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Top 10 Best Virtual Event Gift Boxes And Virtual Swag Bag Ideas For Online Social Gatherings In 2024

By January 12, 2023 April 17th, 2024 2 Comments

virtual-gift-boxesOne of the major perks of in-person events is the swag and the cool gifts that are passed out to the attendees. The great thing is that — if done right — these items are used again and again and often leave a big impression.

Of course, the more unique and memorable the gifts are, the more connected the attendees will feel to the brand. However, the challenge to give something memorable is even greater when it comes to virtual events, which is why companies are turning to virtual event gift boxes!

What Are Virtual Event Gift Boxes?

Virtual event gift boxes are gift boxes that are specially designed for virtual events. Oftentimes, this entails the maker of the gift boxes handling all of the curation, packaging, and shipping so you can simply click a button and turn your attention to the details of the event itself.

What Makes A Memorable Virtual Swag Bag?

A memorable virtual swag bag usually has one or more of the following working in its favor:

  • High-quality materials
  • Unique
  • Practical
  • Sustainable (can last many years)
  • Custom or personalized

This decade it has become even more apparent that online and virtual corporate gifts are here to stay. According to a 2021 Google report,

“Global searches for ‘online gift’ increased by 80% in 2020 compared to 2019.”

To help you throw an unforgettable virtual event, browse through our carefully curated list of the 10 best virtual event gift boxes and virtual swag bag ideas for online social gatherings in 2024!

1) VIP Virtual Event Gift Box

“For your virtual event VIPs”

Give your virtual event attendees the VIP Treatment with this curated gift box sure to impress. Unpack a wide array of hard-to-find and unique items that will leave a lasting impact!

What is it? Virtual event gift box

Try pairing this gift with a virtual experience:👨‍🎤  80s Game

Price: Contact to get personalized results

Find it here: VIP Virtual Event Gift Box


2) Rise & Grind Box

“Wake Up. Work Hard. Repeat.”

Send the gift that coffee lovers will love! This rejuvenating virtual event box packs a bold punch with a smooth finish. The Rise & Grind Box also comes with headphones, a charging pad, a notebook, and a personalized message.

What is it? Virtual event gift box

Try pairing this gift with a virtual experience: ☕️  Virtual Coffee Tasting

Price: Contact to get personalized results

Find it here: Rise & Grind Box


3) Happy Hour Swag Pack

“For wider, longer-lasting smiles”

The Happy Hour Swag Pack is a great virtual event gift box for making happy hours even happier! An insulated stemless tumbler, a quality corkscrew, a mini set of cocktail syrups, slate coasters, and a pack of mixed nuts give this fun gift major “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” energy. In addition to being a home run of a virtual event idea for things like webinars, the Happy Hour Swag Pack also works for in-person events like trade shows and office parties.

What is it? Virtual event gift box

Try pairing this gift with a virtual experience:🍷  Virtual Wine Tasting

Price: Contact to get personalized results

Find it here: Happy Hour Swag Pack


4) Starter Pack

“To get the party started”starter-pack

The Starter Pack is a highly economical yet quality choice for virtual events. This premium pack features a canvas tee, insert cards, die-cut stickers, a cotton tote, and a tread bottle for on-the-go hydration. Not to mention — the Starter Pack can be custom branded!

What is it? Swag box for virtual events

Try pairing this gift with a virtual experience:🎄  Virtual Holiday Party

Price: $33.27

Find it here: Starter Pack


5) “Ready For The Event” Box

“An upgraded goodie bag for all attendees”

Ready for the Event

Whether you are planning a virtual conference, all-hands meeting, or corporate retreat this gift box is packed with all sorts of branded swag that your attendees will love to rep during and after your event! It also includes a few delicious snacks and treats to fuel your guests during the conference call.

What is it? Virtual event goodie bag

Try pairing this gift with a virtual experience: 🧠 Virtual Jeoparty

Price: Contact to get personalized results

Find it here: “Ready For The Event” Box


6) Happy Hour Celebration

“The fun starting, convo starting gift box”

Treat your employees with delicious snacks, 2 copper stemless champagne flutes, conversation starters, and sparkling white tea with this virtual happy hour celebration box! This box will help you bond with your team and celebrate the big moments like birthdays, promotions, virtual conferences, and milestones met.

Caroo donates meals to families in need for every box delivered. *$1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks.

What is it? Virtual event snack box

Try pairing this gift with a virtual experience:🕵️‍♂️  Virtual Clue Murder Mystery

Price: $165

Find it here: Happy Hour Celebration


7) Tech Lovers Box

“For super employees”


The Tech Lovers Box features loads of cutting-edge technology items. This virtual swag box is ideal for digital nomads and the work-from-home crowd looking to up their productivity. Featuring a portable change, blue light blocking glasses, a cable organizer, and a leather mousepad, the Tech Lovers Box allows the recipient to set up shop anywhere and crush their Zoom calls!

What is it? Virtual event gift box

Try pairing this gift with a virtual experience: 🚂  Murder On The Mystery Express

Price: Contact to get personalized results

Find it here: Tech Lovers Box


8) Happy Pawlidays

“A virtual swag box worth falling in puppy love with”happy-pawlidays

Happy Pawlidays is the virtual event gift box for those who love their pets. If you happen to know your employees or coworkers have a fur baby they adore, strongly consider getting them Happy Pawlidays. This swag box for pets features a sherpa blanket, a dog water bowl, a large pet bandana, mini dog bones, cat treats, paw magnets, and a custom mailer box!

What is it? Swag box for virtual events

Try pairing this gift with a virtual experience: 🥪  Virtual Lunch With Your Puppies

Price: $80.06

Find it here: Happy Pawlidays


9) Paint By Numbers Kit

“For endless DIY arts and crafts fun”paint-by-number

The Paint By Numbers Kit invites giftees to follow the pre-printed numbered pattern that matches up with a variety of the acrylic paints it comes with. These step-by-step masterpieces are ideal for groups both small and large at a conference or team building event. This paint-by-the-numbers kit includes canvas, acrylic-based paints, hanging hooks, and a set of paintbrushes.

What is it? Virtual swag bag

Try pairing this gift with a virtual experience: 🎨  Acrylic Painting Class

Price: $17.09+

Find it here: Paint By Numbers Kit


10) Branded Aprons

“For fine dining at the home office”hot-mess-apron

Branded Aprons is the perfect solution for keeping your culinary adventures tidy. Whether you and your coworkers or employees are taking an online cooking class or just whipping up a great meal to dine at the home office, this virtual swag idea will quite literally have you and them covered. For a cherry on top, you can add a logo or other customizations to the apron!

What is it? Virtual swag bag

Try pairing this gift with a virtual experience: 🍩  Donut Making Class

Price: $12.03 to $29.64

Find it here: Branded Aprons


Bonus: Marble & Wood Cutting Board

“For slicing off a piece of the good life”marble-wood-cutting-board

The Marble & Wood Cutting Board is a trendy black marble and acacia wood cutting board. One of the best types of virtual events to send this as a gift for is any sort of occasion related to the culinary arts. Another great thing about this work-from-home gift is that it can be customized with laser engraving on the handles!

What is it? Virtual swag bag

Try pairing this gift with a virtual experience: 🇫🇷  Virtual Trip to Paris

Price: $24.85 to $35.71

Find it here: Marble & Wood Cutting Board


Bonus: Ghirardelli Box

“Choc-it up to self-care”ghirardelli_box

The Ghirardelli Box is an assortment of mouth-watering and delicious Ghirardelli chocolate squares. From milk chocolate and dark chocolate to dark chocolate sea salt caramel, this virtual event gift box is designed to create tastebud pleasure! As a bonus, each box of goodies is decorated with a custom ribbon.

What is it? Virtual event gift box

Price: $12.09 to $16.84

Find it here: Ghirardelli Box


Bonus: Pease Tumbler

“For temperatures to match your mood”cyrus-tumbler

The Pease Tumbler is a 16-ounce stainless steel tumbler with double-wall construction, a push-on swivel lid, and a rubberized finished. This virtual event gift idea is perfect for anyone looking for that just-right temperature for their drinks. Do you like your coffee nice and hot? How about iced coffee? Either way, the Pease Tumbler will keep things as steamy or chilled as you want.

What is it? Virtual swag bag

Price: $16.79 to $43.66

Find it here: Pease Tumbler

People Also Ask These Questions About Virtual Event Gifts

Q: What kind of gifts can you give out at a virtual event?

  • You can give out any type of gifts you want at a virtual event. The important thing is to send the virtual event gift way ahead of time to ensure that it arrives well in advance. These corporate gifts are given to event attendees to ensure they have a great event experience, so be sure to choose unique and thoughtful items as opposed to generic unbranded water bottles, t-shirts, and keychains.

Q: What do you put in a virtual swag bag?

  • You can put anything you want in a virtual swag bag; however, these days, lots of swag companies can curate the items for you. Most virtual swag bags are put together based on a certain theme — for example, the swag bag could be work-from-home, spa-themed, or staycation-themed.

Q: What is a virtual tote bag?

  • A virtual tote bag is a tote bag filled with items that will please the recipient. A lot of times, virtual tote bags are sent before online events as a way of making the attendees feel more connected.

Q: How much does it cost to create a virtual gift box?

  • Creating a virtual gift box can cost anywhere from $20 to a few hundred dollars, depending on the contents. Instead of putting the box together yourself, consider purchasing virtual gift boxes from a company that specializes in curating, packaging, and shipping virtual gift boxes.


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