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28 Best Sales Prospecting & Marketing Gifts To (Smartly) Highlight Your Brand In 2023

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Best Sales Prospecting & Marketing Gifts

Personalized email messages have a 26% higher open rate than generic messages, according to an Experian email market study.

It makes you wonder what happens when you take it a step further…

If personalized email is so effective, what about giving marketing gifts to your sales prospects?

Sales prospecting and marketing gifts aren’t necessarily a new way of grabbing a lead’s attention. However, direct-to-mail is an old-school tactic to stand out in the flood of internet marketing approaches your leads are practically inundated with.

Email, social media, and digital channels have made communication easier than ever, which means that it takes more effort to cut through the noise.

“88% of people claim that they remember the advertisers better if they received a promotional product from them.” — GoPromotional

No matter where you are in the sales cycle, a well-timed gift can make an impact.

Without further ado, check out the best sales prospecting and marketing gifts to highlight your brand in 2023!

What are Sales Prospecting and Marketing Gifts?

Sales prospecting and marketing gift ideas are promotional items that are given with the hopes that they’ll encourage recipients to become customers, clients, or partners of your brand. A great branded gift has the power to be used on a consistent basis by the recipient. They can also become a very effective tool for marketing and advertising to other potential customers and clients.

Whether your primary goal is to promote sales prospecting and lead generation, or larger brand awareness — sending a personalized or high-quality gift can make a tremendous impact.

What are the Benefits of Sales Prospecting and Marketing Gifts?

The benefits of sales prospecting and marketing gifts are:

  • Increased sales
  • Stronger B2B relationships
  • Improved brand image
  • Better lead generation
  • Greater customer loyalty

Want to become a better professional in just 5 minutes?


Marketing Gifts for Clients

1. Chocolate Greeting Card

“A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”

Custom Chocolate Greeting Card

These incredibly yummy artisan chocolate bars are wrapped in your very own custom design and packaging. A perfect gift for employees, clients, or customers!

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: These make great tradeshow giveaways and are light and flat enough to make effective direct mail. If you want to write your own personalized message by hand, there’s plenty of space on the card – or get your message printed on the box when you order.

Price: $14.50

Find it here: Chocolate Greeting Card


2. Your Brand Color Sprinkled Oreos® with Logo Gift Box

“Send a sweet message of thanks!”


This present-style box will have an everlasting effect on their senses, as it’s filled with four delicious Belgian chocolate-covered Oreo® cookies with nonpareil sprinkles.

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: This gift is not only a vibrant and tasty treat for your client, but also gives you multiple opportunities to show off your brand. You can add your company branding to a ribbon in a color of your choice, logo the cookies with full-color printing, and choose your brand colors for the sprinkles.

Price: $18.15

Find it here: Your Brand Color Sprinkled Oreos® with Printed Logo Gift Box


3. Custom Marketing Gift Boxes

“For custom promo”


Custom Marketing Gift Boxes are expertly-curated corporate gifts without the corporate feel. Every item in each box is chosen based on a few simple questions: Does it make the recipient’s life better and will they be happier and more productive? Customization is always a YES!

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: Whether you’re gifting a small, medium, or large group, you can set a budget, pick out your package, and ship via one easy-breezy solution. With wine, electronics, productivity tools, better-for-you snacks, drinkware, and swag, your prospects will be ecstatic to get one of these custom marketing gifts.

Price: Connect with SwagMagic for custom pricing

Find it here: Custom Marketing Gift Boxes


4. Snack & Learn Meeting in a Box

“Remote meetings on a whole new level!”


Packed full of eight different sweets and treats, this tasty assortment of snacks is sure to bring a smile to both new and existing clients alike.

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: Already packaged in a shipping-grade mailer box, you can send this out to encourage and reward clients who book meetings with you.

Price: $24.05

Find it here: Snack & Learn Meeting in a Box


5. Custom Mailer Kit

“Get your message out there?”

This fun letter board can be customized in 2 ways: your logo on the board, and your custom message on the board!

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: Include your pitch, your value prop, your greeting or your thanks in this “lumpy envelope” direct mail kit that’s sure to get their attention.

Price: $21.40

Find it here: Cipher Wood Frame with Plastic Letter Board Custom Mailer Kit


6. Custom ‘I Think You’re On Mute’ Ceramic Mug

“Kit out a virtual meeting”

This swag-and-snacks box includes your custom logo mug and treats. Opening the “I think you’re on mute” message may make them spit out their coffee with a giggle!

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: Whether a book-a-meeting or post-meeting thank you gift, this mailer box is sure to leave a lasting impression on your prospect.

Price: $31.80

Find it here: ‘I Think You’re On Mute’ Ceramic Mug Drop Mailer Kit


7. BruMate Wine Canteen and Tumbler Gift Set

“Drink in the moment and sip in style”


This quality set includes the BruMate Winesulator™ Insulated Wine 25 oz. Canteen, which keeps your wine or beverage at the perfect temperature for 24 hours, along with two BruMate Uncork’d XL 14oz Wine Tumblers.

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: With subtle laser engraved branding opportunities on the very popular Brumate brand, this drinkware set is sure to be used (and appreciated) over and over by your recipient.

Price: $113.59

Find it here: BruMate Wine Canteen and Tumbler Gift Set


8. Purewrist Payment Bracelet

“For a brave new paperless, card-less world”


The Purewrist Payment Bracelet is a wearable payment bracelet to help prospects go wallet-free. Now they aren’t going to have to worry about carrying cards, cash, or other valuables. Plus, it’s encryption secured, FDIC-insured, waterproof, and doesn’t need to be charged.

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: A free mobile app lets your potential clients and leads download money from existing bank accounts and cards, check their balance and transaction history, and send and receive money.

Price: $27.78

Find it here: Purewrist Payment Bracelet


9. Personalized Table Clock

“For a holiday gift that shows you care”


The Personalized Table Clock is an antique desk clock that can be inscribed with up to 100 characters so you can effortlessly add a special message for your prospect!

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: These personalized compasses and clocks are ideal promotional gifts because they ensure every lead knows that you’ll value their trust.

Price: $48

Find it here: Personalized Table Clock


B2B Marketing Gifts

10. Neoprene Snap Laptop Sleeve

“The ultimate desk accessory”


The Neoprene Snap Laptop Sleeve is the compact, lightweight (yet still) heavy-duty laptop sleeve for keeping your potential customers’ precious electronics safe.

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: Simply snap the laptop sleeve shut to protect documents and anything else they can fit in it.

Price: $14.77 to $24.32

Find it here: Neoprene Snap Laptop Sleeve


11. Mindfulness Box

“For a mental health giveaway”

The Mindfulness Box is a reset-in-a-box, replete with everything your prospects need to unplug and enjoy a conscious lifestyle.

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: The Mindfulness Box features a collection of premium items that can be enjoyed at work, at home, or wherever your hard-working employee is contributing from. It also arrives in a beautiful gift box that will “wow” any potential client or customer.

Price: $100

Find it here: Mindfulness Box

Pro-tip: Caroo donates meals to families in need for every box delivered. *$1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks. Over 17 million meals delivered and counting!


12. Leather Journal

“For a simple yet effective client gift”


The Leather Journal is a 100% genuine leather travel notebook. This pocket journal is handmade — cut, dyed, and stitched without machines.

Why this gift is a good marketing gift: The Leather Journal has 2 credit card sleeves, 2 sleeves for bank cards and identification, and lined white paper or blank white if you opt for it instead. In a nutshell, the Leather Journal is a perfect gift for prospects because they’ll have every reason to actually use it.

Price: $39.40+

Find it here: Leather Journal


13. The Thank You Pack

“Personal care for your prospects”

The Thank You Pack is the custom care package for superior lead generation. As the name suggests, the Thank You Pack is also the ultimate way to say, “Thanks for doing business with us” if it’s an existing client.

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: This super cool B2B gift box comes with die-cut stickers, insert cards, custom knit socks, Raaka Brooklyn chocolate, and custom mailer bags.

Price: $25.40

Find it here: The Thank You Pack

Pro-tip: Start up an email campaign. If you’re searching for B2B marketing ideas. Generate an e-newsletter to distribute to your list of subscribers on a monthly basis. Make your newsletters concise with specific calls to action. Need some creative energy for starting an email campaign? Check out The Assist!


Personalized Marketing Gifts


14.  Personalized Speaker

“High-quality sound for high-quality prospecting”


The Personalized Speaker is a cherry wood-wrapped personalized Bluetooth speaker. Each one can be customized with company logos, slogans, or any other text you can think of!

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: Simply send photos or whatever images you want printed on the speaker and it’ll be done!

Price: $21.50

Find it here: Personalized Speaker

Pro-tip: Address How Your Customers Are Feeling. People prefer personal advertising and back away from gimmicks. Show your customers that you really care about them by addressing their feelings. This may mean a targeted FAQ page on your website.


15. Good For You Goodies

“Because what’s good for them is good for you”

Good For You Goodies

Who doesn’t want to be healthy and indulge on delectable foods at the same time? Good For You Goodies is the energizing superfood snack pack chock full of nutritious treats!

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: Good For You Goodies features organic dried mango, a raspberry seed-based bar, all-natural nut mix, small-batch farm-fresh jam, a wild blueberry and pistachio granola bar, heritage white Sonoran crackers, and much, much more.

Price: $60

Find it here: Good For You Goodies


16. The Frequent Flier Pack

“To travel in-style”


The Frequent Flier Pack is a perfect way to equip prospects for a getaway. This TSA-friendly travel pack helps them work from anywhere or relax everywhere — depending on their mood.

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: This luxe care package includes an Onyx Bottle, die-cut stickers, a waterproof toiletry case, Bolt Organic Energy Chews, and earbuds – wireless charging pad combo tech.

Price: $84.66

Find it here: The Frequent Flier Pack


17. Memo Pad & Card Holder

“A marketing gift for marketers”


The Memo Pad & Card Holder is an RFID protected vinyl card holder to keep your prospects and their valuable information safe. They can attach the Memo Pad & Card to briefcases for fast access, too!

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: With a clasp closure and enough room for 20 business cards, this custom accessory will make leads feel extra special — especially when you deboss or print something just for them on it.

Price: $6.61 to $25.80

Find it here: Memo Pad & Card Holder


18. Happy Hour Box

“The happy-making gift set”

The Happy Hour Box is the ultimate icebreaking promotional item. This virtual happy hour box packs everything your potential partners, clients, or customers need to host a party of their own.

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: It comes with delicious snacks and can be customized to include happy hour essentials such as a wine tumbler, a cocktail kit, a bottle opener, a greeting card, and much more.

Price: Explore the catalog to get custom pricing

Find it here: Happy Hour Box


Inexpensive Marketing Gifts


19. Many Thanks

“Goodies for gratitude!”


Many Thanks is the food gift box of gratitude-packed goodies! These mouthwatering treats support sustainable labor, food banks, and handmade practices.

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: Many Thanks features vanilla shortbread cookies, a truffle bar, and small-batch salted caramel popcorn.

Price: $30

Find it here: Many Thanks


20. Snack Box

“The yummiest business gift they’ve ever had”

The Snack Box is a wide-ranging mix of incredibly tasty snacks curated for your prospects’ total satisfaction.

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: With bars, jerky, sweets, and much more, this 15-snack food box is already a no-brainer. But it also goes to a good cause, having led to the donation of more than 17 million meals through Feeding America.

Price: $24.95 to $29.95

Find it here: Snack Box


21. Leather Pocket Notepad

“Brand awareness pad”


The Leather Pocket Notepad is the perfect pad-pen combo for jotting down lists, thoughts, and ideas! This prospect gift boasts 50 pages of compact writing space.

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: This fun gift idea can be monogrammed or engraved with pretty much any message or image you can conjure up!

Price: $14.95

Find it here: Leather Pocket Notepad

Pro-Tip: To ensure your present resonates and feels personalized, try adding a handwritten note.


22. Jotter Pen

“The perfect promotional pen”

The Jotter Pen is a soft touch pen with a variety of color options. You can choose from camel, sangria, coral, pink, banana, orange, teal, citron, lilac, powder, and purple.

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: Your prospects will love this customizable pen. Go the extra mile and pair it with one of the journals on this list to really swag them out!

Price: $1.03-$3.60

Find it here: Jotter Pen


Unique Marketing Gifts


23. Amplify Box

“For amplifying your brand message”


Caroo offers high-quality gifts that support BIPOC, Latinx, and women-founded brands.

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: It can be sent at any time of the year to delight your customers while contributing to a good cause. The snacks boxes also provide better-for-you snacks from brands such as Tosi, Taali Foods, Spudsy, Kibo Foods, JanaBanana, and much more — every box delivered donates a meal to Feeding America.

Price: $31.95 to $37.95

Find it here: Amplify Box


24. The Sample Pack

“A sample of your brand for the holiday season”

Swagup The Sample Pack

The Sample Pack is the preset swag pack curated specially to help you stand out from your competitors. Each care package will give the recipients a taste of what your company has to offer, which will ultimately leave them wanting more.

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: The Sample Pack includes a unisex tee, custom knit socks, a journal, die cut stickers, a soft touch pen, an H2Go Silo tumbler, and insert cards.

Price: $76.31

Find it here: The Sample Pack


25. Peace + Pampering

“Unwind, unplug, reset”

peace pampering

Leads go off of an impression. The Peace + Pampering Box is sure to leave a strong one. Everything included in this sales prospecting gift is curated to help leads relax and recharge.

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: This gift box features a comfy blanket, fuzzy socks, 2 select teas, a scented candle to freshen up any space with fragrant aromas, and more!

Price: $142

Find it here: Peace + Pampering


26. Engraved Business Card Holder

“A lead generation gift for lead generators”


The Engraved Business Card Holder is a custom business card holder for your top leads. With I this stylish accessory, they’ll feel like a corporate rockstar!

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: This stainless steel lead generation gift can hold ID cards and credit cards. In fact, it holds up to 20 business cards!

Price: $8.98

Find it here: Engraved Business Card Holder


Sales Prospecting Gifts


27. 30 Snacks

“A marketing gift bestseller”

This delicious and healthy snack box puts a fun spin on marketing. Boredom won’t be an issue when you give your recipients this exciting box full of yummy treats. They’ll love discovering the unique snacks – and their taste buds will thank you!

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: This bistro-in-a-box comes with tasty and nutritious snacks that are sure to leave a good taste in your leads’ mouths and help you win their business.

Price: $55

Find it here: 30 Snacks


28. Engraved Wood Box

“A promo gift with major 007 vibes”


The Engraved Wood Box is a custom-designed engraved wooden ballpoint pen with a USB flash drive. Whether you’re gifting leads at a trade show or through a business giveaway, they’ll be pleasantly surprised to notice that this isn’t a run-of-the-mill pen or a flash drive. Instead, by combining both into one, they’ll end up with a Bond-level gadget.

Why this gift is a good marketing gift: The wooden USB can be customized with a logo and other optional personalizations.

Price: $18.99+

Find it here: Engraved Wood Box


Bonus: Wireless Travel Mouse

“A travel-friendly tech gift everyone can use”


This wireless mouse from Riegelwood is the travel-friendly computer accessory for working on planes, trains, and everywhere your client goes! The kind of sales gift that your employees, existing clients, and prospects can all find useful when they are on the move.

Why this gift is an effective marketing gift: Optical tracking, wireless connectivity, a USB receiver, and auto power-off all add up to the best mouse for digital nomads and jet-setting clientele.

Price: $17.99 to $36.82

Find it here: Wireless Travel Mouse


People Also Ask These Questions About Marketing Gifts

Q: What makes the best business marketing gift in 2023?

  • A: The best business marketing gifts stand out in a noisy prospecting and lead generation arena. Quality matters. Personalization and customization also help generate leads. These days, lead gen pros go beyond gifting tote bags, keychains, t-shirts, and water bottles.

Q: How do you order sales prospecting & marketing gifts?

  • A: Plenty of companies make ordering sales prospecting and marketing gifts a breeze. However, some specialize in it and would probably be the best route at ensuring your marketing gifts are done right.

Q: Can you personalize marketing gifts?

  • A: Yes, you can personalize marketing gifts and some companies focus entirely on marketing gift personalization and custom swag.

Q: How much should marketing gifts cost?

  • A: A marketing gift can cost a lot or a little. A large part of how much you should spend on a marketing gift depends on your budget. If you believe you’ll see a return on your investment, then figure out what amount you should spend to actualize that belief.

Q: Can I put logos on marketing gifts?

  • A: Absolutely! Putting logos on marketing gifts is quite common and is pretty easy to do — especially with the help of a custom branded swag company. If you are looking for some ideas to order the right marketing gift for your business — check out our list here.

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