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13 Best Gifts For Team Building At Work In 2024

By February 1, 2024 February 8th, 2024

Team-building events can feel like a mountain of planning, but they pay serious dividends for your team’s motivation levels and the health of your office culture.

Whether you’re in-person or remote, you can make your team building at work even more memorable by adding a gifting component.


Giving your employees a corporate team building gift could be the difference between a paint-by-numbers team building event and a memorable bonding experience.

According to Forbes, 80% of employers said gifting helped improve their relationship with their employees. It was reported that those who receive a gift feel valued, which improves employee retention at the workplace.

Don’t wait to upgrade your team building. Here are the best gifts for team building at work in 2024.

List of Team Building Gift Ideas For Groups

Team building gifts are items, gift boxes, care packages, and all sorts of goodies that can help promote team building at your business. Whether your team building gift is used during your next bonding event or given out as a goodie bag at the end of your activity, it can be a great idea to send your employees home with a new gift they can enjoy!

1) Movie Night Box

“Delight with silver screen team building.”


Packed with a delightful assortment of tasty goodies and snacks, this team building gift box is guaranteed to surprise and delight. Indulge in a salty and sweet snack mash-up with candies, popcorn, and munchies.

If you’re spending a cozy night at home with family, siblings, your partner, or friends, or munching away during work, this Movie Night Box is the perfect companion. From flavored popcorn and chips to fruit gummies, wafers, biscuits, cookies, candies, and more, there’s some team-building, mouthwatering inspiration for everyone.

Try pairing this team building gift with an experience: 🎥 Movie Game

Find it here: Movie Night Box


2) Virtual Café Card

“Brewing connections over coffee.”

Energize your team’s spirit and connections with a Virtual Café Card from Hoppier. This unique approach to team building brings the cozy ambiance of a café directly to your employees. Team members can indulge in their favorite coffee, tea, or snacks from local or preferred cafés, fostering a sense of community and shared experiences wherever they are in the world.

Whether it’s kickstarting the day with a motivational morning coffee meeting, enjoying a mid-afternoon tea break, or winding down with a casual chat over delectable pastries, the Virtual Café Card from Hoppier is the perfect catalyst for creating memorable moments. It offers a personalized touch, allowing everyone to choose their preferred pick-me-up, making every sip a step closer to stronger team bonds.

Try pairing this team building gift with an experience:Virtual Coffee Tasting Event

Find it here: Virtual Café Card from Hoppier


3) Team Swag Kit

“For turning your team into brand advocates.”


Featuring a variety of customizations, ranging from branded notecards and branded box stickers to custom packaging and snack add-ons, the Team Swag Kit is the perfect high-quality swag pack for your team. After all, you know your team best, so why not curate their collection of corporate swag just for them?

In turn, the Team Swag Kit provides a major boost to employee loyalty and brand recognition by giving your team merch worth talking about — the ultimate word-of-mouth recruitment strategy!

Try pairing this team building gift with an experience:🥇 Virtual Office Olympics

Find it here: Team Swag Kit


4) Sourdough Bread Making Kit

“The perfect team building gift for baked-in satisfaction.”


Experience the joy of baking your own beautifully golden-brown sourdough bread from scratch and discover why it’s truly unparalleled. This all-inclusive kit provides your team with all the specialty baking equipment they need to create their own thick-crusted, tangy (and highly shareable) sourdough.

With just a few easy steps, designed for flawless loaves, the Sourdough Bread Making Kit simplifies the sourdough process and team building process simultaneously. This foodie-friendly corporate kit includes a Round Natural Fiber Banneton, Fabric Banneton Cover, Bread Lame (Metal and Wood + Replacement Blades), Bench Scraper (Metal + Wood), and a Flexible Dough Scraper (Plastic).

Try pairing this team building gift with an experience: 📺 Game Show Extravaganza

Find it here: Sourdough Bread Making Kit


5) Happy Hour Box

“Cheers! Raise a glass to make the most of your team building with the Happy Hour Box.”

Whether you’re meeting in person or having a virtual team building event, a happy hour will allow your team to unwind and hang out after a day of hard work. To improve your happy hour, you should send a Happy Hour Box team building kit. With a wine tumbler, a cocktail kit, and some top-tier snacks, employees can use their new acquisitions to make team building happy hour even better.

Try pairing this team building gift with an experience: 🤔 Virtual Happy Hour Trivia

Find it here: Happy Hour Box


6) Thank You Gift

“A token of appreciation”

This delicious Thank You Gift is the perfect way to bring everyone together and show appreciation. With generous servings of flavorful soup, fresh dinner rolls, and tasty cookies – plus a serving ladle for convenience – this gift package is sure to delight everyone on your team. This care package is best used for team building activities or just to let your employees and coworkers know how much you appreciate them. Allow recipients to take a break from their hectic schedules and enjoy some homemade flavors which will linger long after dinner is done.

Try pairing this team building gift with an experience: 🎯 Coworker Feud

Find it here: Thank You Gift


7) Holiday Team Building Care Package

“Make the season merry with a care package of holiday goodies.”

Whether you’re hosting an end-of-year holiday party in the office, having a Zoom happy hour to toast the new year, or enjoying Christmas movie trivia, you should improve your team building activity and your office morale with a holiday team building care package.

With some tasty seasonal treats, holiday socks, a comforting candle, and other goodies, this gift basket will be a great take-home gift for any holiday event.

Try pairing this team building gift with an experience:🎅🏻 Holiday Hijinks

Find it here: Holiday Team Building Care Package


8) Coffee + Pastries

“Get their taste buds involved in your next team building with coffee and pastries!”

Coffee and pastries are pretty much guaranteed to improve any team building event. Going on a nature walk as an outdoor team building activity? Treats at the end as a reward. Playing trivia? Pastries on the table to munch on. You get the picture. Gift your employees individual Coffee + Pastries care packages to enjoy at their home office.

Try pairing this team building gift with an experience:🍷 Virtual Wine Tasting

Find it here: Coffee + Pastries


9) Popcorn Time!

“Get your team building event popping with this snack-tacular gift.”


If you’re hosting a movie night in the office or want to give your team the chance to buff up their knowledge before a movie trivia night, the Popcorn Snack Time box is a simple, yummy employee recognition gift. This gift comes with Opopop popcorn pop cups, which allow you to easily make delicious flavored popcorn. If you’re having a hybrid team building event, make sure you don’t get butter on your keyboard!

Try pairing this team building gift with an experience: 🎬 Movie Buffs

Find it here: Popcorn Snack Time


10) The Sock Set

“Keep your feet warm and your team happy.”

Socks. They’re the ultimate stocking stuffer, the ideal birthday gift, the treat-yourself mall purchase… and now the best way to bolster your office team building. If you’re hosting a corporate retreat, why not keep everyone comfy during their overnight stay with a set of comfy, creative socks. Whether they show pictures of party balloons, pizza slices, or mugs of beer, these personality-filled (and soon-to-be feet-filled) socks will bring a little extra joy to any team-building event.

Try pairing this team building gift with an experience: 👟 Wild Goose Chase

Find it here: The Sock Set


11) VIP Treatment

“Treat every employee at your team building like a VIP.”

Set the precedent on your team and show that everyone is a VIP with the VIP Treatment box. This luxury box is the perfect corporate team building gift, full of impressive tech gifts and customizable items that can feature the company logo. That includes a wireless speaker, a portable charger an Ember heated mug, and more. This quality gift will make your whole team feel like, well, a Very Important Person at your next team building event.

Try pairing this team building gift with an experience: 🏕 Company offsite

Find it here: VIP Treatment


12) Oil and Vinegar Bottles

“Upgrade their kitchen with the Oil and Vinegar Bottles gift set.”


A classy, high-quality gift to improve anyone’s kitchen decor, the Oil and Vinegar Bottles is a fitting employee recognition gift that will push your team-building event to the next level. This gift comes with two hand-blown glass bottles with oak stoppers, which can house oil and vinegar, or any liquid you need in the kitchen. The perfect gift for amateur chefs, the Oil and Vinegar Bottles will be used for years to come, improving their next dinner party or adding a little extra class to their kitchen island.

Try pairing this team building gift with an experience: 🍝 Olive Oil Tasting

Find it here: Oil and Vinegar Bottles


13) Cold Brew + Tea Package

“Make sure everyone is attentive for your next team-building with a caffeinated gift—the Cold Brew + Tea Package!”

For a morning team-building or a virtual team celebration, enliven the situation with a Cold Brew + Tea package. This gift contains a single, wonderful item—a cold brew maker from Ovalware. This simple, well-designed coffee maker fits in the fridge and assures your team will be able to enjoy high-quality coffee or tea, every day. All they need to do is grab their coffee mug and get pouring!

Try pairing this team building gift with an experience: ☕️ Coffee & Chocolate Party

Find it here: Cold Brew + Tea Package


Bonus: Simple Pottery Kit

“Help you sculpt the ultimate team-building event.”


Make an impact and encourage creativity with the DIY Simple Pottery Kit. This employee wellness gift can either be part of the team building, where everyone uses their personal pottery kit, or a gift for them to enjoy after work. A great way to destress while unlocking creativity, the Simple Pottery Ki contains clay, a cutting tool, paint, and brushes—which means you can shape and decorate a pot (or any other creation that inspires you).

Try pairing this team building gift with an experience: 🎨 Recreate Famous Artworks

Find it here: Simple Pottery Kit

People Also Ask These Questions About Gifts For Team Building

Q: What are gifts for team building?

  • A: There are plenty of great gifts for team building that will motivate your staff and show how much you appreciate them. A few gift options include a snack box, a drink-centric happy hour box, or a sock set. For more ideas, check out our list of team building gifts for groups of all sizes.

Q: What are the benefits of sending a gift for team building?

  • A: The benefit of sending a gift for team building is showing appreciation for your team members and creating a more robust, memorable team building event.

Q: What are some unique team building gift ideas?

  • A: Some unique team building gift ideas include a holiday care package, a pottery kit, and a box of socks!

Q: How do I choose the best gift for team building?

  • A: To choose the best gift for team building, consider your team’s interests and the nature of your team building event. For example, a movie trivia team building would be perfectly complemented by a Popcorn Snack Time gift box!

Q: How much does a team building gift cost?

  • A: There’s a wide range in the cost of a team building gift, with prices as low as $10 per gift and as high as a few hundred dollars. It all depends on what gift you want to give and how much you’re willing to spend.

Q: How do I know if my gift for team building was successful?

  • A: You’ll know if your team building gift was successful based on how your office culture improves after the team building event. If it leads to a more communicative, productive office, chances are the gift was a success. Seeing people use the gift around the office or on their Zoom screen is another good indicator that your gift was a success!

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