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30 Best High End & Luxury Corporate Gifts For VIPs (Premium Gifts For 2024)

By February 15, 2024 April 10th, 2024

Hello! We’re thrilled you stumbled onto this luxury corporate gift ideas list!

Luxury corporate gifts are the go-to for impressing or showing that supreme level of service to industry contacts, vendors, clients, and employees.

Typically, this type of business gift can cost a few hundred dollars to thousands. The goal of a luxury corporate gift is to build and improve relationships between individuals and organizations. 

Sending multiple gifts to executives can get complicated. Work with one of these top-rated gifting platforms to help make the process easy:

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Imagine corporate party favors and employee appreciation gifts but on another super-luxe level.

Luxury Corporate Gifts

To give you some ideas, this article includes:

  • Premium corporate gifts
  • Luxury business gifts
  • High-end client gifts
  • VIP client gift ideas
  • Ultra-luxe corporate gifts

And (most importantly) where to get them.

Check out this comprehensive list to wow bosses, CEOs, executives, VIP clients, board members, and other high-level people with gifts that match their status!

Pro-Tip: Use “Command + D” to bookmark this list – we will continue to update this list with the best premium corporate gifts throughout 2024!

1. Employee “Gift of Choice” Collection by Goody

Gift of Choice

The corporate gifting experts at Goody offer you the chance to build a custom collection of high-end corporate gifts that will impress your employees this year.

You stock it with swag or non-swag items from Goody’s collection of thousands of products. Then let your recipient choose whichever gift they want in a branded digital store.

It’s like having your own gift shop right at your team member’s fingertips. A few clicks and your employees are on their way to opening up their next luxury gift!

Gift of Choice


2. Custom Swag Box

Work with the swag experts at to create a luxury swag box full of premium apparel, branded swag, and tech gadgets.

You can create a swag box for any event, conference, company holiday, welcome kit, or just about any occasion. works with top brands like Nike, TravisMathew, Allbirds, Moleskine, and so many more.

Custom SwagBox


3. Digital Photo Frame


The Digital Picture Frame is perfect for sentimental individuals who cherish their happiest memories! This bestselling digital frame allows them to share photos that are displayed using a digital photo album.

Additionally, the Aura frame boasts a stunning high-res display, plus smart features like photo pairing, automatic color calibration, and free unlimited cloud storage.

Digital Picture Frame


4. Self-Heating Mug


No wonder corporate gifting is important! The Self-Heating Mug from Ember is about as swaggy and cool as it gets. This smart mug gets its name by allowing people to choose the precise temperature they want their drink!

This premium corporate gift ensures that their drink turns out just right — never too hot or too cold. Additionally, it’s easy to clean, has a built-in battery, a charging coaster, an auto sleep feature, safe temperature range, and can be controlled with a smartphone. Last but not least, this mug can be personalized!

Self-Heating Mug


5. Luxury Bath Box

The Luxury Bath Box is a relaxing reward for hardworking executives, CEOs, and coworkers who deserve a relaxing gift! This luxe gift box brings all-natural bath products into the comfort of their home including bath soaks, body cream, and more.

Luxury Bath Box


6. An Experience To Remember


It is no secret how valuable your employees are to your business. So why not treat them to a luxurious weekend getaway or memorable family outing?

With Stadium, you can coordinate, plan, and deliver a five-star experience that they will not soon forget. Their rewards platform handles the entire process from start to finish so you can sleep soundly knowing that your employee is on the experience of a lifetime.

The vast Stadium catalog offers weekend trips, international destinations, bucketlist-worthy activities, and a whole lot more.

An Experience To Remember


7. Snack Attack Premium Snack Box


This snack collection is a tantalizing collection of treats and delights designed to spoil executives, employees, and clients in the best way! The Snack Attack Box comes with a savory-sweet nut mix, gluten-free raspberry gummy fish, award-winning goat milk caramels, vanilla shortbread cookies, and much more.

Snack Attack Box


8. Tech Lovers

I Work At A Tech Company

The Tech Lovers Box isn’t just for techies, but it could very well turn someone into one. Packed with premium tech gadgets such as a Bluetooth speaker and Tile tracker, it’s no wonder why it’s a best-selling luxury gift.

Tech Lovers Box


9. North Face Duffel

North Face Duffel

The North Face Duffel is the luxury way to keep workout gear and other accessories organized. This extra large, spacious duffel has two zippered main compartments to separate dirty and clean clothes, a fleece-lined pocket, an interior slip pocket for electronics, duffel handles, a cross-body shoulder strap, and room to be customized with your embroidered or screen-printed company logo! offers a huge catalog of gift ideas for VIP clients that you can order with customized branding to really stand out!

North Face Duffel


10. Custom Luxury Gift Kit


Send something one-of-a-kind!

To set up your next luxury gift order, explore the Stadium catalog to choose the perfect luxury corporate gift.

Choose from a growing catalog of premium corporate gift ideas to select items that your recipient will love — from travel gifts to lifestyle items they will use daily. You can even add tasteful branding to these high-quality products like embossing your company logo on a pair of socks or an insulated water bottle.

Custom Luxury Gift Kit


11. Wooden Chess Set

Wooden Chess Set

Chess set sales skyrocketed after Netflix came out with the Queen’s Gambit. People realized how freaking cool chess is. There are loads of reasons why this timeless deluxe gift is used to draw parallels to the business world and other aspects of life.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your CEO or other executives, consider how they have to maneuver strategically in all their decisions. More than likely, you’ll see part of what makes them elite is that they have mastered strategic thinking and implemented it in real time!

Each piece of wood is uniquely shaped and textured so the set feels just as much like a collectible as it does a game.

Wooden Chess Set


12. Home Sweet Home

Help your colleagues and clients get in touch with their senses this holiday season as they stock up on awesome holiday goodies. The Home Sweet Home is a great gift box idea for recipients who like to curl up on a cold winter day and enjoy a bowl of handcrafted soup with some delicious rolls on the side. It also includes a half dozen chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

Home Sweet Home


13. Swivel Cheese Board


The Swivel Cheese Board is a compact wedge, which transforms into a multi-tier server for appetizers and cheeses. It also includes a stainless steel cheese fork and two knives that easily fit in the drawer of the bottom tier!

Swivel Cheese Board


14. Bourbon Barrel Set

For the bold, the Bourbon Barrel Set offers up the finest spirits. Made from reclaimed bourbon barrels, this alcoholic corporate gift infuses drinks with the subtle flavors of vanilla, caramel, and the aromas of oak and smoke.

Bourbon Barrel Set


15. Engraved Clock

Engraved Clock

The Engraved Clock is a compass-designed table clock that’s perfect for a boss’ setup. This personalized brass clock is enormously popular for its chic, minimalist appeal.

Engraved Clock



16. Cotton Travel Set

As travel picks back up, the desire to do it safely is top of mind. However, comfort is right up there, so why not jetset in style and luxury? The Cotton Travel Set makes every seat feel like first class. Whether your clients, executives, or employees are on a business trip or taking a vacation, they’ll enjoy how much more comfortable the journey is.

This travel set includes a 100% cotton 40×60-inch blanket, an eye mask, and a compact pouch they neatly fit in, which can double as a pillow!

Cotton Travel Set


17. Artisanal Appetizer Board

Artisanal Appetizer Board

The Artisanal Appetizer Board is the high-end client gift you’ve been searching for — especially if said client has an appetite for the good life. This subscription package includes southern-style spicy and savory crisp cheese straws, caramelized onion crisps, peppery extra virgin olive oil, pomegranate-infused balsamic vinaigrette, savory herb and olive bread dip, and a maple wood serving board with a teak oil finish and a teak wood spreader.

The Artisanal Board also supports sustainable farming, small-batch producers, and many other great causes!

Artisanal Appetizer Board


18. Electric Citrus Juicer


The Electric Citrus Juicer gives the owner of this gift the ability to make fresh-squeezed juice whenever they want. For the health-conscious, this gift is great for helping them get their daily dose of Vitamin C and get each drop of juice they can from their fruits. Additionally, the strainer catches the seeds and pulp.

Electric Citrus Juicer


19. Custom 6 Bottle Set

The Custom 6 Bottle Set is an amazing way to mix and match cocktails! This uber customizable gift will put warmth and happiness in your clients and employees, which is sure to make them think fondly of you and your company. Choose from Cosmos, Matadors, Spicy Maids, Ginger Bucks, Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, Negronis, Gin Martinis, and other drinks!

Custom 6 Bottle Set


20. Luxury Necktie Gift Set

Decision fatigue is real. That’s exactly why Steve Jobs and Zuckerberg wore more or less the same outfit each day. High-performing business people are flooded with choices. To help with that, the Luxury Necktie Gift Set comes with a collection of matching men’s neckties, pocket squares, tie clips, and cufflinks every month. This curated necktie box is a great gift for managers and sharp-dressing employees alike!

Luxury Necktie Gift Set


21. VIP Treatment

Make any client feel like a superstar with this luxury gift. Loaded with high end gifts like a Bluetooth speaker, a fancy self heating mug, and a deluxe bag to sport, recipients will feel like they’re on top of the VIP list.

VIP Treatment


22. Bose Wireless Headset

The Bose Wireless Headset is made with world-class noise-cancellation materials. Plus, direct access to voice-controlled Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa will make the recipient of this luxury corporate gift idea feel like Tony Stark when he talks to his A.I. Jarvis! The Bose Wireless Headset also allows nearly an entire day of listening before it runs out of energy and every 15 minutes of charge adds another 2.5 hours of run time.

Bose Wireless Headphones


23. Recipient Choice

Caroo Gifts

The Caroo gifting platform enables clients, customers, and employees the chance to select their ideal gift from an expansive catalog of care packages, corporate gifts, premium treats, technology, and more.

This gifting service tracks all the behind-the-scenes data so that managers can customize order size, item categories (wine, electronics, gift baskets, etc.), price range, office roles, time frame, recipient type, and several other factors. Additionally, each premium corporate gifting box goes to help feed families in need.

Recipient Choice

Caroo donates to Feeding America and their local network of food banks for every box delivered. To date, Caroo has assisted in providing more than 17 million meals!


24. BTL SVC Custom 6BTL Box Collection

BTL SVC 6BTL Custom Box Set

The BTL SVC Custom 6BTL Box Set presents an attractive collection of award-winning, perfectly balanced ready-to-serve cocktails. The beautiful premium display case provides sophistication to any home bar and is an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates bar-quality cocktails.

This Box Set includes six premium quality, hand-crafted, ready-to-serve cocktails which you can select from amongst their wide variety of options to customize your box set.



25. Winter Gift Box


Celebrate the end of the year with a luxury gift box filled with holiday items from luxury brands. This premium corporate gift can be customized to include your company’s logo or branding, making it not only unique and memorable, but a perfect gift to say thank you to clients, employees, or customers. Best of all, a luxury corporate gift box is sure to be appreciated and remembered long after the holiday season has ended.

Not to mention, these winter-themed gift boxes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with different combinations of premium items.

Winter Gift Box


26. The Elite Pack


The Elite Pack is all about the presentation. That’s right! The recipient of this promotional item will look, feel, and perform their best in meetings and in their day-to-day life. Whether you intend for the Elite Pack to impress a client or an employee, this premium corporate gift will certainly do the trick.

This luxe corporate subscription package includes a New Era French Terry Bomber, a classic hardcover moleskine, a vintage wooden box, JBL Clip 3, and insert cards!

The Elite Pack


27.  4 Bottle Classic Collection

4 Bottle Classic Collection

The 4 Bottle Classic Collection is a fun way to get a variety of professionally made top-shelf alcohol. The Classic Collection includes 2 1934 Cosmos, 2 Matadors, 2 Ginger Bucks, 2 Spicy Maids, 2 Old Fashioneds, 2 Manhattans, 2 Negronis, 2 Gin Martinis, and several other flavorful and balanced drinks!

4 Bottle Classic Collection


28. Ohza Mimosas & Sangria

OHZA img 1

Carefully mixed with premium sparkling wine and real fruit juice, Ohza offers the classic mimosa and sangria recipes everyone knows and loves but with 80% less sugar and 60% fewer calories than one made at home or ordered at the bar.

Shipped straight to your door and with over eight flavors to choose from, Ohza makes for the perfect gift or stocking stuffer this holiday season. For a limited time, receive a free 4-pack plus free shipping with any order.

Ohza Mimosas & Sangria


29. Gourmet Dinner Party

Gourmet Dinner Party

The Gourmet Dinner Party is here to leave a lasting impression. Executives and CEOs often close the biggest deals around the dinner table. It’s even better when they can host the dinner. That’s where the Gourmet Dinner Party comes into play.

This gorgeous luxury gift box features pepper-infused extra virgin olive oil, barrel-aged aromatic balsamic vinegar, savory artichoke and caper bread dip, garlic salami, Meyer lemon shortbread cookies, rose water-infused plum jam, sea salt and vanilla goat milk caramels, crispy grey sea salt olive oil flatbread crackers, and more!

Gourmet Dinner Party


30. Coffee Air Brewer


This modern way to brew coffee gives coffee drinkers the best of modern luxury and comfort. The Coffee Air Brewer uses pressure and air making for an exceptionally smooth drinking experience. The brewer is rechargeable and makes up to 100 cups per charge and each 14oz cup can be enjoyed hot or cold.

This coffee brewing system is easily rechargeable so you do not have to worry about having to constantly plug it in. The recipient of this gourmet coffee gift simply adds grounds, pours in boiling water, and after 30 seconds, stirs and presses the button to brew.

Coffee Air Brewer

People Also Ask These Questions About Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas

Q: What are some good luxury corporate gift ideas in 2024?

  • A: Some good luxury corporate gift ideas for 2024 tap into the hybrid workplace trend of spending part-time in the office and part-time working remotely. However, the gift doesn’t necessarily have to be work-centric. For example, a luxury corporate gift could be a Bluetooth speaker, a gift basket, a decanter, leather portfolio, gift cards, or a power bank.

Q: How much should I expect to spend on a high-end gift?

  • A: High-end gifts can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, but the important aspect of luxury gifting is that you keep functionality in mind.

Q: What goes in a luxury corporate gift box?

  • A: A luxury corporate gift box can include a wide variety of items, including electronics, wine, or items related to common professional hobbies like golf or gardening.

Q: Can I put a logo on a luxury gift?

  • A: Absolutely. In fact, and several other custom gifting sites make it as easy as dragging and dropping a logo onto the gift and hitting the order button.

Q: What kind of gift should I send a VIP client?

  • A: A VIP client is usually going to receive the most expensive, high-end gift you can afford. The key is to ensure that there’s at least an indirect return on investment for that particular gift. For example, if you spend $500, ideally that client spends $1,000 or even $10,000 during the process of working with your company.

Q: Can you hire high end executive gifts to send to the entire executive team?

  • A: Yes, you can work with many corporate gifting services to schedule your gift order to be sent directly to your executive team. Whether you want to give presents to them in the office or send them directly to their doorstep, it is very easy to plan everything ahead of time. The most important thing is to select high end gifts that your executives will want to keep! They can be picky people, so taking the time to research and send the same or different gifts is valuable time spent.

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