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31 Best Virtual Mixology Classes, Activities and Fun Themes For Hosting An Unforgettable Online Cocktail Party

By December 4, 2023 December 5th, 2023


If you’re looking to shake things up, virtual mixology classes are the perfect online activity. Instead of heading out to bartending school or classes in the real world, you can learn the history of various spirits and how they’re made, right from the comfort of your home.

“A bartender is just a pharmacist with limited inventory.” — Albert Einstein

While you can find out just about anything with the click of a button, certain things are best explained by the pros, which is why virtual cocktail-making courses are favored team building activities for work, work-from-home entertainment, gifts for friends, and family, and cocktail party gift ideas.

A bartender is just a pharmacist with limited inventory. — Albert Einstein Click To Tweet

That’s exactly why we put together this list of the best virtual mixology classes, activities, and tips for hosting an unforgettable online cocktail party event.

So, stir things up by checking out the top virtual cocktail-making classes, and soon enough, you and your cocktail party attendees will be slinging drinks like master mixologists!

Virtual Mixology Class With Kits

A virtual mixology class is an online event that teaches how to create a bar-worthy cocktail. Oftentimes, this type of virtual class includes shipping ingredients and different tools to the attendees’ homes.

1. BYO Ingredients Class

“Build your next craft cocktail”


BYO Ingredients Class is a virtual cocktail class where everyone brings their own ingredients. Do you like rosemary? Passionfruit? Pineapple? No problem! This is your time to shine and improvise!

What is it: Zoom cocktail class

What makes this online mixology class memorable: A master mixologist will walk you through various recipes and show you a whole new world of mixology. This virtual happy hour also helps coworkers build chemistry through mixing, mingling, and of course, drinking!

Learn more here: Sign up for Confetti to start planning your BYO Ingredients Class


2. Virtual Tasting

“That’s the spirit”


Virtual Tasting is a twist on a regular mixology class. Instead of focusing on the crafting of the cocktail, Virtual Tasting emphasizes the alcoholic spirits!

What is it: Remote cocktail making class

What makes this online mixology class memorable: Among the focuses of the online mixology class, your team can dive deep into the world of rum, tequila, whiskey & bourbon, or beer.

Learn more here:

The team at Confetti has curated several virtual tasting classes for you and your group to try…


3. Pitch My Drink (Shark Tank)

“You’ve got a deal”


Photo Courtesy of ABC

Pitch My Drink is the perfect game for those who smell blood in the mocktail! Okay, okay, while the stakes may not be quite that high, you’ll soon find out who gives the best cocktail presentation as each participant mixes, stirs, and pitches their cocktail for investment.

What is it: Virtual mixology event

What makes this online mixology class memorable: This virtual mixology event gives everyone involved the opportunity to invent a drink and give it a fun name. For example, let’s say your boss (perhaps one of the sharks), has a secret Star Wars obsession — you could create the “Millennium Martini” or “Never Tell Me The Odds” as an homage to the space saga.

Learn more here: Pitch My Drink


4. Zoom Cocktail Class With A Mixologist

“Happy hours make happy people”


Now the work-from-anywhere crowd can learn how to whip up a mean cocktail from anywhere. With recipes and ingredients delivered to you and your coworkers or employees, every participant will be primed to become a master mixologist.

What is it: Zoom cocktail class

What makes this online mixology class memorable: Attendees of this virtual mixology class will learn how to craft two or more seasonally selected cocktails, pair ingredients and flavors for the perfect cocktail, and master the techniques required to become a genuine mixologist. Additionally, Zoom Cocktail Class features lessons directly from a professional and includes custom-designed invitations for your team!

Learn more here: Sign up with Confetti to plan your next Zoom Cocktail Class


5. The Art of Mixology with the Cocktail Masters Kit

“Libations and liberation in the virtual workplace”


The Art of Mixology is a mixology experience to put the cocky in a cocktail. Now, your team can shake, mix, and stir their libation with the confidence of an expert.

What is it: Remote cocktail making class

What makes this online mixology class memorable: The Cocktail Masters Kit comes with all the necessary cocktail-making accessories you and your work team need to craft the drink of your dreams. You can even customize this at-home cocktail kit to include glasses, coasters, and ingredients.

Learn more here: The Art of Mixology with the Cocktail Masters Kit


6. Holiday-Themed Cocktail Class

“Spread some holiday cheer”


A virtual event for groups who want to celebrate the holidays together (despite not all living in the same city.) Each guest will receive a holiday-inspired cocktail in the mail to open up and use during your virtual activity. The party organizer can

What is it: Online mixology class

What makes this online mixology class memorable: Participants get to learn about mixology while crafting two winter-themed cocktails using the provided kit. Guests get to learn a couple of new recipes while spending time together in a virtual cocktail bar.

Learn more here: Work with Confetti to organize a holiday-themed cocktail class for as low as $99 per person


7. Virtual Happy Hour (Cocktails + Trivia)

“Zoom to happiness”


Virtual Happy Hour is the make-from-anywhere cocktail class for the work-from-anywhere crowd! They deliver miniature cocktail kits to attendee homes and put on a virtual demo via Zoom.

What is it: Virtual mixology for team building

What makes this online mixology class memorable: Master mixologists teach employees, coworkers, and friends how to make the perfect cocktail. Additionally, this team building activity includes fun trivia and Q&A. Be sure that whatever group you invite to this event is larger than 25 people!

Learn more here: Virtual Happy Hour (Cocktails + Trivia)


8. Sip N Shake Cocktails

“Raise your glass, and the team spirits, over an incredibly fun “Sip n Shake” cocktails masterclass”

Shake up a storm, share some laughs, let loose, and create an evening to remember, all with the added bonus of celebrating your team’s achievements over a refreshing and invigorating drink. Learn to make the perfect drink with a professional bartender and an entertaining emcee. Whether it’s celebrating team goals and socials or end-of-year parties; they’ve got something that will quench everyone’s thirst.

What is it: Remote cocktail making class

What makes this online mixology class memorable: It’s an extremely fun experience that brings flair, sass, and plenty of surprises to amp up the team social. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about a thing, as they organize and run the entire experience end-to-end, including the option to ship a beautifully packaged cocktail box to every team member.

Learn more here: But the real question is – who will emerge as the best shaker? To find out, click here to get a free quote.


9. Mocktail Icebreaker Before Meeting

“For those who need some non-alcoholic fun”


Mocktail Icebreaker Before Meeting is polar-bear-perfect for breaking the ice. Who says meetings have to be stiff and stuffy? With this Zoom cocktail event, you simply send all of your desired participants — whether they’re coworkers, clients, employees, or even super customers — the ingredients to craft a mocktail.

What is it: Virtual mixology for team building

What makes this online mixology class memorable: The best part is that these days there are all sorts of non-alcoholic variations of wine, beer, and just about any drink you can think of. On top of that, you can base the drink around the type of project your team is tackling, the season of the year, or a current pop-cultural phenomenon.

Learn more here: Check out some delicious mocktail recipes


10. Shaken & Stirred: Cocktail Competition

“The Olympics of the virtual mixology world”


Shaken & Stirred: Cocktail Collection is the virtual workplace mixology masterclass you and your coworkers never knew you needed! This team building class teaches your team the foundations of cocktail excellence before they’re pitted against each other to conquer their recipes in the fires of competition!

What is it: Virtual mixology for team building

What makes this online mixology class memorable: This Chopped-style mixology competition pits teams against each other until the final winner is selected by professional mixologists. In addition to the friendly competition, participants will also be given their exquisite cocktail at the start of the event as a welcoming treat.

Learn more here: Shaken & Stirred


11. YouTube Tutorial Class

“The totally free, totally fun virtual cocktail class”

YouTube Tutorial Class is a free virtual cocktail class by New York-based bartender Jeff Solomon. He teaches anyone you send the link to how to craft virtually (pun intended) any cocktail you can think of.

Grab your shakers and swizzle sticks – class is back in session! Today on Method Mastery, New York bartender Jeff Solomon shows us how to conjure up almost every cocktail he’s been asked to mix, step by step. Watch as he stirs, shakes, and garnishes his way down the list – then make your next evening cocktail a new adventure.

What is it: Virtual bartending class

What makes this online mixology class memorable: Shake, stir, and garnish with Jeff as he makes an Old Fashioned, a Manhattan, Whiskey Sour, Martini, Gin Rickey, Bee’s Knees, Mai Tai, Moscow Mule, Hemingway Daiquiri, Pink Lady, Jack Rose, Americano, Pisco Sour, and much, much more!

Learn more here: YouTube Tutorial Class


12. Pre-Made Cocktails At Your Doorstep

“Twist, shake, pour, and enjoy a delicious cocktail with your team”


Pre-Made Cocktails At Your Doorstep is a virtual happy hour for the whole team. Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion like employee appreciation day, a retirement party, a holiday party, or you want to welcome a new hire with an easy icebreaker activity, Pre-Made Cocktails At Your Doorstep is the way to go.

What is it: Zoom cocktail class

What makes this online mixology class memorable: Drnxmyth delivers the pre-made cocktails straight to your desired destination so you don’t have to worry about sourcing ingredients or any of that other mumbo-jumbo. They handle all the work, so you can have all the play.

Learn more here: Pre-Made Cocktails from DRNXMYTH


13. Cocktail Recipe Random

“The cocktail card game”


Cocktail Recipe Random is a cocktail card game for randomly selecting a cocktail to make. Each person has to make whatever their card says during the Zoom happy hour and let the team know what the drink is, what’s in it, and what they like and don’t like about it, along with any other fun facts.

What is it: Zoom cocktail class

What makes this online mixology class memorable: This is the perfect online mixology lesson for work teams because it’s self-directed. That means every person brings their special mix to the event!

Learn more here: Cocktail Recipe Random


14. MasterClass with Lynnette Marrero and Ryan Chetiyawardan

“MasterClass? More like master craft your cocktail”


Masterclass with Lynnette Marrero and Ryan Chetiyawardan invites you and your team to learn how to craft cocktails from James Beard honoree Lynnette Marrero and Dandelyan founder Ryan Chetiyawardana. As it happens, Dandelyan has been named the world’s best bar, so you’re getting two absolute masters at their craft rolled into one.

What is it: Remote cocktail making class

What makes this online mixology class memorable: This Masterclass includes everything from the cocktail-making essentials to developing your palate to building your very own home bar.

Learn more here: MasterClass


15. Bartender Kit Gift + First Drink Tutorial

“Hey there, Bartender”


The Bartender Kit Gift is a  mixology kit you can give out to your employees, coworkers, friends, clients, or family before leading them through a mixology class where they’ll see exactly how to make an intoxicatingly delicious cocktail.

Once everyone receives and unpacks their at-home bar kit, it is time to lead everyone through a short presentation explaining what each tool does while you make a delicious cocktail. That way everyone will be comfortable using their new gift whenever they want now that they’ll have first-hand experience using each tool.

What is it: Virtual bartending class for team building

What makes this online mixology class memorable: The Bartender Kit Gift includes everything they’ll need to start slinging a mean cocktail! Now, you won’t even have to bring an outside bartender to the next office party!

Learn more here: Bartender Kit Gift + First Drink Tutorial


Online Cocktail Class Themes

16. Casino Night

“Casino Royale”


Casino Night is the perfect chance for your team to wear a suit and tie or cocktail dress. No matter what tickles their fancy, this fancy event is sure to entertain.

What makes this theme perfect for a virtual cocktail class: You have to have cocktails at a casino, so naturally, you have to have cocktails at Casino Night! For those who like to play casino games and those who are interested in learning other things, both will be equally satisfied with a virtual cocktail class.

For more fun pair this idea with: Virtual Blackjack


17. Speakeasy

“Saxophones, swinger songs, and shhh…the police are here”


Speakeasies were the underground clubs of the Prohibition Era. Often dim-lit, with an intimate aesthetic, you’d feel like you were up to no good in the best possible way. Add in the cool outfits and the great music of the era and you have a hit on your hands!

What makes this theme perfect for a virtual cocktail class: Perhaps nothing fits a virtual cocktail class quite as well as a Speakeasy. Be sure to bring the swinger music and the jazz. To add a little extra mischief to the theme, set up a Murder Mystery Experience!

For more fun pair this idea with: Murder Mystery Experience


18. Holiday Mixology Night

“Christmas, Kwaanza, Hannukah…don’t threaten me with a good time”


Holiday party, meet Holiday Mixology Night. Well, hello there, you cool glass of…you get the gist. Holiday parties and mixology nights are a match made in corporate heaven.

What makes this theme perfect for a virtual cocktail class: The goal of a holiday party is to get the attendees mixing and mingling and mixology accomplishes that with ease.

For more fun pair this idea with: Holiday Hijinks


19. Paint & Sip

“Art + alcohol = fantastically fun”


Paint & Sip is the ideal theme for creative types and those who just deserve a break! Art and alcohol go together like bananas and peanut butter.

What makes this theme perfect for a virtual cocktail class: Paint & Sip is the chance for your team to enjoy cocktails and paint acrylics with the help of a trained instructor via a virtual painting class.

For more fun pair this idea with: Acrylic Painting Class


20. Island Time

“Do you like pina coladas?”


Tropical island getaways are a dream vacation. While you and your coworkers may not have time to get away at a moment’s notice, you can throw an Island Time-theme party in short order.

What makes this theme perfect for a virtual cocktail class: Island Time pairs well with a virtual cocktail class because many of the most popular drinks already have a tropical twist!

For more fun pair this idea with: A Tropical Drink Menu


How To Host A Virtual Mixology Class

Hosting a mixology class for your friends, coworkers, or employees is all about fun. Sounds easy enough? It is — if you take the following steps!

10 Things To Note For Hosting A Virtual Mixology Class


1) Invitations

The first step for hosting a virtual mixology class is making sure you have invitations, whether they’re virtual or physical, to get your desired participants ready for the event.

2) Ingredients

Of course, if it’s an online mixology class, you’re going to want to make sure people also have the best ingredients to mix. You can send ingredients directly to the homes of your coworkers or employees.

3) Bar Tools

You need to give your participants the best bar tools to work with. Shakers, stirrers, and all of the works!

4) Costs

Set up a budget and stick to it!

5) Stable Internet Connection

Of course, if your mixology class is virtual then you need to check to see that your participants are going to have access to a stable internet connection.

6) Schedule

Let everyone know what kind of activities are going to be included in the event, as well as the proper etiquette for it.

7) Games & Activities

In addition to the mixology class itself, it’s smart to feature fun team building games and icebreaker activities so that your group or team can have as much fun as possible. Some common ideas are activities like Would You Rather Questions, Murder Mystery, and Casino Games.

8) Icebreakers

Speaking of icebreakers, it’s also wise to include these activities because they give people an excuse to talk, get to know each other better, and build fantastic chemistry.

9) Wrapping up the event

To wrap up the virtual mixology event, you’ll want to get everyone’s information and let them know if and when there’ll be another.

10) Planning the next virtual event + getting feedback

Planning the next virtual mixology event starts with getting feedback. You want to know what your coworkers or employees enjoyed versus what they would want you to do differently.

People Also Ask These Questions About Virtual Mixology Classes

Q: What is a virtual cocktail class?

  • A virtual cocktail class is a great way to learn how to make drinks without having to go to a bar or spend money on drinks. You can find many online mixology classes that will teach you the basics so that you can make cocktails at home.

Q: How many people can attend a virtual mixology class?

  • The amount of people that can attend a virtual mixology class depends on the platform or structure of the event.

Q: How much does a virtual cocktail class cost?

  • A virtual cocktail class can range in cost from being completely free to a few hundred dollars on average. More important than price, however, are the benefits the attendees will get out of it.

Q: What is the best platform for hosting a virtual mixology class?

  • The best platform for hosting a virtual mixology class depends on the size of the group. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts are common platforms for hosting a virtual mixology class.

Q: How long does a virtual cocktail class last?

  • A virtual cocktail class lasts an hour or many hours, depending on how interactive it is and how many other activities are included.

Q: Do virtual mixology classes offer non-alcoholic options?

  • Virtual mixology classes often do offer non-alcoholic options; however, you may need to specify that demand.

Q: Are equipment and ingredients included with the online cocktail classes?

  • Equipment and ingredients are often included with online cocktail classes; however, much of the time, you will end up needing to provide them yourself.

Q: How does a virtual mixology class work?

  • A virtual mixology class is usually taught by an instructor. Additionally, ingredients and equipment are often sent to the homes of the participants.

Q: Who teaches the virtual cocktail class with kits?

  • Virtual cocktail classes with kits are typically taught by master mixologists and top-notch bartenders.

Q: Do my guests and I need to have any mixology experience to attend the online classes?

  • No, you and your guests do not need to have any mixology experience to attend online classes.

Q: How far in advance should I book an online cocktail class?

  • Book an online cocktail class weeks or months ahead because there is a popular demand and they do tend to fill up quickly.

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