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8 Hispanic Heritage Month Activities & Ideas To Celebrate At Work [Updated for Sept. 2024]

By September 13, 2023 April 12th, 2024

Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration of the history and culture that makes up the Latino community.

From September 15th to October 15th, join us in recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month and learning more about Hispanic & Latinx culture with these 8 Hispanic Heritage Month activities!

Hispanic Heritage Month Activities & Ideas To Celebrate At Work This September

What is Hispanic Heritage Month?

Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration of the culture and history of individuals from Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. President Ronald Reagan established this month-long celebration in 1988 to recognize the contributions Hispanic & Latin American people have made to our country, and it’s still widely celebrated today!

Why You Should Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month At Work

Hispanic Heritage Month is an excellent opportunity to learn about the contributions of Hispanic and Latinx people throughout history.

It’s a time to reflect on the history of Latinx people in America, and it’s also a time to recognize that there is still work to be done to ensure that all people have equal opportunities.

So, without further ado, let’s get into some of the best Hispanic Heritage Month ideas for work!

8 Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month Activities For Teams

  1   Friendly Competition

Hispanic Heritage Month Activity

As the start of Hispanic Heritage Month nears, setting up a team event might be just the thing to get your team invested to learn more about why we celebrate this heritage month. With friendly competition, you can tap into your colleagues’ competitive spirit to participate in a fast-paced game or activity while learning a bit about Hispanic heritage in the process.

Try this: Hispanic Heritage Month Team Showdown

This team competition sets up teams to test their knowledge of all sorts of categories from music to trivia, geography and more! Set up via a virtual platform, all your coworkers have to do is show up and start competing! To learn more about this team showdown, talk to the experts at The Go Game.

Why this is a great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at work: It kicks off this month with a fun team bonding event that is designed to help your team celebrate the rich history of Hispanic people while also getting to take a break from their typical work schedule.


  2   A Culinary Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

Mexican Cuisine

Cooking classes are among the most popular ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month. If you’re feeling ambitious, ask your coworkers what they’d like to cook together! These work cooking classes are great for team bonding, especially when they involve food from different cultures.

Try this: Mexican Cuisine Cooking Class

In a Mexican Cuisine Cooking Class, you’ll choose between two unique Mexican dishes: chilaquiles or Mexican tacos, and get those ingredients shipped straight to your doorstep! The class starts with an overview of the cultural origins of the dish. Then a culinary expert will go over cooking preparations and techniques, so you’ll be able to leave the virtual class feeling confident in your ability to make authentic Mexican cuisine at home!

Why this is a great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at work: This idea encourages your coworkers to get out of their seats or out from behind their desk to participate in a new activity! They can learn something about Mexican cuisine while bonding with their team in the process.


  3   Learn About the Hispanic Heritage of  Your Coworkers

Why not challenge each other with trivia questions about Hispanic & Latinx history? Hispanic Heritage Month games can be a fantastic learning tool! You can even make it competitive by awarding prizes to the winning team.

Try this: Latino History & Culture Trivia

Step on up to this virtual live game show all about Hispanic & Latinx history and culture! A live Quiz Host will help your team through 3-4 incredible rounds of trivia, featuring questions about famous people, pop culture, history, and more.

Why this is a great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at work: Latinx & Hispanic Trivia is an easy way for new employees to learn about Hispanic Heritage Month and connect with their coworkers’ heritage without feeling left out or intimidated.


  4   Virtual Baking Activity

Hosting a virtual baking activity is a great way to celebrate Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month at work because it creates an opportunity for people of all backgrounds to come together and learn more about each other.

Try this: Guava Empanada Making Class

Your team will learn you everything you need to know about making these savory delights —from the ingredients you use to measuring everything out, to rolling out the dough and cutting it into circles, to filling them with guava paste and baking them until golden brown. Oh, and yes, everything will be delivered straight to your team members’ homes! A virtual baking activity with heart!

Why this is a great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at work: One of the best ways to learn about the culture of a people is through food. And what better way to immerse yourself in Cuban culture than by learning how to make guava empanadas?


  5   Host a Team Event Based Around Hispanic Artists & Creators


Courtesy of Ella Jennings

Have an art history class where everyone talks about their favorite artists or creators from different cultures like Frida Kahlo or Goya! This can be a unique, hands-on way to learn about important figures across Latin American and Hispanic cultures.

Try this: Frida Kahlo Headband Making Class

Frida Kahlo is one of the most well-known Mexican painters in history, and her work is still celebrated today. Tap into her artistic energy and legacy, and craft a unique Frida Kahlo-inspired flower crown while learning about this famous Mexican painter’s background and history.

Why this is a great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at work: Frida Kahlo was a trailblazer for women artists and Mexican culture alike. Her art has inspired many people – let it inspire your team next!


  6   Virtual Fiesta

To celebrate Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month, try hosting a virtual fiesta for your office! If a physical party isn’t possible, this virtual celebration will allow your employees to engage in the festivities and bond together.

Try this: Taco Piñata Making Class

Have your own virtual fiesta with a Taco Piñata Making Class. This class will get you in the spirit of the festivities while teaching you about this traditional Mexican celebration and its significance to Mexican culture.

Why this is a great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at work: This fun activity will allow you to explore how this festive tradition has exploded beyond even Mexico. You’ll leave with an understanding of why it’s become so popular worldwide and what makes it such a unique part of Mexican culture.


  7   Arts & Crafts Night

Ojo de Dios Art Project

Arts & Crafts nights are fun because you can have people from different departments come together and make something fun and creative while learning about the artistic practices of Hispanic and Latin American countries. You can even use this time to brainstorm new ideas for your company!

Try this: Ojo de Dios Crafting Class

Traditionally used by the Huichol indigenous people of Mexico, Ojo de Dios, or God’s Eye, is one of the most famous depictions of Mexican art all over the world. Get all supplies delivered in a single kit & craft your own Ojo de Dios while learning about its spiritual significance and history.

Why this is a great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at work: You’ll be able to learn about its spiritual significance and history while making something beautiful for yourself or your loved ones. It’s a great way to connect with others & learn more about Hispanic culture.


  8   Story Time Activity

Storytelling Tour

A virtual story time activity is an excellent way to learn about people from different backgrounds. You could do a story time activity that covers history, art, or even both!

Try this: Hispanic Art Storytelling Tour

This tour will give them a first-hand look at some of the world’s most iconic pieces. It explores the history of art from Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and the Philippines, highlighting famous art dating back thousands of years—all while uncovering hidden backstories and discovering little-known facts about historical pieces through pictures and incredible storytelling.

Why this is a great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at work: This tour gives you the opportunity to learn about the history of Hispanic art and culture in a fun and interactive way.


How to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month At Work

These are some tips to follow when planning an event, program, or idea for September:

1. Encourage participation but don’t push too hard

Offer as much support as possible while respecting personal boundaries. If they don’t want to get involved, don’t try to push them into it. People never want to be forced into something, and it’s important to create hype organically to get the most people involved.

2. Plan multiple activities so employees can celebrate the way they want to

There are many different cultures across Hispanic and Latin American communities, so creating a line-up of activities is the most inclusive approach you can take! Ask your employees for input to see if they have ideas on how they’d like to celebrate.

3. Do not pressure Hispanic employees to participate more than other employees

Celebrations should be genuine and not just something to tick off a list! Don’t let the pressure of celebrating fall on your Hispanic and Latin American employees, as this can make them feel ‘othered’ versus celebrated for who they are.

4. Avoid stereotypes and tropes — focus on learning

Stereotypes and tropes are harmful to genuine cultural celebrations and work to divide people rather than bring them together! By emphasizing learning in your activities, you’re giving a better opportunity to bridge cultural gaps and bring people together.

5. Recognize the diversity of the Latin American cultures

Many countries, regions, and cities practice different customs in Latin America! Even cuisine recipes, like tacos or empanadas, can vastly differ between Mexico and Cuba. Make sure this is recognized and pointed out to your team, too!


Hispanic Heritage Month is observed in the U.S.A. from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, so it’s right around the corner!

Take this great opportunity for your workplace to celebrate Hispanic & Latin American culture together by hosting an event that engages, teaches, and brings your team even closer to their colleagues. The hispanic heritage month ideas in this guide are designed to help get you started. You are welcome to take any of the activities or ideas listed and make them your own!

People Also Ask These Questions About Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month At Work

Q: Can you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with coworkers over Zoom?

  • A: Yes, you can celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with coworkers over Zoom. It’s easy to do! You can plan it yourself and invite all your coworkers with a dedicated Zoom link, or you can have event planning pros plan it for you. Read the article above for our recommendations!

Q: What are some ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at work?

  • A: There are many ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at work. You can host cooking classes or art classes, or even throw a trivia game for all your employees. Use this article to find the best examples!

Q: Are there Hispanic Heritage activities you can plan for free?

  • A: Of course! Even setting up your next meeting with a quick icebreaker reviewing why we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month can help to engage with your coworkers and educate them more about this important affinity month. You might even start things off with a short discussion about heritage and how that impacts our lives.

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