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13 Best Gifts For Customer Service Teams & Customer Service Week Gifts In 2024

By October 25, 2023 April 3rd, 2024

Customer service teams are the heartbeat of any organization. By now, it’s no secret in the age of Yelp, Google Reviews, and other publicly available feedback forums that the customer wields a tremendous amount of influence on future business.

Best Gifts For Customer Service Teams

Exceptional service can be the difference between a positive or a negative review — the value of which can be worth thousands of dollars to your business. That’s why gifts for customer service teams are worth investing in. The old adage that your employees are your first customers rings true.

A morale boost for your customer service representatives (CSRs) will give them the edge to give their best to your customers. According to a Hubspot report,

“68% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for products and services from a brand known to offer good customer service experiences.”

While any time is a great time to reward and celebrate your CSRs, customer service week (the first full week in October) is designated specifically for showing appreciation for your customer service reps.

In honor of that — and of your superstar CSRs — we’ve narrowed down the best gift ideas for customer service teams and Customer Service Week in 2024.

Best Customer Service Teams Gifts

1. Thinking of You Snack Box

“A thoughtful gift for your thoughtful customer service team”


Discover the power of food as the universal love language, especially when it comes to self-care. Show your customer service team you’re thinking of them with this stash of comforting treats, carefully curated to bring joy and warmth.

Why we love this customer service week gift: This customer service team gift is guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day, no matter where they are. It boasts an array of cookies, crackers, sodas, protein bars, chili mixes, and the healthiest trail mix around. Treat your customer service reps’ taste buds to the refreshing zest of lemon and rosemary ginger soda, while satisfying their sweet tooth with the natural sweetness of apples and sweet potatoes found in the snack bars.

Customizable? Yes

Price: $50

Where to get it: Thinking of You Snack Box


2. Ember Mug

“A warmer mug for a warmer attitude”

Ember Mug

The Ember Mug is the world’s first temperature control mug, allowing your CSRs to set that Goldilocks-just-right temperature for their beverage.

Why we love this customer service week gift: This customer service team gift puts the power in your CSRs hands — literally. It ensures their coffee, tea, or other drink will stay anywhere in the range of 120 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

Customizable? Yes

Price: $130

Where to get it: Ember Mug


3. The North Face Sweater Fleece Jacket

“For ultra-comfortable customer service”

The North Face Sweater Fleece Jacket

Celebrate Customer Service Week in style with The North Face’s meticulously crafted fleece jacket. This exceptional heavyweight, sweater-knit jacket showcases a soft, heathered tone, providing both cozy warmth and optimal breathability for all your exciting trail adventures. Meticulously designed with 300 g/m2 100% polyester, including recycled fabrications, it guarantees unparalleled comfort with its luxuriously brushed interior.

Why we love this customer service week gift: With its reverse-coil front zipper, convenient hand pockets, and secure-zip chest pocket, this jacket is packed with practicality, providing your customer service reps with all the comfort and care they give to others. The icing on the cake is the contrasting embroidered The North Face logo on the left chest, adding a touch of style to its functional design.

Customizable? Yes

Price: $143

Where to get it: The North Face Sweater Fleece Jacket


4. The Energize Box

“Fueling the teams that turn your customers into fans”

Supercharge your customer service rep’s day with the Energizer gift set – the ultimate solution for staying focused and invigorated. Whether they’re starting your morning with a cup of joe or treating themselves to delightful evening indulgences, this set is the perfect companion for the coffee connoisseurs out there.

Why we love this customer service week gift: Presented in a stunning 10″ signature gift box and sealed with an embossed Teak & Twine band for that added touch of elegance, customer service representatives will know they’ve just received a high-quality gift.

Customizable? Yes

Price: $86

Where to get it: The Energize Box


5. Coffee Box

“For their caffeine cravings”


The Coffee Box features 12 snacks, including protein-packed jerky, chips, a 12-ounce package of premium blend ground coffee, and more. This nutritious CSR gift package boosts alertness, energy, and the feeling of being ready to tackle any customer issue head on.

Why we love this customer service week gift: Customer service teams have to power through a lot and stay positive while doing so, which is why the Coffee Box is the perfect corporate gift for them. They can stay sharp, fresh, and energized and leave a long-lasting impression at your company.

Customizable? Yes

Price: $25+

Where to get it: Coffee Box


6. LARQ Bottle

“Pure water, pure joy”

LARQ Bottle

LARQ Bottle is the first self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system in the world. Using a UV-C LED light to eliminate nearly any impurity from beverages, your customer service team has never had a cleaner tumbler or drinkware to sip from.

Why we love this customer service week gift: Customer service reps handle the little details for others. This employee appreciation gift handles one of the biggest, most practical details for them — clean water.

Customizable? Yes

Price: $143.99

Where to get it: LARQ Bottle


7. Tech Lovers Box

“For techy CSRs”

The Tech Lovers Box features a cable organizer, blue-light blocking glasses, a portable charger, and much more. Everything in this tech-centric care package is designed to help the digitally-inclined thrive.

Why we love this customer service week gift: Customer service representatives are often remote anyways, so why not give them what they need to be successful from anywhere in the world? That’s why the Tech Lovers Box was made!

Customizable? Yes

Price: $25+

Where to get it: Tech Lovers Box


8. Sips + Snacks

“The bistro box”

Italian Wine Collection

Sips + Snacks is a wine and charcuterie-style corporate gift box for coworkers, clients, and friends.

Why we love this customer service week gift: With fine wine, artisanal crackers, and a full charcuterie spread, Sips + Snacks is perfect for those people-loving CSRs who like to entertain.

Customizable? Yes

Price: $48.95 to $57.95

Where to get it: Sips and Snacks


9. Custom Airpods

“Audio just for them”


The Custom Airpods are a pair of painted Apple AirPods that enable you to select pantone colors. For your customer service reps, you can choose between AirPods with a wireless case, AirPods Pro, or the classic AirPods.

Why we love this customer service week gift: Your reps are going to be handling a lot of calls, but they won’t always be in the perfect place to handle them. However, that isn’t a problem with the corporate gift of AirPods, which helps them cancel out unwanted audio.

Customizable? Yes

Price: $480.00 to $566.67

Where to get it: Custom Airpods


10. Gifts of Gratitude

“To thank them for being the first line of response”

Gifts of Gratitude is a curated gift box that features a stone paper journal, a fragrant candle, handcrafted soap, Copper Cow Coffee, a custom coffee mug, organic tea, paints to practice artistry, and a fake succulent for nature lovers to enjoy a perpetual touch of green in their home office or at work.

Why we love this customer service week gift: Gifts of Gratitude is versatile enough with its eclectic mix of productivity and relaxation gifts that it can help satisfy the work life balance needed in your CSRs lives.

Customizable? Yes

Price: $30+

Where to get it: Gifts of Gratitude


11. Portable Charger Bank

“An energy charge for CSRs and their phones”

Portable Charger Bank

The Portable Charger Bank is a wireless charging pad that delivers up to 15 watts of wireless power to Android devices and 7.5 watts for iPhones. Talk about a stellar office gift!

Why we love this customer service week gift: Most customer service representatives spend quite a bit of time on the phone. When they’re already focused on responding to calls, keeping CRMs organized, and doing everything it takes to keep customers happy, the last thing they need to worry about is keeping a charge on their device.

Customizable? Yes

Price: $50.25 to $132.10

Where to get it: Portable Charger Bank


12. Unplugged Box

“Less tech, more time to enjoy”


The Unplugged Box features a collection of work accessories that will inspire your employee to write down their good ideas while drinking a hot cup of tea. The entire point of this carefully curated employee care package is to enhance the pleasure of the simple things.

Why we love this customer service week gift: Customer service and sales teams are always plugged in, but the Unplugged Box gives them the excuse they desperately need to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate their spirits.

Customizable? Yes

Price: $64.95

Where to get it: Unplugged Box


13. Cafe Picnic Backpack

“For stress-free fun”

While a service rep’s job is certainly no picnic or walk in the park, The Cafe Picnic Backpack is a backpack featuring everything CSRs need to relax and enjoy a day in the sunshine.

Why we love this customer service week gift: This customer service rep gift features plates, mugs, forks, spoons, and napkins – perfect for for tailgating, a trip to the park, and everything in-between!

Customizable? Yes

Price: $50.94 to $67.62

Where to get it: Cafe Picnic Backpack

People Also Ask These Questions About Customer Service Gifts For Teams

Q: What are the best gifts for customer service employees?

  • A: The best gifts for customer service employees are items or experiences that make them feel appreciated and recognized. Alternatively, practical gifts that make their jobs easier would also likely be a hit with your CSRs.

Q: What are the benefits of celebrating customer service week?

  • A: The benefits of celebrating Customer Service Week include your customer service representatives feeling appreciated, recognized, and more satisfied, which leads to better productivity and, in the long-term, higher retention. Additionally, happy service reps translate to happier customers and clients.

Q: What are some gifts for customer service week?

  • A: Some gifts for Customer Service Week include experiences as well as physical products. However, non-monetary incentives can go a long way. It never hurts to integrate employee recognition platforms into your company’s operations. But some common Customer Service Week gifts include gift cards, lapel pins, notepads, t-shirts, carabiners, ceramic mugs, tote bags, coasters, coffee mugs, earbuds, hand sanitizer, mouse pads, sticky notes, travel mugs, and pretty much anything you can imagine custom branding placed on.

Q: How do I choose a gift for my customer service team?

  • A: Choose a gift for your customer service team based in part on the individuals on the team. Customer service reps tend to be people-centered, so any gift that involves a social element is usually a good option.

Q: How much should I spend on a Customer Service Week gift?

  • A: While there isn’t an exact amount you should spend on a Customer Service Week gift, always keep in mind that customer service reps often give the first impression customers or clients will have of your company.

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