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41 Gigantically Fun Large Group Team Building Activities & Games In 2024

By February 22, 2024 April 17th, 2024


If you build it, they will come.

We’re not talking about the Field of Dreams; we’re talking about team building for large groups. If you want to be part of a strong team (and honestly, who doesn’t?), then you must build it, and hosting team building activities happens to be one of the most straightforward ways to do it.

As it turns out, large group games aren’t only straightforward ways to boost teamwork; they’re also effective ways to bring your team members together—something you might consider if you want your top performers to stick around.

“Team building is essential to creating a strong, cohesive work force. By participating in team-building activities, employees are able to connect with one another on a deeper level, fostering trust and support. This can lead to improved communication, productivity and cooperation.” — The Assist, a free 4x weekly work productivity email newsletter

As many as 37% of employees stick with their jobs because of their connection to a solid team.

Are you ready to build, strengthen, and invigorate your team? Host some of the games and activities below and your team will come (together).

In a hurry? Check out these team building activities for the ultimate fun!

Virtual Clue Murder Mystery  🔎 Solve the case and crack the code Murder Mystery
Original Game Show 🚨 Play to win and show off your knowledge Game Show
Digital Recognition Wall 💯 Send recognition points that can be redeemed for gifts & prizes Recognition Wall
Outdoor Scavenger Hunt 👀 Explore, discover, and have fun Scavenger Hunt
Jeopardy Trivia Quiz
❓ Get ready for the ultimate trivia battle Jeopardy Trivia

Recommended Corporate Games for Large Groups 

  1   Outback Team Building

With more than 20 virtual and in-person team building activities, Outback Team Building specializes in delivering engaging, effective experiences designed to strengthen collaboration and communication within corporate groups.

Catering to a wide range of group sizes, including large corporate entities, Outback Team Building’s portfolio of games and challenges is geared towards enhancing teamwork through memorable and enjoyable moments. Their expertise lies in meticulously planned events that promise tangible team development outcomes.


Best for: Outback Team Building excels in crafting bespoke team-building experiences that foster unity, encourage strategic thinking, and enhance interpersonal skills within large groups, making it an ideal choice for corporations looking to invest in their team’s growth and cohesion.

Notable Features

1) Customizable Activities: Tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each corporate group, ensuring an impactful and relevant team-building experience.

2) Wide Range of Activities: An extensive selection of games and challenges designed to suit various interests and objectives, from outdoor adventures to indoor puzzles.

3) Professional Facilitation: Expert facilitation by experienced staff, ensuring each event runs smoothly and achieves its intended team-building goals.

Notable Companies that use this team building vendor:

  • Sony
  • H&M
  • Oracle

Learn more: Outback Team Building

“Super easy, well organized, and flexible. It is two days later and people are still talking about different aspects of the event! A very responsive team.” — Oracle

  2   Confetti

Confetti is a leading provider in the corporate events space, offering a diverse range of interactive, engaging games and activities tailored for large groups. They specialize in creating experiences that are designed to boost team morale, nurture collaboration, and inject fun into the corporate environment.

With a focus on DEI-friendly innovation and customization, Confetti ensures that each event is uniquely suited to the goals and culture of the hosting company.


Best for: Confetti stands out for its ability to curate personalized events that cater to large teams’ dynamics and interests, making it a go-to for companies seeking to strengthen team bonds through fun and inclusive activities.

Notable Features

1) Wide Variety of Games: From virtual escape rooms to trivia contests, Confetti offers an expansive catalog of games that cater to different group sizes and preferences. Additionally, Confetti has seasonal events, health and wellness challenges, and learning and development resources.

2) Customization Options: Events can be tailored to align with company values, themes, or specific team-building objectives, ensuring a personalized experience.

3) Seamless Integration: Their platform offers easy integration with popular corporate communication tools, making the organization and event participation effortless.

Notable Companies that use this team building vendor:

  • LinkedIn
  • Vimeo
  • Finvisor

Learn more: Confetti

“As the event planner for our team, Confetti makes the whole process so much easier on me… I barely have to do anything! Just pick the activity and pay an invoice. It really is that simple.” — Jourdin H., Administrative Assistant, Finvisor

  3   The Go Game

The Go Game is at the forefront of corporate team-building activities, providing interactive games tailored for large groups seeking to enhance teamwork and communication.

They specialize in combining technology-driven and creative challenges that encourage collaboration and problem-solving. With a focus on custom-designed experiences,

The Go Game is dedicated to making every corporate event unforgettable and impactful.

Best for: The Go Game excels in creating custom, technology-enhanced team-building experiences for large groups seeking creative problem-solving and fun competitive challenges. The real kicker is how The Go Game helps to boost employee retention in the long run.

Notable Features

1) Tech-Enhanced Games: Utilizes cutting-edge technology to create immersive and interactive team-building experiences.

2) Customizable Scenarios: Offers the ability to tailor games and challenges to fit a corporate group’s specific themes or goals.

3) Global Reach: Capable of hosting games in multiple locations simultaneously, making it ideal for companies with distributed teams.

Notable Companies that use this team building vendor:

  • HBO
  • SpaceX
  • TaskRabbit

Learn more: The Go Game

“Everyone was blown away – this ain’t your mama’s average scavenger hunt – this is next level!” — TaskRabbit

Team Building Games For Large Groups

1) Crime Junkie Murder Mystery Event

“On this episode of Crime Junkie…”

Put your detective hats on with this large group activity that will improve your team’s collaboration and communication skills. Race to solve the crime using clues, case files, and logic before the time runs out.

Pro-Tip: This murder mystery event is also available for distributed and hybrid teams with a virtual clue murder mystery experience.

Number of participants: 4 – 10,000+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: It’s a great way to problem solve as a team, get immersed in a murder mystery, and have fun as a group.

Learn more: Does your team have what it takes to crack the case?


2) Virtual Holiday Event on Zoom

“Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month in May!”

Plan a remote team event for your distributed team to honor an upcoming holiday in style! Devise your own set of activities and mini games or work with a team building vendor to host a Zoom event for you.

These remote events are perfectly paired with a physical gift box or care package that you can pack with a beer for St. Patty’s Day, sustainable swag for Earth Day, or maybe fill it Christmas-themed gifts!

Number of participants: 5 – 500+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: Holidays are a special time to join your colleagues to celebrate a specific day with games, team building activities, and some casual conversation.

Learn more: Sign up for Confetti to explore their ever-growing catalog of holiday-themed activities that are perfect for larger groups.

Some of the SnackNation team’s favorites include:

Earth Day 🌍 Promote healthy living and support the environment with virtual activities Earth Day
AAPI Heritage Month 🎏 Explore Asian art, history, and culture in May AAPI Heritage
Mental Health Month 🧠 Support mental health in the workplace Mental Health
Star Wars Day 🪐 Plan a virtual event in a galaxy far, far away Star Wars Day
Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈 Show your support for the LGBTQ community in June with Pride fun Pride Month
👉 Sign up for Confetti to try out your next holiday activity! 



3) Build A Bike

“Build durable team bonds and show-stopping bikes.”

Contribute to charity while growing closer to your team. In this activity, you assemble your dream team to assemble fully operational bicycles that are ready to donate. Creating something with your team will feel good, and donating your products will feel even better.

Number of participants: 100+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: This activity has a perfectly focused objective: build a bike. As a result, you avoid the meandering and lack of participation that can sometimes happen in massive groups. Every single person in your large group will easily find a way to contribute.

Learn more: Build A Bike


4) Virtual Escape Quest

“Make a great escape and epic memories.”

Confetti Escape Quest

Following the grand tradition of online escape rooms, this game sends guests scrambling to find clues and decipher puzzles—all to escape the dangers at hand. Decode cryptic memes in a modern cyber-mystery or explore a lost city during a classic archeological adventure.

Number of participants: Unlimited amount of 5-person teams.

Why this team building game is great for large groups: Confetti can break teams of any size into smaller groups of adventurers to ensure that everyone experiences every single thrill of escape.

Learn more: Visit Virtual Escape Quest


5) Happier Hour

“Creating connection with laughter.”

Gather the team live or virtually for an unforgettable shared experience. Join together to learn more about yourself and your teammates with our unique blend of improv-based activities and games. This event is fully interactive and participatory and will leave you laughing.

Number of participants: 5 – 500

Why this team building game is great for large groups: Great for large groups because not only are the exercises fully interactive, but even if a person is joining remotely they will laugh and learn a helpful comedy tool! Trust is created through shared laughter that connects people across departments and generations.

Learn more: Laughter On Call


6) The Amazing Chase

“Here’s your next clue.”

The Amazing Chase is a large group outdoor activity that will help your team explore any city and bond as a group – just like on the TV show! Here’s how it works:

  1. Split into teams and download the app to start The Amazing Chase
  2. Follow clues around the city and take on challenges to unlock new destinations
  3. Work together to complete the challenges and race to the finish line!

Number of participants: 4 – 1000+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: A great way to get outside, explore a nearby town or city, and race to earn the most points.

Learn more: Start planning your race around the world (city) – the chase is on! 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏼💨


7) Use an Icebreaker Template

“Liven up your meeting!”

Best Icebreaker Tools & Apps

Icebreaker templates are an easy way for employees to engage with large groups and create collaborative conversations. By utilizing icebreakers such as group discussions, polls, and challenges, team members can quickly get to know each other in a fun, meaningful way. Icebreakers help break the ice and make everyone feel comfortable participating. They can also help to increase engagement, focus on team building and encourage collaboration.

Take a look at some of our favorite icebreaker templates.

Mindfulness Bingo 🎯 Help your team incorporate mindfulness into the workday Mindfulness Bingo
Rose, Bud, Thorn 🌹 Reflect on the weekend with your group Rose & Thorn
Workshop Energizers 💡 Kick off your morning with some flair Energizers
Icebreaker for Introverts 🥶 Skip the small talk and break the ice Icebreaker
1 Truth 2 Lies 🤥 Can you guess the truth from the lies 1 Truth 2 Lies


8) Virtual Time Machine Trivia

“What year is it?!?!”


Part game show, part trivia competition, and part blast from the past — Virtual Time Machine Trivia is a large group team building activity played online that will have your teams shuffling through the decades answering trivia questions, buzzing in with their phones, and learning a bit about history in the process.

Number of participants: 4 – 1000+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: The online video call allows large groups to log on at the same time from anywhere to participate in the fun. Whether split up into groups of 4, 8, or somewhere in between — your group will be competing for trivia glory in a virtual hangout.

Learn more: No time like the present to learn more about turning on the time machine.


9) The Original Game Show

“An epic virtual game show starring you and your team.”

Put on your game face and get ready for some fast-paced fun.

The Go Game has some unforgettable in-person, virtual, and hybrid experiences to help your whole squad get excited about work.

Whether it’s their Classic Adventure scavenger hunt, their indoor (or virtual) Game Show, their Lip Dub (where you and your coworkers lip-synch to one of your favorite songs and make an epic music video), or one of their fully virtual experiences, your charming event host will bring out the laughs, inspire communication and self-expression, and make everyone see the true importance of team building.

This game will make anyone see the true importance of team building; it gets the whole squad excited about work, inspires self-expression, and even gets everyone communicating more fluently with one another.

Number of participants: 10 – 10,000+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: The experts at The Go Game know how to manage groups of all sizes (including ridiculously large sizes), and your live event host will make sure every member of your group is participating and engaged.

Learn more: Visit The Go Game to learn more about their custom Original Game Show experience.


10) Charades

“An old-school game that never gets old.”


Engage your entire group in the timeless and always-hilarious act of guessing the meaning of non-verbal communication cues. Easy to play either in-person or virtually, charades requires creative thinking and snap decision-making on the part of the performer and radical listening and sympathetic perception on the part of the guessers. Plus, plenty of team bonding happens as everyone builds on each other’s guesses to ultimately arrive at the correct answer.

Number of participants: 100+ in person / 20 or less virtual

Why this team building game is great for large groups: The more people in the audience guessing, the better. This activity has practically no participant cap, making it perfect for groups of any size.

Learn more: How to play charades

Pro-Tip: Once you got the basics down, there is an online version of Charades that is perfect for large teams here to check out.


11) Wild Goose Chase

“Wander with purpose.”


Get your team on their feet and encourage them to explore their local environment with the help of a custom-built scavenger hunt from Outback Team Building. Professional tour guides and event coordinators work together to ensure your company’s team building scavenger hunt captivates and engages your team.

Number of participants: 2 – 300+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: This large-group activity is custom tailored for your organization and combines physical activity with challenges that encourage critical thinking and collaboration.

Learn more: Schedule a free consultation to start planning your custom team building event.


12) Corporate Castaways

“The team has spoken.”

Time to outwit, outlast, and outplay your coworkers in this Survivor-themed activity that recreates the spirit of this long-running television program.

  1. Your group will be split into teams and challenged to come up with unique tribe names and flags
  2. Tribes will have to strategize to complete as many challenges as possible before time runs out
  3. The tribe that earns the most points will win the title of Corporate Castaways champions!

Number of participants: 25 – 2,000+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: The reality-show game can be structured around any size group making it perfect for a team, department, or an entire office. It’s a great way to get employees outside to tackle fun physical and mental challenges — all while working together.

Learn more: Try out this spin on the classic reality television show Survivor. No fire-making skills needed!


13) Virtual Mash-Up

“A spectacular assortment of games that work together to make groups into teams.”

Virtual Mashup

Back-to-back high-stakes projects can strengthen your team, but we understand if you’re looking for a more fun way to do it. That’s where this virtual mash-up comes in. Bond with your team as you bounce between games that challenge your intellect while making you laugh. In this online group game you’ll improvise a hand-sketched rogue gallery, speed through riddles, and even play a round of surprise and tell.

Number of participants: Up to 300

Why this team building game is great for large groups: With so many games to choose from, absolutely everyone in your large group will find a little competition they want to dive into.

Learn more: Visit Virtual Mashup


14) Domino Effect Challenge

“It’s all connected”


This activity allows every member of your team to get their hands dirty, maximize their collective creativity and intelligence, and build something magnificent. It’s perfect for employers investing in innovative ways of fostering organizational collaboration and empowerment.

Number of participants: 8 – 2,000+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: The Domino Effect Challenge offers a unique opportunity for employees and colleagues to work together in teams to create a large-scale chain reaction machine. This team building activity encourages collaboration and communication among employees and coworkers. With everyone cheering each other on and striving towards achieving an extraordinary result together, morale will skyrocket, and productivity will soar.

Learn more: Domino Effect Challenge


15) Wine + Comedy

“A wine-filled experience full of laughs.”

Wine + Comedy

Comedian and Sommelier, Patrick Ney, guides you through a wine tasting while injecting good-natured jokes, quips, and conversation starters. Pat is the host of the “High Spirits Wine Tasting Comedy Show” and brings his comedic spin to his virtual wine tasting. He calls it “Winefotainment” and a combination of wine, entertainment, and information.

Number of participants: 10+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: Guests will connect over shared laughs and a few delicious varietals to sip on during the event.

Learn more: Start laughing with this virtual comedy show.


16) Virtual Team Pursuit

“The ultimate test of knowledge.”


Teamwork, problem-solving, and an unforgettable good time come rolled up in this activity. To play this game, you’ll break into small groups and race through a series of challenges that will test your mental, physical, and deductive mettle. Completing the challenges isn’t even the most rewarding part of the game; the most fulfilling part is learning tons of new things about your colleagues.

Number of participants: 4 – 1000+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: This team building company breaks large in-person or teams into small groups to make sure everyone can be involved and included as they complete the challenges. This format allows tons of people to get in on the fun.

Learn more: Check out Virtual Team Pursuit


17) Movie Buffs

“It’s showtime!”

This truly unique movie game presents a fun and unusual approach to employee engagement. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed film aficionado, or just casually acquainted with the silver screen, Movie Buffs has something for everyone.

Number of participants: 10 – 10,000+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: With engaging trivia rounds, creative team posters, and rapid-fire movie quizzes, everyone can dive into this competitive game. Movie Buffs will help team members laugh, bond, and challenge themselves.

Learn more: Movie Buffs


18) Team Retreat Adventure

“Plan an unforgettable adventure.”

Assemble your team in a place where watercoolers and copy machines are nowhere to be found. With a team retreat, you can bring your coworkers together to bond with each other over activities, games, and shared meals.

Number of participants: 5 – 200+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: You can plan several activities so your team members can experience a new place together without having to feel pressured to participate in every single thing.

Learn more: Start planning your next corporate retreat with the team at The Go Game


Bonus: Two Tweets And A Lie

“A rip-roaring game of Twitter fact vs. fiction.”

Two tweets and a lieThis game plays like the classic, Two Truths and a Lie. Everyone on your team will simply head into the Twitterverse to find two ridiculous, but real, Tweets from real people. Then they fabricate one Tweet that’s just as outrageous as the real ones. Everyone else must guess which Tweet is the fib.

Pro-Tip: Easily use this game as a short icebreaker before your next virtual team building event or play it a few times with your small teams.

Number of participants: 100+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: It’s easy for everyone in a large group to shout out their guesses. You can also run this game by grouping players into smaller teams for a quieter event.

Learn more: Follow the basic rules of the classic game, Two Truths and a Lie


Team Building Activities & Exercises For Large Groups

19) Scavenger Hunt by Go Game

“Go on a hunt for new ways to bond with your new team.”

Go Game Scavenger Hunt App

Nothing brings a team together like a scavenger hunt: the fun, the interaction, the problem solving, the friendly competition – it’s the perfect team builder for large teams. Through Go Game’s mobile and browser apps, individuals and teams can participate in a scavenger hunt app that has them snapping photos, taking videos, answering questions, scanning QR codes, providing feedback and more. This works great for a day out or you can leave it open for a week (or longer) for longer engagement.

Pro-Tip: Looking for virtual events? Check out these virtual scavenger hunts.

Number of participants: 10 – 10,000+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: Go Game can scale to any group size without the headaches that it normally takes to scale a large event. Even better, you don’t lose any of the fun, closeness or interaction as the event scales up with features like a real-time leaderboard, photostream and more.

Learn more: Take advantage of Go Game’s DIY, Turn Key and Full Service solutions to easily engage your large team.


20) Perfect Square

“Rope + blindfolds = teamwork.”

Perfect Square

All you need for this activity is your team, a rope, and a blindfold. What could possibly go wrong?

This deceptively simple game makes a surprisingly effective team building exercise. Can you and your team work together to make a perfect square without peeking? Even if you fail miserably, you’ll get plenty of laughs when you take off your blindfolds and behold your far-from-symmetrical masterpiece.

Pro-Tip: Use this activity as a warm-up for a new team or as an impromptu addition to your virtual game night

Number of participants: 500+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: The supplies for this activity are inexpensive and easy to find, so you’ll have no problem getting enough for your large group. And with instructions so simple, you won’t have to worry that the “people in the back” didn’t catch the facilitator’s guidance.

Learn more: Setup your Perfect Square


21) City Brew Tours

“Raise a glass to your favorite team.”


After you’ve completed an unforgettable scavenger hunt, you’ll no doubt be on the hunt for the next adventure. This time around, pair an informative tour of your city with beer.

A City Brew Tour will send you romping around your city, sampling local brews along with local culture and history.

Number of participants: Up to 500

Why this team building game is great for large groups: Even larger groups can feel as close as can be with the help of a simple toast and a shared experience. A brew tour leaves absolutely no one on the outside looking in.

Learn more: Visit City Brew Tours


22) Builder, Looker, Runner

“Play your way to a stronger team.”

Builder Looker Runner

Can you develop better communication skills while playing with classic Lego building blocks? Absolutely.

In this game, you and your team try to recreate a model structure. Everyone gets a very specific role: the builder, the looker, the runner, or the marketer. You’ll build camaraderie as you each carry out your role and try to build something amazing.

Round out this activity by sending everyone on your team a box of snacks and goodies from Goody.

Number of participants: 100+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: When your large group breaks up into smaller teams and launches this activity, the excitement in the room will be palpable. Not to mention the competition of a bunch of small groups pleasantly ups the stakes.

Learn more: Check out Builder, Looker, Runner


23) Virtual Pub: Drunk History Edition

“The virtual pub is the new neighborhood pub.”

Drunk History

Step into the pub (a.k.a. click on a Zoom link) to show your great team a great time. Participants are tasked with retelling the story of an obscure historical event without consulting the internet or any other reference. How was Coca-Cola invented? What was it like witnessing the Wright Brothers’ first flight? What little-known details are there to share about the invention of basketball? You never know what kind of crazy twists these tales might take.

BYOB: Supply your own goodies for your night at the virtual pub. Caroo’s Happy Hour box has you covered.

Number of participants: 2 – 300+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: This large group game allows guests to flex their history knowledge while enjoying a nice adult beverage. It’s easy for large groups of people to come and go as they please. Incorporate some virtual pub trivia activities if you want to keep everyone active.

Learn more: Step into the Virtual Pub: Drunk History Edition


24) Marshmallow Catapult Challenge

“Marshmallow madness makes for friendly competition.”

Marshmallow Catapult Challenge

If your team enjoyed the Marshmallow Challenge team building event, then they’ll love the Marshmallow Catapult Challenge. Follow the rules of the classic Marshmallow Challenge, but ask participants to make marshmallow catapults instead of towers. The team with the farthest marshmallow trajectory takes the cake (or all the leftover marshmallows).

As everyone builds, you’ll observe in action the power of a common goal—making catapults that turn your conference room into a marshmallow war zone.

Number of participants: 500+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: The more marshmallows the merrier. When lots of teams participate in this food-inspired challenge, the innovation will skyrocket.

Learn more: Start your Marshmallow Catapult Challenge


Team Building Ideas For Large Groups

25) Splash Like Jackson Pollock

“Celebrate the art of teamwork.”

Splash Like Jackson Pollock

This activity is for anyone who can (or wants to learn to) see their artistic potential in acrylic painting.

Your group members will love collectively exploring their artistic potential. Confetti provides the materials and facilitation; you provide the mind for artistic exploration. (Increase the challenge by completing this activity after a City Brew Tour.)

Number of participants: 20+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: Large teams will take artistic ventures even further out of everyone’s comfort zone. All those minds going into your piece will surely result in something extraordinary.

Learn more: Start your Virtual Painting Class in style.


26) Virtual Code Break

“Can you crack the code?”

This exciting team building activity allows employees from all over the world to engage in a challenging and collaborative virtual experience. Your remote teams will compete to solve an array of puzzles, riddles, and trivia questions.

Number of participants: 4 – 1000+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: Participants will need to work together and communicate effectively to use each others’ unique strengths when solving the brain teasers. It’s the perfect way for everyone to build important skills and work on their problem-solving abilities from wherever they are.

Learn more: Virtual Code Break


27) Icebreaker Box

“Break down the ice ice baby.”


Managing a large group can be difficult. Managing a large group of remote employees can be even harder. Set your group up for success at your next virtual team building event with a dedicated Icebreaker Box with activities to get everyone psyched up for a memorable event. Fully-loaded with delicious snacks, party favors, and a make-your-own cocktail kit — this team building box will deliver.

Number of participants: 4 – 500+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: It can be hard to get everyone to buy-in at the start of a planned team building event. This icebreaking care package helps to structure the first few minutes by focusing the group while providing them with a burst of energy from high-quality snacks.

Learn more: Talk to the experts at Stadium to start building out your next Icebreaker Box!


28) Egg Drop Challenge

“Can your team do better than all the king’s horses and all the king’s men?”

Egg Drop Challenge

Can you and your teammates keep raw eggs safe? You will all put your heads together to design a landing pad to protect your fragile eggs. This experiment benefits from multiple perspectives. Everyone will enjoy hearing their teammates suggest design nuances they never even considered.

Number of participants: 100+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: The more small groups you split into, the more design prototypes the rest of the team will get to see and test. Have each small group discuss something new they learned about teamwork to enhance the learning aspect of this activity.

Learn more: Check out the Egg Drop Challenge


29) The Jigsaw Challenge

“The classic jigsaw puzzle is a highly visual symbol of effective teamwork.”

Jigsaw Challenge

Break into small teams, hand out different jigsaw puzzles, and race to make your puzzle whole before anyone else. You’ll love learning if your team does better by going with the flow or focusing on a strategy. Notice how you communicate as you link the pieces together. Most of us have assembled a puzzle before, but doing it in a team challenge context will illuminate interesting social dynamics.

Pro-Tip: Do a variation on this game where the puzzle pieces in each box are purposefully mixed up. Does the team arrive harmoniously at the conclusion that their pieces will never come together to make a whole or does chaos ensue?

Number of participants: 500+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: Perfect for both indoor and outdoor team building, this activity also makes it easy for members of small groups to float around to different teams. You can even do a “musical chairs” set up where teams must disperse and resemble. The unifying goal is assembling a puzzle; it doesn’t have to be the same one you started with, and you don’t have to do it with the same team you started with.

Learn more: Visit The Jigsaw Challenge


30) JeopardAI

“Take on Artificial Intelligence in a series of challenges.”


Join forces with your fellow human coworkers to challenge AI to a series of mini-games, trivia quiz shows, puzzle challenges, and all sorts of fun activities. You can even submit your own categories for the artificial intelligence to create a custom category of quiz questions to work through.

Plus, participating teams can even challenge AI if you think the computer is incorrect. Override the robots and score bonus points in an interactive game show that puts a new spin on the team-building format.

Number of participants: 4 – 500+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: This event is easy to set up and can be played more than once since Artificial Intelligence can create a million different categories and game types.

Learn more: Book your Experience here or learn more about JeopardAI to see if it works for your large team.

Check out this one-minute video to see JeopardAI in action!

👉 Try out JeopardAI 🤖


31) Happier Hour

“Bring out everyone’s inner comedian.”

Call in the pros to fill your happy hour with laughs worthy of a comedy club. Prompts and icebreaker games will help each of your co-workers channel their inner comedian.

This event is the perfect way to keep the good times flowing after you’ve enjoyed some casual fun at the Virtual Pub.

Number of participants: 20+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: When it comes to this activity, the bigger the group, the bigger the laughs. This game’s prompts and icebreakers help make sure everyone in your group feels included.

Learn more: Start your Happier Hour


32) Pandemic The Board Game Tournament

“Simulate tackling real-world problems with your dream team.”

Pandemic Board Game

A board game tournament may sound intense, but it’s really quite easy to pull off. Split your entire team into small groups, play the game, and keep a leaderboard (it could even be Post-Its on a whiteboard) of the highest scorers. After each round, pit pairs of the top scorers against one another until there are only two teams left standing. You know what happens next.

While this is a fun activity, it could get intense if you have some competitive people on your team. Lighten the tone in between rounds with some snack-filled boxes from Caroo.

Number of participants: 100+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: The board games have self-contained instructions and materials. All facilitators have to do is set the boxes up on a bunch of tables and let this activity run itself.

Learn more: Visit Pandemic The Board Game Tournament


33) Paws For A Cause

“Unite your team around a shared love of animals.”

Paws for a Cause

Working together for the benefit of our furry friends has a way of making people feel closer and more connected. This entertaining activity will have you and your team assembling beds, toys, and more—all to be donated to some very appreciative cats and dogs.

Number of participants: 50+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: There are plenty of building supplies to split among a large crowd and also plenty of cats and dogs that need essential items.

Learn more: Visit Paws For A Cause


34) Life’s a Beach

“Let’s make a splash!”

Life’s a Beach is an online game that will have you and your team singing, laughing, and competing for trivia glory. With dynamic categories like sports, movies, music, and more – each round of this beach-themed game will keep everyone guessing and having fun.

Number of participants: 10 – 10,000+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: Given its group-friendly nature, Life’s a Beach is perfect for larger organizations. Many people can participate at once and teams can be assigned points for their performance.

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35) Portable Karaoke

“Because even awful singing brings us together.”


Draw straws to pick the performance order and warm up those vocal cords for both singing and laughing. Confetti provides all the songs and equipment; all you have to do is show up and sing. (After figuring out which room in your house provides the best acoustics, of course.)

Get even more laughs out of this event by using Confetti to warm up your crowd before the big event.

Number of participants: 100+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: This activity is equally entertaining for those who love the spotlight and those who love to observe. All participants will have a wonderful time no matter which role they play.

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36) Team Building Retreat

“Feel energized and connected with a unique improv experience that will get everybody up, engaged and laughing all at once!”

Laughter On Call

Unleash the power of positivity and laughter within your team with Laughter on Call. Laughter on Call’s carefully crafted programs create an environment where humor and authenticity take center stage, making your team more cohesive and connected.

Elevate your large group events with an unforgettable experience that supercharges lasting connections and fuels a vibrant work culture and atmosphere.

Number of participants: 5 – 700

Why this team building game is great for large groups: This event is particularly effective with large groups because participants change partners and small groups throughout the session, getting to know each other in a structured environment where they are also laughing together. 

Learn more: Laughter On Call


37) Cardboard Boat Building Challenge

“Set Sail on the SS Team Build.”

Who can build the best board out of the materials provided? This boat building challenge will get your coworkers to split into teams to build and customize boats to be evaluated based on their design and functionality by a nautical-minded judge. Then it’s time to hop aboard your newly-created vessel to compete in aquatic challenges. Who’s boat will prove to be the most seaworthy? You’ll have to find out!

Number of participants: 25 – 2,000+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: These group activities for adults require a solid blend of creativity, skill, and handiwork to complete the best build possible. A physical challenge with a final product will have teams racing to finish while bonding together the entire time.

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38) Mad Dash Scavenger Hunt

“Part chase, part race — all fun.”


The Mad Dash Scavenger Hunt is a scavenger hunt for teams looking to spend a few hours working together for a common goal: beat all your coworkers and be named the winning team. This large group-based exercise will *nicely* get your team out of their shells by incorporating challenges that require interacting with colleagues across departments and strangers alike.

Pro-Tip: Looking for online team events? Check out these virtual large group activities & games for enormous fun.

Number of participants: 10 – 5,000+

Why this team building game is great for large groups: The scavenger hunt structure allows for teams to split up and set their own pace. A great way to get outside, explore a nearby town or city, and race to earn the most points. The chase is on!

Learn more: Start planning your team’s next mad dash around town.

Pro-Tip: Optimize your event for large groups by considering the following questions during your planning process:

  • Will the format enable everyone, even your introverts, to be heard and have fun?
  • Does the format enable you to split into smaller groups if needed?
  • Will you be able to supply materials to every participant?

Looking for help? Take a quick 30-second quiz here to get personalized large group team building activity recommendations straight from the experts!


How To Plan A Team Building Event For A Large Group Of People

Step 1: Make your guest list. Your headcount will inform the kinds of activities you can offer.

Step 2: Select your activity/activities.

Step 3: Select a virtual or in-person venue.

Step 4: Gather all the necessary materials and instructions.

Step 5: Find a facilitator if necessary.

Step 6: Send invitations or calendar holds.

Step 7: Get snacks and swag. (Send surprise Goody care packages to your remote participants.)

Step 8: Do a brief run-through to make sure you have all the rules and logistics on lock.

Step 9: Send reminders on the day of the event.

Step 10: Have fun, and if you want, send a follow-up survey to see how much people enjoyed your event.

People Also Ask These Questions About Team Building For Large Groups

Q: What is a good team building game to play with a large group in 2024?

  • A: Charades is a good team building game to play with a large group because it requires no materials and practically no instruction. You can start playing on a moment’s notice whether you’re gathering virtually or in-person.

Q: How do I plan a team building activity for a large group of people?

  • A: Plan a team building activity for a large group by first selecting a game that’s designed for large crowds (or many small groups) and requires minimal materials. This roundup includes a complete list of such games.

Q: Are there team building options that can accommodate 100+ people?

  • A: Yes, Escape Quest, Virtual Team Pursuit, and many other activities featured in this roundup can accommodate 100 or more people.

Q: What should I pay attention to when planning an activity for a large group?

  • A: When planning an activity for a large group, you should pay attention to how many resources you have to go around and also how many people will be able to deeply engage with the activity. A key challenge for large groups is making sure everyone is included in the fun.

Q: How do I get corporate buy in to plan a department team building game for a large group?

  • A: You can get corporate buy in for a team building game by providing statistics that reinforce the value of team building and team work. For example, statistics suggest that belonging to a strong team might inspire people to stay at their jobs.

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