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Why Employee Recognition Is Important & Matters In Today’s Workplace

By June 28, 2022 February 27th, 2024

The importance of employee recognition has long been understood by effective managers.

Today, as the competition for talent escalates, the ways organizations show that they value their employees have become even more important.

Creating a recognition program is a good first step, but great companies go further, constantly reevaluating the ways they reward employees.

Why Employee Recognition Is Important

As companies grow, this becomes even more of a challenge, and leaders must rethink the way they add value to the employee recognition experience. By constantly striving to improve the ways they show that they value their employees, companies can stay ahead of the competition and ensure that their most valuable asset – their people – feel appreciated.

“One survey found that 87% of company recognition programs emphasize tenure. Over 91% of HR professionals believe that recognition and reward make employees more likely to stay.” — Apollo Technical

After reading through the importance of employee recognition in this article, you’ll be more than ready to get your employee recognition strategy planned out and prepared for implementation. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Reasons Why Employee Recognition Is Important

1) It helps to retain talent and reduce turnover

Employee Recognition Reduces Turnover

Retaining talent is essential for any organization that wants to be successful. A key part of retaining talent is employee recognition. When employees feel appreciated and valued, they are more likely to stay with an organization. Turnover can be expensive, as it can take a lot of time and resources to train new employees. By recognizing employees for their hard work, organizations can show that they value their employees and want them to stick around.


2) It helps to provide opportunities for employees to connect

In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive business world, it is more important than ever to create opportunities for employees to connect with each other and build strong working relationships.

By providing a forum for employees to be recognized and appreciated for their work, employee recognition helps to create a sense of camaraderie and teamwork that can be the foundation for a strong, productive workplace.

Furthermore, employee recognition can also help to identify and promote individual talent and creativity.

➥ Specific recognition is key.

Pro-Tip: If Richard supports the University of Georgia and loves his dog, getting him a Georgia Bulldog dog collar for his pupper is a reward that will go a long way compared to other gifts that might not have the same impact.


3) It encourages employees to keep working hard

It encourages employees to keep working hard

By acknowledging the hard work and successes of employees, businesses can encourage them to keep up the excellent work. Studies have shown that employees who feel appreciated are more likely to be engaged and productive.

When employees feel valued, they are more likely to go above and beyond for their employer. Ultimately, employee recognition is an important way to build a strong workforce and ensure that businesses can thrive.

➥ When someone gives you praise, you psychologically feel good and want to keep doing that so you can receive more praise in the future.

4) It helps to warrant promotions and celebrations

SnackNation citizens enjoying a retreat in Malibu

Employee recognition helps to motivate and inspire employees, and can even lead to increased productivity. Furthermore, employee recognition can help to warrant promotions and celebrations.

Employees are more likely to feel appreciated and valued when they are recognized for their hard work. This, in turn, can lead to higher morale and greater satisfaction with their job.


5) It contributes to better job satisfaction

contributes to better job satisfaction

When employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to be satisfied with their job. There are many ways to show appreciation, such as verbal praise, awards, and bonuses. Recognition can also be shown through more intangible means, such as increasing responsibility or offering flexible work hours.

Regardless of the form it takes, employee recognition is an important way to show that you value your employees and their contributions. In turn, this can lead to increased job satisfaction and motivation.


6) It gives managers more face time with their employees

What does a hiring manager do

By acknowledging the accomplishments of individual employees, managers can build positive relationships and create a more motivating work environment. In addition, employee recognition can help to improve communication and collaboration between managers and employees.

When employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to be willing to share their ideas and feedback with their managers. As a result, employee recognition gives managers more face time with their employees, which can lead to better overall performance.


7) It helps your company financially by spending $$$ elsewhere and not on recruiting


Courtesy of SHRM

A strong employee recognition program has numerous benefits for your company, including reducing turnover and saving money on recruiting costs. Recognizing employees for their hard work and dedication helps to create a positive work environment where people feel appreciated and valued.

This, in turn, leads to increased job satisfaction and loyalty, which reduces turnover. The cost of recruiting and training new employees can be significant, so retaining your current workforce is vital to keeping your company financially healthy.


8) It can contribute positively to your company’s reputation

Company repution

A company’s reputation is important for many reasons. It can affect everything from the ability to attract top talent to the bottom line. One way to ensure that your company has a positive reputation is to focus on employee recognition. By publicly acknowledging the accomplishments of your team, you send a strong message that you value their contributions.

When prospective employees see that your company takes the time to recognize its employees, it can make your company more attractive to them.

Importance of employee recognition: First 30 days

Recognition starts on day one

Employee recognition begins on the first day of employment and continues throughout an employee’s tenure. Recognizing employees for their hard work, dedication, and achievements helps to create a motivated and engaged workforce. Additionally, it can help to boost morale, increase productivity, and build team unity.

There are many ways to show employee recognition, including awards, bonuses, and acknowledgment during team meetings. Whatever the method, it is important to make sure that all employees feel valued and appreciated right from the start to generate the momentum they need to perform and feel their best.

➥ This is when employees are forming opinions on management, colleagues, and the company as a whole.

Employee welcome kits


An employee welcome kit is a great way to make new employees feel comfortable and adjust to their new surroundings. The kit should include items that will help the employee feel at home, such as a personal welcome note, a company T-shirt, a coffee mug, and any other recognition gifts you like. The kit can also include information about the company, such as an employee handbook, a company history booklet, and a list of contact numbers for important people in the organization.

➥ Welcome kits act as a token of appreciation.

Pro-Tip: You can work with a team like Caroo to build custom employee welcome kits for your new hires to give to them on their first day!

They can also send out welcome kits to multiple addresses for onboarding remote employees!


New Hire Announcements


Courtesy of Bonusly

New hire announcements are a great way to build team morale and excitement around a new addition to the company. By sharing the news of a new hire with the rest of the team, you can help everyone feel more connected to the company and its goals.

In addition, new hire announcements can also help to build a sense of community within the workplace. By welcoming a new employee into the fold, you can show everyone that you’re committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment.

Here are some great ideas to add to your new hire announcement:

    • Post in the relevant Slack channels when they join
    • Send a company-wide email
    • Encourage the top executive to send a letter from the CEO.
    • We recommend checking out Bonusly – a leading employee recognition platform – as a great way to incorporate new employees and shout them out on their first day!


Importance of employee recognition: Ongoing

Celebrating employee milestones


One way to keep employees happy and engaged is to celebrate their milestones. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or a promotion, acknowledging important moments in an employee’s life shows that you value them as a person, not just a worker.

Furthermore, celebrating milestones is a great way to build team morale and foster a sense of community within your company. When employees feel like they’re part of a supportive and nurturing environment, they’re more likely to be loyal and dedicated to their work.


Integrating the right tools

Courtesy of Nectar

Employee recognition platforms help to identify and reward high performers, while rewards programs provide an incentive for employees to maintain or improve their productivity levels. When used in tandem, these employee recognition tools can help to create a positive and motivating work environment. As a result, your business will be more productive and efficient overall.


Daily recognition opportunities

Daily recognition opportunities

Courtesy of Bonusly

Recognition should be given regularly, and there are several different ways to do it. For example, some companies give out awards for employees who go above and beyond their job duties. Others may offer daily recognition opportunities, such as giving employees “shout-outs” for a job well done.

Regardless of the method, it’s important that recognition is given promptly and that it is specific to the individual’s actions or achievements. By taking the time to recognize employees regularly, you can show them that their hard work is appreciated and valued.


Team-based recognition


Tackling big projects can be daunting, but working as part of a team can make the process much easier. When everyone is working together towards a common goal, it’s important to recognize the efforts of each team member. Team-based recognition helps to create a sense of camaraderie and encourages everyone to continue working hard.

By acknowledging the contributions of each team member, you can show your appreciation for their efforts and remind them that their work is valued. This type of employee recognition can also help to build morale and foster a positive working environment. So if you’re looking to show your appreciation for a job well done, don’t forget to give credit to the whole team.

Check out:


Importance of employee recognition: Company-Wide

Company buy-in

Best Employee Appreciation Ideas For Large Companies

Achieving buy-in for an employee recognition program from all levels of the company is essential for the success of the program. Senior management must be on board with the program’s goals and objectives, and they must be willing to commit the necessary resources.

Middle managers must be given the responsibility for administering the program, and they must be given the authority to make decisions about who to recognize and how.

Finally, employees must be made aware of the program and given incentives to participate. Only by achieving buy-in from all stakeholders can a company hope to create a successful employee recognition program.

➥ The more people participating in an employee recognition program and celebrating wins, the more likely employees will utilize recognition strategies in the future.

Company growth and company goals

While many factors contribute to company growth, one of the most important is setting clear and achievable goals. By establishing specific goals, you can create a roadmap for success and ensure that everyone is working towards the same objectives.

Without clear goals, it can be difficult to measure progress and determine whether or not you are on track to achieve your desired results. When setting goals, be sure to make them SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

By following this framework, you can increase your chances of achieving sustainable company growth.

➥ With more passionate employees, you can grow your company towards larger company goals.


Engaged employees become advocates for your company’s mission, business, and brand

Company Brand Ambassadors

As any business owner knows, employee engagement and employee satisfaction are essential for a company’s success. Engaged employees are those who are emotionally and mentally invested in their work and the success of their company. They take pride in their work and are always looking for ways to improve their skills and contribute to the company’s success.

In addition, engaged employees are also great advocates for their company’s mission, business, and brand. They are passionate about what they do and want to share that passion with others. As a result, they are more likely to go above and beyond to promote their company and its products or services.

So if you’re looking for a way to get your employees more engaged, start by focusing on your company’s mission, business, and brand. It’s sure to pay off in the long run.


People Also Ask These Questions About Why Employee Recognition Is Important

Q: What does employee recognition look like in 2024?

  • A: Employee recognition in 2024 will continue to be an important part of workplace culture. With the ever-growing list of responsibilities that employees have, it is more important than ever to show appreciation for a job well done. There are many ways to show recognition, but some of the most popular methods include verbal praise, monetary bonuses, and public acknowledgment. Whatever method is used, the recognition must be sincere and specific. Generic compliments or rewards will not have the same impact as personalized ones. In addition, recognition should be timely to maximize its effectiveness. After all, a delayed “thank you” is still better than no “thank you” at all. With these things in mind, employers can show their employees that they are valued and appreciated.

Q: What are the benefits of starting an employee recognition program?

  • A: Employee recognition programs have many benefits for both employers and employees. For employers, these programs can help to boost morale and increase retention rates. Additionally, recognition programs can promote a positive work environment and company culture and foster a sense of team spirit. Meanwhile, employees who receive recognition for their work often feel more motivated and appreciated. Furthermore, studies have shown that employees who feel valued are more likely to be productive and engaged in their work. In short, employee recognition programs offer a win-win solution for both employers and employees. When implemented properly, these programs can help to improve morale, build team unity, and increase productivity levels.

Q: How do I recognize remote employees at my company?

  • A: Remote employees tend to communicate more frequently via email or instant messaging, rather than in person. Oftentimes, they work in different time zones, so part of recognition is the overall treatment they receive. Be sure to align with them on meeting times. The main way to recognize remote employees is to use positive reinforcement and care packages. Remember, remote employee appreciation keeps dispersed teams unified in their efforts.

Q: Why should managers care about employee recognition in the workplace?

  • A: Managers should care about employee recognition in the workplace for several reasons. Firstly, it is important to keep employees motivated and engaged in their work. Secondly, recognition can help to build a positive team spirit and sense of camaraderie among employees. Finally, recognizing employees’ achievements sends a clear message that managers are taking an interest in their development and are willing to invest in their success. When employees feel valued and supported in the workplace, they are more likely to be productive and successful. As such, managers should make sure to give employee recognition a high priority.

Q: Why does employee recognition matter?

  • A: Employee recognition is important for several reasons. First, it helps to boost morale and motivation. When employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to be engaged and productive. Additionally, employee recognition can help to build team cohesion and foster a positive work environment. Finally, employee recognition can be a powerful tool for retention. When employees feel valued, they are less likely to look for other opportunities.

Q: What is the value of employee recognition?

  • A: Employee recognition is a key part of any successful organization. It helps to foster a positive work environment and can boost morale and productivity levels. Recognizing employees also helps to show that you value their contributions and appreciate their hard work. There are many different ways to show employee recognition, such as offering awards, bonuses, or simply expressing your appreciation. Whatever method you choose, make sure that it is genuine and heartfelt. Employees will be able to tell if you are just going through the motions, so put some thought into how you express your gratitude. A little recognition can go a long way in making your employees feel valued and appreciated.

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