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29 Best Online Trivia Games For Zoom That Groups & Work Teams Will Love

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Online trivia games are the perfect activity for teams and large groups to bond over, have fun playing, and learn a thing or two all at once. Remote teams and dispersed team members can enjoy a sense of connectedness and genuine relationship-building from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection and the spirit for friendly competition.

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Who famously spoke “I think; therefore, I am.”?

A) William Shakespeare

B) Thomas Hobbes

C) Socrates

D) Rene Descartes

[Answer at the bottom of the article]

With tons of fun trivia questions like the one above, you can keep your employees or coworkers guessing and guessing until one team emerges victorious. Besides that, online trivia games are convenient because platforms like Zoom and other video conferencing tools allow users to share their screen with anyone on the call.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the 29 best online trivia and Zoom trivia games that groups and work teams will love.

Have no time? Take a look at some of our favorite virtual team challenges:

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Knives Out Murder Mystery 🔪 Can you solve the crime before its too late Knives Out
Online Team Mini Games 🕹 The ultimate team challenge Mini Games
Virtual Team Jeopardy ❓ Time to wager your trivia knowledge Jeopardy

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Fun Zoom Trivia Games For Online Groups

1) Traitorous Trivia

“Outwit the Traitor!”

Traitorous Trivia is a great game to play over Zoom. The aim of the game is for teams to answer questions correctly while trying to identify the traitor in their midst. By working cooperatively and strategically, players can advance in the game and win by finding out who the traitor is before time runs out. Traitorous Trivia adds a twist of suspense and intrigue to any virtual gathering, making it the perfect game for an online trivia night! 

🌟  Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: Historical figures

How to get started: Traitorous Trivia


2) Zoom Coworker Feud Trivia

“It’s all in the family”

Virtual Coworker Feud

Zoom Coworker Feud Trivia is a lightning-fast multi-round trivia game designed to boost employee engagement, satisfaction, and excitement. This online trivia game pits teams against each other to come up with the most popular answers for a randomized set of questions presented by the host. The team with the most points wins. While the game itself is already compelling, it comes with a custom invitation for participants, a digital buzzer, digital game materials, a Zoom link, and an amazing host!

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: 70s

How to get started: Let the coworker feuding begin with Zoom Coworker Feud Trivia!


3) Virtual Trivia Championship

“Nothing trivial about trivia”


The Virtual Trivia Championship is the social virtual trivia game that’s perfectly optimized for big-time bonding in the midst of social distancing. Who says you can’t be close even when you’re far apart? Test your trivia knowledge and climb the leaderboard with this enthralling virtual team building activity. This online trivia game will keep you and your colleagues entertained for hours!

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: Disco

How to get started: Zoom right into virtual trivia with the Virtual Trivia Championship!


4) Jeopardy Night

“Because it’s not a virtual party without Jeo-party”


Jeopardy Night is a digital twist on the classic game of Jeopardy, ranging from topics like Black History, Women’s History, and other diversity-focused topics. Each game is usually around 45 minutes and is led by a Jeopardy host. However, this version flips the classic game on its head by presenting the players with answers and asking them to match it to the right question. This Zoom game also comes with an invitation for every player, a host, a dedicated link, and a digital buzzer.

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: Favorite sports team

How to get started: Get the party started with Jeo-party!


5) Trivia By The Decades (1950s – 2000s)

“How well do you know each decade?”

Trivia By The Decades will trigger nostalgia whether your coworkers or employees are a product of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, or 2000s. Bridge the generational divide in the office virtually or in-person with this fun-for-all trivia bundle. With 6 PDFs and a total of 60 questions and answers, each player will be challenged to dig deep into their intellectual trivia well!

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: Year 3,000 history lesson — pretend you are from the distant future and revisit decades from long ago

How to get started: Get your Trivia By The Decades!


6) Virtual Happy Hour Trivia

“Let the Games Begin!”

The Virtual Happy Hour Trivia is an exciting game that makes online happy hours even more enjoyable. Participants are asked to answer questions in various categories. The game allows teams to compete virtually over Zoom for bragging rights and a special prize for the winner.

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: Pop Culture

How to get started: Virtual Happy Hour Trivia


7) Just the Facts

“Get Ready for a Brain Teaser”

Just the Facts is a fast-paced online trivia game that tests your knowledge of everything from history and geography to science and pop culture. This game is perfect for those looking for an exciting way to liven up their online events and add another interactive element to it.

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: Music

How to get started: Just the Facts


8) Virtual Office Olympics

Ready, Set, Go!”


Virtual Office Olympics is the perfect way to bring your remote group together through team building games and trivia. Participants will have to work together in order to complete a series of Olympic-style challenges and answer trivia questions. Put everyone’s sports trivia knowledge to good use with this fun and engaging Zoom trivia game. 

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: Sports

How to get started: Virtual Office Olympics


9) Movie Buffs

Movie Mania!”

Movie Buffs is a virtual game for Zoom where players can participate in movie trivia to test their knowledge of films. It’s a fun way to prove everyone’s movie expertise by answering questions about their favorite movies and directors, which can help to create a fun and engaging atmosphere for any online event. It’s a great opportunity for movie enthusiasts to connect and share their passion for cinema.

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: Comedy Movies

How to get started: Movie Buffs


10) Intern Trivia for Onboarding

“For office onboarding”


This virtual onboarding game is perfect for helping teammates get to know each other in a fast-paced, in-the-moment fashion! While being an intern can be daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Intern Trivia for Onboarding allows you to enjoy pre-determined trivia or to mix in your own trivia by including information about your employees, company history, mascot, and much more.

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: The Office

How to get started: Get your interns assimilated with Intern Trivia for Onboarding!


11) Virtual Happy Hour Trivia

“For drinking with some light thinking”


Virtual Happy Hour Trivia is the perfect combination of trivia and — you guessed it — Happy Hour! With mixology classes and other beverage-based activities, your team will be grinning from ear to ear. As soon as you book your Virtual Happy Hour Trivia time, your team will be sent cocktail kits and all the knick-knacks they need to be able to participate. Whether you choose to learn the history of champagne-based cocktails, mix the agave spirits (tequila, mezcal, and sotol), or make a dreamy Old Fashioned, your team is sure to love it.

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: Fiesta

How to get started: Kick off the happiest of happy hours and play trivia HERE!

Pro-Tip: Take your Happy Hour Trivia to the next level with a curated one-of-a-kind Happy Hour Celebration Box from Caroo! This happy hour kit includes snacks, icebreakers, a handy tumbler, and a cocktail kit. Just add some hard stuff, and you’re all set for a good time.


12) Virtual Game Show

“For large groups”


Virtual Game Show is the perfect online trivia game for holiday parties with the ability to have up to 10,000 participants participate in holiday photo booths, raffles, game rooms, and other engaging activities. Some of the Go Games’ other games challenge teams to rack up points by finding clues, competing with colleagues, and working towards a common goal.

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: Holiday

How to get started: Start playing the Virtual Game Show and kick off your virtual trivia night right!


13) College-Themed Trivia

“For a college party vibe”


College-Themed Trivia is all about performing creative challenges and staying in touch with popular culture. Keep your finger on the pulse like frats, sororities, clubs, and the youngest generations do. With questions like naming the letters of the Greek alphabet and figuring out which Drake video a meme comes from, you’ll quickly find out which teams have the most college spirit, mind, and soul!

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: College

How to get started: Take a trip back to college with College-Themed Trivia!


14) Virtual Trivia Pursuit

“For collaboration”


Virtual Trivia Pursuit is a series of online physical, skill, mental, and mystery challenges for ultimate team-building. This remote-friendly video conferencing game uses Outback’s proprietary app to allow dispersed teams to learn about each other, uncover hidden talents, and strengthen their collaborative skills.

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: Future

How to get started: Let the pursuit begin with Virtual Trivia Pursuit!


15) 80s Game

“For major Breakfast Club vibes without the angst”


The 80s Game is an online trivia game that takes participants back in time to answer questions about music, sports, slang, and much more. The 80s were, in many ways, a decade of prosperity and growth and this trivia game celebrates that era. By the time your team finishes playing, there’s a good chance they’ll be experts in all things the 80s — and highly nostalgic.

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: Glam rock

How to get started: Jump back about four decades with the 80s Game!


16) International Zoom Trivia

“Hello, world — nice to see you”


Your digitally nomadic work crowd may not need a full-blown vacation, but your locationally-dependent employees will love the chance to Zoom to Spain, France, Italy, and India — all with the touch of a few buttons. Whether they’re looking for reverie in Paris, to scavenge Italy, to party in Barcelona, or to immerse themselves in India, International Zoom Trivia has them covered. One to two professional hosts combine fun facts, icebreakers, polls, storytelling, and an abundance of games to keep things fresh, fantastical, and fully international! Also, this trivia activity is perfect for game night.

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: Travel

How to get started: Ready your magic carpet with International Zoom Trivia at one of these exotic locations:


17) Time Machine Decade Trivia

“Step inside the wayback machine”


Time Machine Trivia invites participants to travel through pop culture history in this virtual trivia game for dispersed teams. Your work-from-home team members will enjoy their home offices. The time machine will take them from the 60s all the way to the pre-pandemic 21st century. This virtual trivia game is sure to promote friendly competition and an overall fantastic time in the flexible workplace of the modern-day. Each online trivia game hosts breakout room mixers where they split up teams!

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: Vintage clothes

How to get started: Hop into the time machine with Time Machine Decade Trivia!


18) Virtual Pub Quiz

“For blowing off some steam”

Virtual Pub

Your employees or coworkers are invited into “Hamish McDuff’s” virtual pub where they’ll be greeted by the fabled Scottish host of the virtual trivia game. Now, your team will play in two rounds of pub trivia in four themed categories. With mini-games like Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader to Sports, trivia on food & drink, sports trivia, and Celebrity Real Estate, your coworkers or employees can kick back, relax, and blow off some steam as they indulge in the perfect mix of socializing and friendly competition in a virtual bar atmosphere.

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: Kegs & Kilts

How to get started: Get your pub on with the Virtual Pub Quiz!


19) Music Trivia Activity

“For music lovers”


Looks like we need to get dogs with better taste in music 🎶 #millennials #early2000s #dogsoftiktok

♬ 2000s Music Challenge – Jo Johnson

Your music-loving employees can have a blast in this interactive boom box game, where they will try to complete puzzles and musical trivia. Participants go through 6 rounds of popular and contemporary music from mainstream American bands and artists. Music Trivia Activity tests employees’ ability to recognize album art, name tunes, and finish lyrics.

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: American Idol

How to get started: Try to name that tune with Music Trivia Activity.


20) Online Trivia Party

“The diversity-based trivia game”


DEI experts rave about Online Trivia Party because categories feature Black History, Women’s Trivia, and much more to celebrate inclusive company culture. Nearly 300 people can play this Online Trivia Party at a time. A Quiz Master leads the Zoom call and guides contestants through multiple, fast-paced, super fun rounds. Online Trivia Party comes with a Zoom link, a host, a custom invitation, and everything your team needs to get rocking and rolling with this virtual trivia game.

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: Black History Month

How to get started: Start playing Online Trivia Party today!


21) Virtual Team Trivia

“For team building and team bonding”


Virtual Team Trivia includes games like Guess That Coworker, which is all about sharing fun facts about yourself, guessing expected answers about your teammates, and finding out who knows each other the best in the workplace. Confetti gives a submission form for collecting photos and answers from participants — after that, Confetti turns the responses into an interactive, entertaining presentation about your employees or coworkers. Each Virtual Team Trivia game features a Zoom link, a top-notch host, and a custom invitation for participants.

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: Workaholics

How to get started: Get started with Virtual Team Trivia!


22) Water Cooler Trivia

“Making small talk cool again”

Water Cooler Trivia

Water Cooler Trivia is the perfect online tool for teams to spice up the flexible workplace model. Build your team culture via weekly trivia where each one of your coworkers is sent a themed trivia quiz to their inbox!

Once the deadline is passed, you and your coworkers will be able to access detailed scorecards, a team leaderboard, and even check out funny superlatives like “funniest wrong response.”

This online trivia game is easy to join, fun to play, and helps teams connect with a new quiz each week!

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: Old Hollywood

How to get started: Create a free Water Cooler Trivia account today and gather around the virtual water cooler.


23) Two Truths and A Lie

“To test your EQ”


With over 100 icebreaker games to choose from Weve has no shortage of options; however, sometimes, it’s the classic games that keep us coming back for more. Two Truths and A Lie pits employees against one another to try to guess which of the three statements are the truths and which one is the lie. Do you have what it takes to uncover lies like a human polygraph test? This icebreaker is also an easy virtual onboarding idea to mix in during the first morning of orientation.

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: Murder Mystery

How to get started: See who has the best poker face with Two Truths and A Lie.


24) Fun Fact Zoom Trivia

“For fantastically fun trivia”

Fun Fact Zoom Trivia is a seasonal holiday-inspired and current event-inspired trivia with questions written and curated by a team of trivia geeks, writers, and game lovers. Each month these half an hour to an hour and a half games will keep your coworkers or employees entertained with musical and artistic challenges, rapid-fire trivia rounds, and casual competition.

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game:

How to get started: Enjoy Fun Fact Zoom Trivia with your coworkers today!


Bonus. Monday Trivia In Your Inbox

“For routinely extraordinary trivia”

Monday Trivia In Your Inbox takes full advantage of Quizbreaker’s ability to send fun questions directly to your employees’ inboxes in a scheduled fashion. The best part is that you can have it automated to send out their curated list of questions or you can mix in your own questions!

🌟 Try out a theme with this Zoom trivia game: 90s

How to get started: Start the week right with Monday Trivia In Your Inbox.

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Free Online Trivia Games For Zoom

25) Sporcle

“For getting the competitive juices flowing”


Sporcle offers a variety of quizzes, competitive communities, multiplayer options, video, and app suggestions — all for free! With a section devoted especially to hot trending quizzes, you’ll even get a pretty good idea about what your employees are most likely to have an absolute blast playing.

🌟 Try out this theme with this free online trivia game for Zoom: Sports

How to get started: Get connected through competition with Sporcle!


26) GeoGuesser

“The global trivia game”


GeoGuesser gives participants the chance to find clues and guess where in the world they are in this 30 million+ player trivia game. Each player is “dropped” somewhere with a street view panorama and a mission to uncover clues that will determine their exact location. Players can choose multi-player and single-player modes.

🌟 Try out this theme with this free online trivia game for Zoom: International Day

How to get started: Globetrot with GeoGuesser!


27) Trivia Podcasts

“Trivia for podcast lovers”


Trivia Podcasts are podcast lists that help listeners create sharable lists of their own. Each trivia podcast features information about the guests, hosts, and the actual content

🌟 Try out this theme with this free online trivia game for Zoom: The Matrix

How to get started: Start listening to Trivia Podcasts here.


28) The Little Tiny Quiz Of The Lockdown

“Trivia in video form”

This pandemic-inspired game is a compilation of questions asked throughout the week put inside one long video. The Little Tiny Quiz Of The Lockdown also heavily features British humor!

🌟 Try out this theme with this free online trivia game for Zoom: Sci-fi

How to get started: Hop onto the island of The Little Tiny Quiz Of The Lockdown!


29) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

“Is that your final answer?”


Do you remember Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Do you remember the suspense of waiting on the contestant to give their final answer? If you can recall them phoning a friend or relying on a lifeline, then you’re sure to love this virtual version of the television game show. This free online trivia game consists of 15 increasingly difficult questions, a brief history and rundown of the rules of the game, and a chance to be a part of the leaderboard.

🌟 Try out this theme with this free online trivia game for Zoom: TV gameshows

How to get started: Test out your trivia savvy with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!



You made it to the end. Congratulations!

What was the answer to our online trivia question: Who famously spoke “I think; therefore, I am.”?

The answer is D) Rene Descartes.


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People Also Ask These Questions About Online Trivia Games For Zoom

Q: What are Zoom trivia games?

  • Zoom trivia games are trivia games that can be played on the videoconferencing platform.

Q: What are the benefits of playing a trivia game on Zoom?

  • The benefits of playing a trivia game on Zoom include improved connectivity amongst coworkers, team building, and an all-around great time, which leads to better employee satisfaction.

Q: What are some Zoom trivia games to play with workgroups?

  • Zoom trivia games to play with workgroups include anything that enables dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of people to get online and interact with each other at once.

Q: How do I choose a trivia game to play on Zoom?

  • You choose a trivia game to play on Zoom based on your goals. For example, if you are playing with a small group, you can play a Zoom trivia game designed for just a few people; however, if you are playing with a large group, you need to use a platform or game that’s designed to accommodate hundreds of people or more.

Q: How much does it cost to play a Zoom trivia game?

  • It can cost any amount to play a Zoom trivia game. There is not a set amount; however, some factors to consider are the size of your group, the level of immersion you desire, and the length of the game. Some Zoom trivia games are free.

Q: How do I know if people liked the Zoom trivia game we played?

  • The best way to tell if people liked the Zoom trivia game your team played is by asking them if they would like to do it or a similar game again soon. Some platforms also offer metrics that allow you to see the level of engagement. High engagement is your sign that they enjoyed the experience.

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