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The 29 Best Corporate Tech Gifts for Work & Teams In 2023

By February 24, 2023 February 27th, 2023 No Comments

What comes to mind when you think of tech? Perhaps, one of the first words would be high-quality because we depend so heavily on technology in our day-to-day and professional lives.

Tech isn’t simply a luxury of modern times — it’s a necessity.

Best Corporate Tech Gifts for Work & Teams

The internet is as critical to infrastructure as highways. In the workplace, even more so than anywhere else. That’s why giving corporate tech gifts is the ultimate form of gift-giving at work. According to a recent statistic courtesy of Statista,

“74 percent of U.S. adults plan to buy at least one tech gift this year, spending an estimated total of $97.1 billion on technology this holiday season.”

Despite common perception, tech gifts also don’t have to be insanely expensive. What you’re looking for is something cool, sleek, functional, and just all-around exciting for your coworkers or employees.

Whether you’re looking for gifts for the holidays, employee appreciation gifts, or a work milestone reward, we’ve got you covered with tech ideas fit for any occasion. And while a pair of new headphones or a tablet are awesome gifts, we’ve included a range of items that go from super practical to super unique.

Without further ado, check out our carefully curated list of the 29 best corporate tech gifts for work and teams in 2023!

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Unique Tech Gifts For Work

  1   Tech Box

“Gizmos, gadgets, and a great time”

The tech box is not only filled with premium swag items but also helps employees stay connected by giving dispersed teams work essentials and luxuries!

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: The must-have items in this corporate tech box include blue-light blocking glasses, a cable organizer, a portable charger, and much more. Tech lovers will fall in love with the contents of this carefully curated gift box for teams.

Price: Take this short quiz to get personalized results

Where to get it: Tech Box


  2   Caroo’s Recipient Choice – “Let Them Choose”

“For letting them choose what they want”


This gift idea takes out the guesswork and delivers the gifting experience straight to your giftee. All they have to do is log onto the Caroo platform, browse their catalog of premium corporate gifts, and select the perfect one!

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: It flips the typical corporate gifting process on its head and ensures your employee, customer, or client receives a gift they will be excited to unbox!

Price: Talk to the experts to request more information

Where to get it: Recipient Choice


  3   Self Heating Mug

“A 21st century cup of coffee”


This tech gift for employees features an elegant design with the ability to keep your drink at the perfect temperature. For the coffee and tea aficionados who prefer their beverages to be hot and steamy throughout the entire experience.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: The Self Heating Mug can help reduce clutter in the kitchen since they’ll only want to use their new mug! The warming mug can also be used to charge compatible devices for a quick shot of battery life when they need it!

Price: Request more information for accurate pricing

Where to get it: Self Heating Mug


  4   Skullcandy Headphones

“The perfect tech gift for digital nomads”

Skullcandy Headphones are cordless, noise-canceling headphones, featuring Bluetooth and a 15-minute instant charge. This compact tech gift also provides nearly 5 hours of playback time.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: With 99% of ambient noise eliminated, your employees or coworkers will be able to lock in on their work. This tech gift is especially useful for engineering teams and digital nomads who might find themselves working in cafes and other noisy environments.

Price: $212.38+

Where to get it: Skullcandy Headphones


  5   Smart Water Bottle

“Drink more water daily”


This Smart Water Bottle by Equa provides strong construction with a tech feature that ultimately provides health benefits to anyone who uses it. A gentle glow occurs at the base of the water bottle reminding you to take a sip of water and is linked to the Equa hydration app to track your overall water intake.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: It encourages busy professionals to drink more water with a gentle light. This stainless steel water bottle is also double wall vacuum insulated to keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours.

Price: Take a look at the water bottle selection to get accurate pricing

Where to get it: Smart Water Bottle


  6   Waterproof Tech Bag

“Your action-adventure tech”

UGO Waterproof Tech Bag

The Waterproof Tech Bag is perfect for texting, talking, and even taking photos underwater because your electronics are protected by a radio-frequency shell. This airtight tech swag bag is ideal for employees who enjoy getting outside and spending time in nature.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: The Waterproof Tech Bag is UV, chlorine, and salt water-resistant and it has enough space for multiple phones or a charger.

Price: $70

Where to get it: Waterproof Tech Bag


Personalized Tech Gifts For Work

  7   Employee Appreciation Gift

“Your personal employee appreciation concierge”

Caroo Gifts

This gift idea is based around  is a personalized tech gift for work designed explicitly to be a happiness hack and a turbo booster towards success and productivity.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: This personalized tech gift includes productivity tools, wine, electronics, drinkware, snacks, and other high-quality personalized items.

Price: Explore the Caroo gifting platform for accurate pricing

Where to get it: Let Employees Choose


  8   Custom Photo Night Light Lamp with USB

“For memory-keeping”

Custom Photo Night Light Lamp

The Custom Photo Night Light Lamp is the perfect gift for the sentimental type. This tech gift for groups is a great choice for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and any holiday that focuses on celebrating the people you love.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: With high-quality gloss coating, acrylic board, and several other anti-termite, waterproof features, the Custom Photo Night Light Lamp is built to last. Each night light can be customized with whatever photo you’d like.

Price: $32.21

Where to get it: Custom Photo Night Light Lamp with USB


  9   Bose Speaker

“The work-from-anywhere companion”

The Bose Speaker is a compact, durable, and rugged speaker for maximum crisp sound and enjoyment.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: The Bose Micro Speaker is waterproof, tear-resistant, and has a silicone rubber exterior to prevent cracks, dents, or it getting smashed. Plus, it has a strap, making it the ideal speaker for work-from-anywhere employees and the option to add laser engraving or print a logo on the back.

Price: $186.93+

Where to get it: Bose Speaker


  10   Wooden Station

“For staying charged up”

Wooden Station

The Wooden Station is a personalized docking station designed to be fully compatible with iPhones, Samsung devices, and Androids.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: The Wooden Station is a docking station that will keep your team charged and ready for action! Additionally, you can add a custom gift message to a greeting card in case of a special occasion.

Price: $30.24+

Where to get it: Wooden Station


  11   Painted Apple Airpods

“For savoring the music”

Painted Apple Airpods

Painted Apple Airpods give you the option to customize your Airpods with Pantone colors. Your logo can also be added to these wireless earbuds.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: These Airpods are lightweight, speech-detecting, and offer 24 hours of listening time and 18 hours of talk time.

Price: $480+

Where to get it: Painted Apple Airpods


  12   Wireless Charging Pad

“For charging anywhere”


The Fuelbase Wireless Charging Pad is compatible with most smartphones and tablets and features a slim design for use at the office, at home, or while working on the go. It also includes an impressive 15 watts of power output meaning this corporate electronic gift packs a serious punch when charging your device. 

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: It cuts down on the wires stuffed into your work bag or cluttering up your workspace. Employees can simply pull it out, set their device down, and enjoy worry-free charging. 

Price: Talk to the experts to request more information

Where to get it: Wireless Charging Pad


Holiday Tech Gifts For Work

  13   TYC Laptop Desk

“The WFH set-up perfected”

TYC Laptop Desk

The TYC Laptop Desk can withstand up to 88 pounds of pressure yet in spite of its sturdiness, this desk is completely adjustable.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: This work-from-home gift allows employees to work conveniently and even use it as a bed tray for munching away at their favorite snacks as they watch TV.

Price: $32.99

Where to get it: TYC Laptop Desk


  14   Coffee Air Brewer

“For the smoothest cup of joe”


This coffee brewer utilizes air and pressure to make an exceptionally smooth cup of coffee. This corporate electronic gift is rechargeable and makes up to 100 cups in per charge.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: Perfect for colleagues who work early in the morning and prefer to start their day with a delicious cup of joe. Not to mention with this corporate gadget, you’ll be gifting them something that can be used all the time!

Price: $110

Where to get it: Coffee Air Brewer


  15   BAGSMART Electronic Organizer Small

“For the always on-the-go to stay always organized”

BAGSMART Electronic Organizer

The BAGSMART Electronic Organizer is the no mess solution for the modern employee. With 5 elastic loops, earphones or pens, a long cable, a mesh zippered pocket, and 5 separate mesh segments, the electronic organizer is ideal for your coworkers or employees to keep them organized and prepared for anything.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: The evolution of the workplace is that this next phase will be extremely hard to define. Employees can set up an office anywhere and with the BAGSMART, they’ll be more than equipped to do so.

Price: $19.99

Where to get it: BAGSMART Electronic Organizer Small


  16   Walnut Qi Charger

“For rapid charging”


The Walnut Qi Charger is made of durable walnut wood. In fact, it charges directly through protective cases.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: This cordless charger is great for dispersed team members who enjoy a flexible workday.

Price: $37.03+

Where to get it: Walnut Qi Charger


  17   Warm Wishes Box

“For a holly jolly good time”

The Warm Wishes Box is a self care box that helps spread love, joy, and a healthy dose of employee satisfaction during the holidays.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: This holiday tech gift features a wireless speaker, scented candles, warm cocoa, a camping mug, and a gradient puzzle.

Price: Contact to get personalized results

Where to get it: Warm Wishes


  18   Vivo Combination Speaker & Wireless Charger

“The tech lover’s one-two-punch”

Vivo Combination Speaker & Wireless Charger

The Vivo Combination Speaker & Wireless Charger is the perfect combo tech for nearly 50 hours of playback time and incredible sound.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: Your team will love this tech gift as much as we do because its charging cable LED lights indicate battery and Bluetooth status. Plus, it has a built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls.

Price: $81.16

Where to get it: Vivo Combination Speaker & Wireless Charger


Bulk Tech Gifts For Work

  19   Biodegradable Charging Cable

“For eco-conscious employees”

Biodegradable Charging Cable

The Biodegradable Charging Cable is made from 100% recyclable material. As an added bonus, this biodegradable charging cable is tear-proof and water-resistant.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: Employees that are deeply concerned about the environment will be thrilled to know that this technology gift is even packaged with recyclable paper and comes with the newest type-c input/output adapters!

Price: $15.52

Where to get it: Biodegradable Charging Cable


  20   HydraCoach® BPA Free Tritan™ Sport Bottle 22oz

“Hydration down to a science”

HydraCoach Sport Bottle

The HydraCoach is the perfect drinkware for optimizing your hydration. The amount of people who simply forget to drink water is a bit shocking, but it’s more common than you’d expect. This smart bottle tracks your fluid consumption and compares it to your recommended personal hydration levels, along with an average amount of fluid consumed per hour.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: We love this corporate tech gift for work teams because employees are often so focused that they neglect to take care of themselves. Their health is paramount for them as people and productive personnel for the company.

Price: $53.10+

Where to get it: HydraCoach Sport Bottle


  21   JBL Clip 4 Speaker

“Music to-go”

JBL Clip 4 Speaker

The JBL Clip 4 Speaker is a wireless speaker for your work-from-anywhere employees or coworkers who like walking, working, and marching to the beat of their own speaker. This super portable speaker features a carabiner to be able to clip it onto bags, purses, and cargo shorts if they rock that look regularly.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: This waterproof and dustproof speaker is perfect for pool parties, work parties, outdoor trips, and really, anytime you’re looking to have fun in the sun. As an added bonus, the JBL Clip 4 Speaker can be customized with your company logo.

Price: $93.70+

Where to get it: JBL Clip 4 Speaker


  22   Welcome Box

“For onboarding and return to work”

The Welcome Box is the perfect way to improve employee satisfaction, to show employee appreciation, and to onboard new hires. As companies look to return to work in the office, the Welcome Box is an ideal welcome back gift.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: The Welcome Box comes with a laptop sleeve, a high-quality tumbler, a hoodie, and a hat — all of which can be customized!

Price: Contact to get personalized results

Where to get it: Welcome Box


  23   Adjustable Ring Light

“For video conferencing and Zoom games”

Adjustable Ring Light

The Adjustable Ring Light is the perfect lighting setup for video conferences, Zoom meetings, Zoom games, and for content creators looking to improve their video content. With 36 LED lights, this office gift features a micro USB input and is easy to store.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: These days, there’s a good chance that your teams regularly meet over video calls. With social distancing in full effect in many places throughout the world, the Adjustable Ring Light is one of the most practical tech gifts for work and teams.

Price: $7.89

Where to get it: Adjustable Ring Light


  24   Spot Pro Bluetooth Tracker

“Finding things, saving time”

Spot Pro Bluetooth Tracker

The Spot Pro Bluetooth Tracker uses Bluetooth wireless technology to help you, your coworkers, or employees find lost items. Simply add the Spot Pro app to your smartphone and let it work its magic to help you locate misplaced items.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: The modern-day super-employee has to keep up with a million different tasks — and tools. The Spot Pro Bluetooth Tracker gives them one less thing to think about.

Price: $16.85

Where to get it: Spot Pro Bluetooth Tracker


Luxury Tech Gifts For Work

  25   VIP Box

“Artisanal snacks and goods for those that love the finer things”

The VIP Box is the ultimate luxury tech gift for work because it’ll have the recipient feeling like, well, a certified VIP!

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: This luxury tech gift box features a heated mug, a portable charger, a water bottle, and a wireless speaker.

Price: Contact to get personalized results

Where to get it: VIP Box


  26   LARQ Bottle – 500ml

“For employee well-being”

LARQ Bottle

The LARQ Bottle is touted as the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system. This high-tech water bottle uses LED-light to eliminate virtually all bio-contaminants from your beverage.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: The LARQ Bottle is the ultimate employee well-being gift to express that their health is their wealth.

Price: $143.99

Where to get it: LARQ Bottle


  27   Large Desk Mat

“The ethically-sourced tech gift”

Large Desk Mat

The Large Desk Mat is a water-resistant surface for perfectly smooth tracking on the mousepad. When your coworkers or employees work, their mouses will glide along the surface of this luxury corporate gift.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: This vegan leather surface is perfect for writing or working on the computer. Plus, it features a magnetic cable holder, a document stash, and a toolbar for accessories.

Price: $85

Where to get it: Large Desk Mat


  28   Arctic Zone Can Cooler

“For an Arctic cool temperatures”

Arctic Zone Speaker CoolerThe Arctic Zone Can Cooler is a deep freeze high-performance insulated cooler. With a heat barrier and cold block base, it can keep ice cold for two days. It also comes with two mounted Bluetooth speakers.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: The Arctic Zone Can Cooler is leak proof and can easily be cleaned.

Price: $57

Where to get it: Arctic Zone Can Cooler


  29   Coravin Timeless Model 6+ Silver – Wine Preservation System

“A gift that ages like fine wine”

Coravin Timeless Model +6 Silver

The Coravin Timeless Model +6 Silver is a wine preservation system that preserves still wines for months and even years.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: This high-tech wine preservation system is ideal for connoisseurs, work parties, and wine lovers! Consider also gifting the Coravin to your best clients.

Price: $354.66

Where to get it: Coravin Timeless Model 6+ Silver


  Bonus   Laptop Docking Station for MacBook

“For home offices”

Laptop Docking Station for Macbook

The Laptop Docking Station for Macbook is a hand-shaped solid wood laptop stand. With a stainless steel bottom, micro-suction tape for easy docking and undocking, and ventilation to prevent overheating.

Why we love this corporate tech gift for work teams: The Laptop Docking Station is geometrically designed to be stylish, sleek, and environmentally friendly.

Price: $53.10+

Where to get it: Laptop Docking Station for MacBook

People Also Ask These Questions About Corporate Tech Gifts

Q: What are good tech gifts for remote employees?

  • A: Good tech gifts for remote employees can range from earbuds to wireless chargers. There isn’t necessarily one right answer; however, the goal is to give them a tech gift that will make their lives easier and better. Some common gifts include Apple Watches, webcams, smart speakers, headsets, charging pads, charging cases, Bluetooth headphones, Amazon Alexa, iPads, power banks, and smart home technology.

Q: What kind of tech gift should I give to my boss?

  • A: You can give any tech gift you’d like to your boss, but the most important thing is to think about their routine and try to figure out if there’s something you could give them that would save them time.

Q: How much should I spend on tech gifts for my employees?

  • A: Typically, you should spend within your budget on tech gifts for your employees. Always think of your employees as both people and investments, so remember that eventually any time, energy, and appreciation you put into your employees, does come back around.

Q: Are there bulk tech gifts that can be sent to employees?

  • A: There are bulk tech gifts that can be sent to employees. The best way of finding them is often to work with a platform, company, or solution that handles bulk shipping to multiple addresses.

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