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🍀 12 Best St. Patrick’s Day Ideas For Work In 2024 

By February 13, 2024 February 22nd, 2024 No Comments

With Saint Patrick’s Day just around the corner, don’t miss the opportunity to transform your workplace into an enchanting Irish wonderland.

This celebration is a perfect way to honor Ireland’s rich heritage and pay tribute to Saint Patrick, the beloved Patron Saint of Ireland.

St. Patrick’s Day presents a unique opportunity to infuse your office with the lively spirit of Ireland, complete with vibrant green decorations, joyful leprechauns, and costume contests that spark camaraderie and teamwork.

This is the perfect time to begin brainstorming creative and engaging office activities that embody the Irish spirit, aiming to motivate and uplift your team members. Envision a workplace transformation that promotes unity and high spirits, leveraging this occasion to enhance team morale and collaboration.

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you each morning and night. - An Irish Blessing Click To Tweet

This St. Patrick’s Day, make your office celebration unforgettable. Seamlessly blend the festive energy into your environment with innovative ideas that will leave a lasting impact on your team.

From themed dress-up days to enjoyable contests, the possibilities to introduce the enchantment of St. Patrick’s Day into your workplace are endless, promising cherished memories, laughter, and a generous dose of Irish luck.

So, explore our list of the best St. Patrick’s Day ideas for work, and let’s start planning and preparing!

St. Patrick’s Day Ideas For Work

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at work is a great way to boost employee engagement. It is also an opportunity to promote team building and create a fun and inclusive company culture.

By incorporating St. Patrick’s Day festivities into office events, you create an environment where team members can take a break from their daily tasks and come together for lighthearted fun.

There are countless ways to make St. Patrick’s Day memorable for your team, from dressing up in green attire and adorning the workplace with shamrocks, to setting up themed activities like a scavenger hunt or a trivia game. Enjoying traditional Irish treats can also add to the festivities.

Each of these possibilities offers a unique opportunity to bring joy and celebration to your team on this special day.

Here are some fun ways to do that:

  1   Plan a St. Patrick’s Day Activity with Confetti

Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with Confetti’s range of festive activities! From engaging team games to creative challenges, these activities promise a lively and memorable experience for all. Keep it simple, keep it green, and let the festivities begin! Plan your experience with Confetti and explore their ever-growing list of virtual activities.

  2   Wear Green to Work

Encourage your colleagues to dress up in green for the day! This simple and fun idea can create a joyous atmosphere in the office. You can even organize a “best-dressed” competition with small prizes for the winners. It’s an easy way to bring everyone together and spread some St. Patrick’s Day cheer in the air.

  3   Desk Decorating Contest

Encourage your team members to decorate their desks with a St. Patrick’s Day theme and hold a contest for the “Luckiest Workspace.” This St. Patrick’s Day idea will add some fun and creativity to the workplace, and it will also allow everyone to showcase their individual style and personality.

  4   Potluck Lunch

Office Party Potluck

Encourage your colleagues and employees to bring in their favorite homemade dishes and decorate the lunch area with green tablecloths, plates, and napkins for a cheery ambiance. Enjoy traditional Irish food, including corned beef, shepherd’s pie, Irish soda bread, Irish coffee, and green beer. Here are some recipes that you can try:

  5   Green Themed Treats and Goodies

Surprise your team members with some delicious green treats and goodies to brighten their day! You can have a pot of gold filled with chocolates, shamrock-shaped cookies, or even green frosted cupcakes.

These tasty treats will surely bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

  6   Decorate an Office Bulletin Board or Wall

You can spread some appreciation in the workplace with a St. Patrick’s Day bulletin board shouting out your wonderful staff. Plus, Employee Appreciation Day is March 1st, so it is a perfect time to spread gratitude for the entire month.

  7   Hold an Office Raffle

This office contest can be a fun activity for all of your employees to participate with the big winner (or winners) taking home a prize.

Fill a jar (or pot of gold) with money, gold coins, or any item you want to let your staff guess how many items are in the container. Closest guess at the end of the day will crown your raffle winner!

Pro-Tip: You can award the raffle winner with a holiday-themed gift like a bottle of Irish whiskey and a set of city-based rocks glasses.


Talk to the team at Goody to set up your gift order and put together the perfect raffle prize.


Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Your Remote Team

If your team is working remotely, don’t worry; you can still celebrate St. Patrick’s Day together! Here are some ideas to get into the Irish spirit even if your team members are oceans apart:

  1   Virtual St. Patrick’s Day Happy Hour

A virtual happy hour is a lively way to allow everyone to participate and add some revelry to your virtual meetings. Before you know it, your team will do a jig or start tap dancing across the screen!

Check out the Virtual St. Patrick’s Day Happy Hour offer by Outback Team Building if you are looking for a hosted activity. Team leaders can also plan their happy hour shindig at a local Irish pub in your city or set up a happy hour celebration at the office on the Friday before St. Paddy’s day (March 15th)!

  2   Virtual Whiskey Tasting

This St. Paddy’s Day idea is an intoxicatingly fun way for your team to learn about Irish culture and try different types of whiskey together virtually. And if whiskey doesn’t quite tickle your fancy or you’re looking for something a wee bit lighter, try Confetti’s Irish Beer Tasting.

  3   Virtual Trivia (St. Patrick’s Day Edition)

Virtual Trivia tests your team’s knowledge about Irish music, the country’s history, and the folklore and myths of the land.

With four pulse-pounding rounds, Virtual Trivia adds a competitive element to your virtual celebration. But make no mistake, the luck of the Irish will not decide the winner of this particular St. Paddy’s Day activity: Only the most knowledgable players win!

Check out this Virtual St. Patrick’s Day Trivia competition to get the trivia showdown rolling!

  4   Update Your Zoom Background

Zoom backgrounds add a splash of green and festivity to your online meetings. Perhaps you want a rainbow in the background to create the illusion that one might indeed find a pot of gold at the end of it. To up the ante a bit, you could also give out a prize that even a leprechaun would covet to the most creative Irish-themed Zoom background.

Pro-Tip: The Bash recently put together a list of fun St. Patrick’s Day Zoom Backgrounds you can try this year.

  5   Luck-Inspired Icebreaker Question

Icebreaker-Discussion-QuestionWhat is a time when you have felt the most lucky? Icebreakers games and activities are a great virtual team building idea to get your team members to talk about their personal experiences and connect on a deeper level.

Here are a few fun icebreaker questions to get your next meeting started:

  • What is a time when you felt especially lucky?
  • What is your good luck charm?
  • What would be the first thing you would do if you found a pot of gold?


How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Work

Here are some St. Patrick’s Day games, party ideas, and team building activities to offer great opportunities for fun for your team members.

🍀 Tip 1: Trivia Contest

Test your team’s knowledge with fun St. Patrick’s Day-themed questions and offer a prize for the winner.

Pro-Tip: Put together a custom trivia event for your team based on categories of your choice or try out some of the ideas in this guide to online trivia games for Zoom.

🍀 Tip 2: Irish Music

Set the mood with traditional Irish music or hold a mini concert featuring Irish folk songs. Prepare a playlist to add to the joyful atmosphere and give your team a taste of Irish culture. Music players like YouTube and Spotify make it easy to find a St. Paddy’s Day playlist.

🍀 Tip 3: Irish Dance Performance

Bring in a local Irish dance group to perform for the office and add some cultural entertainment. You can even have your team members learn some basic Irish dance steps and put on a performance of their own.

🍀 Tip 4: Leprechaun Hunt

Hide small leprechaun figurines or a four-leaf clover around the office for employees to find and give prizes to team members who successfully locate the hidden trinkets. This is a great activity to add surprise and competition to the workday.

🍀 Tip 5: Charity Event

Give back to the community by organizing a charitable event and giving gift cards in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, spreading the holiday spirit and boosting team bonding.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, the key is to have fun and create a positive and engaging experience for your team. St. Patrick’s Day is all about celebrating luck, friendship, and community, so take this opportunity to strengthen bonds with your colleagues and spread cheer in the workplace.

Pro-Tip: For some more charity event ideas, check out SnackNation’s guide to charity team building activities.

People Also Ask These Questions About Celebrating St. Paddy’s Day At Work

Q: How can I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at work without going overboard?

  • A: Keep the celebration simple and inclusive by incorporating themed treats, games, or virtual activities that everyone can participate in. Avoid any activities or decorations that may be offensive or exclusive to certain cultures.

Q: What are the benefits of celebrating St. Patrick’s day at work?

  • A: Celebrating holidays with your team can boost morale, improve teamwork and communication, and create a more positive work culture. It is also a great way to show appreciation for your team members and have some fun together. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your colleagues! Keep it inclusive, engaging, and most importantly, enjoyable for everyone involved.

Q: How do I keep the St. Patrick’s Day celebration at work professional?

  • A: Set clear guidelines and expectations for appropriate behavior and activities. Encourage everyone to have fun while also respecting their colleagues and the workplace environment.

Q: How can I promote team-building and camaraderie among employees through St. Patrick’s Day activities?

  • A: Choose activities that encourage teamwork, communication, and friendly competition. This will help strengthen relationships and foster a sense of unity within the team.  You can also ask for volunteers to lead certain activities or encourage employees to participate in planning the celebration together. Overall, make it a collaborative and inclusive experience for everyone.

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