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22 Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Kits & Gifts With Alcohol To Deliver Boozy Fun In 2021

By September 10, 2021 September 14th, 2021 3 Comments

Virtual-Happy-Hour-Cocktail-Kits-GiftsA cocktail, especially a good cocktail kit, can be more than a drink.

It can be an expressive accessory that gives the world a little taste of your personality or your particular state of mind.

Just consider all the iconic characters associated forever in our hearts and minds with their favorite cocktails: James Bond and the Vesper Martini. Don Draper and the Old Fashioned. Carrie Bradshaw and the Cosmopolitan. The Dude and the White Russian.

Now imagine what it would feel like to pick out your own signature cocktail in time for your next virtual happy hour.

The warmth and joy of having your favorite cocktail in tow could help you get over the fact that you can’t see your friends and loved ones in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, as David Sedaris notes in his essay collection, Naked, a good cocktail could, on occasion, do similar work to a hug.

“. . . In terms of emotional comfort, it was our belief that no amount of physical contact could match the healing powers of a well-made cocktail.” Click To Tweet

Are you ready for your close up and a healthy, jovial toast? Grab your muddler, your shaker, and your mixology chart.

Use these virtual happy hour cocktail kits to host an event where you and your friends can show off your favorite beverage-based accessories in style while putting the cherry on top of your best and worst business days.

Pro-Tip: Use “Command + D” to bookmark this list – we update it often with the latest and greatest cocktail kits for 2021!

22 Best Happy Hour Cocktail Kits For Delivery

1) Happy Hour Box

“Consider it your go-to happy hour readiness kit.”

happy-hour-boxYour co-workers message you about a Zoom happy hour in just fifteen minutes. You can’t possibly swing it in such short notice. You’ll need to——wait! You have a happy hour care package that has everything you need to be ready, to be perfectly prepared, for happy hour at a moment’s notice.

This happy hour kit includes snacks, icebreakers, a handy tumbler, and a cocktail kit. Just add some hard stuff, and you’re all set for a good time.

Why we love this cocktail kit: This care package isn’t just about the drinking part of your happy hour. It helps you complete your event with snacks, icebreakers, and accessories as well.

Price: Starting at $25 + Free Shipping

Where to find it: Happy Hour Box

Caroo donates meals to families in need for every box delivered. *$1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks.


2) Cocktail Masters Kit

“Add some spirit to your evening.”

People love to try out a new cocktail after working a long day or before going out on a Friday night. Yet, they don’t always have the ingredients (or the inspiration) to whip up a craft cocktail of their own. Luckily, the Cocktail Master Kit provides a curated selection to give your recipients the mixology experience with everything they need to shake, stir, and serve like a pro.

Whether you’re a master mixologist or dabbling in the art of crafting cocktails, this mixology kit will make all your liquid dreams come true.

Why we love this cocktail kit: This mixology set contains a number of cocktail accessories that you would not necessarily buy yourself but would love to use to make an at-home cocktail. You can also customize this mixology kit to include coasters, glasses, and your own selection of cocktail ingredients.

Price: Take this 60-second quiz to get personalized results

Where to find it: Cocktail Masters Kit


3) Cocktail Kit + Virtual Mixology Class

“Get in the mix.”

Why stop at just one drink!? This custom cocktail making kit comes with everything you need to make 3 delicious handcrafted drinks. What’s more, the accompanying mixology class will teach you all the fundamentals you need to make a cocktail out of (practically) anything!

Why we love this cocktail kit: No booze? No problem! Non-drinking participants can customize their kits to be non-alcoholic. You can also expand your bartender’s toolkit with a fun jigger & shaker set or metal stirrer (included as an upgrade!)

Price: Prices start at $500 for your group. Start building your own experience to get an instant quote with custom pricing!

Where to find it: Cocktail Kit + Virtual Mixology Class


4) PATRÓN Tommy’s Margarita Kit

“To enjoy the mother of all margaritas.”

PatronTommysMargHERO_1024x1024You may think you’ve had a margarita before, but this cocktail kit with alcohol will introduce you to the ultimate margarita, a perfectly balanced, perfectly smooth creation—the only margarita you’ll ever want to drink again. Sweet homemade agave, zesty lime juicy, and smooth-pouring Patron team up to make this cocktail the one all others look up to.

Why we love this cocktail kit: The simplicity of the margarita can be deceptive. Everyone thinks they can make one with a plastic bottle of mix and some bottom-shelf tequila. This cocktail kit opens your eyes to what a margarita could and should be.

Price: $43.87

Where to find it: PATRÓN Tommy’s Margarita Kit


5) The Celebration Collection

“Make any day a star-studded soiree.”

Celebration CollectionThis 4-bottle ready-to-drink cocktail set packs all the delights of the party of your dreams. The vivid flavors will engage your senses and take you far, far away.

The Ginger Buck (sometimes called a Moscow mule) with it’s spicy ginger and zesty lime flavors, will transport you to a late-winter gala. The Matador, all pineapple sweetness, will take you to a yacht party in Spain. The raspberry bite of the Cosmo will remind you of sunny rooftop gatherings. Finally, the Spicy Maid will invite you to a beach-front birthday party with its invigorating mix of mint, cucumber, lime, and cayenne.

Why we love this cocktail kit: It can make an event as simple as your next virtual team building feel like the event of the decade.

Price: $80

Where to find it: The Celebration Collection


6) Fistful of Bourbon Kit – Cider Punch

“Craft a bourbon cider cocktail with an unforgettable punch.”

BlackCherryOldFashionedHEROBOTTLE_grandeThe centerpiece of this cocktail kit is a bottle of Fistful of Bourbon, a bourbon that tastes as smooth as syrup and still has all the smokey complexity you would expect from a distillery with over one hundred years of experience.

To compliment your bourbon, you’ll receive all the other ingredients to make a batch of perfect cider punch: tart apple cider, sweet maple syrup, tangy lime juice, and sherry.

Why we love this cocktail kit: It includes a mixologist’s dream spread of ingredients and equipment you need to make one of your all-time favorite cocktail recipes. (Best of all, you won’t even need to raid your minibar.)

Price: $60.73

Where to find it: Fistful of Bourbon Kit


7) Flor de Caña Rum 12 Year Kit

“A private island getaway in the glass of your choice.”

MaiTaiFlordeCanaHERO_1024x1024This is the rum you’d want with you if you were ever stranded on a deserted island. Naturally aged for 12 years, this robust rum has a bouquet of sweet fruits and honey and the flavor of vanilla, woodsmoke, and crisp apples. Mix it with this cocktail kit’s other ingredients—cinnamon syrup, lemon juice and pomegranate juice—and you can create a cocktail with the sweet, spicy bite you crave.

Why we love this cocktail kit: It enables you to create the kind of perfectly composed concoction you might pick up poolside at a 5-star resort.

Price: $67.11

Where to find it: Flor de Caña Rum 12 Year Kit


8) The Spicy Collection

“When you need more than hot sauce to spice things up.”

BTL_SVC_6_Spicy_1024x1024This set of cocktails calls to anyone with spice in their soul. This 6-bottle set features 3 each of the Ginger Buck and the Spicy Maid, both blended to awaken the fire within. The Ginger Buck features a spicy bite of ginger laced with sweet citrus. The Spicy Maid captures the freshness of mint and cucumber and the invigorating heat of cayenne.

Why we love this cocktail kit: This set of cocktails is like a delicious wake-up call. Much like a cup of steaming hot coffee, these cocktails provide just the right blend of flavors and sensations to make you kick off the dust and open your eyes to new experiences.

Price: $110+

Where to find it: The Spicy Collection


9) Ketel One Vodka Kit

“Time for a tea party!”

Ketel-One-Berry-KitRich black tea syrup, strong-brewed black tea, and a hint of lemon juice mingle with premium Ketel One vodka to create a special tea that’s lightyears away from your grandmother’s cup of Earl Grey. This vodka has been aged in a copper kettle to create a water-smooth flavor that enhances, without overwhelming, your other cocktail ingredients.

Why we love this cocktail kit: It provides a flavorful departure from the fruity and soda-based cocktails we’re used to. The inclusion of black tea provides a surprising and delightful flavor sensation.

Price: $34.94

Where to find it: Ketel One Vodka Kit


10) Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit

“The perfect Bloody Mary comes in a cocktail kit around the size of your cell phone.”

Bloody-Mary-Cocktail-KitCan perfect Bloody Marys come in small packages? Absolutely. This compact cocktail kit holds more than you might think is possible: flavorful mix, rimming salt, a bar spoon, a recipe card, and even a linen coaster because Bloody Mary drinkers deserve nothing less. All you really need to add is your own liquor and a fresh stalk of celery, or a skewer of fried chicken and pickles if you’re really hard core.

Why we love this cocktail kit: This small discreet cocktail kit for delivery means you have everything on hand to whip up the perfect Bloody Mary, any time. Forgot to buy drinks for your virtual trivia night? This kit has you covered.

Price: $26.01+

Where to find it: Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit


11) Old Fashioned Craft Cocktail Kit

“Raise your glass to a Maui sourced cocktail delight.”


This cocktail kit with alcohol includes absolutely everything you need, including a spiced syrup jar, cherries, handmade bitters dropper bottle, dehydrated oranges, a coaster, and more. There’s even a recipe card with easy-to-follow instructions and other recipe ideas. Pull up a barrel, dust off those faceted cocktail glasses, and turn on the player piano.

Why we love this cocktail kit: It turns any kitchen into a full-service bar where the drinks are legendary and the laughter flows freely.

Price: $30+

Where to find it: Old Fashioned Craft Cocktail Kit


12) Priority Wine Pass Holiday Cocktail Kits


Priority Wine Pass works with expert mixologists to put together custom cocktail themed kits that are ideal for any day of the week. Any holiday large or small is the perfect excuse to enjoy a themed cocktail kit. Whether it’s a St. Patrick’s Day kit, a guacamole and tequila/margarita kit for Cinco de Mayo, or a festive 4th of July kit, they have you covered.

Custom snacks that relate to each theme are also a great addition to the package. Of course you don’t need a holiday as an excuse to order the kits, as the sangria and wine kit launching next month is always a good idea. For the whiskey lovers, enjoy a virtual tasting with Slo Stills of their handcrafted spirits, or try out the mixologist experience.

Why we love this cocktail kit: Priority Wine Pass is in the business of tailoring your experience to your exact needs. They can even include custom print material, promo items, food pairings, or any additional items you request they source. You dream it and Priority Wine Pass will deliver.

Price: Prices vary depending on cocktail kit ordered

Where to find it: Priority Wine Pass


13) Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit

“Ginger is the spice of life.”

Turn any guest of honor into the toast of the town during the next virtual birthday party you host or attend. The combination of vodka and spicy ginger syrup will dazzle your guests and tie your party together. Make sure to garnish with a slice of lime!

Why we love this cocktail kit: This Moscow Mule cocktail kit provides quality ingredients in a stylish portable tin. You’ll have just as much fun making the cocktail as you will drinking your creation.

Price: $26.01+

Where to find it: Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit


14) Craft Cocktail Lover Box

“Unbox the perfect cocktail party.”

Craft-Cocktail-LoverA treasure-trove of cocktail mixers and accessories the amateur mixologist or ambitious host in your life will love. Make the perfectly sweet, yet tart, margarita. Craft the perfectly balanced old fashioned. Mix up a fresh take on the gin and tonic with small-batch lime leaf tonic.

Why we love this cocktail kit: It’s the perfect cocktail party in a box. Just incorporate your choice of premium spirits to this alcohol-themed gift set, and it’s go time.

Price: $58.00

Where to find it: Craft Cocktail Lover Box


15) Cocktail Smoking Chimney Kit

“All smoke, no fire.”

Smoking-Chimney-KitThis cocktail kit will delight those who love savoring drinks around a campfire. Whether you love the way birchwood smoke mingles with your favorite single-malt scotch or you enjoy balancing sweet ingredients with a hint of smokiness, this cocktail smoking chimney kit has you covered.

It allows you to quickly and easily smoke the cocktail or beverage of your choice, conjuring new flavors and coating everything with an irresistible hint of woodsmoke.

Why we love this cocktail kit: It allows at-home mixologists to quickly and easily experiment with the art of cocktail smoking. You no longer have to brave the big crowds and long-lines to get that smokey, satisfying flavor you crave.

Price: $84.99

Where to find it: Cocktail Smoking Chimney Kit


16) BTL SVC – Scorpion

“The only tropical sting you’ll actually want to get.”

Scorpion-CocktailThis vibrant citrus-forward cocktail builds on a long tradition of lovingly crafted tiki cocktails mid-century Americans just couldn’t get enough of. Spanish brandy and white rum smolder while orange flower, pineapple, orange and lemon flavors pop. The end result is the perfect combination of sweet and sultry that’s equally enjoyable on a beachy paradise or your living room couch.

Why we love this cocktail kit: This festive cocktail has enough energy and flavorful depth to lift your spirits when you need a beach vacation but you have time for only a cocktail hour.

Price: $12+

Where to find it: BTL SVC – Scorpion


17) Cocktail Crates London

“Muddle, stir, and shake with a mixologist’s flair.”

Designed by master mixologists, each crate brings you ingredients for fresh new cocktails featuring internationally beloved flavor sensations. Unbox your crate, grab your bar tools and garnishes, and prepare your taste buds for a treat. Past cocktail creations include the refreshing mojito and the notorious Long Island iced tea.

Why we love this cocktail kit: This randomly rotating selection of supplies can give any event, including your next virtual holiday party, the festive touch you and your guests crave.

Price: £41.99 GBP+ / month

Where to find it: Cocktail Crates London


18) BTL SVC – Sidecar

“The Sidecar makes a perfect drinkable sidekick.”

SidecarTake one sip of this smooth, practically glowing, orange elixir and you might just get the deliciously covert feeling of sipping booze in a speakeasy. Heady cognac and dry curacao are softened by a dash of fresh lemon juice and lemon oil. It’s refreshing, it’s sophisticated, and it looks damn good in your favorite cocktail glass. (It even looks stunning over Zoom.)

Why we love this cocktail kit: You might have to wait at a bar for 30 minutes to get this kind of perfectly crafted sidecar. Thanks to BTL SVC, you can have a pristine batch just waiting for you to pull the stopper.

Price: $12+

Where to find it: BTL SVC – Sidecar


19) Amber Ale Kit

“Brew a cocktail that happens to be made of barley, hops, and yeast.”

Amber Ale KitAn aspiring brewmaster’s dream come true, this kit includes ingredients and equipment to brew over 2 gallons of rich, golden, amber ale. Your home will fill with the sweet, bready scent of fermenting yeast. You’ll watch water transform into amber waves before your eyes. Best of all, you’ll get to drink all the sweet fruits of your labor.

Why we love this cocktail kit: This kit has you covered if you’re not so into cocktails. You even get to put in some effort, mixing and brewing, so you won’t feel left out when everyone whips out their spoons, shakers, and muddlers.

Price: $35.00

Where to find it: Amber Ale Kit

Not a cocktail person or a beer person? That’s okay. There are plenty of other styles of virtual alcohol tasting you can enjoy such as virtual whiskey tastings and virtual wine tastings.


20) The Classic Collection

“Iconic cocktails for iconic toasts.”

BTLSVC_Four_23bb80d3-ac0a-452c-9862-d83b1c422034_1024x1024This is the ultimate 4-bottle set of small-batch craft cocktails, featuring all the most drool-worthy, crowd-pleasing best-sellers: the old fashioned, negroni, gin martini, and manhattan. This set makes drinking at work more stylish and more tasty than ever before.

Why we love this cocktail kit: Each cocktail possesses a masterfully executed and defining range of flavors and colors. The negroni will tempt your taste buds with sweet vermouth and a burst of citrus. The old fashioned sings with cane sugar and smooth bourbon. The gin martini has the snap of juniper and dry Vermouth. Last but not least, the manhattan bursts with rye whiskey and angostura bitters.

Price: $80

Where to find it: The Classic Collection


21) American Cocktail Club

“When you need to mix things up.”

American-Cocktail-KitFind your next flavor adventure in a glass, whether you’re gifting, planning your next virtual party, or just treating yourself. This cocktail kit includes mixologist-approved recipes and ingredients for cocktails that will excite your senses and satisfy your thirst for something new. Explore new creations like the Uzumak and enjoy classic comforts like the peach fizz.

Why we love this cocktail kit: Delicious flavors and hands-on mixing give anyone thirsty and homebound, going through bar withdrawals, something sweet and refreshing to look forward to.

Price: $40.99+ / month

Where to find it: American Cocktail Club


22) Portland Bitters Project Whiskey Adventure Kit

“Make every drop of whiskey a tasty adventure.”

Portland-Bitters-Whiskey-KitAs any cocktail connoisseur will tell you, a few drops of flavorful bitters can transform familiar flavors into eye-popping new sensations. This cocktail kit will have you transforming your favorite whiskey into a olfactory feast with the aromatic bitters, a sultry sip with dark cacao bitters, and a sensuously spicy elixir with super spice bitters.

Why we love this cocktail kit: This set allows drinkers to create delicious concoctions without any mixology skills or even much effort. Just pour in a few drops of bitters and dive into the smells and flavors of your enhanced beverage.

Price: $24

Where to find it: Portland Bitters Project Whiskey Adventure Kit


People Also Ask These Questions About Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Kits

Q: Can happy hour cocktail kits be delivered?

  • A: Yes, happy cocktail kits can be delivered. You can find many such kits in this list.

Q: How much does a virtual happy hour cocktail kit cost?

  • A: Virtual happy hour cocktail kits cost anywhere from $12 to $100+.

Q: What comes in a happy hour cocktail kit?

  • A: A happy hour cocktail kit usually includes delicious mixers, implements, garnishes, and depending on where you live and the relevant regulations, premium liquors.

Q: How long does it take to ship a cocktail kit?

  • A: Some cocktails kits can be shipped the same day that you order them while others require a standard 7-10 day shipping window. Check your cocktail kit proprietor’s terms of service to find out for certain what shipping window you should plan for.

Q: Where can you find happy hour cocktail kits?

  • A: You can find a variety of happy hour cocktail kits from the vendors listed in this post, including BTL SVC, Sourced, and Cratejoy.


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