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18 Best Gifts For Sales Teams To Reward Sales Professionals In 2024 (They Sell, You Gift)

By February 16, 2024 April 2nd, 2024

Sales are all about results. Enter… Sales team gifts & rewards.

After all, it’s not always as glamorous as The Wolf of Wall Street makes it out to be — sales is serious, serious business. At the end of the day, top-notch sales professionals are expected to be able to sell ice to an Eskimo.

Whether they’re gathering leads, making cold calls (Did you know it takes an average of 18 calls to connect with a buyer?), going door-to-door, sending out hundreds of carefully crafted emails per day, or some combination of these time-intensive activities, the real reward for salespeople is often solely their commission.

That’s why gifts for sales teams are a great way to reward these silver-tongued go-getters for their hard work and the revenue they generate. After all, they are trying their best to bring in the big fish! With constant strategy and quick wits needed to close deals, there is a lot to juggle during a busy week in sales:

“Listen to the story the numbers are telling and adjust accordingly.” — Douglas Thompson, author of Knock! Knock!: A Ride-along with A Sales Superstar

By nature, sales professionals often share several traits. For example, they’re usually gregarious, charismatic, quick-witted, and know enough about a wide range of topics to speak the language of their prospects.

With these traits in mind, we did some prospecting of our own and found the best gifts for sales teams in 2024. Now they can keep on selling, while you do the gifting!

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

1. Treat Yourself

“Let your clients and sales teams pick their gift”


Give them the power to choose a Goody gift of their choice from a huge catalog of the best gifts for sales reps.

Why we love this gift for sales professionals: The versatility. With a collection of physical and digital gifts — there is something for everyone.

Customizable? Yes

Price: Starts at $5 for gift cards and $25 for physical gifts from their collection

Where to get it: Treat Yourself


2. GoPro HERO8 Black 4K Waterproof Action Camera

“Do something with those 2nd place steak knives”

Your sales pros are going places – and the GoPro is there to capture all the action!

Why we love this gift for sales professionals: This high-ticket reward will be appreciated, whether they’re flying high, taking things to extremes, or taking a deep dive into their opportunity.

Customizable? No

Price: $399.99

Where to get it: GoPro HERO8 Black 4K Waterproof Action Camera


3. Remote Lunch Gift Cards

“Order in some delicious grub”

Thank your sales team with company-braded digital gift cards to let team members order lunch to their homes. The team at Hoppier works with several lunch delivery services to offer lunch options from many local eateries.

Why we love this gift for sales professionals: TA lunch on the company can hep motivate your sales reps give that little extra to hit their goals and bring in more revenue for your business.

Customizable? Yes!

Price: Talk to Hoppier to get your custom quote

Where to get it: Remote Lunch Gift Cards


4. VIP Treatment

“Live the good life”


When your sales team deserves a massive thank you for their hard work and dedication day after day, make them VIPs with the ultimate luxury care package for salespeople.

Packed with new tech items (like the Ember Heated Mug) and premium office gifts, the VIP Treatment will send a clear message that your sales team is top-notch.

Why we love this gift for sales professionals: These items are the kinds of gifts you receive and actually want to use day after day. Whether your sales team is working in the office or remotely, they’ll be able to enjoy the gifts while they crush their calls, practice their pitches, and bring in the big clients.

Customizable? Yes!

Price: Explore the gifting platform for more pricing details

Where to get it: VIP Treatment


5. Custom Sonos Move Indoor/Outdoor Speaker

“Sound quality that will bring the party”

sonos move

This premium Bluetooth speaker doesn’t just sound great, it’s weatherproof and stands up to humidity, rain, snow, dust, salt spray, UV rays, and extreme heat and cold.

Why we love this gift for sales professionals: Decorated with your logo, they can show off their company pride along with their musical taste.

Customizable? Yes!

Price: $405.67

Where to get it: Custom Sonos Move Indoor/Outdoor Speaker


6. Branded Snack Box

“For energy, enthusiasm, and execution”

A collection of snack boxes designed to nourish and strengthen your superstar salespeople and help them close their next big deal! Celebrate your salespeople by sending them a belly full of healthy and energizing snacks.

Why we love this gift idea for sales professionals: This gift for sales teams comes with a variety of snack options to optimize work performance.

Customizable? Yes!

Price: Start your order to receive custom pricing

Where to get it: Branded Snack Box


7. Tony Stark Wireless Phone Charger

“A gift for a sales superhero”

The Tony Stark Wireless Phone Charger is the perfect office gift who love the smooth-talking superhero. Recognize their hard work with a statement piece for their desk that also provides a useful place to recharge their cell during a busy day at work.

Why we love this gift for sales professionals: This charger pad syncs with any Qi-compatible cell phone. If you’ve watched the billionaire Avenger on the big screen then you’re familiar with the self-made device he has in his chest. The Tony Start Wireless Phone Charger is designed to look just like it!

Customizable? No

Price: $55

Where to get it: Tony Stark Wireless Phone Charger


8. Bucket List Worthy Experience

“Because memories are worth more than gold”


Memories are the real treasure. Out of all the possible gifts for employees to choose from, bucket list-worthy experiences with Stadium are some of the best because they allow your people to step outside of their grind and refuel. Plus, experiential rewards boost employee engagement.

Why we love this gift for sales professionals: Whether you’re looking for something to satisfy your office thrill-seekers or you need a virtual experience, there’s a bucket list activity for that. Status quo incentives don’t account for what really drives salespeople to perform. Incentivize and reward your sales reps with their choice of personalized experiences.

Customizable? Yes!

Price: Contact Stadium for pricing details

Where to get it: Bucket List Worthy Experience


9. Welcome Back Box

“Like they never left, so they’ll never want to leave”


With journals, hats, and other ultra-swaggy swag, this gift for salespeople will give them the mojo they need to crush their calls and feel comfortable as they’re hustling throughout the day!

Why we love this gift for sales professionals: These days, employees could be working from home, commuting to the office, or working from anywhere, but if they’re going to come back, welcome these sales pros with fun coworker gifts, elite swag, productivity tools, and more sales rep gifts.

Customizable? Yes!

Price: Custom pricing for each box

Where to get it: Welcome Back Box


10. Custom Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 Fire Pit

“Bring the heat!”

This 20lb portable stainless steel bonfire pit keeps you cookin’ on the move. Whether it’s s’more leads, or smokin’ hot closes, this sales pro gift is ‘fire’!

Why we love this gift for sales professionals: Whether they love backyard cooking, or enjoy camping and tailgating, this fire pit hits the spot.

Customizable? Yes

Price: $383.99

Where to get it: Custom Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 Fire Pit


11. Team Building Event For The Sales Team

“Business and pleasure”

From beer tastings to tie-dye workshops and poker, these not-so-corporate corporate experiences are the perfect team building activities for your sales team!

Why we love this gift for sales professionals: For each of these one-of-a-kind experiential business gifts, you can have a host, a teacher, or another professional to help guide your team through the particulars step-by-step.

Customizable? Yes!

Price: Sign up for free to get custom pricing

Where to get it: Team Building Event For The Sales Team


12. Blue Light Glasses

“MIB vibes for out of this world sales pros”

Blue Light Glasses are just the right eyewear for your best sales and customer service teams to look the part for their next mission.

Why we love this gift for sales professionals: Blue light is a visible form of light, so in the way that sunglasses protect the eyes from UV rays, blue light glasses protect the eyes from this visible type of light. Since sales pros are often required to spend long periods in front of screens (which cast blue light), these glasses not only look good but are an investment in their health.

Customizable? Yes!

Price: $4.46 to $7.28

Where to get it: Blue Light Glasses


13. Magnetic Tip Cable Organizer

 “For the traveling salesman”


Magnetic Tip Cable Organizer

This Magnetic Tip Cable Organizer is a sleek solution to end the chaos of tangled cords. With its innovative magnetic design, effortlessly manage cables with precision and style, keeping your workspace clutter-free and your devices seamlessly connected.

Why we love this gift for sales professionals: The Magnetic Tip Cable Organizer revolutionizes cable management by offering a hassle-free solution to keep cords neat and tidy. Its magnetic tips securely hold cables in place, preventing tangling and ensuring easy access whenever needed. With its versatile design, it works seamlessly with various cables, making it a must-have accessory for any workspace or home setup.

Customizable? No.

Price: 500 Pts

Where to get it: Magnetic Tip Cable Organizer


14. Herschel Novel 20” Duffle

“For the stylish salesperson”

The Herschel Novel Duffle is the perfect gift for stylish salespeople — and it also happens to be practical.

Why we love this gift for sales professionals: This weekender bag has loads of space for electronics and other sales tools, including a shoe compartment to help put the go in go-getter! Plus, you can have your company logo applied to this duffle, so it doubles as a nice promotional item for your employees to rep on their weekends away.

Customizable? Yes!

Price: $97.59

Where to get it: Herschel Novel 20” Duffle


15. Another Great Day To Make Cold Calls Mug

“Sales is all about consistency”

Your A-team of white-collar corporate hustlers deserves a glass of, well, whatever they please. That’s where the Another Great Day To Make Cold Calls Mug comes into play.

Why we love this gift for sales professionals: This ceramic travel mug is professionally printed on both sides and it’s dishwasher-safe and artwork-friendly. Sometimes, we can all use a little encouragement to keep going after it.

Customizable? Yes!

Price: $12.25

Where to get it: Another Great Day To Make Cold Calls Mug


16. American Roots

“Made in the USA, loved by tree lovers”

American Roots is a cup of American-grown green tea and buttery mini toffee cookies for maximum enjoyment and minimum impact on the environment. In fact, it’s better than minimum impact — this delicious gift box actually helps make it even better!

Why we love this gift for sales professionals: Every American Roots purchase helps support sustainable agriculture, indigenous communities, reforestation efforts, and as a bonus, a live giant sequoia tree sapling is planted. In addition to a seedling in a tube, this eco-friendly gift for salespeople comes with a booklet that explains the exact impact American Roots has on the environment.

Customizable? Yes!

Price: $45

Where to get it: American Roots

Pro-Tip: For more gift ideas like American Roots, check out SnackNation’s curated list of the best Gifts Made In The USA that your salespeople will love.


17. Thank You Gift Basket

“They say your gratitude determines your latitude”

The Thank You Gift Basket is a scrumptious spread of marvelously delicious goodies. Sometimes a salesperson doesn’t even need the extra motivation. They simply need to know they’re appreciated (your top saleswoman will love it!).

Why we love this gift for sales professionals: This gift for sales pros comes with French Chocolate Truffles, Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, Belgian Chocolates, a White Chocolate Truffle Bar, Columbian Coffee, Maple Wafer Cookies, and much, much more.

Customizable? Yes!

Price: $84.99

Where to get it: Thank You Gift Basket


18. The North Face Mountain Peaks Jacket

“Warmth for sales reps means warmth for the leads”

This high-quality, durable jacket is perfect for salesmen who regularly go out on door-to-door sales runs.

Why we love this gift for sales professionals: This gift for salesmen is extremely warm with a knit fleece body, water-repellent outer layer, and plenty of zippered pockets for any tools, gadgets, and gizmos a sales pro needs to feel fully equipped.

Customizable? Yes!

Price: $86.72 / item

Where to get it: The North Face Mountain Peaks Jacket

People Also Ask These Questions About Gifts For Sales Teams

Q: What is a good gift for the sales team?

  • A: A good gift for the sales team is anything that helps them destress, have fun, and improve their communication. Some ideas that offer some creativity while still making sure they will appreciate the gift is something they can use at work, gifts they can use on vacation, and any of course anything that tastes great! If you are looking for some more ideas, check out our list of the best gifts for sales teams in 2024.

Q: What is a unique gift to get someone for their first sale?

  • A: A unique gift to get someone for their first sale is an item that’s customized, personalized, or something that caters to a surprising interest the recipient has — as opposed to a coffee mug, another Bluetooth headset, cufflinks, an iPhone case, or a tumbler.

Q: How do I choose a memorable gift for a salesman?

  • A: A memorable gift for a salesman is anything that creates a memory or helps them bond with their team.

Q: How much should I spend on gifts for the entire sales team?

  • A: There’s no exact amount you should spend on gifts for the entire sales team. The key consideration should be what your budget is and perhaps giving gifts based on execution — sort of like an extra bonus sales incentive.

Q: Can you order sales gifts for multiple employees?

  • A: Yes, many of the gifts in this list are designed to be ordered for an entire team or entire set of clients who will all enjoy the item. Almost everyone loves the feeling of opening up a new present and these sales gift ideas are a good place to start.

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