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22 Team Building Kits, Packages, And Boxes For Boosting Engagement In 2024

By December 1, 2023 April 19th, 2024

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A great team isn’t found — it’s created.

That’s why companies spend approximately $720 million every year on employee engagement and team building.

Team building is the deliberate process of enhancing collaboration and, as a result, boosting productivity and employee engagement.

“Employees who acted collaboratively stuck at their tasks 64% longer than their solitary peers, while also reporting higher engagement levels, lower fatigue levels and higher success rates.” — Forbes

Team building kits and packages are one of the best tools HR pros, office managers, and employers have at their disposal for creating a tight-knit team regardless of proximity.

Some of the benefits of team building kits include:

  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Better peer-to-peer communication
  • Higher retention rates

We’ve put together a carefully curated list of HR-approved team building kits, packages, and boxes to help you boost engagement.

Now let’s dive right in and unpack these items and team building tricks together!

1. Virtual Acrylic Painting Kit

“For the office Bob Ross”


The Virtual Acrylic Painting Kit is the easy-to-follow acrylic painting team building kit your employees or coworkers will rave about!

In addition to abundant acrylic paints, your team will receive a fun virtual demonstration that will teach them how to implement simple techniques and make a true work of art all on their own.

What is this team building kit best for? Virtual team building

Price: Sign up for FREE on Confetti to learn more about pricing for your group

Where to get it: Virtual Acrylic Painting Kit


2. Happy Hour Kit

“For celebrating work events in style”

For the happiest of happy hours, look no further! The Happy Hour Kit is the perfect team building kit to get the conversations flowing and team bonding going.

The Happy Hour Kit features mouthwatering snacks, a party horn, a cocktail kit, a greeting card to add a personal touch, and a 12oz wine tumbler to liven up work celebrations.

What is this team building kit best for? Happy Hour!

Price: Start building your happy hour kit

Where to get it: Happy Hour Kit


3. Chocolate Truffle Making Kit

“For those who love choco-lot a lot a lot”


Imagine taking a tour through Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory in real life! The Chocolate Truffle Kit is a chocolatier-guided confectionary experience for teams.

Each class includes a brief introduction about the history of chocolate and chocolate making process while a live instructor provides a step-by-step demonstration on how to make dark and milk chocolate ganache and decorate your truffles with fruits, nuts, and other toppings.

What is this team building kit best for? Icebreakers

Price: Build your own proposal with Confetti

Where to get it: Chocolate Truffle Making Kit


4. Work From Home Box

“Extraordinary kits for extraordinary challenges”


Work From Home Boxes are purposefully curated to nourish and inspire the best work out of dispersed teams. As companies have been forced to learn how to adjust to working remotely, it has also led to many creative solutions for boosting engagement — like Work From Home Boxes.

Take a minute-long quiz to find out the perfect combination of snacks and delights for your team!

What is this team building kit best for? Onboarding

Price: Starting at $45

Where to get it: Work From Home Box


5. DIY Terrarium Building Kit

“For the office pet”


The DIY Terrarium Building Kit is the perfect gift for the team — especially if you have an office pet lizard or frog! Simply download the terrarium kit instructions, and start putting it together.

The kit comes with every essential your team needs to build a world class reptile kingdom (such as soil, charcoal, drainage rock, decorative rocks, sphagnum moss, glass container, and sea treasures).

What is this team building kit best for? Happy Hour!

Price: Sign Up For Free to build your custom quote with Confetti

Where to get it: DIY Terrarium Building Kit


6. Beer & Cheese Tasting Box

“For the gourmet”


These Beer & Cheese Pairing kits come from Unboxed Experiences with way more than delectable edibles. Each includes a guided, virtual pairing experience where guests will learn about matching beer styles with different cheeses, chocolates and other goodies. The best thing about these kits? You can customize them with extra snacks, personal notes, branded swag and more!

What is this team building kit best for? Happy Hour!

Price: Get custom pricing

Where to get it: Beer & Cheese Tasting Box


7. Craftee DIY

“For Pinterest-worthy DIY projects”

Craftee DIY is a team building kit for craft-lovers! This care package comes with everything your team will need to complete Pinterest and Instagram-worthy DIY projects. Each month, your team will get paper, ribbons, and whatever it takes to bring the idea to life. Of course, sometimes the #fail is just as much fun as the successes when it comes to DIY arts and crafts.

What is this team building kit best for? In-person team engagement

Price: Build your own proposal

Where to get it: Craftee DIY


8. Virtual Lunch Party

“Eat lunch with your team from home”

Lunch Party

Gift your team vouchers to order their favorite food while working from the office or from home. Instead to preparing your own kit, you can simply let the team at Confetti set up the entire thing so that you and your staff can enjoy a group lunch and order in food from a local eatery of their choice.

What is this team building kit best for? Virtual team building

Price: Starting at $32 per person

Where to get it: Virtual Lunch Party


9. Ice Cream Making Class

“Delicious homemade ice cream in minutes”

In this ice cream tasting experience, guests will follow a step-by-step demonstration to make a delicious ice cream treat while playing a few games along the way! They might even learn a little about the behind-the-scenes of ice cream-making.

What is this team building kit best for? Virtual team building

Price: Request custom pricing from Confetti

Where to get it: Ice Cream Making Class


10. Charcuterie Kit

“For dispersed teams”

Charcuterie Board Holiday

The Charcuterie Board Experience is an unforgettable at-home culinary get-together for remote teams and virtual events. An experienced live event guide leads your team over video to design and build mouthwatering charcuterie boards.

Everyone gets charcuterie boards delivered straight to their homes, with every kit stuffed with gourmet charcuterie ingredients like smoked meats, artisanal cheeses, imported olives and much more.

What is this team building kit best for? Team celebrations

Price: $116

Where to get it: Charcuterie Kit


11. Wine Tasting Box

“In vino veritas”

In Good Taste

Get your coworkers together for a night of wine tasting with a wine gift box packed with six mini bottles of different varietals. This team building kit makes it easy to lead you and your colleagues through a wine tasting night.

Choose from California or Washington-inspired wine boxes or try out the Passport Collection, a pourable postcard of favorite wines from Italy and France.

What is this team building kit best for? Work celebrations

Price: Request more information for custom pricing

Where to get it: Wine Tasting Box


12. Handmade Soap Making Kit

“Big DIY energy”


The Handmade Soap Making Kit is the ultimate soap making care package. Now, the team can make their own soaps, which will be especially appreciated by the DIY types of the office.

Every Handmade Soap Making Kit comes with seasonally-picked coconut oil, essential oils, olive oil, a demonstration of the soap making process, and a run down of oil properties and natural preservatives used in shampoo.

What is this team building kit best for? Conferences

Price: Build your own proposal

Where to get it: Handmade Soap Making Kit


13. Tea Tasting Kit

“Get a green tea kit and dive into the science and history of tea”

Be guided through a tea tasting by a tea sommelier who will help you brew delicious hot beverages while teaching you a bit about aged tea. Learn and taste three different types of aged teas in this virtual experience.

What is this team building kit best for? Virtual team building

Price: Get pricing information here

Where to get it: Tea Tasting Kit


14. Tie Dye Class Kit

“For peace and love in the office”


The Tie Dye Class Kit can give your team the ability to make their own psychedelic tees from the comfort of home or the location of your next work retreat. The Tie Dye Class Kit includes rubber bands, tie dye, gloves, and an instructor who offers up all the best tips and tricks for creating tie dye masterpieces!

What is this team building kit best for? In-person Team Engagement

Price: Build your own proposal

Where to get it: Tie Dye Class Kit


15. Coffee Tasting Kit

“For master coffee makers”


The Coffee Tasting Kit is the virtual coffee tasting for giving teammates a taste of coffee from around the world. A coffee connoisseur explains how coffee is processed and grown and guides employees through the blind tasting. By the end of the session, the crew will recognize different coffee types by aroma, taste, and appearance. Lastly, your team will learn about the best preparation methods (for instance, how to properly grind and/or brew).

What is this team building kit best for? Happy Hour!

Price: Contact Confetti for more details

Where to get it: Coffee Tasting Kit


16. Escape the Crate

“The great crate escape”

Escape the Crate is an escape room in a box! Rally the whole squad together to solve mysteries, puzzles, and brain-busting challenges in order to make a daring escape. The best part is that each escape room box includes multiple games which can be split into even smaller games. Additionally, every box comes with 3-4 props to help improve teamwork and allow them to solve the challenge.

What is this team building kit best for? Workplace collaboration

Price: $26.50

Where to get it: Escape the Crate


17. Coffee Pick-Me-Up Box

“Caffeine and crunch”


This Coffee Box is an energizing nutrition-based care package for coffee lovers! This food gift box will keep your team well-fed and super satisfied with jerky, sweets, bars, chips, and much more! And of course, we can’t forget to mention the premium blend Palindrome Coffee.

What is this team building kit best for? Conference

Price: Starting at $24.95

Where to get it: Coffee Pick-Me-Up Box


18. Movie Premier (At Home) Team Building Kit

“Grab the popcorn!”

Do you remember the days when you’d go to BlockBuster and rent a video? What about going to the movie theater before? Now the Movie Premier (At Home) Team Building Kit brings that nostalgic feeling back.

This entertainment pack comes with an Ischia Turkish towel, a bamboo soy candle, a popcorn popper, a morningside mug for your movie beverage, and a custom mailer box so everyone on the team can get a special message!

What is this team building kit best for? In-person team building

Price: $73.06

Where to get it: Movie Premier (At Home) Team Building Kit


19. Origami Making Kit

“For simple pleasures”


The Origami Making Kit is an interactive origami experience for dispersed teams and commuting employees alike. Your team can learn the Japanese art of paper folding from anywhere in the world. Participants will even be treated to live demonstrations to shorten the learning curve!

What is this team building kit best for? Work events

Price: Build your own proposal

Where to get it: Origami Making Kit


20. Japanese Marbling Art Kit

“A cultural experience”


Japanese Marbling Art Kit is a great team building activity for parties and celebrations. The Marbling Kit includes a color wheel, 16 pages of Japanese rice paper, a foil tin, 2 paint brushes, greeting cards for a personal touch, and Japanese inks.

What is this team building kit best for? Conferences

Price: $28

Where to get it: Japanese Marbling Art Kit


21. Murder Mystery Party

“A killer good time!”


You and your coworkers can choose from two crime-solving experiences in this team-building twist on a Murder Mystery Party. One Last Time brings together eight people (all being blackmailed) to a beautiful mansion who must find the killer hiding amongst their group.

Murder on the Polar Express is a high-speed murder mystery experience taken place on the sinister Polar Express. Between amazing storylines, interesting characters, and unique scenarios, this team building activity is sure to bring out your creative problem solving.

Price: Request custom pricing from Confetti

Where to get it: Murder Mystery Party


22. This WhoDunnit Is Killer

“Netflix and…kill?”

This WhoDunnit Is Killer is like your favorite episodic mystery series mixed with real-life hidden clues, secret messages, and evidence! The games begin at episode 1 and each “season” is five episodes long.

The whole team puts on their investigator hats with the singular goal of solving the mystery by reviewing case files and evidence, eliminating suspects, and identifying the motive. Each month, your investigative team will receive everything they need to unravel the case bit by bit.

What is this team building kit best for? Virtual team engagement

Price: $32.50/month

Where to get it: The WhoDunnit Is Killer

People Also Ask These Questions About Team Building Kits

Q: What are team building kits?

  • A: Team building kits are gifts or pre-packaged experiences that are designed to improve rapport and boost team bonding.

Q: What is included in a team building kit?

  • A: A team building kit can include anything from snacks to DIY projects. The important thing is that a team building kit encourages communication and employee engagement.

Q: How does a team building kit work?

  • A: A team building kit works by making employees feel appreciated and inviting participation around an activity or an event. The more employees and coworkers talk to each other, the better.

Q: What are team building kits used for?

  • A: Team building kits are used to increase productivity, happiness, and wellbeing in the workplace.

Q: How do you send team building kits to multiple addresses?

  • A: Many companies specialize in making, packaging, and shipping team building kits. It’s wise to place your trust in a business that prioritizes team building as their sole or primary focus.

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