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🧠 17 Best Virtual Trivia for Team Building in 2024

By July 3, 2024 July 9th, 2024

Article Overview: Looking for engaging and entertaining games based on virtual trivia for team building? Your search stops here! In this article we cover the best online trivia games designed to engage teams and strengthen bonds no matter where they are in the world.

It’s not easy to maintain a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences when your teams are remote. The situation can lead to demotivation and a loss of productivity over time.

Virtual trivia games are an effective solution that’s easy to implement, given the availability of many communication and collaboration tools online.

Virtual Trivia for Team Building hero imageThe virtual trivia games in this article can help you strengthen team bonds while encouraging friendly competition, knowledge sharing, and fostering team collaboration.

We at SnackNation curated this list based on our experience in testing these games to ensure they are engaging and effective for remote and hybrid teams.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

🧐 Curious about my favorite virtual trivia for team building?

Check out the list below!

1. Family Feud with a Twist

Effortless team building through a fun virtual team trivia game!

👉 Get Started!

Those are just some of things Elevent promises in this fun, zany, and ridiculously funny virtually hosted game show. We love how it’s designed to get all your team members participating in the trivia games, regardless of how quiet or seemingly introverted they are. Your intrepid host will lead all the participants through several rounds of fun and entertaining questions and surprises, culminating in a thrilling ‘Fast Money Finale!’ 

✅ How to implement this virtual trivia for remote employees: Simply make a reservation on Elevent’s website listing with the necessary number of participants, and you’re good to go! The event is priced at $30 per person.

  🔦 Real-Life Example:

Our host Nicole was absolute perfection, engaging the introverts and keeping things hilarious! A thousand thumbs up, would do again!” – Amanda G.


2. Jeoparty

Jeopardy with a twist for your remote team!

👉 Get Started!

In this thrilling and exciting hosted version of the popular game show Jeopardy, contestants battle it out to answer trivia questions to gain points and win the game show. Individual team members will be split up into different breakout rooms where they’ll compete against one another in teams. The points are added to the team’s total score at the end of the round. After all the rounds are completed, the final scores will be tallied, and the champion will be crowned!

✅ How to implement this virtual trivia for remote employees: Book the game directly on Elevent. The event is priced at $26 per person.

  🔦 Real-Life Example:

“We had a blast. Competitive and fun. Hosts were so fun and made the whole experience enjoyable.” – Anna L.


3. Virtual Trivia Championship

A super-fun trivia game for virtual team building!


👉 Get Started!

In this high-energy virtual trivia game, your remote teams will split into breakrooms, testing their speed, wits, and grit while answering trivia quizzes covering cities, movies, songs, objects, and Jeopardy-style challenges. Virtual games like these are a great way to energize teams and build morale as your colleagues work together to get the correct answers and win the top spot on the leaderboard.

✅ How to implement this virtual trivia for remote employees: Connect with the Outback team directly for quote. The self-hosted version with instruction guide ranges from $13 to $34 per person, while the event manager-hosted version ranges from $13 to $55, both prices depending on the team size.

  🔦 Real-Life Example:

“From beginning to end, the event planning execution was effortless. The Outback team was great to work with.” – Microsoft.


4. Custom Trivia

Customize your online trivia quiz just the way you like it!

Virtual Custom Trivia

👉 Get Started!

Virtual trivia games can be a drag if you can’t choose the themes you want to base the questions on. That’s no longer a problem with Custom Trivia. For this fun game, you can choose from 30 different themes, including animals, finish the lyrics, influential books, American history, are you smarter than a 5th grader?, popular movies, science, and NBA/NFL. Teams will be guided through four exciting rounds of trivia on Zoom.

✅ How to implement this virtual trivia for remote employees: Simply navigate to the Confetti website, choose from 30 exciting customizations, and book this event online.

  🔦 Real-Life Example:

“Everything was great and all of the information was super clear. Really loved our hosts, it moved quickly, was engaging, funny, and our team had a really good time!” – Jenn, PeoplePath


5. Trivia with a Twist

Fun online trivia game that appeals to a broad audience!

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If you’re looking for virtual trivia games that are entertaining but don’t necessarily need a lot of brain power, you can do no wrong with Trivia with a Twist. Featuring multiple rounds of varying trivia topics, this game will ensure your team members will never get bored. The topics incorporate questions of varying levels of complexity to keep each team member wholly engaged.

✅ How to implement this virtual trivia for remote employees: Book this hosted virtual event online at the Elevent website.

  🔦 Real-Life Example:

“Fun event and a welcome break in the day. I enjoy seeing some friendly faces and working alongside some new ones too. Our host Jason was great – engaging and funny.” Erika L.


6. Virtual Happy Hour Trivia

Host your next Happy Hour at a lively and vastly entertaining virtual pub!

👉 Get Started!

This virtually hosted event (at a Scottish pub, no less!) features four rounds of pub trivia from a range of 20 different topics with a dedicated event manager. The game contains “pub soundscapes, visual surprises, and warm-hearted humor” to ensure that team members have a great time. There ‘may’ even be a few extra surprises. Wink!

Needless to say, it’s a great team building exercise too.

✅ How to implement this virtual trivia for remote employees: Simply book the Virtual Happy Hour Trivia event online at Outback; experts in virtual trivia events perfect for team building and engagement.

  🔦 Real-Life Example:

“Mike is such a fabulous host and entertainer! He brings quick wit, great charm, and fantastic energy to his events!” – Netflix


7. Virtual Office Olympics

Olympics-themed virtual team building activity for remote teams!


👉 Get Started!

If you’re on the hunt for online trivia games that incorporate sports-trivia, you’ll love Virtual Office Olympics. Designed to strengthen teamwork and collaboration, this game will have teams racing against the clock to win Olympic Gold by smashing Olympics-themed challenges and answering sports trivia to earn the most points first!

✅ How to implement this virtual trivia for remote employees: Book online at the Outback website. You can choose to either self-host or have the event hosted by Outback for you. Prices per person vary depending on the team size.

  🔦 Real-Life Example:

“It was fun for all of us. It brought us together across geographies – working together as teams and having a lot of fun. We really saw some skills that we didn’t know each other had. And, you know what, a little competition, and a lot of fun.” – Medtronic


8. Sporcle

An inexhaustible supply of online trivia quizzes at your fingertips!


👉 Get Started!

Trigger Warning! Sporcle is hard to resist! Featuring over one million user-generated quizzes, Sporcle is a FREE and endless source of mental diversions that challenge your brain cells. They even have weekly live events if you’re looking to engage with other avid quiz players.

The categories are just as varied, featuring sports, geography, movies, television, literature, language, and more.

✅ How to implement this virtual trivia for remote employees: Simply play online at Sporcle. Opt for a subscription if you want to get rid of the ads and get more features.

  🔦 Real-Life Example:

“Sporcle is a great way of entertainment for those that enjoy taking quizzes fun and even a way of studying. There’s quizzes for just about everything – music, art, geography, etc.” – Liam F.


9. Team Trivia

Professionally hosted and fully interactive virtual trivia for up to 20 people.

👉 Get Started!

One of several trivia games for Zoom featured on this list, Team Trivia keeps it simple, interactive and fun for small teams. Teams will be split into different breakout rooms. The host will ask the trivia questions and then tally up the results at the end to crown the winner of the challenge.

✅ How to implement this virtual trivia for remote employees: Book the team trivia online at Elevent for a flat rate of $250 for up to 20 people.

  🔦 Real-Life Example:

“SO MUCH FUN !!! Great host and a great range of topics for everyone to get involved in !!!” – Jacklyn R.


10. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Who doesn’t?

👉 Get Started!

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? is the free online version of the popular award-winning game show of the same name. Even though the game is free, you still stand a chance to win dollars in prize money. You have to answer a total of 15 questions, the level of difficulty and prize money increasing with each subsequent question for a total of a million dollars. This history and rules of the game are available onsite to refer to before you start.

✅ How to implement this virtual trivia for remote employees: Simply play for free online at WWBM.

  🔦 Real-Life Example:

“I think this is a great game. It is challenging and fun. ” – Isle


11. Virtual Friendly Feud Social

High-energy competition and super-engaging social mixers in one place!


👉 Get Started!

Virtual Friendly Feud Social is a fun activity for remote teams, where you and your colleagues will break out into teams to compete by answering survey questions focused on culture and human nature. To add an element of social engagement, each round of questions is followed by a guided social mixture, that involves a group discussion for deeper exploration of the survey questions from the previous round.

✅ How to implement this virtual trivia for remote employees: Book Virtual Friendly Feud Social online at Outback.

  🔦 Real-Life Example:

“I thought the event was EXCELLENT and I would definitely hire you again for upcoming events. Thank you!” – Capital One


12. Excellent 80s’ Trivia

A bold trivia game for lovers of the 80s’!

👉 Get Started!

Teams compete via a shared communication app to answer 80s trivia questions correctly and gain points to win. Categories include music, history, entertainment, and lots more! A live host will guide quiz participants through 3-4 awesome rounds of trivia. Teams will discuss answers among themselves while the Team Captain records the final answers. The final round determines the winning team!

✅ How to implement this virtual trivia for remote employees: Book the Excellent 80s Trivia online at Confetti.

  🔦 Real-Life Example:

“We had such a great experience. Well organized, hosts were professional, funny, and contagiously positive. The trivia was challenging, but we enjoyed the non-traditional format of the session.” – Chyann, Wavemaker


13. Virtual Trivia Time Machine

Go back in time to the swinging sixties!

👉 Get Started!

In this exciting time traveler game, the Outback Time Machine transports you back to the 60s, where you get to experience the sights, sounds, and vibes of the cultural era from the comfort of your home while competing to win the game. The host will warm up teams with breakout room mixers called ‘table hopper rounds’ and split them into teams before proceeding to the live game show, complete with game show host, buzzer, and trivia questions raining at lightning speed.

✅ How to implement this virtual trivia for remote employees: Book the Virtual Trivia Time Machine online at Outback.

  🔦 Real-Life Example:

“It was well organized and lots of fun. The team really enjoyed it and there has been lots of great feedback. Our Virtual Trivia Host was fantastic and so engaging and helpful with clear instructions on what we needed to do. The Employee Engagement Consultant who I was in contact with to book the event originally was also very knowledgeable and easy to work with.” – Chevron


14. Star Wars Trivia

Made just for Star Wars Fans!

👉 Get Started!

In the Star Wars Trivia game, an engaging host will lead teams through 3 to 4 rounds of Star Wars trivia, covering movies, Episodes 1 to 9, Behind the Scenes, and more! Questions vary in difficulty to engage all levels of fans! Teams also get extra points for fun and sassy answers. Teams will discuss answers through a shared communication gap while the Team Captain records and sends the final answers.

✅ How to implement this virtual trivia for remote employees: Book this experience for your remote employees online at Confetti.

  🔦 Real-Life Example:

“Confetti hosted an amazing event for my team. It was fun, challenging, competitive, and engaging! Our host was incredible and super funny.” – Lucy, LeagueApps


15. Frost’s Virtual Holiday Trivia

Ring in the festive season with this fun-packed trivia game!


👉 Get Started!

If you’re planning your year-end work activities and events, don’t forget to include online trivia games like Frost’s Virtual Holiday Trivia. This seasonal, virtual trivia game consists of three rounds of holiday and winter-themed questions. Answer questions correctly to gain points and vie for the top spot. The game also includes a round of icebreaker questions, guaranteed to break down silos and build bonds from the get-go!

✅ How to implement this virtual trivia for remote employees: Book Frost’s Virtual Holiday Trivia online at Outback.

  🔦 Real-Life Example:

“Mike was brilliant to work with. He is so creative and versatile. The event was delivered smoothly and I would love to work with him again in the future.” – Electronic Arts


16. Heardle

Free online trivia game for die-hard music enthusiasts!

👉 Get Started!

The best part of Heardle is that you don’t need to create an account or sign up to the website. In this game, all you have to do is guess the song name in six attempts. It’s not as easy as it sounds, though. Heardle has a large database of millions of songs across genres. You can also choose from theme-based trivia sets, such as Heardle 80s, Ariana Grande Heardle, Easy Heardle, and more!

✅ How to implement this virtual trivia for remote employees: Simply go to the website and you can start playing straight away. Remote teams can play in groups and have fun guessing the song together.

  🔦 Real-Life Example:

“If you’re a fan of easy-to-play daily puzzle games like Wordle, you’re a bit of a music buff, I’m betting you’ll have a lot of fun with Zelda Heardle. It’s not perfect, but it’s also free, so I’m not sure how anyone could say the game isn’t worth playing day after day.” – Zac


17. Daily Dozen Trivia Grid

Play trivia games for free online!

👉 Get Started!

If you’re looking for free online trivia games, you’ll love the Daily Dozen Trivia Grid! You’ll have nine questions based on nine different topics, like NFL, History, Beverages, Celebrity Mashup, and so on, in this timed game. There’s a leaderboard as well, plus you’ll be competing with thousands of other online players for the top spot.

✅ How to implement this virtual trivia for remote employees: Simply create a free account at Daily Dozen Trivia to get started. You’ll get a new game on email daily.

  🔦 Real-Life Example:

“A fun app for trivia lovers and fans of the Dozen. The gameplay is smooth and game can be completed in a handful of minutes. The app design looks nice and runs smoothly. There are great user features like a leaderboard to show how you stack up against other players”

People Also Ask These Questions About Virtual Trivia for Team Building

Q: What is virtual trivia for team building?

  • A: Virtual trivia for team building is an online activity where team members participate in a quiz-style game from remote locations. It helps foster camaraderie, boosts morale, and enhances knowledge-sharing among colleagues.

Q: How do you organize virtual trivia for team building?

  • A: Organizing virtual trivia involves selecting a platform like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, preparing trivia questions tailored to your team’s interests, setting clear rules, and ensuring everyone has access to the game link or app.

Q: What are the benefits of virtual trivia for team building?

  • A: Virtual trivia promotes team bonding by encouraging friendly competition, improving communication skills, and creating a fun atmosphere that boosts team morale and engagement.

Q: What types of trivia questions work best for virtual team building?

  • A: The best trivia questions for virtual team building are diverse, covering a range of topics from pop culture to company history, ensuring they are challenging yet accessible to all team members.

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