”

Japanese Holiday At Home Box

What it is: Do you know an anime fan or someone who enjoys sushi and anything Japan-related? The Japanese Holiday At Home Box makes it feel like they’re on a tour of Kyoto, Tokyo, and other Japanese sites and cities!

Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Japanese confectionary; Kit Kat bars in sake, wasabi, and lychee flavors, Japanese rice crackers, a bamboo folding fan, a sushi dish, and countless other treats and items put this international-themed gift box over the top.

Price: $56.54

Where to find it: Japanese Holiday At Home Box

People Also Ask These Questions About Curated & Custom Gift Box Ideas

Q: What does curated mean?

  • A: Curated means that a collection of items or themes has been organized by an expert.

Q: What are curated gift boxes?

  • A: Curated boxes have been carefully chosen by experts to satisfy the needs of a demographic they understand intimately.

Q: What items typically go into a custom gift box?

  • A: The curator has a variety of items to choose from, but the most important aspect of curating a gift box is to think of functionality and the particular interests of the demographic or recipient.

Q: Can I send a curated gift box for business?

  • A: Absolutely, curated gift boxes make for incredible corporate gifts.

Q: Where can I find unique pre-packaged gift boxes?

  • A: SnackNation, Cratejoy, Packed With Purpose, and many more sites offer pre-packed gift boxes.

Q: How much should I spend on a curated gift box?

  • A: That depends largely on your budget. However, a good rule of thumb when you curate a gift box or buy one is to spend between $50 to $150 per individual.



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