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25 Best Company Culture Software Platforms To Maximize Employee Morale

By January 3, 2024 July 9th, 2024 One Comment

15 Company Culture Software Platforms To Maximize Employee Morale In 2020

Company culture matters. It determines how your team members view and talk about your company. It directly influences your level of employee engagement.

Culture may even motivate employees to do not just adequate work, but great work.

As Daniel Coyle says in The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups,

“Give a good idea to a mediocre team, and they’ll find a way to screw it up. Give a mediocre idea to a good team, and they’ll find a way to make it better. The goal needs to be to get the team right, get them moving in the right direction, and get them to see where they are making mistakes and where they are succeeding.”

With this connection to employee success and the quality of work produced, it becomes even more apparent that company culture is something that should be on your mind. So the next question is…

What Is Company Culture Software?

Company culture software is a technology that enables you to support and develop programs (and qualities) that improve your employees’ experience and make your company uniquely fulfilling to work for.

For example, software solutions can streamline decision-making and collaboration by making visible and transparent key project details and timelines.

In a hurry? Check out a few top-rated platforms that support a stronger company culture at your business:

Bonusly 🥇 Recognize and reward employees for their achievements and milestones Visit Bonusly
Goody 🎁 Award them an eGift Visit Goody
Stadium 🌟 Engage and retain employees with recognition, rewards, swag, and more Visit Stadium 🧢 Create a custom swag box or send gifts directly to employees, clients, and customers Visit
Nectar 😃 Peer-to-peer recognition, Amazon integration, boost your engagement and retention Visit Nectar
👉 Compare more HR-vetted and approved options here

What Are The Benefits Of Company Culture Software?

In general, company culture software makes it easy and sometimes automatic to systematically promote your core values and create a thriving, unique work environment.

Think of your company culture as your company’s personality, the matrix of features and shared values that make it unique. Company culture software can help make that unique personality shine, whether you run a team of chefs at a meal delivery startup or a group of software engineers at Microsoft.

Company culture software has the ability to…

  • Provide recognition and facilitate it among co-workers
  • Make team building a no-brainer
  • Offer wellness perks that make employees feel cared for
  • Help HR teams write job descriptions and manage the hiring process

Explore the tools below to find exciting new ways to enhance your company culture.

Company Culture Software For Recognition

1) Nectar

“Reinforce great work”

👉 See Nectar in Action!

Price: $2.75 – $4.00 per user per month. View Nectar pricing details.

Free Trial? Plans start at $2.75 but you can start a free trial to test out Nectar!

Notable Features:

  • Survey filters make it easy to identify and pursue areas of improvement
  • Core value hashtags reinforce and promote high-priority qualities
  • Vendor management means you can enjoy new perks without spending any time negotiating

As you use Nectar to boost employee satisfaction by doling out feel-good rewards and recognition, the platform’s visible feeds help you simultaneously promote and reinforce core values.

Ultimately, it makes it easy to celebrate employees’ work as you capture the story of your great company culture.

2) Motivosity

“Game changer for company culture”


👉 See Motivosity in Action!

Price: $0 – $5 per month. View Motivosity pricing details.

Free Trial? No — but they do offer a free demo to try it out!

Notable Features:

  • Pulse surveys to gauge company morale
  • 360 Degree Feedback to provide company-wide insights.
  • Individual Development Plans to help employees reach their goals and find satisfaction.

Motivosity is a company culture software that helps businesses improve morale by creating an engaging work environment. With rewards, recognition, goal tracking and feedback tools, everyone in the company can stay motivated and accountable every step of the way.

3) Bucketlist

“The ultimate software for milestones, achievements, and a job well done”


👉 See Bucketlist in Action!

Price: Talk to Bucketlist to receive accurate pricing

Free Trial? Yes, check it out here!

Notable Features:

  • Employee Incentives give your employees the freedom to select from a wide array of over 2,576 enticing rewards, or even make requests for new ones
  • Foster an engaging company culture by organizing Team Building Competitions that set enjoyable team goals for your employees to accomplish together
  • Comprehensive dashboards provide valuable insights on areas to prioritize for motivating employees, fostering their engagement, and ensuring long-term retention

Bucketlist makes employee recognition convenient, fun, and flexible, allowing employees to pick and choose precisely how they want to be recognized!


Company Culture Software For Employee Engagement

4) Deel

“Unmatched speed and flexibility for hiring, payroll, and HR”


👉 See Deel in Action!

Price: Free to $599 per month

Free Trial? Yes, Deel can be tested to see if it is a good fit.

Notable Features:

  • With Deel Workspaces, give your team the convenience of accessing hot desks, reliable Wi-Fi, well-equipped meeting rooms, and valuable networking opportunities, all tailored to support their individual needs and preferences
  • This company culture app provides a seamless experience for your team by allowing them to complete tasks directly within Slack
  • From meetup roulettes, interest groups, and NPS, help your team build better relationships

Engage your employees at all levels with Deel by keeping your employees productive with tools they’ll be happy to use.

5) Awardco

“The recognition platform designed to boost productivity, reduce spend, and build culture”


👉 See Awardco in Action!

Price: Starting at $2,500 per year for their “lite” version

Free Trial? No, but they do conduct demos to showcase this culture software!

Notable Features:

  • This recognition software tool allows managers the opportunity to experience the contagious excitement of watch recognition spreading throughout your organization, as individuals actively engage in the social feed by sharing comments, reactions, and their acknowledgments.
  • Awardco integrates with your current communication tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, enhancing program adoption and visibility.
  • Lifestyle Spending Accounts are a powerful tool that empowers individuals to earn ongoing rewards at a personalized frequency. With these accounts, employees gain access to a wide range of choices and enjoy enhanced flexibility in managing their expenses.

Recognize your employees with Awardco’s social and remote rewards to boost morale in any situation!


Company Culture Software For Collaboration

6) Wrike

“The app to help teams across all departments to collaborate, manage projects, drive strategic initiatives, and achieve goals”


👉 See Wrike in Action!

Price: Free to $24.80 per month

Free Trial? Yes, Wrike does offer free trials!

Notable Features: 

  •  Wrike’s user-friendly online Kanban Boards empower teams to clarify priorities, ensuring smooth collaboration and better results
  • Cross-tagging lets teams view tasks within the context of their unique projects, as well as broader company initiatives
  • Simplify project management with Wrike’s cutting-edge software. Centralize your resources for seamless accessibility across your team

Create a positive company culture that’s built to last with Wrike thanks to its collaborative features and intuitive design. 


“A visual tool to manage any project or team”


👉 See in Action!

Price: $8 – $16+ per user per month. View pricing details.

Free Trial? Yes. Get started here.

Notable Features:

  • Fully customizable boards offer agile project views
  • Automation save time and minimize errors to boost your bottom line
  • Saas model produces convenient integrations and updates provides all the tools teams, including remote teams, need to work effectively together. The workplace culture app gives all team members visibility into the workflows and metrics of key projects, making it easier for them to share ideas, stay informed, and support each other along the way.

8) ClickUp

“The all-in-one company culture solution to help teams collaborate in just a few clicks.”


👉 See ClickUp in Action!

Price: Free and up

Free Trial? Yes! In fact, you can get started for free today.

Notable Features: 

  • Fit the unique requirements of any project or team using ClickApps. Effortlessly configure your workspace to suit your specific needs, without the need for coding. 
  • With ClickUp’s Hierarchy, you gain the flexibility and control needed to organize and manage teams of any size, from small and agile startups to large-scale enterprise companies.  
  • Customize your task management, project tracking, and workflow visualization to fit your preferences perfectly. 

Collaboration is at your fingertips with ClickUp. Between templates and integrations, everything in the ClickUp ecosystem will bring your team closer and more in sync than ever.

9) Toggl Plan

“Project management software for everyone”


👉 See Toggl Plan in Action!

Price: $0 – $8+ per user per month. View Toggl Plan pricing details.

Free Trial? Free basic plan

Notable Features:

  • Team Planning views give comprehensive snapshots to inform performance reviews
  • Drag-and-drop boards empower users to own their tasks
  • Transparent project management views minimize status meetings

Seamless collaboration creates an environment where company culture can thrive. Toggl Plan empowers collaboration with a suite of easy-to-use project management tools. The platform makes it easy to assign deadlines, input milestones, and even provide feedback across the employee lifecycle—all in one place.

10) Chanty

“Get more things done, together”


👉 See Chanty in Action!

Price: $0 – $3+ per user per month. View Chanty pricing details.

Free Trial? Free basic plan.

Notable Features:

  • The Teambook feature gives an at-a-glance view of team members, tasks, and conversations
  • The pin feature makes prioritization visible and shareable
  • Manage user controls and visibility to keep only the right people informed

If communication is the foundation of a great company culture, Chanty will help you strengthen that foundation. It provides all the collaboration features you need to manage remote work, share ideas, employee feedback and even create an informative onboarding program for new hires.


Company Culture Software For Team Building

11) Outback Team Building

“Build morale and boost engagement”

Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams - Outback Team Building (1)

👉 See Outback in Action!

Price: $8 – $40 per person

Free Trial? No, but you can request a custom quote here.

Notable Features:

  • Professional event coordinators make sure your event runs smoothly
  • Proprietary app produces engagement from any location
  • Four different immersive experiences create new adventures and new memories

Outback Team Building delivers managed activities that build the kind of camaraderie you need for a positive culture. Everyone, even remote employees, will have more fun and feel closer to the team.

12) Water Cooler Trivia

“Build team culture, one trivia contest at a time”


👉 See Water Cooler in Action!

Price: $10 – $250 per month. View Water Cooler Trivia pricing details.

Free Trial? Yes. Get your first month free.

Notable Features:

  • Massive question bank makes creating trivia a breeze
  • Automatic response reports include fun features like “funniest wrong response.”
  • Customizations available for difficulty, length, and more

Watercooler Trivia allows you to create and share engaging online trivia about your team. View results practically in real-time to learn juicy tidbits you could probably never find out, even by standing around an actual water cooler.

13) Confetti

“Epic virtual team building”

👉 See Confetti in Action!

Price: Free to sign up and customize here.

Free Trial? Yes, request a demo here.

Notable Features:

  • Event coordinators handle stressful planning to-dos
  • Game room design ensures everyone gets a rich play experience (even large groups)
  • Game night activities have been designed to bring people together

Confetti will work with you to develop a team building event that fits perfectly with your company culture and challenges multiple skill sets. Participating in events will help team members forge the bonds that make a strong culture.


Company Culture Software For People Operations

14) ChartHop

“Revolutionizing company culture through dynamic, data-driven insights and employee engagement”


👉 See ChartHop in Action!

Price: Custom pricing based on the specific needs and size of your organization.

Free Trial? Yes, ChartHop Basic is free for your first 150 employees!

Notable Features:

  • Organizational charting to help you visualize your company structure with interactive org charts.
  • People analytics to access comprehensive analytics for data-driven decision making.
  • Performance management to track and manage employee performance seamlessly.
  • Compensation planning to plan and manage compensation across the organization.
  • Diversity and inclusion metrics for Monitoring and promoting diversity within your workforce.

Elevate your company culture with ChartHop. Click here to request your free demo and see how this culture management platform can transform your organization’s approach to employee engagement and organizational management.

15) Culture Amp

“Connect with your employees on multiple levels”


👉 See Culture Amp in Action!

Price: Contact Culture Amp for pricing details

Free Trial? No. They offer demos instead.

Notable Features:

  • Personalized plans to ensure company culture fits company needs
  • Trackable growth goals to measure company culture progress
  • Turnover Prediction to identify areas of improvement and help businesses build better, stronger cultures.

Culture Amp is an excellent company culture program for discovering and developing your company’s culture! With powerful insights and easy-to-use tools, you can create an inspired workplace that improves performance, engagement, and job satisfaction.

16) Empuls

“Build a culture of appreciation and gratitude with Empuls”


👉 See Empuls in Action!

Price: $2.50 per user per month. View Empuls pricing details.

Free Trial? Yes — get started now with a 30-day free trial.

Notable Features:

  • Offers instant praise and appreciation through peer-to-peer social recognition.
  • Designed to ensure that your employees stay motivated and upbeat every day.
  • Makes use of milestones, badges, leader boards, goals, and awards to gamify the experience and further, increase employee engagement.
  • Includes features such as surveys, employee NPS, and qualitative feedback to measure the impact of engagement initiatives.

Empuls is a culture management software tool that empowers HR and managers across your organization to help manage teams and reach their full potential.

17) WorkTango

“Empower your team”

Kazoo SnackNation image

👉 See WorkTango in Action!

Price: $5+ per user per month. View WorkTango pricing details.

Free Trial? Learn more.

Notable Features:

  • Top core values sidebar helps everyone see highly valued qualities
  • A variety of badge options highlight specific skills
  • Public anniversary and birthday feeds imitate social media and help everyone feel special

WorkTango gives companies the tools to offer perks that reward employees while also reinforcing company culture. Exciting rewards, such as a lunch with the CEO or an expense-covered class, make every employee feel like the best employee ever.


Company Culture Software For Remote Employees

18) The Go Game

“Drive remote culture and connection”

The Go Game Team Building Activity For Work

👉 See The Go Game in Action!

Price: Request a quote here.

Free Trial? No. They offer demos instead.

Notable Features:

  • Well-trained game hosts promote conversations and collaborations
  • Immersive video conferencing interface makes everyone feel included
  • Years of client service provide unmatched event service

The Go Game offers strategically developed virtual team building sessions that show employees a good time while also piquing their creative thinking and problem solving skills. Employees who have fun fuel your company culture and also your retention rates.

19) Goosechase

“Boost company culture remotely with location-independent scavenger hunts”


👉 See Goosechase in Action!

Price: $0 – $499+ per game. View GooseChase pricing details.

Free Trial? Free recreational games.

Notable Features:

  • Rich customization options let you easily create a unique adventure
  • Real-time activity feeds maximize excitement
  • Opponent tracking creates stakes and friendly competition

Goosechase’s location-independent scavenger hunts create the experience of togetherness without the need to be together. Memorable adventures will infuse your culture with a sense of fun.

20) QuizBreaker

“Connect and engage your team”quizbreaker

👉 See QuizBreaker in Action!

Price: $2 per use per month. View QuizBreaker pricing details.

Free Trial? Yes. Get started here.

Notable Features:

  • Automations help you stick to an engaging quiz schedule
  • Gamification features add competition and excitement
  • Short 3-minute quizzes are low-commitment and high reward

Few things strengthen culture as much as simply getting to know your teammates. QuizBreaker “gamifies” the getting-to-know-you process with shareable customized quizzes. Learn fun facts about new co-workers and maybe even surprising tidbits about people you thought you knew everything about.

21) Assembly

“Rewards and recognition made easy”

👉 See Assembly in Action!

Price: Assembly offers three tiers based on the size of your team. For premium features, the pricing is based on the cost per employee, which is about the price of a bottle of water for each employee. Explore the three tiers:

  • Starter: FREE to start and free forever until 10 employees
  • Team: $2.80/mo/seat
  • Business: $4.50/mo/seat

Free Trial? Yes – get started.

Notable Features:

  • Employee recognition feed creates buzz by allowing views, likes, and comments
  • An extensive catalog of rewards with gift cards, custom swag, culture rewards, and charity donations
  • Powerful additional engagement features such as 1:1’s, surveys, games and icebreakers, employee nominations, and more (all of which are included in the cost of the platform)
  • Automated birthday and anniversary celebrations
  • Seamless integration into Slack and Microsoft teams as well as 40+ Hris integrations (ADP, BambooHR, Ceridian, Workday, Zenefits, Rippling, UKG, and many more)

Assembly is peer-to-peer employee recognition, rewards, and engagement software designed to boost internal culture and retention. Assembly has helped thousands of companies achieve 95% employee engagement through fun and seamless workflows. Assembly works great for teams of all sizes and is FREE for up to 10 users.


Company Culture Software For Employee Wellness

22) Wellable

“Employee Wellness, Reimagined”


👉 See Wellable in Action!

Price: Starts at $2 per employee per month. View Wellable pricing details.

Free Trial? Yes. Get started here.

Notable Features:

  • Integrations with health apps and devices build a 360-degree view of wellness
  • Analytics provide actionable insights to optimize programs
  • Coaching, fitness classes, and webinars create a comprehensive culture of health

When employees feel good, your company culture will feel good as well. Wellable’s well-being program complements any healthcare plan to build a complete work life filled with healthy eating, exercise, and more.

23) Sonic Boom

“Customized. Relevant. Fun”


👉 See Sonic Boom in Action!

Price: Request a quote here.

Free Trial? No. They offer demos instead.

Notable Features:

  • Best-in-class member support services help you optimize your programs
  • Social challenges and gamification maximize participation
  • Segmentation allows you to cater offerings to specific employee populations

Caring makes a company culture shine. Sonic Boom helps you deliver wellness programs that show you care and also delight your team. Perfect for massive and small companies alike, Sonic Boom offers customizations and segmentation that ensure employees get a wellness program they love.

24) Headspace

“Meditation made simple”


👉 See Headspace in Action!

Price: $5.83 – $12.99 per month. View Headspace pricing details.

Free Trial? Yes. Get started here.

Notable Features:

  • Robust engagement resources for HRs to boost participation with this HR tool
  • Meditation and wellness resources lower stress and increase feelings of work/life balance
  • Sound scientific basis increases effectiveness

Deliver zen to employees on a silver platter with Headspace, an app that makes it easy to meditate. Employee surveys suggest the app can lower stress, increase focus, and boost compassionate behavior. This company culture platform is great for remote employees to use when they need a break from their computer to de-stress and relax their minds!

25) Mo

“For creating a recognition-rich culture”


👉 See Mo in Action!

Price: Starting at $4.

Free Trial? Yes — get started now with a 30-day free trial.

Notable Features:

  • “Boosts” feature to incentivize peers to save and share special moments.
  • Peer-to-peer nomination and awards to inspire employees and encourage company culture growth
  • Analytics to help identify precisely what’s effective and how to maximize the results.

Mo allows leaders to recognize and appreciate colleagues instantly, keeping employees motivated and fulfilled in their roles. What’s more, a variety of rewards are available as incentives for a job well done or simply to show gratitude for exceptional efforts.

People Also Ask These Questions About Company Culture Software

Q: What is company culture software?

  • A: Company culture software is technology that enables you to support and develop programs (and qualities) that improve your employees’ experience and make your company uniquely fulfilling to work for.

Q: Are there software platforms that can help with my company’s culture?

  • A: Yes, there are software platforms that can help with your company’s culture. For example, you could use Fond to build culture through recognition or Wellable to create a culture based on wellness. Find even more company culture software options in this post.

Q: Where can I find software platforms for company culture?

  • A: You can find software platforms for company culture in this resource roundup, which features tools for peer recognition, team building, collaboration, employee engagement, and wellness.

Q: What kind of online tools can promote a positive company culture?

  • A: Online tools that focus on the elements of recognition, team building, collaboration, employee engagement, and wellness can all promote a positive company culture. Explore software options that cater to all these goals in this post.

Q: How do you help company culture while working remotely?

  • A: You can help company culture while working remotely by using software to cultivate a sense of camaraderie that withstands the test of distance.

Q: What is the best company culture software to use?

  • A: The best company culture software to use includes Nectar for recognition, Goosechase for employee engagement, and Sonic Boom for wellness. Explore even more effective options here.

Q: How can I build company culture while working from home?

  • A: You can build company culture while working from home by using online tools to provide recognition, optimize team building, boost collaboration, stimulate engagement, and offer wellness perks.

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  • Matthew says:

    Great list! Building a positive company culture is super important. This compilation of top software platforms can really boost employee morale. Perfect for businesses looking to create a happy workplace.

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